The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1944 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 10
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*AGB EIGHT 'Nashville Climbs Back Into Lead In Flag Chase By Hailed Press ,'The,Nashville Vols look advantage Atlanta ;Cracker loss lasl J night to take over first place again Jn the southern Association. The Vols won an ll-lnnlng encounter from the Chattanooga Lookouts, 9 to 8, while the Crackers were drubbed 8, lo 2, by the Mobile Bears. Memphis defeated Little Rock, 8 to 4, with Herman Drefs doing the pitching honors. Thompson of Memphis pounded a ftohie run In the seventh Inning with two aboard. And the Birmingham Barons gathered 13 hits'to defeat New Or- Jeans, 9 to 6. Only three games arc scheduled In' the league today. Little Rock Jiieets Memphis, Chattanooga plays Nashville, ^'and' Birmingham New Orleans, clash. and DOPE BUCKET ARRIVES ON GUAM Pfc. Mayfleld (Sonny) Lloyd, one of the; greatest backs to wear the gridiron IHcry of the Blytheville Chicks, has arrived'With his Third Amphibious Training Battalion on the occupied island of Guam. And from the way the great little former star writes he isn't the most dissatisfied person An this earth, de- spile the fact tlitt he Is thoiisands of miles from home and loved one*. Sonny was one of those many unfortunates whose education was Interrupted by the war. He was just able to get In part of a school jcnr at the University of Georgia before making a decision to Join Uie colors As a freshman he earned a spot with the Bulldog football squad and showed so much promise that he was tabbed bj nation-wide sports writers as a futuic college great You will recall the Bulldogs went to the Rose Boal that >cai and .came home with a victory Sonny .broke into that blue ribbon .contest,: along with- Ens.^BIM Godwin, a"forinir Chick male. Encouraged to remain In school as long as he could, Sonny took that advice and was among that great Georgia group of athletes who selected the rough, tough Marines, considered by many as the greatest fighting machine in the world It was typical of Sonny lo want to get inthls outfit, He was in his glory on the football field when the going was the toughest, at white-hot heat He was ILYyHEVJLLLJC Win, Memphis' Mcignolia Farm Animals Cop Five First Places OSCEOLA, Aug. 24.—Merry"'Wilson, owned by Dr. nml Mis. J. W. Werner of Jonesboro and . exhibited by J 15 Smith, veteran Mississippi show horseman, scored a sensational double victory in majo)'-events as one of the outstanding features of highly scccessful second annual horse show sponsored by the South Mississippi County Live Stock Association here Wednesday afternoon and night Jonesboro Horse Scores DouWel?^ r ^ ^ - • - • • -" "*•*'. by Martha Folk, Memphis, fourth, JUNIOR WALKING-Mary Belle, owned by J. H, Grain, Wilson, and exhibited by Jlmmic Gr«y, first- Kntle Merle, owned by w J Driver Jr., osccola and exhibited by NBW8 Competing ngnlnst some of the* greatest show horses In the nation, Merry Wilson was judged best 111 Hie final Walking Stake, alter earlier whining the Arkansas Walking Championship lo the delight of approximately 3,000 Ihrlllcd spectators wlio were on hand for the dazzling display of the fine thoroughbreds. Jim Grain's Mnry Belle, exhibited by Jtmmlc Gray, was second In the Walking Stake, with Black Angel, heavily rated black benuty from the Blissful Farms, Marlanna, third. Bonnie Bell), Dr. N. B. Hardcman, Henderson, Tenn., nnd exhibited by Miss Mary Aim Gray was fourth. Black Angel, exhibited by S. W. Dcccli, Jr., was rumicriip In the Arkansas Walking Championship. Matle Merle, owned by w. J. Driver Jr., of Qsccola, and exhibited by John Cookwood was third, nnd Limelight, owned by Noble Gill, Blylhcvlllc and exhibited by Bcnton King, fourth. Magnolia Farms Lead Magnolia Farms of Mempris bag- led five first places for top honors. Kalaramn Delight took the Three- Galled Combination and