The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 14, 1947
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAGE BIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, .JUNE II, Missouri Women < Called as Jurors .^ - ; Pemitcot County Will ; Empanel First Distaff ; Jurymen Next Month i • CARUTHERSVILU5, Mo., .Time *14.—Women 'have besn called for .jury service for the Ar.;t time in • the history of Temiscot County, it *Wfls disclosed here w.icn County 'Court Clerk Harold S. Jones released Hie list of prosi>:cliv! jurois 'for the July term of Oirruit Court. Pour Pcmiscot wome) hive been »called. They.are Mrs. Mo'Tell De- *Relgn of Garuthersvill^, president Jpf the Missouri FcdiT:ilio:) of Wo- .men's Chibs; Afrs. C. O. • Martin >bf Steele; Mrs. Earl M. Coppai?e, 'Sr., of Braggadocio, al: called as Jurors; and Mrs. E? G. Roland, Ca- •rulhersvllle. alternate. ', The complete list folliw-s: . Little Prairie townsVtio tCavvith- •ersvillc)—Pierce -Neeley, Felix Mc;Adams, Leslie Morenn. Mrs. .Moi'iell ^DcReign as Jurors, alui Mrs. Ge.uge -Roland, Clem Hill. Siiec'i Essary and R. S. Greenwell, as a!t.;i nates. " Butier townsliip C'lieuifui Uui'- "gcss,. juror; Ollle Laifert/, aller- -nate. • Virginia township—Oewuy U:'i"nard. V. L. Biaekwell. jurms; T. A. .Haggard, Bud Holbert, alternates. Gayoso—Houston Cr.ii^, juror; \V, :C. Hunt, alternate. ', Pascola—Victor Down!'.!;?, juror; .Earl Ervin. alternate. Hai'ti—Fred Glasscock. Floyd S'.ii- 'rey. jurors; 13. Sorrcll, A. G. G.ind- 'ers, Sr., alternates. Pemrseo* County Globo/ Service To Get 33.6 Miles Scheduled by Pan-American Of County Roods CAKUTHKH.SV1LLE, Mo - Jll!!l ' 14. ~ A "I 11 projects, cal'- ii'.j; foi 1 il.Mi milrs nf rounty lil^i- \rays, hns Lun approved fur I'cin- Couniy it. was announced here yesterday. Those projoc-t.s :ir<; now ready- lor inking of bids .ui'l ai'diiic u[ contracts. A total or 'IMti miles of county roads lias IIITII cipl/i ovcil In i)fi Mis- tl counties uiidrr Hie "Coniily Aid Roiiil l'l:>n." Other Sntitlu'iisl Missouri rniintli's which liavo \i.\t\ projects :*])]>: onvl follow: Duitkliii, (icln projects for 27.S miles; New M:idild, tnt^ht projec's for IT milt'*; C;I[.H: Ciranirau. thtvp projects for ID II miles; H'lllinj'iT, three projects fnr 99 mi!e.s. Ornan- Flois Garner, juror; Clyde Johnson, nlu-rnate. Cooler tuwmiilp <f>t.vle,~ Mr:, c. D. Martin, Floyd Kiiu'iii. jiii'ms; !3 I. Chirk, Yelmev Ca;\wh U, ;,H(-r- Williamson, allrrnale:;. NliW YOIiK. .111110 14. HI.l 1 .'/ — Fifteen nrwspapcr :nul ni:ii:n/i:"' executives will make llw fir./. rmmd-llH'-'.voild comm'jivhil airline flight aboard the 1'a.i Aine.r lean Wc.rld Airways clipper scheduled lu leave New York Jim.? 17 to ity.uii',uv(>U' regularly scheduled p,loba| .service. Pan Auscncim said yesterday Hint several |mb[t-j 'jfllciu's v.onld be passengers and (\'.ui Mic!:names would be atuuuiaced !i\i,:r. The i)liine will stop it tlip f.,1- U:\vliif; points: CJajuler, NfliHl; Hhnnniin. Kivt". London; Istanbul; Karachi; Calcutta; Ijriuiil'Gk; Shanghai; Tokyo; Manila; C!i,iti:i: Wiike. and Honolulu. T!io group will be biiel; In New York June 3d. lU'ltnl.'tr mail spi-vice- c-n tin- 21.