The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1946
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JULY, 19-16 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUU1ER NEWS Resume Search for Two Marines Aviators, Missing For a Month, May Yet Be Located Alive. SAN 13IEGO, July 10. (DPI — Equipped wilh tropical clothlne to willi.sliuid (he blistering ilcscrl >>enl, a search parly wus en route today lu ;i n'motr, rock-strewn ])!•'- lenu in lower Ciilifornla to search ,-.fcr two Marine fliers, missing • mote than a. month. The search was urdercd by Col. H. M. Hayncs, operations officer of the Miramar Marine auxiliary airfield, after E. N. Sturdlrant. step-father of one of the lost fliers, said he hud flown to tlio w»cck- ar.c and believed they might be alive in the desert. He said he noticed several water holes In a canyon near the wreckage and thought the youths mfc't have been able to survive even m til KiU-de^K'e Summer heat. The remote desert a>'ea is known "s the ••Little Sahara" for Its resemblance to the Sahara Desert. Col. llaynos said ground crews would set out this morning for El Marmul, an onyx mine site in the desert, 35 miles South of thc-sci-iw of Ilic crash. A Marine transport plane will drop supplies to ground crews at 101 Mannol, where there is an iir- pon suitable for small planes. Besides two of Sturclivaut/s planes, an undetermined number of li^bt Marine planes will aid in the search. The lost Marines arc Pfc. Willis J. Hartlett, 18, SUirdivant's stepson, of Somerton. Ariv... and Pfc. Charles E. Lynn. 25. East Chattanooga. Tcnn. They left June 8 In a private plane on n flight to Arizona. A Mexican airlines pilot spotted the wreckage three days ago. Sturdivant said he had flown frem his Somerton airport yesterday and landed his Cub-type plane beside I he wreckage on the rock- strewn table-land. Ho .said he found (he airplane overturned but the cabin only htly damaged. The compass was ic, and tracks indicated the. two •servicemen had walked away in the direction of a nearby canyon mnrdivant said he had followed the tracks to a waterbole 10 miles away, where he found signs ol a caaiplire and the remains of a recently-slaughtered cow. He returned to his plane, anc llc\v over the area, he said, anc found signs of other farther South. "We'll do everything possible to locate the boys—we hope alive," Col. Haynes said. TWA Plane Crash Kills Five PAGE SEVEN «Hl for mitcli, lie nte the boots. HarnKlsmirif. which wn» Milled n.-iK ,i ,i " " ." '" 17M . wl>s Kentucky's first t,el- wlly lliillou, died of swing, will n t .im'iit. i»U tlic nccrnl on uallads In her new room ding-milking deal with HCA vlcloi... Gregory 1'wk Is rto- I»B a Iwo-woek stlnl In slock lit Unmix. MUSS, ".lust wain to linifh ilenvy breeds. 3 to 30 days old. "P on inv acliiig." he told us... 1'rlces reasonable. Good supply feeds U'.s 10 years Hits mouth since Ty »'«' IXJiiltry supplies. North Uh Power completed h| s first movie. "Lloyds of London." Baby Chicks, All Summer Elevator Feed Store. .'I Monsters NEURITIS, ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATISM These Unco mot-sU'i's huvo CHUN oil more \xiHi mul snf- (lurU.H tlui piist fit) ye.U'K Moiintuln Vullcy hits funnel Icrlnn tliun nil oil.IT lunuiiti i.lluii'Ul.s combined. And them tiny in unit tiny out; mul Ims to Its oTdil many nolrtblc viclot'lo.s. Probably G (o B nl» of Hils imtn- ru\ alktillne wjilcr nuiy be (lie i;.v.itt\sl blc.sslMK you huvc ever known. Try 11 for 1)0 tluys. IMiouu for Inli-i- esUiiu HlovaUnv. Call .17-3(i(>;i. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Divlnion lUyiheville, Ark. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Also CULVERTS 12 inches to 48 inches We are Dealers for ._-—i ,5 liescnc workers searcli for the bodies of four persons killed when a TWA Constelli i tniliilni; plan'p crashed in flames on n farm near Uciiding, Pennsylvania. Five of Hi,, crew of six were killed. As » result of the crash, u. S. government ofllclisls have ordered Hie BfoiiiiOln B of all Constellallons used by UK" U. S. Airlines throuBhoul the world f l)r a period ol M days. (NBA Tclophnlo.) by tliej ideas" from Gable fans. niofil to Moran: About, ?5000 Elfcct on one Hollywood cynic.; Jiin'.s nexl, and probably faiini:re fler hearing that four writers dilficult, problem: tiel'llng the collaborated on "Adventure;": , ostrich into hi. s muniment house. 