Petaluma Argus-Courier from Petaluma, California on January 14, 1939 · Page 8
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Petaluma Argus-Courier from Petaluma, California · Page 8

Petaluma, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1939
Page 8
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SaJurday,anuary;14rJ939.- T, ,JCUSS LUTHERAN ; Ita and F street. Hear a fheiss, pastor, :V " Sunday, rJannaryHS,-- " Ai; M,unday ichboL- ' IOjIO :A. M: Bible Jai. mon important- dooii in me Bibls, Romans, and ask you to Join us. :" 11:00 A. M. Divine irorshtp , The pastor wfll speak on the Gospel lesson - for the day," John t. 1-11. The .thought of the sermon will be that the presence of Christ, brings blessings - to a home. A ; vice-president 6f jLthe United States said: "If there is anything wrong in American life, It Is ' a 'looseness In the "home of the American people on eternal verities. We plead for more and better Cariattaaomes, in which Christ's "Word is heard and obeyed and liis Inflaenee is felt in th lives of all, homes that prod uce the moral fibre of our nation., u - ' At this service the newly elected officers of the congrega-. tioa will be : installed and Edward Walter J Hassey will be retired lntGhurch membership through the Sacrament of Holy -Baptism l:t0 P. M. The Lutheran Hour will be n the air. ,Tune in to station KFRC and hear this . . inspiring broadcast - -' At 8 p.-vm.'"the regular Suh- day evening' Bible study will be resumed. The- better we know - - our Bible the more will we be in a position to cope with the problems of life. Join' us in this Interesting study.- . ' , The ' choir will rehearse on Monday at 8 p. m. - Am Important, meeting of the . , Ladies' Aid Society will be held on Wednesday at 2 p. m. The ,., annual - election of officers "vrill - - be' held . and the new - English constitution -will - be submitted for approval. AH members should attend this meeting. - - On Wednesday' at ? 8 :"p.': m. r-r thera - will - be a weeting-M-the Aid Association for Lutherans In the church hair." .r,j,j':': : , On -Thursday the . interesting sound-film LTbe CaUof the Crass" ...will . be shown at St. . "7 Lake's .church In SantaRosa. German services will be held one week 'from this, Sunday in-1 pnaa oi ineiast eunasy la ane month. ' " :We preach the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and invite all to hear It, ' 8ALTATI0N ABMT- Ith-aad -Jl atreeU,. Thona 1B3I. - Saturday night, 8:00 S.-M. ITaTlet -ln charge. - Sunday morning, 11:60 "By the Patkvay of Holiness." rErr . Sunday afternoon,; 8:30 Sun day school; Sunday night. 8:00 "Caught In the Meshes of Time. Tuesdays afternoon. i:Jo Ladles Home League. XxL Tuesday night, 8:00 ' The ,d Rfgnata of 'Ut.J2r?T Thursday night, 8:00 S.-M. Mailet la charge. Frldav nlehtL 7:007 "Tonne Peoples' Club. ':s t . ;,;;r. '-'. 'iWardsy night, i:0 Mak-Jug a Song of Llft. ---: - i Each -meeting in " the- evening, with the exception of the Young Peoples' Clubt la preceded by an spen-air. - - - - ' .The ladles meet each ' Tuesday . afternoon . u carry on the work of the Salvation Army amongst the leas fortunate. Through this medium gifts, layettes, etc., are " made 'possible.'. Any person who might be able to donate anything to these ladies to help them carry on their work should get in touch with U, F. L, Mosely at telephone number 1S39; or write P. O- Box ,402. We would! ask . that all the women that can find H 'possible attend this meeting. God bless veu! ' v - SACKED HEART PARISH ..... .Ft. BETES ' Rex. Patflek Dermodr. pastor. Pt. Reyes . Sta. 8unday Mass I a. m. touowed by Sun, school. First Sunday of month Masa at 11 a. m. Sanday school also on Thursday after school. Bouna Sunday Mass 11 a, m. followed by Sunday achooL - First- Sunday-of- month- Maas , m. . . - - . OlemaCholr- practice Friday night at 7:30. . Inverness 8unday school Fri days at B p. m. . - - 4 BLOOMFIELD OOMMUS1TT Sunday" school at 10:00 a. m. Classes for all ages. Preaching service at 10:60 a. m. ; H. Harris, acting pastor. , FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Fifth and B streets "Let us lave a church that dares imitate the heroism of Jesus; pray as he prayed; work ss he worked; and live as he lived. Let our doctrines and our forms fit the soul, as the limbs fit the body, growing out of it, growing with it. Let us have a church for the whole man: truth for the mind, good works for the hands, love for the heart; and for the soql, that unfaltering faith In God, which', like lightning in the clouds, shines brightest when" elsewhere it is most dark." J... Theodore Parker. . Sunday at 11:00 A. M. "ARE . YOU A T ' CkTOSTJATir A sermon in the form of a conversation between two friends. Rer. Thomas T. Giffen Minister IN THE CHURCHES ritESBYTERIAN CHURCH Fourth htteet near Fubllo la- Mary. V ti ;.,. : Pastor, Ret. F. L. Ilaney. V- Residence, I1 1: Fifth i:l street Phone 88-W. Organist, Miss . Marjorie For-iter. ' Sunday school :48. MraUW. 8. Smith, supt . , ' "-t v Church -service 11 s 0 - a. m Our Sunday -school waa - more like normal last Sunday. We hope to see more back this coming Sunday. ' We will soon have more Sunday school rooms fixed soUjaJiClaMeijrlUOJt-!!?!!! order.'- - ' We have had word from the Rev. Mr. Simmonds and he is to be with us at 6:00 p. m. Sun day evening and is bringing members of his choir with him. Dont miss hearing this speaker. Your visitor last Sunday, Dr. MKraTTec6nmendedhtm-very highly.- 6 ;00 p.:- m. sociaUio C:30 study class, and 7:15 popu lar meeting. At the Sunday morning service the choir will have special music for us. The pastor will speak on the subject,' We Defy-You Fear and Pessimism." We appreciate Very much the fine attendance at our services ana invite- any one who cares to do so to wor ship with us. -. Announcement concerning tne general meeting of the Women's Association next -Thursday eve ning,' will be found elsewhere in the paper. Rev.- William Ehmann, repre sentative of the Seminary will be our' guest speaker on - Sun day morning, Jan.' 22nd. And in the evening we will nave' Miss Flora Hubbard and her Chfnese choir aa our guests. i T FIRST-CHURCH OF CHRIST . ITICornerlBhdxtn "gtreat Sunday school 1:48 a. Services Sunday 11 a. m. Y illC -'Will1 VTT IOD OUOJCT the-lies8onSermonSundaypJan nary 1 8 rrtn all Churches-of Christ, Scientist. . . ' . , The Golden Text wfll be "In the way' of righteousness is life; and la the pathway thereof there is no death'! (Prori: 12;38J. Others Bible - citations will in- tnAn'. "In thft hrlnnlg wm the word. -and the word was with God,, and the Word was God . . . In him, was life; " and "the ' life was ' the , light - of imen" (John The Lesson-Sermon will also Include the, follorlng passagelieil Jleb,.6;19 from the Christian Science text book, "Science and Health with Key tto- the Scriptures''--by-Mary Baker .Eddy: 'Because Life is God, . Life -must -be eternal, self-eKisteut.-Life ' is Jihe everlasting i AMr me uetng wno-was ana is ana snait oe. wnom notning cau erase" (p.' 289). ... Christian - Science ; radio pro grams are given at. 8 : 4 5: o'clock on Monday,. Wednesday -and Friday mornings over 8tati6a KYA." Wednesday - veninj - iseeHBgs I o'clock Our reading rooms : are ones to the public daily except Sunday and legal holidays from 12 to 4 o'clock p. m. - Tito public la cordially Invited to attend our services and enjoy the privileges of onr reading rooms. I FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH ; 4 Kentucky street on the hill. O. F. Goettel, minister. Phone 1228. We . anticipate another good day Sunday and