Model JlKss; With Love Magnolia the Fine Harness; Falctla Heir the Three Galled Slake; and Shanty Irish the Junior Five Gaitcd. Garland Brad- Khaw exhibited all the winners. : Another Memphis entry to score a first place was Winters Eve, owned ami exhibited by Arthur Fullmer, Jr., In the Thrce-Gnitcd Amateur. Mrs. w. L. Taylor, prominent ramsn horse enthusiast, exhibit- 1 ?d two winners lor the Wildwood 'arms, Germanlown, Tenn. Spring Cheer won bath (h Amateur and the Stake. Jim arama Delight, owned by Magnolia Farms, Memphis and exhibited by Garland Enidsbaw, first; Hegulne, owned by Kimbel Slablc.s, Cnpc Gl- rardeau, nnd cxuibilcd by Paul Rahie.5, second; Little Traveler,' owned and exhibited by Paul Gerlach, Helcnc, third. MODEL CLASS— Knlnrnmn De- ieht, owned by Magnolia Farms, Memphis, and cxhlbllcd by Garland Bradshnw, first; Winter's Eve, owned and exhibited by Arthur Fultncr, Jr., Memphis, second; Pride of the Nation, owned by Kimbel Slables, Cape Girarcicau, find exhibited by Paul Raines, third. 2-YEAR OLD WALKING—Betty Lane, owned by. J. II. Craln, Wilson, and exhibited by Jimtnlc Gray, first; Diamond Jim, owned by Dr. Porter R. Rodgers, Searcy, and exhibited by Blllle Griibb.i, second; Maid Of Honor, owned by Dr. G. G. Garrett, Shr'cvciiort, Ln., nnd exhibited by S W. lieccli, Jr., third; Mar v Jcnn, owned by C. G. Sivlth, Blythevillc, and exhibited by Benton King/fourth. JUNIOR FIVE GA1TED—Shimly Irish, owned by Magnolia Farms, Memphis,'and exhibited by Garland JONESBORO HORSE SHOW —.. Bradslinw, first; Admiral, owned and exhibited by William Goodrlsh, Jackson, Tenn,, .second; Miss Jojies, owned by C. w. Mnck, Faragauld, and cxhlbllcd by Lyinun Sliced, WALKING CHAM- Ihlril. ARKANSAS P1ONSHIP—Meny Wilson, owned by Or. antl Mrs. J. W. Werner, Joncs- PK,« (i^H.Hi. ' "'"**• «»B<", owned uy Ji ss- Flve Galled/mi Farms,, nnd cxhlWl- ed by s. w. Beech, Jr., second, ' Noble Gill's Limelight, which cap ""•""""on, owned by Mrs. G. Klm- irurdcau, and cxhlbllcd Raines, second" Lady Of ---"'• ^\e' h0 sllcccL <: ' i o 1 t P ™ cmis ' hC '\ l ; WALKING STALLIONS AND toughest, at white-hot heat He was lcrc * TC <1 Walker, Franklin, Ten- Gene Goff ~FnreUcvlilB Tml" n!f at his best when the pressure was on I "ff c ' * aT1kl , nB clnssc f J» d B e ; Her-' hlblted by Billlc Grubbs first- Head GETS GOOD START berl MoLaln, Corsica™, Texas, Man. owncrt by J F OMiiS T r^n.x') I,.,,. i._i i i__* f ... IGRiiPtl ntirt RntiHcto.- rOnr«nt» i..^^.». >r » > u J "• '-"Uwiirtuuiii _«•_ t,*,. 1. iw ui. ijio rrt»y \\j UIU OvUvIl- ' \» L . .• * -,„„.- ...«...*.,. IU^A, UWIU!fl v,est Pacific to pay back a debt for 1 ™ cmbcrs °J the horse'show com- thcvlllc, and Uncle S,«n Where he went and II, , ° lhe sponsoring South King, fourth what he and his Marine gang did ""f'/f'Pl' 1 c °'"% Live Stock As- THREE G Is a military secret of course But lo wh ° m much crcti11 they have been doing well thank I""," £° f ° r tl>e su ««« of the show you, attest New Guinea, the Solo-,'™ I!?"' U ?',?-, ^ tn «- Bcn F - Saipan. Tinian. MRrJS"""' w - J-. Driver,. Jr., Charles r rtii THREE GAITED STAKE-Fal- credlt clta Heir, owned by ''Magnolia Farms, Memphis, and exhibited by --- wv . v ..^ Mv,.u-,rj,,n« i», , « , • - Garland Bradshaw, first* Twillcht mons, Guam, Saipan, Tinian, Mar- 1 £""£• W ' •>;. Driver^ Jr., Charles Prince, owned by K mbeY S able" snails, Guadalcanal, Wake and oth- * .fl™™/, "V- P r™*' ""' Cnpc Oirardeai,, and exhibited by « s )--"' F ' But1cr ' Mrs - R - c - Brancr, Paul Raines, second; Winter's Eve When this conflict is over Sonny would like to return to Georgia and- ^omplele the education which lie. just started He has three more rl I I haven't run across many of the boys from home. I saw Billy Meharg [Mrs C J. Lowrancc, Jr, Mrs. L. B Young, Mrs. Hale Jackson, frs Charles R. Coierrinn, and Mrs. jearsof"foottmTl^lVJblirtriett'mid lI> ii PO T 0rS 'i 1 , 10 pr f s(; i' l<;d tlle ^°- \\ouldlikctocavort once more with'? <? " d