The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1951
Page 9
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PAGE FOURTEEN (ARK.) COURIER Bacon Good At Luncheon, Supper, Too You can always bet on bacon to give top performance at (n^sMme.j You're familiar with Its crackling | goodness at hreoklrul sr-rvprt with •raffle*, pancake, 1 , and fsss, hut, here are .some reminder* fnr serv- SMORGASBORD SUPPER wllb chilled drink* U lot. offua » Smorgasbord Supper Is Fun For AH Including the Hostess Bv GAVJCOK MADDOX NEA Food and Market! Editor The entertaining season has begun. How would you like to give a smorgasbord pnrty? Plan a buffet with many tantalizing foods on It, the way our friends the social Danes. Swedes and Norwegians do. Give, each guest a plate and let him serve himself over and over again to his appetite's delight. The hostess, too, can enjoy this perty because all the work Is done tn advance. At the last moment, nil Bhe' has to do Is to heat assorted rolls and chill the beverages. The tang of bottled soft drinks goes well with this kind of food, plens- rns all age groups. And as carbonated beverages are relatively low In calories, they leave plenty o( room lor the btf enta. Herring Salad (Serres 6) Two salt herring. 1 cup cooked elbow macaroni, J 4 cup cooked peas, H Clip cooked green beans, chopped, 3 tablespoons chopped chives, 1 cup mayonnaise, salad greens. 8o»k herring In cold waler one hour, then remove >kin and bones »nd Mrt fl»h Into very small pieces. . Combine wfth remaining Ingredients •ed Mm mi aehid greens. B«l»g1M M<H»M (S«re« I) OM-haK pound bolgna. ground, \ eup minced celery, a tablespoons mlneed freen pepper, 2/3 cup minced sppje (optional), \ cup mayon- BtlM, I tablespoon! lemon Juice. wH tni pepper, 1 tablespoons gsla- to, H cup water, % cup heavy Btentf ground bologna with cel- «ry. green pepper, apple, mayon- natM, lemon Juice and seasoning*. DlMolre gelatin In water over boilr leg water. Add to meat mixture nnd whip until «tlff. Told in His whipped oretm. Transfer to mold and chill. Unmold and garnish to serve. VefeUblf-Egg Aspic (Serves 6} One tablespoon gelatin, ^ cup raid w:»ter, 1 cup boiling water. 2 Inblespnons fdRar. i$ ten.srmnn salt, M cup mild vinegar or lemon Juice, 1 lablcspoon grated onion (optlon- al>. 1H cups mixed diced mushrooms, cucumber, celery, stuffed olives. 2 hard-cooked eggs. Soften gelatin in cold water, Dissolve In hot water. Add sugar, salt, vinegar or lemon Juice antl onion. Chill until thick and sirupy. Told in the mixed vegetables. Arrange sliced hard-cooked eggs In bottom of slightly greased mold: fill with gelatin mixture; chill until set. EDSON (Continued Item yt^t I) gram Is finally going through. But it Is not In the form vhlch the administration asked for. anri it is for « considerably reduced sum. Looking over the list of unfinished business, which Conpress will •still face on reconvening next January, it is shown lo be nni inn formidable. This is not because Congress has cleaned the slate. Up to lavoritM such 05 ra;in>> beans, macaroni and and Spanish rice. Then loo for a cheery lopper, add hacon ripples <n surh good dlsne.s M rarebit anri so-rent pieces commemorating Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver, The principal reason Congress : , — ——- - hasn't, passed manv laws this session tnmalo and lettuce samlwiclies. For i s thai there haven's been so many