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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 2
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 2

The Timesi
Shreveport, Louisiana
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THE TIMES 2A WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2004 Hanukkah because of It gained significance proximity to Christmas' A3 Stoiy cf Hanukkah In the second century B.C., Israel was ruled by Antlochus Epiphanes of Syria. He declared that the country would adopt the ways of Greece and slowly chipped away at the rights of the Jews to practice their faith. In 169 B.C., Antlochus Invaded the temple and stripped It of all decorations. He then Issued decrees prohibiting sacrifices central to Jewish worship, circumcision, and observing dietary laws. While some Jews followed the Hellenistic laws, a group who came to be known at the Maccabees led a revolt against the Syrians. Eventually they reclaimed the Jerusalem temple, destroying the pagan gods that had been introduced. To celebrate, they offered sacrifices and lighted lamps, celebrating for eight days. According to legend, -when the Jews took back the temple they only had enough oil to last for one day. But God allowed it to last for eight days while the -Jews could purify new oil. Source: Living Judaism and 1 and 2 Maccabees Burglaries: At least 105 car break-ins cleared Continued from 1A "Some of the stolen hems have been recovered. We have identified the owners and have contacted them." Bossier City Police Chief Mike Halphen praised his investigators' efforts. "Once receiving the initial tip, detectives worked continuously to develop the other suspects in this case. Their hard work managed to break up one of the largest vehicle burglary rings that weve seen in quite a while. As a result of these arrests, our detectives were able to clear at least 105 vehicle burglaries." Although die seven arrested thus far only have been charged with a total of 17 counts of burglary, "it's not unusual to clear cases without charging suspects with each one," Natale said. "We have information linking these individuals to the 105 cases that we now consider cleared as a result of these arrests." Those arrested Bossier City police have arrested seven Shreveporters In connection with more than 100 vehicular burglaries in Bossier City over the past year. Roderick D. Vinson, 18, of the 2600 block of Essex Street Is incarcerated in Monroe on unrelated charges and pending extradition to Bossier City, where he faces eight counts of burglary. Booked into the Bossier City Jail were Roger D. Davis 22. of the 2600 block of Essex Street on four counts of burglary, and Tyrone D. Fields, 26, of the 1400 block of Camilla Drive, Michael D. Kelly, 24, of the 1900 block of Patzman Street, Terry R. Coleman, 20, of the 2800 block of Randolph Street, David A. Coleman, 20, of the 4900 block of Dandridge Place and a 15-year-old boy, each on one count of burglary. The Colemans are not related. And the teen's name and address were not released because he is a juvenile. Continued from 1A As the demand has increased, so has the supply. She said her suppliers carry several designs for a full range of party wares and decorations. Paper Shack chose to carry three along with dreidel party favors. Hanukkah celebrates religious freedom and the rededication of the temple after Greeks invaded the Middle East and tried to Hellenize the culture. The Jews fought back and, after reclaiming the temple, lighted lamps. Legend says the Jews had enough oil to last for only one day but God allowed the lamps to burn for eight The story comes from the books of First and Second Maccabees, which are not included in Jewish scripture. In the grand scheme of Judaism, it is a relatively minor holiday. Kawaler compares it to the Fourth of July. "It gained significance because of proximity to Christmas," said Howard Ross, president of the North Louisiana Jewish Federation. Holidays like Passover and Yom Kppur are included in the Torah and carry a much heavier religious significance. Hanukkah is more