rlbbolls ltlcluded : w '"cs the p lgS kln, instead ot'\ blyonct-',^ lUy ^" c , SHverblatt, Jane Wil- studdcd gun And he may get his "*"*' ^ arJor L c M ^°- vlr e'nta Lee chance if all goes well. Sonny's interesting letter follows: Co. B 3rd Amph. Tr. Bn. Corp: Troops 3rd Amph. CpS. % FPO San Francisco, Calif. Guam August 12, 1D14. JJear J. p.. I received your letter and was it good to hear from you! I was certainly glad to get all the "dope" on the other fellows, and am glad to hear they are making It okay SAW BILLY MEIIARG | i Gough and Marjorle Doyle.. The complete results: CHILDRENS CLASS — Little Traveler, owned and exhibited .by Bud Gerlach, Osccola, (Irst; Silver Brother Walker Cooiicr again Pox, oiyned ;by Webb Sweet, Wide- h el|wd Mort, poling a homer, with ncr, Ark., and exhibited by Miss 0 «e man on In the fifth Inning. The Martha Sweet, second; Major Cardinals boomed out 13 other hits Bowes, owned and exhibited by Miss Betty jenn Gerlach, Helena, third; Mary silver, owned and ex- 1-Jbited by Miss Mary - Jo Nabcrs, Blytheville, fourth. COUNTY WALKING—Limelight, owned jind exhibited by Noble Gill, Blytheville, first; Ellis' Robbln, column," "The (Thanks to you). Everett Croslow real well I haven't seen any of the fdlons v, ho were In school with me at Ge-orgla, cither. I am sure I shall .though, for a lot of them Joined the Marine Corps the same time I did But I have had quite a number of letters from my high school chums and they have helped a lot. Most °', th _™ got jny address out of your Dope Bucket." I am on Guam now and it's really not a bad place, the Japs gone now -Everything has qulcied down now nnd am about to get settled down - myself again. The natives here are all right and most of them speak surprisingly good English They certainly were very glad to see the Americans again after such a long tune with the Japs Some of these native girls really look all right I thought they would be like negroes, but I was certainly fooled I Ihlnk ited by c. H. Whistle, third; Prince Allen, owned and exhibited by Cecil Wright, Luxora, fourth. 3-GAITED AMATEUR—Winters Eve, owned and exhibited by Ar- llnir Fullmer, Jr., ot Memphis, first; Midnight Rose, owned and exhibited by Martha Folk, Memphis, second; Twilight Prince, owned by tlie Kimbel Stobles, Cape Glrar- deaii, Mo., and exhibited by Mrs. owned by Magnolia Farms, Mem phis, and exhibited by J. Everclt Pidgeon, Jr., [ourth. AMATEUR WALKING — Bessie Wilson, owned and exhibited by Walter Walt, Greenwood, Miss., first; Ellis* Lady Robbln, owned by Dr. N. B. Ellis,' Wilson and exhib iled by Albcrt'p»sh, second; Hut- I?™"?" « ton's Trixie II, owned and ex- Brciou >' n 45 hibit«d by W. W. Hulton, Collier ville, Tenn., third; Silver Fox, owned and exhibited by Webb Sweet, Wld- -r— .-wi-itj n doing a great job and nill nue to do a good job as we are all anxious to get back to the good ol 1 United States. .Well, guess I will knock ofl for .ow but will write you again soon Give rny sincerest regards to all. mOS l°, f ^ hm have SP^sh Wood'!ner' Ark f m ,rih $38 t^ EUaBe k ""**** -I^^SS;™,,,- spring .The boys here really have ^enfe ™ wr , d «?rffi'd by Mrs. W. L. Taylor, first; Pride ot the Nation, owned and exhibited by Mre. George Kimbel, Cape Girardcau, second; Highland Fling, owned and exhibited by Ellen Ramsay, Memphis, third; After Dawn owned and cxhlblled by Martha Folk, fourth. WALKING MARES - Bonnie Belh, owned by Dr. N. B Hardc- {"»"•.Henderson, Tenn., and ex«• It », *! Mary Atm Ora >'' flrsl '" Katie Merle, owned by W. J. Driver, Jr. Osceola, and exhibited by J. B. Smith, second; La dy Alex?S owned b1 ' c ' G - s «"«h. Elyle and e.