urge friends and members to make a special effort to be out Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. with classes for all. . -. Morning worship at 11 a. m. Special anthem by the choir. Ser mon topic, "John on the Isle of Patmos" an interesting study that will appeal to all. Young peoples' service at :45 with a warm welcome to every one. ---- " At7il5pjUiibe-pa8tor-i-will. speak on "Can a Christian - be Neutral In the Present ContrflH versy?" A live, snappy topic that will throw light on some present questions. - The "Church on the Hill" wel comes you. - j I TOMALES PRESBTTERIAJf G. F. Haerle, pastor. ; Sunday school 10 a. m - 11:00 A.- M. Morning wor ship. FIRST METHODI9T Dr R. A.' Simonm. minister, Church school superintendent, Clifford B. Mnrphv: - ' 1 ; Director of Music Mrs. Leila Retalliek. ,. r 7 Organist, Miss Evelyn Foster. Church school, 8:46 A. M. Classes and departments for all ages 11:00 Morning . worship " and Bermon, . Reverend . James Whit-aker, a former pastor of the church, retired and living at San Jose, Califs .will, deltver . the ser mon. Hia sabject will be: . "A Fearless Life in a Fearful World.-Anthem by -the - choir, "Lord of Israel," by Rossini. Mrs. Ella Haakins will be heard in the offertory solo, singing 'How Beautiful Upon the Mountains," by Harker. - - : 7:45 Evening . service. Pastor will preach on the subject: "Religious-Certainty-Through-Moral Activity Anthem by the choir and offertory duet "by' " Elliot Walker and Leigh Shoemaker. Epworth League meets at the close of the evening service. - A cordial invitation to all services ot the. dayM: Tuesday, 6:15 P. M. Methodist Men's Service Club. ' Tuesday, 7:30, Queen Esther Circle - at the home of Aloyse Helton. ' Thursday, 8:00 p. m., Caput Circle with Mrs. Otto Rippih, 518 Keokuk St. Friday,' 8 p. m., Wesleyan Service Guild announces a special programiot eutertainmentratTthe church.. ' . t 1 CHURCH OF jK)D Services held at chapel corner of English and Baker ' streets. - RevrArFr Foster," pastor." Men.axfihoplngahat- a golden age may be ushered In upon us in which all may enjoy great pienieousjuppiy-oiuusworio s goods. Butr "Hope deferred maketh -the- heart ..sick- Prov. 1 3 : 1 2.- And - heart r sickness - and diseeuragsmeotsfteft lead - to suicide. Bul there, is hope, .realised here and now which satisfies, . "the hope of salvation.'' 1 Thes. 5:8.' : ..-.T.--T.: -' t:45 i. m; Sunday school. " 7 Mrs. Ruth Dougherty, Sunday school superintendent. Worship ani meMagTaTTbT4 5 a. m. Theme, "The Anchor of Hope.".: Text, f "Which hope - e have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth - into that within the 8:30 p. : m. Young- Peoples meeting, . Miss ..Ruth Walker, leader. , ."". ; - Our .young . peoples' meetings are excellent and spiritual and are-enoyod by the-older people as 11, Worship and message at 7:30. Theme. ."Who is- Without Hope?" Text,' Eph." 2:12. Midveek . prayer meeting each Wednesday at-i: 30 p. m....: 7-.r. we s extend -a i hearty - welcome to alL . - GRACE EVANGELICAL Evangelical Synod rof North America. On Keller street. 2. H. Stonunel, pastor. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Morning worship, 11:00 a. m. English services on the 1st ind - 3rd Sunday and German wrvkes on the 2nd and 4th Sun day of each month. . The Jr. League will meet on Tuesday evening at ?:30. The regular meeting of the Ladies' Aid will be held on Wed. afternoon at 2 o'clock Hostesses for. the meeting are Mesdames M. Rorden, R. Peter een, Steinweg, Stommel and L. Arfsten. Mrs. F. Mathiesen will lead the devotions... On Wednesday evening the Brotherhood meets in the S. S. hall. , The choir meets for practice on Thursday evenings at 8 o'clock. st. vracJEirrs church Holy Mass; . Sunday; 7. 