'Some day M-G-M should Hum-1 outside which u siun reads- "Ni> luce those fellows to each otht'r." i Ohi'dicii ov i>els." ' " ' CONNli; WHlTIiS TirKM NOW Glnny Sininis plays the pnrl of] „„ <,*,» itlli |>lncc Ethel Merman in "Niu'H ami Day." he Warner Bros, tefhnit-olm 1 tim- . i. sical based on tlie life ol. Cole' c Porter. Ethel Merman was considered for the role ol Ethel Merman, then someone deckled she ivasii'l the type. Connie Ilaines, the warbler, and I Uavlil Holt, tbc Conner child-:;! ur, turned suii(;writcrs. Theli first: "Don't Treat Me Like Thai." ...Tex Hrnckc and (h Miller Orchestra took flfll in (he Annual College Music'Poll, The boys have IHTII out of thq srrvlc<' only nine moid Its... .Chilli _ psyrholoRy: llnti'li Jenkins objcelci 1 | In cillinn beets for u scene " ! "Summer Holiday." Director Hnir hen Mamonliau ctnivlnced him Uuib the vegetable was the same colo* as a life engine, and, Ibcre,luro7 After a preview of "Hoarlbritl.' 1 ; the otlKT niglu. we asked Miirlu Monica viluU she thought when zhc saw husband Jean I'lcrrr. Aiummt kiss Glnyt'r I'togen;. 'I don't worry a bil," said MHITJ. "I figure he's just as \VO.T.M! about his profile as 1 am v.hen inuklnir :» love scene." NO VICri'KOLA-MUSlClrtX _ Danielc Ainfithcatroi", who coin- poses all those movie music... scores, once worked \\tlh tin or- cheslrn in nussm. One of his jobs was to play n phonograph-record- Minnie Lee Jones Music Studio ENROLL NOW for Summer Classes in Piano Phone 2994 or Write Miss Jones 807 Chickasawba Blytlicvlllc, Arkansas of catnu'ies camplircs lierrormances ol the "The Pines of Rome." lone poem In Hollywood By KRSKINK JOHNSON NBA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, July I!).—Clark Gable and M-G-M nre still fnucl- ing uver hi;? next movie—he w»rits :\ "rugged" story comparable to bis uarly hits—and liis dennuid for one off-the-lot picture a year. Elfcct OH the imblic: 500 story ACTS ON THE KIDNEYS To incrcue flow of urine and reliere irritation of the bladder from eiceu acidity in the mine Ar. you «uff.rinff unneccsc.rr dlitr.M, Wck«ch«, run*down 1««lin« and dkcMB> tort From tftcesfl •cldity f n the urln.T Ar* J *u dliturbrd niffhta by • frequent dnlr« 9 water? Then you .bould know •bout that f*mou* doctor'* di»coTery .— DR. KILMER'S SWAMP ROOT — It. tbousaRd* **y (ive« bl«9»e<i nlieL Swam Root !• » carefully blended combination *f 18 herb., roati, Ye(elable«, ba[<am>. Dr. Kilmer'. I, not harali or lubil-lormlni In •ny way. Many peopla aay it* JIMTIWOM «//ee< U truly araazinf. Send for free, prepaid a*mp!« TODAY! Uk. tbou»nd> of ctber» youll 1« (laj tmat you did. Senri flarao aval ao'draM fl* Department D. Kilmer Jk Co.. Inc., BON 1255. Stamford, Conn. Offer limited. Seal M aac*. All dru«» \f.t i-ll Swamp Itoa*. Once the conductor complained bout the timing of Ihc phonu- raph record. Amfiihcatrof blow ip. "Listen," he yelled. 'I've (!ol clip- omns in piano and organ, but T ^ever studied to be a iriionoyvaph >layer." V • • "The EBB and I" ha.s become 'The Ostrich an<l I." Yep. onr ricntl Jim Mornn i:; the 'father" )f a one-ponntt. nine-tHHics o^r- rich chick, utter 23 clays of more )r less unremitting filial iiiitlelpa- ion, sitli:iK on the es« in the interests or publicity for Ihe film version of "The Egg and I." No', Used Ice Refrigerators - 50-75-100 Good Used Singer Sewing Machine—sews like new NEW CEDAK CHKSTS—New Perfect Sleeper Innerspring Mattresses— Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. i 301 East Main Phone 2302', All oar Employees arc War Veterans. Announcement.' DR. J. L. GUARD DR. J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS Have Moved to Temporary Offices Above Guard's Jewelry Store FOR 122 E. Main PAUL BYRUM IMPLEMENT CO. Deep Freeze Units Attic Fans Electric Water Pumps Farm Wagons Farm Trailers Phone 404 Guaranteed Ice Cold WATERMELON Crispy Cold Fruits and Vegetables FIREWORKS —for— FREE DELIVERY Phone 3952 CARTER'S GRO. & MKT. - - • - N. Highway 61 -** a^t.