-fhibited by Bentou th 'y d ,i Bessie Wilson, owned exhibited by Walter Walt, As ever, Sonny P. S. How do the prospects look for Jlhis Fall? •-- Tries for Safety Record . SALIDA, Colo. (UP)—The city of Ballda has its sights set to establish a r.ew safety record. So far, it has gone through more than 700 . s da>i! without i fetal (raffle atcl- flent. Before Avg, 15,^19^a, > it sailc-I through a.lia v consecutive day* ( without a traffic Jeath. ss " Iour "l. 3-OAITED COMBIHATION-Kal-' F i N ' E !rAr , NPq o wm , owned and exhibited by Arthur Mort Cooper Chalks Up His Eighteenth Win By United Press . Big Mort Cooper pitched and won his 18tli game of the year, allowing the Chicago Cubs just one run as the Cardinals walloped three Driiiti pitchers lo win. n to 1. to level their score at II runs. Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. Nashville 35 Atlanta 34 31 Memphis """ 24 little Rock ..20 Birmingham 21 — Chattanooga 17 35 .327 17 .673 17 .672 21 .506 30 .454 29 .453 20 .408 29 .420 St. Ixniis Boston AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. 69 51 04 55 New York 62 55 Detroit 62 56 Chicago . 55 63 Cleveland 57 65 Philadelphia 57 65 ,,, ,,- 51 G8 LEAGUE W. L. SI. Louis 87 20 Pittsburgh 69 4B Cincinnati 65 4!) Chicago 51 in New York 53 C5 Philadelphia 45 G7 Boston 46 70 Pet. .575 .538 .530 .525 .-171 .467 .«7 .•129 Pet. .756 .600 .570 .455 .449 .402 .3D7 .378 Yesterday s Results SOUTIlHEnN LEAGUE Night games: Memphis 8, Little Rock 4. Birmingham D, New Orleans 5. Nashville 9, Chattanooga 8. Mobile 8, Atlanta 2. AMERICAN LEAGUE Open date. NATIONAL LEAGUE St. Louis II, Chicago 1. Only games scheduled. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Little Rock at Memphis, night. Birmingham at New Orleans. Chattanooga at Nashville. Only games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE Philadelphia at Boston. Chicago at St. Louis, night. • AMERICAN LEAGUE No games scheduled. K«u courin n«m vruit JUU, J. E, Coppwpod, second; Limelight owned by NoWc Gill, Blytlicvlllc nnd exhibited by Benton- King, third; Slrollhig Merry /Boy, owned by Hiram Wylle, Blytheville, and exhibited,'by j. B. Smith, fourth. ROADSTER --' Bolo; owned and exhibited b v - J, B, Hlkh, Dublin, THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 1044 Miss., only entry. (Exhibition) FIVE GAITED STAKK-Sprlng Cheer, owned by Wildwood Farms, Gcrmantown, Tcnn., and exhumed by Mrs W. I,. Taylor, first; Maid Of Cotton, owned by ' Magnolia Farms, Memphis,, and exhibited by Garland Bradsimw, second; Jeanne Gardener, owned by Mrs. D a Dlcner, Searcy, nnd exhibited by Lyinan Snced, Ihlrd; Brilliant Artist, owned by Kimbel Stable* Cape Glrardcnu, MO., and exhibited by Paul Raines, fourth. i WALKING STAKE—Merry Wilson, owned by Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Werner, Jonesboro, and exhibited by J. B. Smith, first; Maiy Belle, owned Jjy J. H. Grain, Wilson, and exhibited b v S. W. Beech, Jr., ihird; Bonnie Beth, owned by Dr. N. B. lliudenian, Henderson, Tenn,, and exhibited by Mary Ann Gray, fourth. Line Up of Back-to-school Clothes! * '•.- , Smart New Jackets jj*^ SllitS for ,on e er wear. Tailed bv Went .and Timely. A variety of colors and styles toats (o these suits arc excellent for A A .75 ' up —mno iu meat: suns arc Ideal for early Fall wear. wear with odd trousers You'll fmd mst the ' j.tcket he w.inlb in our complete- selection. Pin rin JlTlpeS f or (he smooth young mister. Grev blue and hrown tones superbly cut by Merit and -Iimety. Double and single breasted A A 75 8 ) 95 up styles to choose from. up Sports Shirts in a varicty of slv!cs and co]ora Made by Arrow, and Wilson A .24 and priced only L up Odd SlackSNo bo.v. ever had too many odd trousers. Colors antl .stripes to, wear ;•, 'c".95 with jackets and odd coats. ..'. ';'. 0 llp HATS BY DOBBS & STYLtPARK P -~ Nun-Bush Freeman Bostonian I and Edgcrton Shoes OpCOurS in every wanted color and material. tailored for good looks and long wear, we A A .75 have the styJe he wants in his size *3 tl p JpOfTS COatS a ,. c Sllp cr practical for school, tor sports, for dress. Mix or malcli \vilh odd (rouscrs A garment.that will STRETCH 10-75 his wardrobe no end »w up Company 1

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