about fun and celebration with the dreidel game and fried foods to remember the XM.tvl 11 i Various menorahs, including a Disney themed one, are on display in the Shreveport home of Lory Evensky. Lottery Numbers Amtrak: Permission must be secured from U.S. Department of Transportation Jim HudetoonThe Times someone else. It's not just about gift receiving and making everything look pretty." Many see the increase in Hanukkah stuff as a sign that the Jewish culture is gaining more acceptance and people are more aware of the religion's holidays. Salome Gard-sbane has been delighted to see the increase. "It's nice to know that there are holidays other than Christmas. I'm delighted for anyone celebrating." Among things the company would have to secure: permission from the U.S. Transportation Department which heavily subsidizes Amtrak and has prohibited it from adding routes; agreements on scheduling and fees with railroad companies that own the tracks Amtrak would need to use; equipment such as raQcars and locomotives, that are in short supply even with existing routes; a station from which to operate the train; and an agreement for paying for the route, which often includes funding from a party other than Amtrak, such as the states benefiting from the service. "We are happy to work with them on it And we are interested in working with anyone who is interested in new service," Magliari said. Corrections Clarifications The Times tries to correct promptly any errors of fact or clarity any misleading information appearing in news stories. To report an error or need for clarification, please call 459-3233. Advanced garage targeted the summer A six-level parking garage is targeted for completion in the summer; and convention center construction should wrap up by mid- to late November, said Mickey Rosenblum, vice president of W.G. Yates Sons. Hightower plans in January to pursue approval from the state Bond Commission to borrow $40 million toward construction of an adjoining 316-room hotel. Another $12 million in state capital outlay funds will be used to fund the $52 million venture. "Assuming there's no hiccup at the Bond Commission, it will have us on schedule to have the hotel under construction this coming spring," the mayor said. Also in the works, with help from Downtown Development Authority, are negotiations with Greyhound to move the downtown bus terminal, which sits across the street from where the convention center's front doors wiD be. "We'd rather our conventioneers look at green space, an entry park to the downtown business district Hightower said. There are three proposed locations for the terminal, with one putting Greyhound adjacent to Interstate 20. Hightower said no agreement has been reached, but most of the money an estimated $700,000 is in place to help fund the relocation. The mayor is excited about the progress of the convention center construction. "Absolutely. If going extremely wefl. If on time, on budget and booking interest has been high." Center: Parking for completion in Continued from 1A "I think if coming along nicely," she said Tuesday. The work is notholding up traffic and thafs a big phis. I'm looking forward to it opening because 1 think it wiD bring people downtown to do their banking, to eat and to shop, which will be good for revenue. We need to build up our downtown. It used to be a happening place." A ballroom and meeting rooms inside the center "are pretty much done," said Ken Antee, the city's chief administrative officer. As for the overall project construction has reached a point where the weather cold temperatures, rain or otherwise won't impede workers. "I think they're just getting after it and doing a good job," Antee said. The city is looking into approval of two change orders on the work requested by the contractor W.G. Yates Sons of Jackson, Miss. involving a retaining wall, and by convention center management company SMG, which also is manager of Bossier City's CenturyTel Center. The combined change orders, which also involve moving doors and relocation of some office space and employee restrooms, total