- 423-inilr roule will begin a ivc'.'i< after (lie inaugural fliglil. PJICSCM- i;cr fan- will be fl.700. Pawma-rs will ineluil';: Missco Citizens invest $26,440 In Savings Bonds Citizens of Mississippi County purchased a lolnl .sum of $20,440.05 worth of U. S. fi:wint;s Houils (luring the month of May. the Arkansas Offic" o! (lie Treisury's u. 3. Savings Bonds Division announced today. Tile total for ll >e state durin;; Mil; '.v».s $1.782,429.40. Mississippi Comity reached 44,'J pw cent of il^ minimum I'.oiu by pirrliasmi; :l tola! of $4C4,4C0.80 in 1C. F and Ci writ's bonds for the first five months of the year. Min- iintim I'oal for the county for 1041 is f'JOO.COO. Summer Term Enrollment At U. of A. '^cache's 2,243 FAYKTTEViLi.E. Ark.. Juno :>. ilJPl -- A rteor<i summer enroll- rru'Ht v.':is iissnrocl today at the University nf Arkansas as fi to'nl of 2.1M3 students had legi.slered j last nlKht. The ftauro is 400 wove i th:ui las', year's total. The graduate Pemisrot I.. M. Win 1 -MIT. John | Hoy lim^nvl, president, fjn i;3ps- rchoo! claimed :joo of the rcgis- R. Hadrr. Jurors; Ciiiy AfcljUl, l>jmi [ Hoy/aid ncw.spapers; Hahiji Nich- Hants. ' oj.son. piibli.shi'r. New Origins Hen); James (;. .SI n hi man, president, Nashvllk* lianm-r, c on Concord -L. H. Oale, O.ll i rhri'e, Jurors: Krvin Haniple, J. 1. llnrli- Eon. alternate. Little Klver ..... llube l...'iiier. II. lj. Massey. jmxas; Robert Zanders. J. \V. Snider, ultej-nales. Holland -S. \'. Workman, juror: M. S. Myritk, iiKerii'.i','. Godair — P. 1,. no-iii' 1 , iiK'or; Chailc's Brasher, i>llw:ie'". W/tJ» CAP in Idaho Capl. Rearcy I,. Stinp^m. son of .James M. Simpson ol O,-;eeol:i. will hi! assigned to the Id.ilio Wing ot the Civi! Air Patrol in Noise, Idaho, the Army announced m,i-iy. Captain Sim[>stin lia<l lieen st-rvtu^ ;:s ;i lech- nieul inspeeUvr with the Oth Air Force at Ltiwson Fiel.l, I' 14 ,, Bcn- nlnii. Oa. Realtors Plan Meeting KUHKKA .SPRINGS. Ark. June 14. (UP) -— Plans for the statewide meet in c; of the Arkansas Hen! Es- tnte board hrre; next Oct. 13 and 14 were discussed at, a meeting in Eureka Springs. Attending the con- fereiire were R E. Patlorson of Fort Smith, board president; El- l:ert L. FansrU of Littli; Rock and Oscar K. Hawkins of Sprin^djtlc. commissioners; and W- A. Hied of Uttle Rock, bnar<t .secretary. CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Kcpairlng, Screen Work, I'ahitiiiB. Re;:laclna Windows Steps, and other work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 2801 Courier News VV:<nl Ads. River Sand and Gravel "My steady girl hns gone away for the summer! I too't this job to forget—;nul because my parents insist on ins working!" Delivered to Call You A. H. Webb Phone /14 Radio Repair Lot our exports co Ik WJtll </(> trained voiir rwHo service ittlc or !s(s in buttery too j<-'b ''i' 1 S|)cicial- 'V from st!t. to electric Musical Instrument and opnirs . . . n hitiulled Riipplio.s Special promptly. Gift Goods — Office Supplies — Variety Items Call SI I J. Mell Brooks Jr. 107 K. Jlain St. was nlw.iys a devoted daughter and sister. All Mrs. .Tollivcr's (iiinncrial problems would -have been solved overnight if v Flora could have coaxed or per' suadcd Sam to move ;icross the street and live with the TolUvcrs, turning his share of the Forbes mansion, which he and Nelson owned joititly, over to Nelson. Flora did imiUc one or two timid attempts on her honeymoon to put th'e idea over, but got nowhere. _ "Give up my own house, the house 'built by my grandfather?' 