8, 10:30 a. m. Week days: 7:30 First Fridays; 6:30 and 7:30 Devotions: Sundays: 3:30 m. First Fridays; t p. m. Confessions on all Satnrdava and eves of hoi r tiara and nn Thursdays before the - first , Frl- iays, j:jo to a:90 ana 7:ao to : 9, m. Baptisms1 Sunday afternoon. to 4 o'clock. Sick Calls; 8 a. m. to I n. m If urcrent. anv flmn Very Rev. James Kiely. nastor Revs. LARtAr T Rhrmann ani William P. Walsh, assistants. CHURCH OF ASSUMPTION TOMALES -4 Rer. Father O'Connor, nastor. First and second Sunday of seen month. Masses at 9 a. m. all others at 11 a. m. Marshall. First Sunday, 10:30 a. m.; third Sunday, 9:30 am. Bodega, Second Sunday. 11:00 a. m.; Fourth and fifth Sunday, 9 a. m. Sunday school at Tomales on Saturdays, 10:30 a m. on Sunday after Mass. At Bloomfield, 12:16 p. m. during school intermission on various days. Valley Ford, Wednesday, t p. m. Bodega, inursday 2 p. m. Marshall, Friday. 8 p. m. r r .: OUR LADY OF LORETTO NOVATO Rev. Father Martln O'Fahey. pastor. - Services la the new church are conducted on Sunday as follows: Masses at 8 and 10 a. m. Weekly masses 8 a. m. or by appointment . . Sunday school every Friday afternoon after school from t to 4 at the ehurch and ta the various districts. i ITHE EL1M LUTHERAN .TL-y CHURCH -v;T- 'M Corner of Baker and Stanler; P. C. Petersen, superintendent, Carol N. Hansen, organist. . " - Sunday school Sunday morning at 10 o'clock a. m. Bible-classes tor senior and adult classes at 10 : 15 o'clock. - . : , r Morning wprehlp in -the English language at 1 1 -'clock - a. -inwith-communion. service.' Ser lmon by the pastor. The sermon will be based on . St. Paul s Epistle -to the Romans,- Chapter 12.16. The topic will he,' "Reasonable : or t'nreasonalriCtWor, ship, Which? Sunday evening the Luther League will meet at the borne of the pastor, 224 Fair street, at 8 o'clock p. m. All 'the young folkB are cordially invited, ,-; . Wednesday the pastor, will conduct . divine worship at 'Alder-sly'1-San-Rafael, in-the-Danish language ai i:ia ocioctc p, m Thursday, January 26th. the Danish Ladies' Aid Society will meet at the church parjors for its annual meeting: Mrs. John Rasmussen will be the hostess. - The catechetical class .will meet Saturday in the church parlors at 10 o'clock a m. - Friday evening, January 20th, the Ellm Junior Guild will aerve a 'Ludefisk". supper at the Ellm Lutheran church parlors, 6:30 to 7:30 p. m. Everybodyis cordially invited. .ci-"'" ' The Ellm Lutheran church extends a fiordial invitation to you to come and worship with us. A hearty welcome awaits you; . : ... J. PM..Magnussen,r .pastor. CALVARY BAPTIST. CHURCH TDr. Lllhurn O. Moore, Minister. -"The Church of the Grand Old Gospel." - Mrs; Ella Haskina Choir Directors: '. ' ' ' ;'. ; Mrs. H. H. Starky, pianist. , " . Mrs., Dorrob, Asst. Pianist. - -Come and let us praise the Lor4 - f of - hi goedesr'aud mercy, for the redemption that is ours in Christ Jesus, Amazing grace how sweet the sound, tEat saved a wretch like me; I onee was blind but now I see,was lost but no 1 am saved. Now I am saved, in the present tents. How wonderful. Dear reader, is it - wen 7 wttttsQrTwniiTirhu t Sunday morning Dr. Georee Holt of San Francisco will bring. us the messaae. Let every one Come" to hear ImTt5urni8t6r will bring the message ; in Hhe evening, f on tne subject of 'Character. '. Let us look. for ward Xq a record-breaking crowd for both services. :y. 9:45 -Sunday school. Garland GofeeSuptjaaS8ea - for all-agea, ttJapabiffteath8l?l-"fl, 11:00 a m. Worship subject; Dr. Holt wllj preach. '. . . 7:00 Fr M. Br Yr Pr Ur Lorin Goree, president.- A live groun.- - :oo pt.;-m. worship subject, junaracierr i45ptoWednesdayDraiu er meeting and Bible study. ;. t PENWGROVE COMMUNITT . 1 p'""--y - - - a Rev. C. C. Champlin, pastor. Organist and choir director. Mrs. Horace Hancock. - Morning worship - at r 9 ! 