rtlnner don't forget hacnn with I requests from the executive rteparl- Iried liver, corn pndrlina ami Ir!t-|ments. In early 1950, the President I«TB o! all kinds. When you have i had over 150 special requests ne- guest.'i or a particularly haron-hiin- lore Congress. This year he lias ery lamily. here's a neat incv. for | had only about 50. The reduction preparing targe quantiUfs nl IMOTIJ. i n-as raused largely by deferment of Pet the oveji at a temperature ol • non-defense programs. WO degrees F. and lay b-icon «tri|K i What remain as unfinished bus! on a rack in a shalto'A- pan. Bike 8'ness are largely to 10 minutes for crisp, lightly; reform measures browned bacon. October Days Inspire Baking Marble Cake Popular For Fall Oven-Work the "fair deal" --- -., with which this Congress refused to have any truck. the Bronnan plan, health insurance, Oscar Ewlng's new disability insurance plan, aid lo the slates for education. Increased social secur- I It}', the Truman civil-rights program including FEPG, anti-poll lax 1 and anti-lynch laws. Also apparently destined lo hang over are admission of Hawaii and Alaska to statehood, St. Lawrence October days inspire mam' women : ^p 5 ' 1 '"2 r * fc!i "} y ,° n <l A m and , Na to bake. They seem to enjoy the ' ".' r w ~". "V d ° f " rable P^lic fragrance of a cake in the even " [>rks They re hardy perennials, so Maybe your family sfavori el, m ar-^ "T, F?^ Shollldlrt ** '°° " is - ble cake. ri. Is always popular. satisfied with what he got ^'iishfonprl Mnrtilr Cake (Yield: 18 pipres) Three cups sifted enriched Hour J teaspoons doubk-actlne baking' powder, K teaspoon salt, v, citn butter or-fortified maraorlnc Hollywood . murenrnc I'ii cups sugar, 3 cces unbmlrn 1 run! Continued Irom nagr 8 milk, H clip linsuljihilrrd mnlT«rs ' Cra5hcd Rcd Alton's terrific lirst >ii i . •• '•'•-". TV S how disguised in the barber- cinnamon. tea- Botton Gets Teacher SALZBUrto. WH-T)ie University SALZBURG, iff'i —The University of Boston has invited Hermann Schmeldel, professor at (he Salzburg "Mozarteijm," to teach at the University's college lor music this fall. Schmeldel, »-hd will travel to the 0. S. under the sponsorship of the Fiilbrlght program, Is also scheduled to conduct several concerts while visiting the United SUtes. 1 "i teaspoons spoon cloves, Heai, oven to .350 decrees F (moderate), sift toeether "first 3 Ingredients. Cream butter or margarine and sugar. Beat in eggs, one at. a >>me. Arid flour mixture alternately with milk. Beat batter 4 minute Pour 14 into a bowl, into which stir molasses and spices. Drop li s ht and dark batters altcrnalely'into a well-! greased, lightly floured. 12 x 8 <t 3- inch pan. Bake 4s minutes done. Cool. Frost if desired CATARRH See Homer and Save! HOMER HODGE - LONE OAK PURE HOG FRESH WHOLE LARD 50 ib can $9.50 49c • ib. 39c BUY NOW AND SAVE 25c SEE HOMER AND SAVE Tenderized WHOLE HAMS .Ib. 100% pure Southern Daisy FLOUR .. 25 Ib bag Slock up now JC-j S PORK SAUSAGE lb.*Klp PET MILK .. 3 for Fresh, inexpensive WIENERS .... Ib. Grade "A" FRESH EGGS Doz $170 420 4 A4 Kingham's JO^ **3p CH5LI Ib. tan«!/.(» CQ|4 Honey-flavored CAx 03C SYRUP ... 5 Ib jarOUp * Friday, Saturday, Monday Specials « Hodges Grocery Drive oul (o Lone Oak. 3 miles west & south of Rlylhe- vilte on Half .Moon Road.. .Phone 4S61. • PLENTY OF PARKING SPACf t FIND CUII FCHI Mli!«Y OUI TO N»i»L CONCISION, surnr tusHeo HUH Hfllir it li,t | rora ton,,,, ,[ ,(„„. eAtarfh.'