1 Sam exclaimed. "You aren't serious, are you?" . *'But it's also Nelson's house.' ' "You mean you don't \vanl Nelson to live with us?" "Oh, I -wouldn't turn dear kin< Nelson but of his own home foi -anything in the world. I jiip! thought if we had to live will someone, it might as well be Mama," • But Sam, as Flora afterwarc told mo, said with groat fuialil; Jnat her plan was all nonsense anr that he had already cng;i»cd a per fectly reliable middle-aged woniui to help Weyman with the house work and to look after Glori Louise when he and Flora wantet to step out. „ It was Annabellc who made quite a grievance that flora not'consulted when Sam made hi plans for their future. : "I'd prefer a hovel to thai grca gloomy barn of a house," Anna belle said. "In a hovel Flora coul Et least choose her own turnitun •'•• Couldn't Flora see that, it v, sour grapes that inspired Annn belle's • taunts? Annabelle won have given her eyeteeth to 1 piisU'ess o£ Ihe Forbes mansion. made her evident, 1 •IJL've J realized for the first lime >w much Aminholic had changed Ihe lust Cow years. She was ,sUU vely, bid (hero v, r i»re now hitter tie 1 ines aljiutl her ttmutii, :UK! T voice was often fretful ;ind mplairiii]^. She was surras tie here .sho lind once brcn j;oud- iUnetl. She still went idjoul with lis boy or that, still liuki IHT hc;n! igh unit Unijihetl and [V.iUvred here she thought.jl wntiid rlo tlie Hist fjood. Hut she 1 wni'kiid li>o (uacle il inn plain thai she csperntely wauled to iu;ike a ^ood Whether she had then ivcti im all hopc.s of marrying 'elson 1 difi IK^ know. Slio \v»s Iwnys irh;u'mi»t* tv> him, imd hu ;ill Fccmcd lo like her. Tlie truth was, us T know now, tat Annuhe]U''s (li.snpi)nintiiient rul hardened into hitter i;elf-pily. Annabellc had lone; been aware :iat she had to prepare to earn rr own hvinj.;, and iiomc months >e(orc, she ]iatl onrnJletl in a busi- \CKS ('oilege. All the same sho ounted, or at half counfed. 'ii Sam. H was ]\ot beyond the bounds of jossibility that Sam mi^hi be noved to make her and her mother m adequate allov/aucc. Instead, when .Sam ramn liomo rroiu his honeymoon, he said it vas high time lhat Annabclle we:tit o work. He sent word by I'lorn .hat he would fjet her o job. Anna- Julie's bitterness was immediately concentrated on Sam. This was hardly fair. Snm SOOT: had troubles of his own. TT \vas one of S - 1 won't say 's inducements ihc;- -to obtain ;;n ivu'ly ivuir- ould Imy luv York, :uu\ h- Flora's con.sont l-i riage that slio si trousseau in Mow would pay for it. Kluni bronchi liomc a Ininktul of iiev.', very beautiful, ami extremely expensive clothes, many of them French noriels. More MKI more kept [.