45 a-. Sunday school at 10:45 a. m. Pilgriir Fellowship. 7:30 o. m. sunaay (alternating wltb Cotati) Fresident,-Martha Focht. Troop 13. B. S. A. aoonsored by this church, meets in Scotit Hnt on church lot. Wed. evenings. . L,aoies' Aid meets 3rd Tues days, Pres. Mrs.. Rose Mount 8:46 a. m. First Sunday of month Mass, m. ... .... Woodacre Sunday Mass 9:30 m. followed by Sunday school. FULL GOSPEL y ASSEMBLY .108 Western "Avenue. G. A. Fletcher, castor. :Sunday a. m."- Morning worship, 11 o'clock. - Evangelistic - services,1-'! : 4 6- p, m. Tuesday Bible study 7:46 p. m. , -v. Tridayr Fellowshlp'Serrlce 7:46. . . . The- puolic Is cordially invited to attend any or all of the above services. - -. - .- . - . . , IiAUUNITAS and NICASIO PARISH Y Rev. Philip J. Ryan, Adminis trator. : Lagunitas Sunday Mass at 9:30 a. m.; first Sunday of the month Mass, 10 a. m. Daily Mass 8:30 a. m. Cctechism, after school on Fridays. Mlcasio Sunday .Mass. 10 ; 4 5 Today Only 1 1 Tit ... I Jolting Drama of the Sea! m' r IK IT at PLUS Vouth Goes on the March for Honor! mm v'" reiTf n9Mt . SliiSliiycriiDm vi y A. RevealinK for the first, time the ators on merchant ships, 'The Storm" is currently playing at the California Theatre, starring Charles Barton McLane and Preston Foster. are co-starred as father and son in the screen.-: - America's First Family 4; " -.JT-V ' 1 r HEVVMAi HEV,PALAXH ALL that even-bodv wants to see! That r-r-ifirthrir npwrwl rfhrif fnwnir ture! "Out West With The Hardys" Mickey Rooney, at the California i .J. (X)lfGREaATIQNAL;; b an4.'Fthsts"::"':z;T,.'.' : Rev. .Thomas T. Gilfen, Pastor. Kesiaeneej-i -lteuer t. Frank- J Greene, - musical dl- rectorj' . i- Claire. Coltrin organist. . r. The Sunday .. BChool ..aneets at 9:45. '-J. E. McDermed, superin. tendent. ' Ydung peoples' meeting 6:30, Harold -Johnstone, president; -T. T. Giffen, discussion leader.- Morning service-11:00 o clock. Sermon:-"Are you a Christian?" An-"aBcounof conversation between, two friends, one of whom was sure he " was a' Christian, the other not so sure. Music under the leadership of Frank J. Greene; Claire Coultrin, organist. . ;::., Study group at the manse, 1 Keller street. Wednesday evening at 7:45. Mr. Giffen is leading in the study of Harry Emerson Fosdick's 'A Guide to Under standing the, Bible." - Thursday,-7: 30 P. M. Boy Scouts, Troop , No. , 6, , meet at the church. Harold Tower, scout master Women's Service Club meets fourth Thursday of every month In an ali day session beginning at 10:30 a. m. l 8EVENTH.JAT- ADVENTI8T CHURCH Corner . Upham and English streets. Preaching service, (Saturday) , H:00-ar4nr-- Sabbath school,' 9: 4 5 a." m. -i. Prayer i meeting night, 8:prm. "TSalurdayj; "Wednesday 'A """""" ItCH " : COMMUNITY CHURCH . : OLEMA, CAMP: ' Douglas W. Noble, Pastor 8unday church school will meet at 9:45 with classes for all ages, The' Ellm Lutheran church extends a cordial invitation to you to come and worship with us. A hearty welcome awaits you. J. P. Magnussen,'- pastor. 4 M ,f S Sunday, Monday and Tuesday O'Kay America! The Happy Hardys -' - ' - Are Here Again! L 0 Cartoon , Comedy Latest ' News -T - ; Everyone u saying----'Thank f i ' t V. - ' ' V - : untold drama of wireless oper Bickford, Xan (irey, Tom Brown Lynn Overman and Tim Holt "Sons of The Legion" which shares T. - . Vi -- . , -;- r -'K- ' liil X - ! x .'i ) . . t THK,FAMILYJ Here's he plrtnre beloved Hardy Family out West and -their-mosexeiUng adven starring Lewis Stone and loveable Theatre Sun,,,Mon. ana Tues., . jt. John's cihurcb ;.; i : St. John's Episcopal ' Church Corner . of . Fifth t ana u.: streew. -Second-Sunday &rter,itneJPi phanyu Holy Communion at 8:00 a. m Celebration, or . Hoiy , . uom' munion and sermon-' at : 11:00 a. m. . Junior Congregation and Church School at 9:45 a. m Z. Bishop s annual visitation on Sunday morhing, February 12th Annual parish meeting on Monday evening, January- 16,at Confirmation class on Mondays at 4: 00 and 8:00 p. m. in the Memorial Room. Other days by appointment. ' .. - The church is open daily lor prayer and .meditation. All are weloome. Rev. E.. P. Runnells, rector. The Rev. John Partridge, rec tor emeritus.