The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE KXTEEK BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURTE* NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1«, 1951 Cornish Pastries Are Delicious And Date Back to Copper Mines By GAYNOR MADPOX NF.A Food and Markets Editor j Cornish pasties consist of A round pocket or triangle of flaky pastry with B flavorful meat arm vegetable filling Inside. Wives of Cfiriijfih miners who came here to mine our copper In the 70's arose early in the morning, and baked the pasties for their husbands to take with them to the mines. The husband stuffed th« warm package inside his shirt at protection against the winter's cold. Th« original pasUes were filled with cooked diced pork and beef but any good chopped meat filling euch as barbecued beef or cooked pork Musage meat may be used. An adapted version of the old- time Cornish recipe, here's i suggestion for an Irish filling of corned be»f and cabbage. The crisp corn mea-1 crust Is an American touch, Serve the individual meat ple^ on i large platter with R tart crab ippl« garnish. Pasties keep warm loi several hours aft«r they arc baked. Irish PmsHen (Adapted from Cornish) (6 M»rY.njrflj Filling'. One medium potato, diced, I cup chopped cabbage, H cup chopped onion, 1 twelve-ounce can corned beef, choped, 1 teaspoon salt, '-I teaspoon pepper, 2 lable- .poone catsup. Cook d I c.ed pol a to in & sni a H amount of 'rater for fi minutes. Add cabbage and onicm and ron- Inue cooklnar 5 minutes. Drain. Combine all inj^redientA for the filing thoroughly. Dough: Two cups sifted enriched lour, M cup enriched corn meat, 2 teaspoons baking powder. 2 l.ea- ipoons salt, "^ cup shortening, 1 cup milk.. For the dough sift together flour, corn meal, baking powder and salt. Cut in shortening until mixture resembles coflrw crumbs. Add milk. mixing llRhtly only until mixture Is dampened. Roll out on lightly floured board to form a rectangle 12 by 18 Inche*. Cut Into 8 5<]uarcx; place baking sheet, Put about 2 tablespoons of filling on each Kquiue of dou?h. Fold over and ft«ai edse.i Bake in a moderately not oven (400 degrees P.) 15 to 20 minutes. 'erch FilletTop Wein Source Easy to Handle, Low In Cost Make Them Ideal for Budgets Frozen ocean perch 1Hlets make in ideal source of lop quality irotein at budget prices. They are a\v to handle and certainly cost ar less than an equivalent amount of meat protein. The recipes will make the prrrh Itpts n welcome Item In your budget meals: Oren.frfend Perch FUM* II-pound box) (4 servings! One-pound box frozen ocean perch fillets, H cup milk, • cup .soft bread c rumba, 'T tea spoon salt dash of pepper, 2 table spoons melted butter, paprika. Thaw fillets Just enough to Eep arate. Dip In milk, roll in brea< crumbs seasoned with salt and pep per, and place in greased shallow baking dish. Sprinkle with melte butter and paprika. Flake in hot oven (4t>0 decrees F.) 30 minutes until done. Fish and ('hip* (4 MTvlnri) One ceg. slightly beaten. 1/3 cup milk, 1 teaspoon salt, da-sh of pepper, 1 package fro/PH ocean perch "ileLs, thawed. VI cup flour, 1 cup 'Inn dry bread crumbs Mix together egg. milk, suit and lepper. R filled and liRhLly In flour. Dip in <•£? Thriftier Cuts of Pork Give Novel Meat- Pies ^•» , »/ • . , AJ § New Treatments Greater vor/ety to Mea/s Expert homemakcrs have made it meat supply and more thrift and principle to save money on meat j variety in her meals. iy buying the cuU less in demand. nd therefore thriftier lhan the ancier, morej familiar cuts. This' finciple now becomes patriotic as well as thrifty because It is the test way the homemaker can help make the most of ovir meat supply and use t wisely for the complete