-0:11- in^. And there \vcto lincn-s, laces, fxtniisitt'Iy emhi'oidered I owe Is mtt napkins ntul sheets—hundrods imd hundreds of dollars' wovth. S;irn, whu slionld liave known het- Icr, had fnUionsly allowed Flora trt open accounts nil over New York, :mci Flora hud leaped to it. Sam, hmvovrr, .seemed as happy and cuntent as any hrideMrooni could be. lie was patlielically proud of Flora, her Vicauly a fid IHT ne\v I'lolhes, proitd to take her ;rbont, io accept the invitations I hat wenr now showered on the bridal pair. Florn was loo good-natured to cherish resent men I, to hold aloof from- profl'ered kindness heeauso of rcmemhored sliyhts, Otsego j;r"\"e Sam mid Flora a week to settle down; after that 1 almost never looked out of my scmlh window without seeing a car or rnmafje. standing he fore the Furbescs' front floor or perhaps two to four matrons in white ijlluvo:; and tlieir best plumed hats, with cauk-ascs in their hands, coining np do street on foot. After Ihe formal calls came the. equally formal dinners and card parties or receptions. The card parlies or. rrreplinns were strictly Ccinininc, and the ;i»cs usually were mixed. Hut a dinner raised a problem. Should Sam's middle- ;u;od friends or yount^ people of Flora'.s aye be invited to do honor to the bridal pair? As Ihe hostesses were usually' mlddlc-agod them- s-, they nearly idvays invited their own contemporaries and otic young couple as a sop for Flora, Often Father ntul I were asked instead of the couple. I found the dinners extremely dull and hard to sit through, afraid I soon looked as bored ns 1 felt, hut Flora acted beautifully. Olsetfn was, I thought, a little disappointed that Flora behaved so well and that no fireworks or even a quarrel followed on the heels of the honeymoon. For the moment Otsejjo was almost bored with t'i.e Tollivers 1 . £ actually went lo an afternoon parly where they were never mentioned once. Otsc^o was far too 'pessimistic. There wore lire works aplenty when the bills finally came in. ^•' (To He Continued) Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawha lie Sure! 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UUINS...ASDISTHE F?OP- K PUS-UC1TV A-SSOCIATIOW WITH THE : PEOCL'Crs! ,, **?* jsr^-n^-sgS^ / TittE'S C —^^ / SHORT, E ,v,c n ,"\ VCU1LK TOEMVit &M.LHKOO II TO THE SfK MWBE OFFEtJ. J25.COO TO THE LUCKS PESSOW 1 . ,P DW1NS V WELL. HOW^ V ! SOOM/ ^60UT 5H\K1N£. K LEMlMS f TfiSE PUSUOtSj L\ST FEW ISavcsd Poppers •jlHi UGH' HI % \ E1S GA.n&lE W'.O BiT-U>\ AGAINST WEREV- ^,}A \-' KS eo- NlEXT 'DOOR •STAS'.E AW LI S'E-A ! /•/^•v^-^^^ f*?Sg»% "' '«;*rf Ai.IJCV 001' Arinind, Jlislor VIC FLINT A Showdown RY MICHAKI, 0'MAI,I,TCY anil KAl.l'll LANE ViC. r CAH'T LET YOJ WAIK OUV LIKE THIS. WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUV ? IOOK,VIC-- IM NOT GONNA ; SEE YOU IREATEO >.'KF IHiS. W^^ BH A WlL G.O OVtR TO CONNIES I \VEKT TO 5EE COWNIE TOR REASONS BATC'VN EUVOU. SHE mO!CMED SHE WANTtD IODO SO. AMD SHE TOLD BAI YOU MilDElHE PASSES.' ( HAD 1IIAT DAMt'S KOM6ER All AlONfl ' I'LL T61L YOU SOMETHING, WEARY, THAT I CAN'T TELL BAT KE'U HAVE 70 FIND OOT fOR HWSELF. \s .-.'.T.U—C.:. TS AND H_KR nUPDTBS Tl\HM\«," TOR Trtt ji But \ RIDS, KU66\-t& '. J, -ACOSVU VOU WftW Yoo Hoo! l?y FUKl) fl.MUIAN ^ ^fe^ \X&«-, •;. \ ^n- .t / D tV-OT\C \>'EH\C\.t.S' fAtlfVYiAC \iTOL c j, io r\\_ov\c> II-VTO "mt "

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