- - . iMRISTIAN CHURCH Western avenue and English Itreet.' ; " "Where yon are a stranger-bur 'onee.-- : : '; D. Lloyd" Morgan; pastor. " 9:45 A. M. Bible school session, , Interesting classes and capable teachers t or-every age,- 11:00 A. M. Morning worship with Lord's 'supper . ; v A , duet: , "Home .of the Soul" ( Beasleytwill be-sungrbyMrs. Minnie, Roseberry and Claude Durham. The : pastor will speak on "How God Calls Men." ; - 6:4 5 p. m.-r-Chrlstlan Endeavor. Society. All young people Invited. 7:30 ", P. M. Evening "happy hour" with Inspirational s o n g and praise service! Sermon , topic, "The Word tof God That Liveth.V -t We cordially . invite all: to the above services.. , ,1 THE THEOSOPHICAL ' SOCIETY LODGE NO. 41 ' Open forum meetings of ' the Theosophical Lodge, No. 6, are held every first and third Friday evening at 8 o'clock at 418 Sixth street,., . . 2. ,-. . . , . For Everything" ; ) t ... . Ncls lonales T Brief Clark. Parent Teacher association met on Tuesday afternoon" at" the school house,-near Fallon, with the president; Mrs; L. w. stover, in the chair. This being the first meeting , of, "the, new . year, con siderable (business was transacted. Plans-weremade-for-celebratlng founders' day ,at4hIr..,nextiineet; Ing on: the second , Tuesday in February with v a community gathering of local P, T. A. units present. The guest speaker for this f evefitilt-be "DIstflctiAt. torney.; Al- Bagshaw, who. will take as his tepic 'Law Enforce ment." Coast P. T; A. units invited to attend . the Clark founders' day program are those of Two Rock, . Bloomfleld,v Valley FocdLandTomales,. George Peters of Santa Ana, vTsited hiaT nlecesTMrs:- W.- G. Irvin and family, Mr.- and Mrs, Frank Jensen and son, Irvin Jensen, and Mrs. James Griffin, during the New Year holidays. Mrr and " Mrs. Peter-Arias!,- of San Rafael, , motored to Tomales recently to visit her sister and family, 4 Mr. and; Mrs Giocondo Cerinf, Charles, Angle and Leroy Cerini. v - . .. Miss Lorla. Hulbert . spent Sat urday in San Rafael at the home of ' her -brother.'- Mr, and Mrs, Wesley Hulbert. andlfamlly who accompanied " her to the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs. 0. E. Hulbert," of Bloomfleld for the day. Mr.: and Mrs.'. Lester Hulbert and son, of Healdsburg, also spent, aweekwltlL,.Ulsarejiis4. and accompanied them : and the family to; Cloverdale for "a"'vlslt with his two sisters, Mr. ".and Mrsr Evan Thompson and famllyr and Mr. and Mrs. Russell -Thomp son Alberts Rlcci,: , a. graduate . ot Tomales high school in the 1935 classand of tBeTJaVirTSgTlCBP tural college, : was Injured re cently in an accident, w h f e h compelled him to undergo an operation, from which, he Is rally Ing atr: the ; St. " Fra&cls ,. hospital old In iPt,i -,Fr&nji;i8CQi.o.iHl8.., rfl.ft R y.lg if lOUUD -111 - lUO .VWHt BiCH -Will UC glad to'hear of his convalescence. He Is abrother" of" Miss Jose phlne, ; Isadore r and Dante : Riccl students of Tomales highchool, and Louis Ricci.a graduate. , A " representative wltBTTin as. sortment of school emblems yisited-thelTomajles ' high school this week." The 'sophomores have selected .their class rings. :JiIiBdMrta4M motored - to Santa Rosa on Sun day to visit Ur'. and Mr. Charles Pozzl,5wha ; formerly made their home here: '; ' ' .- Mr. ' and Mrs, ' Everett' Cratty and children, iapent;.the zweek end at.