^-v Have you checked lately to be sure your combine and other farm equipment arc ready for work next season? Are there any parts that might not last another year? If there's doubt in your mind, please call us or drop in. We'll give your equipment a thorough servicing and, if new parts are needed, supply you _ with cenumc 1H parts. . DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY '"i - BlyriurilU, Ark. McCORMICK-DEERING MACHINES PARTS AND SERVICE Special Purchase Sale! THROW RUGS Two Special Groups J3.9S to J4.95 Vutu.'s J5.05 to f7.(lr $3.28 Watch This Space Each Week for our list of Hard-to-Gct Items. Each will represent A Real Saving. 1 Deep Freeze Masrcrbilt Refrigerator Box Ideal for keeping Fro/on l''<>o<ts, Colil drinks. Milk and Ice Cream, etc. . . . 2 Kitchen Cabinet Bases and Tops Ituse top is rovfrcd with linoleum, linn $ milk bins and tin box Large Utility Cabinets for the Kitchen Finished in while—fitted with $ double K'HS.S doors in the top Automatic Electric Record Player This win he ittliicheH to SflQ-!T> nny model radio .CO Electric Kitchen Wall Clocks $10.56 THE FAMOUS WATERPROOFING Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 OSCEOLA, ARK. EXTRA SPECIAL Philco Room Air Conditioner $367.50 This is the newest and best model —— Gl-C-1. Will cool a room 15x20 feet Cat A day* plowing In only 3 dayi Hot Water Heaters $68.90 110 Volt. 12 or 17 Gallon. No special wiring necessary. Just pluj; it in on your regular li^'ht circuit. Ideal for washroom, office, farm and small domestic use's. 'Perfection" Portable Room Heaters . $ 9.25 "Sun Flame" OIL HEATERS .'{ and •( room si/es. II will lie well to jje( yours NOW in view of a possible scarcity next Fall. Electric Glass Churn with Motor ... . . .$17.30 'Sun-Rock" Electric Water Cooler $235.00 Electric Toasters—2 sizes $4.40 and $7.10 'I'lie self-clenniiiK O I' K'N 'CfcN'T'EU keeps' hiKH open ut both ends. Gives cucli IUK an'entering cdtfe. to start Hie blto. So, the whole' lun rtijis down deeper, gets more i;ri]». Aslt any nviKhlrar now using Sure-drips. Ho'll confirm whnt tests prove ... You get tip to 22% more work with less fuel when you use Guudycur Surc-Orip Tractor Tires DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. Our Special Sale Continues On 1000 Throw Rug Purchase 2 Special Groups $3.95 to $4.95 values ....... ... .,,.,. $1.68 j$5.95 to $7.95 values $3.28 Warm Morning Stoves—Oil Heaters These two ilcnis promise to be scinre this full and we siiKRCsl Unit you order yours now while a supply is av»il;iblc. We Also Have a Large Selection of— Aluminum ware, Kruil .Juicers, KIcrlric Broilers, Coffee Makers, Chimes, itrcakfast Suites, Kitchen Tables, Floor and Table Lamps, Mirrors, Children's Lawn Furniture and Swings, Hassocks, and a host of other ilcnis. All at inlcrcat- ing prices. Heavy G. I. Garbage Cans ea 3.95 The perfect answer to your garbage problem. 32-gal. size of heavy j;aur;e metal with lid. EXPERT RADIO REPAIR 'i I Mr. Gann is In charge of o.Jr Radio Repair Department. Bring your set In for expert repair. We nick up and deliver, \ Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Co. ] General Electric Appliances Itendix Washers 407 W. Main Phone 3450 Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loan* 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 Where Your Flowers Are—You Aral One cull to us will arrange to have year remembrances Bent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan. ™LFWWER.SHQP t.TJ). Bcrrit* We Dettrcr Aarwbw* rh. ill Mrv 1. M. (M*e) William*. •wHr Oteneea BU«. FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 324 E. Main St. Phone 2407 RAIN INSURANCE... For Your Freshly Washed Car! 24 Hour Insurance—25c If it rains wilhin 2-1 hours after you have had your car washed at our station and you are a holder of our Card, just present Card within -IS hours and we will wash-it again—FRKK! SPECIAL! V/r sh & Grease Job—$1.50 MARR'S AUTO SERVICE , Your One-Slop Station Phone 2611 ASH and SECOND

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