-«nd dny (pvpr ^up to ni.Al fonsr*. tion Is fffn today in rer^ru nt tur.'f-i tith * foftmut* which hiu the po'er m reduce naia) eonKeition. Men and corner «ilh aronitlns jinus he&dach*j. clogKtd nMtrlls. "r.tht. h»wk!n? .nd ininins mi.,r7 t<ll Bake 45 mlnulVs or until: ™<»'"i%7ku'tVraIito°nVK!^2. B ?Mi O Jl nfl t «r*nirv-. amounts tn onlj pcn'n^» p-r do.'t KI.OROXOL fcautlon ui- onlp aa directed) Bold with moDej-b&ck fuinnUe by .Mall urrien Filled. Read Courlrr Nen-t Classified Ads, I ihafinest VouVe eve^ fasted \ You'll never know how good ice acam can b« until you've usied ne^ Golden Royil French Ice Cicam . . ihrt jus! h nnu lit/ ill Yes here Jt list is the f.nt.i ice cteira you hut ever e.itcn . . . new GOLDEN ROYAL FRENCH Ice Cream. When you taste this lluillm£ new premium creation, you will recognuc it once j superb Mend of the fmew ingredients money cm buy. Loids of eggs •md crcim, and outitin.lin^ Hivpring ... all ait combine^ to brinr^ you ihc utmost in tastc-.'atijfyin^; tnjoymcnt. New Golden French Ice Creim comes in your four fnorne )!.ivo(3 . . . i-jnillj, chocoUte, Mtiv-bcrty and butter pecan. Tic-at youtscK . . . lieu your family —bung some home today! (.MIDWtJT DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATIOH Diviiion CITY PRODUCTS CORPORATION shop floor weepings right after Adolphe Menjou and his clean upper Jlp got up from the chair. 'It TV lotnf to be murder for movie stars? Not for Red, kiddies. Nobody blew hi* derby, screamed for oxygen .or dived Into • stretcher: There's moff Fourth of July on a Bhelly Winters set. R*d, everyone said, would be nerr- «u». I witched him. II yon call chewing • cigar nervousness, Bette Dark should be so calm. »r wai Purring like Rhubarb In a lls'er factory. -• "You feeling all right?" I asked him Just before h egot the camera's cue. "Pine." beamed Red. "No nerves?" "Naw," • * * A behind - the - palm-trees feud with Harry Ou-ens Is the reason for Hilo Hattle's absence from his TV program. • a • 'Happily married Lisa Kirk on Hollywood wolf howlings alter her night club opening: "I don't jcrxnv now an unlisted number was (raced by so many men with listed reputations " most musicals. THURSDAY, 'OCTOBER 18, 1991 cab: one-half (H> ton capacity 'pick-up truck', with live' (5) wheels; five (8) 600x16 six (6) ply lire* with extra heavy duty tubes; oil filter; windshield wipers; heater and defroster; tire carrier tor extra tire; tools Including ,tire tool,' spark plug wrench, jack, tire pump, screwdrivers, plieri and other ordinary equipment; windshlejd and all glasses to b« standard shatter-proof glass; front bumpers; rear bumper with trailer hitch; tendered by the Chancery Court for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 15th aay or August, 1951, wherein Pemiscot Lumber * Supply Company, a corporation, '\-as Plaintiff, No. 11,511, and John E.,Hargett, Mrs. B«u- Jah Harget, et a), »'ere Defendants, will 6*11 at public auction to the highest and best bidder, on i credit of three (3k, months, at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, in llae ...... t ^ i oivil vl a ilc , i UL i; U , City of Blythevtile, Arkansas on Delivery «hall b< made within ten the 17lh day of November 1951 the <10> calendar days from acceptance] following real estate, ta-wlt: Lot Three (3), Block Seven (7), Country Club Drive Addition to th« City of BlytherUle, Arkansas, with