-r Healdsburg - with r Mr. Cratty's parents. . ; .1 Mrs.. C. Ei' Peake returned to THE TABERNACLE Evangelical Free Church, sixth street, near B. Carl Sundholm, pastor, 806 west street. Sunday school, 10:00 a. m. , Services 11 o'clock. . " Evening song and praise service 8:00 p. m. Prayer meeting and Bible study Wednesday, 8:00 p. m. Friday, 8:00 P. M.- Young peoples meeting. , A welcome "awaits you at the fundamental church! COTATI CONGREGATIONAL Pastor, Rev. C. 0. Champlin. Sunday , school superintendent, Mrs. , Katherlne McCicary. Organist and music director! Mrs. Florence Parker. i. Sunday, school at 9:45 a. m. Morning worship at 11 o'clock. Pllgnni Fellowship, 7:30 p. m, Sundays (alternating with Penn grove). President Martha Focnt. Ladies Aid. meets zna ana 4th Thursdays, President Mrs. 8 8. Focht.; " ' V : ' Save , That Receipt. . Ott's. 1 TI70)Elt!i2l7Annat. . g TOE AGUJE1E BOIL MW ff.:, C; r AINT. VARNISHES LACCOS , ' . Ask your Painter to Use "NasonV Products. nDIS EIATID VAHD CO. c JC, lL-&--. .. . y t' :.a'..-:t . . News Donner was . installed . president : of - Santas Rosa ' Parlori Native - ons, on Thursday . night at one of .the largest gatherings,' of the organization . in many months . Officers of General Joe Wheel-?. er Camp, United Spanish War Veterans,-"and -. Mary - E.-0edney 4-Auxlllary- were.Jnstalled.lThurs-..,- day night, at Joint ceremonies. M. - J. Barry Xof Petaluma and Clara" ' Fowler . of Santa . Rosa, seated the new pfficers.' Edwin Kentr county r achool eu- perlntendent, was Installed on Thursday '.nlghl as ' president "of the Santa Rosa, Klwanis club at dluner meeting, Floyd Darby, Healdsburg attorney, was the principal speaker. . - Miss-Lysbeth-Bower-wore black Friday, 'the 1 3th,' when she be- came the bride of Leonard " de Geus at a high noon ceremony at the home of her mother; Mrs. Amy Bower of Johnson street. Tempting fate is an old Btory to ancestors of the couple. her home in Oakland after a de llghtful viBlt at Tomales ' with her : son-in-law. and '. daughter, Mr. ; and Mrs. A. B, Dlckinsbh. The ' latter iaccompaniea,n e r - home for a visit In the east nay. Mrs. John Klein and"eon, Paul, attended the graveside servlces-of the late Mrs." Nancy Lineban,! of BaC J'rahclsco.TlslsteC: StZJOhCZI Klein, on Wednesdy, at. Bloom field. ::i-', Mrs Eugene Arenandor, local librarian is lHriBd hassent word to. her 8ister,Mrs. Edward JohnBton . of .. Sn . Anselmo, to come to Tomales, as their father; LiRojrHarveyr is also ill at the - Arenander home.- Eugene 'Aren-ander's mother, Mrs. - Ernesb Arenander; is-also under- Dr.- Wayne , Lewis'., care. ..Mrs., Jesse Clary took charge of the library on .Thursday, , :. ' A group- of Tomales folk at- tendenmfietlngiioLthiMttTln : county board of supervisors, at Satt' Raf ael on Monday, when .fir pointed ;aa justice of the peace. Two -Tomales business -men were a.lsojEandidates.forlthe office, JeaRB Plarv. " hdMier. . and Frank ing, former- garage- and "service: Uatlnn nrnnrlntor.- 8pray v OH, - Fraeuel - Oil - Co., Phone 64-F-4, -:y 'r SUNDAY and MONDAY- An ex-G-man wno moved in on tlie money boys! . . , .; J ' r Chester : Jiloitls Frances -Mercer - ''Dmathing the Kackctt "s ... ' ..ALSO ' , . The ' Jones Family- "SAFETY IN NUMBERS' n- ' LAST TDIES TODAY Preston Foster- Whitney Bourne -"DOUBLE DANGER" -t-r-'' Dick : Foran :' - ' "CHEROKEE STRIP" : CLEARANCE - SALE ' on.' ' '"'i DBDROOH AH Sample SeU Reduced. 3 pc Blended Walnut Set '." ; 049.50 HIBIiGEH : FURNITURE .CO. , US SMMefty It Show up the neighborhood 'this year. Along with cleaning out the weeds and getting some new plants growing, how about tome pennan ' ent fixing up with y the paint brush and , NASON PAINTS. They do whale of a Jot) of putting fresh color where it doer the most good. 4

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