protein her family needs. Pork, the richest In B vitamins, as many cuts of meat that arc loss cnown but Just as delicious and nutritious as the betjer known cuts. The housewife could rot do better than to learn how to order and cook these cuts for a better HEP of our known cut« of pork include roasts as well as cuts to braiw or simmer. Excellent lesser known cuts For Beef Stew Popular beef dishes this (ill are tha« using the thriftier culs. Bee! stem »'lll come in for thSir share o! attention. After a few rounds ol aimtntri. CiXUCUt-Ilb IC&aci MIOWII t_uia ,j,f i_i j i_ r * ItVi for roasting Include a whole shoul- *<x><i old 1 fashioned beet «tew with der roast weighing from 8 to .12 potatoes, carrot* and onions you I Ibs., the fresh Boston bult which Probably be ready for » different thurlnger (Bummer tausage). Pour Into i greased casserole, cover with pastry or biscuit dough, gash top In several places and bake at 42S degrees P. for twenty-five minutes, 2. Cook meat until tender, ».s above, adding some tomato sauce and chili powder to liquid. Then add canned Udiey beuu, «tnr with cornmeal mush or eon be»»4 batter and bake at 375 dejrwt r. for twentjr-flv« minut«. The average steam railroad \ocn- motive contains one mile of boiler tubtnj. has a great deal of solid meat, andjstew treatment, Here are the fresh Picnic which is the lower half of the foreleg of pork and may " e boned and rolled, or left flat and Illed 'A'iih stuffing. There i.s also ChMM Mtloe may be prepared to: adding a cup of finely grated cheese to a cup of thin or medium while sauce. Stir vigorously, off th» heat, until the cheese 1« melted Cheese never benefits from high heat. roll and milk mixture; roll In bread crumbs- Fry in deep fat (360 dcprrccs FJ to 5 minutes, or until done. Drain \ nnglazed paper. Serve with French fried potatoes or potato chip*. Tartar Saurr (Mak*!* Vt ciipl One-quarter cup mayonnaise, '4 teaspoon each minced onion and parsley, 1 teaspoon each chopped stuffed olives and pickle relish, few drop« of vinegar. Combine alt Ingredient-* and chill. Calnnp and HorsrrnHJsh Sauce (Maken about I tip) Melt 2 tablespoons butter in Tomato Juice Good Appetizer Start your gourmet Sunday dinner with a fresh tomato juice cocktail. Press the Juicy red tomatoes through n food mill or bicnd -smooth in an electric blender, Fresh Tomato Cocktail (4 6-ouric« nervines) One and ane-half pounds ripe tomalx^e.s. 1 teaspoon salt, dash Ta bareo sauce, 'i teasponn celery salt Wash the tomatoes. Remove core and any blemish marks. Cut In quarters nr eighths. Put througi conical sieve or food mill. Tf you have an electric blender, place In gins, 1 ; container and blend about mlnut*. Strain. Stir in -salt, Ta basco and celery suit. Chill well. sa-icepar. Add 1 tablespoon f!ou and stir until blended. Then add J/3 cup catsup and 2/3 cup wate Kradiially. Cook and stir over mcdl ni heat until mixture is thlckenec Add 2 tablespoons prepared horse radish »nd nerve at once. SUBSTITUTE FOR MEAT of suggestions, both novel meat pies: 1. Cook cubes of beef slowly in wafer or bouillon until nearly Un ie end loin roast of pork which is hrlftlcr than the center cut. Pork steaks are nn excellent buy. ,ess known but delicious pork chop* or another spicy "cold cut." such as OANNY DYAHSHINI SAYS.... DON'T THROW 'EM OUT WEAR 'EM OUT! Dy«n*hln« P*IUk i LOOK WHAT 10 C WILL BUY! TALL CANS FOR ONLY lOc MUSTARD GREENS — HOMINY- PORK & BEANS—KRAUT—NAVY BEANS—GRIEN BEANS—KIDNEY BEANS—JUNI PEAS—SWEET PO- TATOES. NOW OR NEVER! LAST CHANCE TO WIN! ENTER TODAY! Old Judge Coffee Contest THREE HUNDRED AND ONE Streak of Lean SALT MEAT Old Fochioned HOOP CHEESE - - - lb.49< Rindlesn Heil SLICED BACON - - Ib. 45* Battery