The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1951 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1951
Page 5
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P4OTTBK GOP Leader Says Ike Would Run if Asked • AM ANTONIO, Tex,, Oct. 18 W) —A member,of the Republican National Finance Committee says Gen. Dwight Eisenhower told him last jw "hi would accept the presidential nomlnationif tendered." Mam McLean, San Anlonlo oil win and political leader, was quoted In a copywrlghtcd story of the San Antonio Express today. Mcl^an *ald Eisenhower arranged • meeting in McLean's San Antonio office last year and the two Eisenhower's chances as a presidential candidate in 1952. "He told me that he was a Republican and had been nil his life and (hut he would accept the presidential nomination If tendered htm. But he gave me the Impression that he would not walk across the •treet to get the nomination." "I told Eisenhower that I did wot think the nomination would come his way without a fight." safd , McLean, who added that he always eupporled Sen. Robert A. Tall. "I believe a majority of the Texas Republican organization Is for Taft. I helleve Elsenhower will drop out rather than engaj-e In a knockdown, drag-out fight In the convention. Eisenhower is pictured as a winner If he gets the nomination. I don't think so." McUMn said he believed Taft would run a better race against President Truman than Eisenhower. "Eisenhower owes too much to Truman to run against him," Mc- Lenn said. "He would be announced as an ungrateful wretch If he did." McLean told tile San Antonio Express he received a letter written on Oct. 6 from Tad in which the Senator made a bid for southern votes. The World Today: Congress' Record— BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, 'OCTOBER 18, 1951 More Money Voted, But Not Many Bills Were Passed "<r£°l A i£ S w*!™.? S I",*"!'',! "A thC »<*'«»''"• h35 'hlng which COUld have a nrofmrnH , nr,-^,,,,, »„,;, ... ... course* Conireu will have i chanw U> add lo the record It takes to the voters. The «ame Concresa return! for anofher session on Jan. S. . (For James Msrlow) WASHINGTON, Oct. 18. <AP> — The record of the first sr-wlon of the R2nd Congress, now grinding to a close, isn't very Impressive as far as the number ol major passed Is concerned. In Just one way did congress set a record: It voled more money than any Congress In U.S. history ever voted before In a peacetime year. J 'lliat, of course, was done under pressure of the war In Korea and ! this country's vastly expander! de- I fense program. [ With the record alrmist complete. II appears Congress will appropri- ;ate nbotit JOI.OOD.Ofln.OOO hy (he time j It winds up the year's work possl- ! My Saturday. The record high. (about $117.0(111.000.000. uas approved In half, and Ihe House w far has refused to approve that finally. whether any new lax bill will oc passed now Isn't certain, but It seems likely that one raising government revenue about $5750.000000 bills a year may get through. A lot of Congress members are saying that, Ship's A ship's log today Is an official journal of the vessel's speed, progress, location weather conditions,! Truma'tV a'skcd'IconRrcss'u, vote »,«.behavior of the crew, and any In-,000.000.000 In new taxes it balked formation worthy of note. at the amount, trimming It almost ... In 1943, a wartime year. To help pay the bill. President grr =^«^ ffiss>. ir£ £: ~ probably will okay a hill pretty much like the one It turned down Tuesday. Aside from mat and the appropriations bill, the major leqislation congress has approved Includes extensions of old laws: The foreign aid proRrams lo helr> this country's allies .strengthen - 'e a profound i president and lasting effect on the nation. It < s 1 'aid the groundwork for a system of' fi Universal Military Training. But UMT won't go into effect unless Congress aproves It again. All It did this year was to set up a commission to worn out details, re After that is done, the Issue ivill be ices Committees" opened hn nut up to the Senate and House! Feb. 15. The hearings and debate M,"'., , !'