all appurtenances Ihereunto b e 1 o n g I n g.. (Said property Is also known as 910 Hardin Street.) Said sale will be had to-satls/y judgments In said decree as fol- uponl lows: * 45 ".20 and costs for vendor's Hen In behalf of H. H. Houchins; 58,36025 and costs, deed of trust indebtedness Pemiscot Lumber & Supply Company; J439.46 judgment on open account Pemiscot Lumber & Supply Comany. $500.00 of the purchase price will be retained in the registry ol the court pending determination of an alleged claim of of hid and award of purchase contract. . • Bid form* may be those used by the bidder »nd shall be tn five (5) copies. Bids should show the.amount of Federal Excise Tax. the amount of slate sates tax, and any and all tztra charges In connection with the bid, this Including tires, tubes and any other equipment which such taxes'apply. The Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville. Arkansas." reserves the right to reject any or all bids, or to accept equivalent equipment in any specified detail. Housing Authority of the City of Bl.vtheville . By: J. Me!l Brooks. Sccy-Treas 10 18 ! 51 compelled version runs 2 hours and 36 minutes. There's a 08-mlmite, - - - ~, * »- — musical score—more music than I undersigned Commissioner, in compliance, with the terms of a decree COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the INVITATION TO BID Sealed bids in five (S) copies, will be received at the office' of the Housing Authority ol the City of Blytheville In the Administration Building. Chickasaw Courls. Blytheville. Arkansas, until Two (2> O'clock P.M. re. S. T.) on Tuesday October 23, 1051. for furnishing trie following equipment, for delivery to Cherokee Courts. Lou- Income Housing Project AFIK-5-2. Blytheville. Arkansas: One ill 19S2 Model lne»-) nil Bteel body and, bed: standard Ask Your Grocer for B&B SAUSAGE Pure Whole Hog Sausage Seasoned -Just Right! A BLYTHEVILLB PROBUCT required to execuU bond >w«k «p. proved lecurlty, to «eur« MM p»y- ment of the purch>M morwf, and i Ken will be retained upon Hid property m additional security foe the payment of such purchaw money. WITNESS my hand and the K>1 of said Court, on thU, th« 3 dar of October, 1851. Harvey Morris Commissioner in Chancery Reid and Roy, attorneys for Ptf. 1014-11-18-2* KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE li..J"l! , •"?]!«'•.l««ol p.p«nd«n«r»T. beadache* a.nd a[ii{ n( M m»7 be du« t» alow, dan of kidncr function. Dtxtara wr I<xxl Kemp Whisenhunt. The purchaser at said sale will be FJil"??°^'^"" r °" b - ; ^ r « tb »« ii ? e " ln * U P ^'bboTtnatitRttfimt.- tlo»."bo"e'J"o''' U1 ' kiin '"! "«>i?2St Dd.n's eive h'lpp'SS ?fom°7hSi'duS^ forta-Help th« 15 milteof kidntTtufca. md «1 ten Uiuh out wuu. G«t Do.n*. FlS t«d "rl them with MORTON'S people do When i> rains it povrs Plain or iodized MAIN-ACROSS FROM THE MOX THEATER FRESH EGGS 69c Pure, Fresh, Firm SAUSAGE LARD Lean Squares BACON JELLO 12 - $1 Crisp, iceb«rg LETTUCE Lfcj. $1 Grade A Choica Chuck Roast Lb. 2 <° 29< Lorg« Fre»h Sralki CELERY 2 Full of Milk COCONUTS lach i-iv* a* / & %iui;j = i « I ^ ; -j PEACHES - - - 41" $1 Standard pack, No, 2 can G'NBEANS- 8-S1 No. 2 can crushed DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE - - 4 to SI No. 2 can, BUSH'S KRAUT--8 «S1.00 Farm Brand, quart jar APPLE BUTTER 5 $1 famous BABY FOOD-12 $1 fj

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