Fed Fresh Dressed FRYERS - - - Ib. 45< Rib and Brisket for Stewing BEEF Ib. 39< Country Style SAUSAGE - - - 3 Ibs. 98< Government Graded BEEF ROAST - - - Ib. Mothers Best FLOUR I'm PrintJ •) *) \ 25 Lbs. Self Rising L,L\ Freshly Ground I COFFEE Lb. 69c GkMMIxwt !MN» (MkNMhta V»MT>W> UfM MM to 3M*t Prin*.. .Tw« Pwmds of Old Jwlgc C»«e«... PUw 15 U. S. Sovrngs BWi W 6rac«n. PER LB. AT EBERDT'S * ONLY 3 Ibs. $1 Monarch SW. PICKLES Yellow ONIONS 3 " Large Juicy Florida ORANGES Doz. MAYS YOU'RE INVITED if A r il l We Invite you lo visil Blylhcvillc's IGA Super Market t , Mnesl Mcaf Markcl ; vj(h . Guv Plenty of Parking Spact ., ., . , 421 S 21 t Hrallon in charge. Another good rta- Rcmember, It Pays ' snn for sh"PP>ng at Clays'. To Shop With Mays' CONTEST ENDS OCTOBER 281 ENTER TODAY AND WIN! Doo'l delay »tM)ther moment! Yon only have a few days left to enter the scnflaiioniil Old Judge Coff«« Context. This is your chance-of-a-lifetime to win on« of the 3OO and 1 prizes you've always dreamed of owning! Enter now—and as often as you like! You scill have time to win any one of the wonderful prizes. So easy! Just read the simple rules carefully* Then get * can of Old Judge Coffee at your grocer's today. Old Judge's grand flavor, freshness and economy will gire you plenty lo write about! But hurry, enter today. Contest ends October 28. Old Judg» Coffee Contest Rulei I. 1« » watdt of I*M, eem0W* lh« itnter<:«: "I II^B Old Judjt* CoflH b*cau»..." Use tnUy bhnk Mlow. i pliin s)i*«l at psp«r, or j«l tnlry tlirks il jour jrocer. Be jure lo print youi nim« irtd id^f*«. inj the nim« *n6 iddrtss of jour grocer! I. S*fld in « rainj »nlri« »i i<m with to Old Judje CoN« Conlnt. P. 0. Boi 1591, St. Lovii. W.iwirn. Wilh e«h cnlry <ntlo« 1h» list (wo ineh»i ol th* me!j< unwinding bjniJ ffOffl i un of Old Jua> CoHM or Vh» twUom of in Old lud^t Co!tn Ba;. fou »n «sv1j inip ofl 1k« portion of th« nwtal ilrip wi1N I kilch*o t^*an. &* tin* to ii« xwu(h po^lip. 3. firm, »» Hs!H »tiM*»rt, i»itl be awarded df thf OTd Judjw CofT»» Compjnj on the bails of vrvcoili. oriuinilily ind jclrtss- fhk it • cotile-;! of !t>iU. Judfti' decinoni jrg rinil. Dupliote piim ti u-,t ai tvn. Entrm most b« Ih* c*n jim! <*or)i of contestants, su^- im«rf in the^T own Mtn«- AH marqbeii ol a (irflif)? mij tomp*^ A14 entftt bKoms t!w properly c! Lht Old lutgt Coffee Company. »nd will not IN itturn*i! 1. I) you win "&•* of tlw ftrtt fift**fl pHin. your |rec«T I*M mm N bis nint Is 01 your Kilnr. Httiil dtifm (groean) wheM n»m«5 »CP«« oft th« winnirg tt!n« for 1h« firit Mttcn £irii« will tx* i (50.00 U. S. Sl>i°Et Bond. Fill-n (50.00 fond* mff b« Contot stittj Sfptembti 3. 1KI and imh Ottabtf 2S, 1951. Aft tntrtei mint tw portmi»Ved not liter 1h!n Mrdrigtit. October 2t, 19S1. Cvtfyont in 1M cont>n«nlj| IfntH SUtn mry wrtr tht ic»pt^»«{»lo>»« of Oli hidj* CoJTft Company. W»*F in*mb*rj of trmi inim»di»1l finrihw. Country Style PORK SAUSAGE Fresh Pork BACK BONES - - - lb.9< GOLDEN BANANAS - Ib. \lc Luscious TOKAY GRAPES - - lb.10* Frozen 6 Oz. ORANGE JUICE--2 cans 35c FROZEN OKRA-10oz.pkg.19< SNOWDRIFT - 3lb.can89c Assorted Flavors GUM&FRUITDROPS3for10tf Baby Ruth and BUTTERFINGERS • 6for25c Free Cap and Spoon MUSTARD - - - - Jar15< SWIFT'S CLEANSER - can 10* DUZorOXYDOL-lge.pkg.27c CUT (Complete Ihii sentence in 25 wordi or less) "I like Old Judge Coffee because- STRING BEANS No. 2 can IOC No. 2 Can BUSH'S HOMINY -• 3 (or Your Nom«_ Address I Crty_ _Slat« Groccr T i Name- Address • City I > Mail to: OLD JUDGl (Offlt CONTtSt, P. 0. Box t59J - Sf ioois. Mo. Prices Good Friday & Saturday NO WHOLESALE SALES! EBERDT'S GATEWAY STORE 2101 ROSE STREET TELEPHONE 3161

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