•"'" on um " A P ril 4. when the'?? esnl^i -.I*"*'' "" le ""* ycar ' SCna ' e pasMd a «"°H"ion approv-lfh "S.'i 5 ' '," thrie , S ™ ate ' ha * "een lire the dispatch of four divisions. | ^ uitn debate over foreign I>1«* two whirfi were already there I bii lo "'-"tern Europe. The resolution ( de to set Congress « f and ended June „ pro du«d more ' S soldi,', and do»ars , rom Western Europe until It made a gibralUr of itself, A number of senators, mostly Republican, took up the idea and the Poreisn Relations and Armed Serv- < ._ ----- .. U m l( . &„ j^j uu uj:t_'u more than two million words of testimony auout the Korean War and Far Eastern Policy. But the Armed Services and Foreign Relations CommlUces which i™~i,i ' hearings voted 20 U> 3 jatrainst making any 'conclusions. Old Camera Shown LONDON OR-A camera bought n 1887 for 25 shillings. Is one ol the exhibits at the Jubilee exhibit or the Institute 'of Brltsh Photographers. A Brtsh all-metal camera, It has plates I'l Inches srjuare and a simple drop-shutter. ' Or onress appr ° val before hc committed any ' relations. Two big M nC eA n . d K the /irin8 "' ° C "' D°>»:i»s "i-i"""" ^'«.c ne comnmt ,-,,_,„, -•• " | ""'cArtnur — occupied months of < more. It had no legal efferi Communism: the reciprocal trade "me in the Senate „ , , u - eiiect. , .. .. ' T _ , u . ' >"" nothniR ever came or the resin the enn, nothing In Ihe way i nlution In the House Two attrmni. sue ^ S ,h" CnhC ?i erg<!d °" cl(h " is - Uhere lo tle « to other legation sue, although the vast, amount O f"~"—' " information and opinion voiced could not help but have an effect on public opinion economic controls act, «-ith some revisions; the draft act. extended until IMS. coupled with a lo»crin? ol the minimum draft age from 10 to 18'3 years. . Along wilh Ihr- Selective Service extension. Congress did another failed. Thr Ions and heated controversy over Mr. Truman's firms of MacArthur from his Far Eastern corn- raked i«t° P n' 0r 5" r0p l '""" »' a * ;man<is (iidnlt even jvrTduce a rwo- nuscdj.ast, December^when formerI lutinn. Hearings, which started May •t pi their own. It was highly :lcal of administration policy jr Pacific and assailed the meth- -nt's right to bust him. Before next year's elections, of Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vim? Read Courier New. Classified Ads. St. Joseph ASPIRIN LARGEST SELLER NO MONE Y DO W N S A L E Your Old Refrigerator Accepted As Down Payment As Shown Below GENERAL® ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS Model NMft Rtfriej*r«t«r f tltohtm, 3.1. |lv«« y«-< ik full aukk fa«f of ntnqvt^ .tocao* in tf. Mm. »e«ar tp«w onc« MCM4lry (or four-eubic-foof modils. Fr*««- •wnpirtwant KoU 17 pour,* of frann foodi, two rw»-pound Ic. trayi. M.a< ttof.g. draww i, d»p »nough H >»k« »m.« rositi „ fowl. Ml-widtk draw^ for handy rfor.o. »< fr»A fruih and 1 v.g.tablw. Roomy boHl. i(«rag., loo! Door wirk "trijTtr-actlon" lakn elom ( t a loucn . . . provide > ' M aJ th.l RI«ULAR Trmde-in i5... $ 149 Four G. cosfc* only •Hurt fl, » fforWnp ComWl»il, Ready /„, Medef Nl-Sft Rtfrigireitvr A prectical S-en.-ft. «*f>«a! Sectrte Sp*:e MaV.r model. tcV cub«i fr.ei. in a hurry In the roomy fr.eier compartment Room for ai much ai 24 pounds of froien foods, too. Bottle lloraga >i high anourjn for tall bottlei—holds ei many el tv»'eVe jquare, qusrt-iije milk bo»!»i. 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Handy, remov.'o!. utility •half above bottl. ,foro9« offers cor.venienf storage for ,m»)| REGULAR niCE Trntle-tn AITROXIMATEL Voiir G.E. Ip «o*/s only .•>. . •Xutl Bi In Workd-.g Condition, RM.JJ/ /or Rwate-.Vot Otlotele! NHX 8 Rtfriger.for.Food Fr*»»r With Alnlea Magnetic Doon t r^< f«od «r«*w «4 . bit r«frl<«ralM- l io»,,«r)F».,t «^ l.ul.t^ ..4 n«rto.r.M, wlta rh *wi np.r.U <l..r.. D.nn ,(„. urt^.finny. Alilc* m.wMti la Ker^ l««l !••)«> ,rlp .,ck doer iti.t tl9»». Co>...!.rt fe*> awl^ .B*,,I l«w«- door. N» l.tck... >. tl.nmlef. Prefer c*i>i.rtiiM>t >«I4> •p t. 51 po.ntf .( fTo«. fo.J, .t „,. t«.p.r.,.r.. I«4l-C»b* Ic. trey. .11.w plckhii. ^ <>Wi .l.fiy «• ^1 ^ MM. TWr»eai.te> •• d.«r. Low.r ompartpiK^ h.ld. « n>c , fr^fc f»^ M . H«*J«-< «. t«-«. r«frt 9 «rator. Olv.i »o[i» cold—elimtHt.t H«< I. c.v.r foodj. W.v.r n..di Jifr.,H,,. i.ft. r c.MIH»n«r l« do«r I..?. k«lt«r «t tht rlqht c^mlit.ncy (or ooty, woitoleii lpre«4l.*. 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