less than $300,000, Antee said. "I think the change orders involved so far amount to a whole lot less than the industry average in that regard, which is exact opposite of the fears people had. We're still less than one-half percent" CTORM Eu WEATHER COVERAGE YOU CAN COUNT ON Regional Forecast I December 7, 2004 LOUISIANA I PICK 3 i PICK 4 0-7-9 i 2-5-1-2 CASH QUEST 16-17-18-28 MEGA MILLIONS 12-32-37-41-52-13 CASH 5 2-12-26-28-31 PICK 3 DAY PICK 3 NIGHT 0-2-1 84-5 For mo re information, contact: LOUISIANA LOTTERY CORP. 1-800-75WS25 TEXAS LOTTERY COMMISSION 1-80M7M88 Every effort Is made to provide accurate data, however please see your retatter or state lottery office kx ofoal verification of results. SAM'S TOWir mm cumo Mcvrotr For mors information, nil 318424-7777 Mist be 21 or older to garni. 2004 Bora Gartmg mo. All nghfii retwtved. Dont tot ttw game yeltxrtol hand. Gambmg probtem? Can 1-87W70- 786 Inc. River Conditions Through 7 a.m. Tuesday Flood staga RED RIVER DeKalb 24 Index 25 Fulton 27 Shreveport .30 Coushatta 31 Grand Ecore 33 Alexandria 32 UTTLE Idabel 30 27 SABINE RIVER Logansport 28 Longview 25 OUACHITA Monroe 40 Camden 26 Felsenthal 70 BLACK Jonesville 50 GLOVER Glover 16 Lake Conditions 24-hr Yest change 18.4 8.7 11.7 22.0 27.6 27.5 26.1 17.5 18.6 23.9 5.6 32.3 25.8 72.1 2.3 5.6 0.2 1.9 0.2 0.6 1.0 0.5 0.0 1.1 Through 7 a.m. Tuesday Pools Release (eft) Denison 618 5 9698.0 Toledo Bend 1 70.8 1 4702.0 Wright Patman 225.1 2724 0 Lake the Pines 228.9 11 25.0 Millwood 260.1 16918.0 Caddo Lake 169.8 3873.0 Cro8sLake 171.1 Wallace Lake 146.5 Lake Bistineau 141.7 Sam Raybum 167.4 0.0 River Stage Forecasts FROM STORMTRACKER 1 2, THE WEATHER EXPERTS IN THE ARK LA TEX Another round of rain is expected this evening. Clouds will likely increase during the day. While a few showers could pop up this afternoon, the best chance of rain will be tonight. The rain should come to an end tomorrow morning. After morning lows near 44, afternoon highs will be near 63. ir Conditioning miracle. Lory Evensky has Hanukkah decorations on her mantle, presents for the children and gatherings with friends. Her parents visit each night with presents for her three children. But Evensky said she tries to keep it in perspective for her children. "The commercialization of all these holidays is out the root I try to teach (my children) to be thankful and give back and do something for Online Amtrak: money no longer is available and the current budget includes no money for a trial run or permanent stop. But now is the time for the route to happen, LMejohn said. Bossier City has the potential to draw more tourists than ever through gaming, which has long pulled much of its money from the Dallas area, as well as the high-profile convention center and hotel planned for Shreveport and Louisiana Boardwalk, a collection of stores, restaurants and nightclubs planned for Bossier City, he said. think it gives us an alternate transportation mode. And right now, we've jusf go so many people coming to Shreveport-Bossier, it's unreal." Shreveport-Bossier City is considered an "attractive area" to Amtrak, Magliari said. However, many hurdles stand in the way of making Bossier City a permanent stop regardless of the success or failure of a trial run. National Forecast Today Tomorrow 49 28 .48 36 46 34 33 27 .60 37 51 39 78 52 54 30 47 30 48 38 35 26 62 36 -3-17 46 38 81 64 55 38 61 62 58 30 60 40 70 54 59 43 62 47 84 71 44 37 40 25 58 45 46 44 65 36 El Paso Fairbanks Grand Honolulu Indianapolis Jacksonville Kansas City Las Vegas Lot Angsles Louisville Memphis Miami Beach Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville ....1 -17 ..48 34 ..83 68 ..51 35 ..76 60 ..54 38 58 44 .63 SO ,.56 40 .63 48 .84 73 ,46 35 .43 30 .59 44 .59 40 .60 38 New York. 1 RAIN 0 I 4360 Detroit Duluth Oklahoma City Heating, Heating System Tune Up Fast Quality Service Call to set appt. 222-K00L(5665) RAIN 30 RAIN 20 WIND ESE 2-6 WIND WSW 3-16 4165 3Ub8 Continued from 1A The Fort Worth Amtrak station is larger and has more connecting trains than the station in Dallas. Riders can access either of the Texas cities from the other via Amtrak or light rail service. The company will attempt to accommodate whatever Bossier City wants to do during the trail since Amtrak officials consider it not unlike an organization charteringatrain, Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari said. Currently, Shreveport and Bossier City residents can take a daily motor-coach to Longview, Texas, to take a train to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Dement who has announced he will not seek a fifth term in me spring, made a promise during his 1989 campaign to bring Amtrak service to Bossier City. He restated his goal, calling it his only unfulfilled campaign promise, last month during the annual State of the City Dinner. Bossier City has had conversations with Amtrak over the years and even had money set aside for a depot at one time, but plans fell through. Finance Director Charles Glover said that 1 RAIN0 4866 RAIN 0 4463 Statistics for Shreveport Regional Airport through 5pm yesterday. High temperature 67 Low temperature 49 Normal high 60 Normal tow 40 Humidity (at 4pm yesterday) 40 Record high 83 in 1939 Record low 14 in 1950 Precipitation RAIN0 For additional weather Information, go to www.srireveporttlme8.cotn Shown is today's weather. Temperature JQL ft ArrnWoflthor nm I T11 WBathe' a P'Prta JemPera'P8 lln8 are this morning' low and today's high. (( Rock inavtehisfor the day. Foraoast highlow temperatures are given tor sefected cmes. T- 1363 Magnolia dWLJitt tffiKtS jj 4001 ifc 4367 CarthagA 7 4568 d13P 6 ESSnow Warm 4-at, V190 1 Natchitoches E2ice 8 1, HI LOW HI Hi Lo WJkw A I wuunuerqua or po oo pc umana 91 DC kIS DC Vr JHm JTX Amarillo 57 35 pc 66 36 I Orlando JB 64 pc 82 64 pc JL 2 4 Anchorage 28 13 pc 22 14 Pensaoda 70 65 sh 75 56 TfT JL Utff'' "IW I Atahto 6 4 pc 60 62 Philadelphia 60 38 52 42 pc feu! Atlantic City 62 32 50 42 Phoenix 63 48 pc 67 48 KZJ Austin ...64 44 sh 73 43 Pittsburgh 34 pc 52 42 pc I Baltimore 63 36 52 42 Reno 53 38 58 30 pc sfis- -ssse 43 33 47 29 St Louis 56 40 56 37 pc lUss asStOn RoUtf Birmingham. 68 56 pc 66 49 Salt Lake City 42 35 sn 48 33 QrVvx: Bismarck 39 23 pc 42 16 San Antonio ...68 46 pc 75 47 nrlaa fharlpc H. 'J 4 9 38 48 39 sh San Francisco 56 52 61 52 pc A SfnTcl A 1 54 34 PC 46 36 Seattle .50 42 50 46 VZJr? UOflfc 1 Casper 40 30 pc 45 30 pc SiouxFallS 47 30 pc 47 22 V- f3 ew ranJ5f Charleston, SC 7152 pc 71 60 sh Spokane .42 34 42 36 sh U. 'rSTi 6073 V3Tx Chanotta 70 46 60 48 Syracuse 46 29 48 36 pc HoUStOfL. ''C? 14 Chicago .46 36 pc 48 38 pc Tampa 82 66 pc 82 68 pc .49 31 .57 35 .28 13 .69 64 .62 32 .64 44 .63 36 .43 33 .68 56 ,39 23 .49 38 .54 34 .40 30 .71 52 .70 46 .46 36 54 33 66 36 22 14 60 62 50 42 73 43 52 42 47 29 66 49 42 16 48 39 46 36 45 30 71 60 60 48 46 38 AStlCtt A forecasts and mans, with the LJT wncinnaii 64 34 55 41 Topeka 55 34 59 29 .54 34 55 41 49 34 67 53 RED RIVER 8th 9th DeKalb 18.2 18.4 Fulton 11.3 10 9 Shreveport 21.8 21 7 Coushatta 27.5 27 4 Alexandna 25.9 26.0 Sun and Moon I uy Mccuneauier, inc. bvuvt vv Vhp Denver fi itMlI SfeiUpri RAIN0 RAIN 10 RAIN 30 RAIN 60 47 59 I 62 I 55 Sunrise today Sunset tonight Sunrise tomorrow Sunset tomorrow Moonnse today Moonset today 7:05 a.m. .5:10 p.m. 7:05 a.m. .5:10 p.m. .3:11 a.m. 2:33 p.m. Moon Phases New First Full Last Amsterdam 46 41 pc 50 46 pc Athens 57 45 pc 57 45 Bermuda 74 64 pc 76 64 pc Frankfurt. 45 38 pc 46 41 pc Hong Kong 66 58 73 61 Jerusalem 57 39 Sh 57 43 London 51 45 pc 54 47 pc MexicoClty 73 46 pc 64 38 Montreal 40 24 sn 38 30 pc Moscow 33 24 sf 31 18 sn Pans 47 39 pc 50 42 pc Rome 56 46 56 43 Singapore 85 73 85 75 Tokyo .58 43 54 48 Wtattwr (W)' -unny, pe-partty cloudy, e-doudy. h-showers, t-thunderworms, r-ram, sf-snow flumes, sn-snow, t-ica. 24 hrs ending 5pm yesterday 0.82 Month to date 1.33 Normal month to date 1.05 Year to data 61.70 Normal year to date 47.94 OCDOCD Dec 11 Dec. 18 Dec. 26 Jan. 3 Air Quality Yesterday Good Source: National Weather Service Mold Count Yesterday Source: Asthma and Allergy Clinic of Shreveport

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