The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TEH (ARK.) COURIER NEWS, THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 1950 V lM Notion Today: Disappearing Mailm«i»— Postal Orders Cause \ Plains for Poiiticos ^ By Jamas Mirloir ''"WASHINGTON;'April 20. (If)— In the latest Washington comedy — called "the disappearing mailman" —some Congressmen are screaming In rage and pain It always adds to.the complexion of life in the capital *hen congressmen vih'o preach economy turn purple it economy nils them wheie the voters ll\e The latest example is that of the 'Post Office Department. It's running In the red and. to save money, It , announced Tuesday night the •mall service will be cut, including folks back home. He even hinted that ; Donaldson had ordered the cut lo arou5e~the homefolks Into urging Congress lo let the P.O. have trie money It asked. . • Donaldson asked for {2,235,000,000. The House Appropriations Committee decided Donaldson needed $28,000,000 less than he asked ofCon- gress, and recommended to the House that It let him have only $2,207,000,000. So the committee recommended economy and Donaldson began to economise. r lhe number of -your. home. daily deliveries yrbtcsts from" Ihe lolKs back home, trie folks who elect them to office. And this is an election year. Followed SuEfieslions i Yet the post office has only done what a Congressional committee it- 'self suggested the post office should An to reduce spending. The committee rniuln its siiPKCSllon lo the ; Postmaster General, J. M- Donald- Russia Does About Face On Jerusalem NOTICE Notice 1» hereby given that the undersigned ha* filed with the Commissioner of Rtvenuei of the State of Arkansas for permit to «1) and dispense beer at retail on Ihe premises described u Blytheville Army Air Base, Blytheville, Arkansas, Mississippi County, ; The undersigned atitr.s that he Is citizen of Arkansas, of good moral haracter, that he has never been wlcled of a felony or other crime ivoicing moral turpitude; that .no cense to.sell beer by the under- gned has been revoked within five ears lasl past; and- that the lin- erslgned has never been convicted f violating the laws of this state, any other state, relative to the ale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit to be 1s- ued for operation beginning on the st day of July 1950, and to expire n the 30 day of June, U91, lyjmile Lewis Boydston Subscribed and sworn to before ne this 19 day of April 19SO. Elizabeth Mason Notary Public My commission expires: 4-26-50. 4J20[50 By A. 1. Goldberg I LAKE SUCCESS, April 20. (/D— The United Nations plan for International rule of Jerusalem appar son. , I entiy got its death blow.last night Donaldson had gone before the j n a iurprice about-face by Russia, House Appropriations Committee to The Russians, originally staunch ask ior''a ..certain amount of nioney ] supporters of the U.N. plan, snid to run the Post Office Department j n a surprise statement that "It another year.' The money, problem nas now become clear that the will be explained in detail ,in a general assembly resolution (to es- monient j tablish international rule) does not It nas the Job of this committee satisfy Arab or Jewish population to recommend to the entire House or either. Jrruaiem or Palestine just how much money it. thought a wno ] e . the House should vole for the post] « ]n u,ese circumstances, the gov- office The committee listened to eminent of the U.S.S.R. does no 'Donaldson and,looked Into the P.O problems. x Problems Are Known 1 It knows the problems: the P.O. 'has been running in the red for years because its expenses are always more them the money it collects from the public by selling stamps and so on consider it'possible to continue Its support." Opponents of the plan have In slsled from the start that it never hud a chance anyway.' Strong. Russian insistence on carrying out a 1947 U.N. . trusteeship | council to frame a statu'tetfor Jer- St111, the committee recommend- j usnlem rule despite the Insistence ed to the House that It lei Donald- of both Israel and Hashemtte.Jor dan, which occupy the city in sep Brute sectors, that it 'would be 1m possible to enforce. • , .son have less than he asked for. '• But wouldn't tliat mean the P O 'would go deeper Into Ihe red? The committee apparently believed the P.O. could cut its deficit down :a! Wtlby economizing. Econo- i nu%e how' The committee, in its ret port to the House said' "The i-commitlee'ihas discussed with the postmaster general certain proposals for effecting economies. , and realizes that probabiv all of the suggestions made will provoke «ome complaints from one source ^ or-another. v ["Nevertheless the financial condition of the U S. treasury Is such ' that every step possible must be taken to sa\ p money > "The committee believes.that sizable savings could be made by a re- rfuctton of the number of deliveries per day to many areas, particularly on those routes serving residential, areas exclusively { Residents to'Get One | J "Residential areas receive from one .to three deliveries a day; rural patrons receive one delivery a day The-committee urges the, postmas- ' ter general to "provide for the re- aVrangement of city delivery service sb«as to reduce the number ol deliveries: wherever possible." | ? Donaldson took the committee at its word and ordere'l the number of deliveries cut, plus other* cuts in the postal service, such as shutting down earlier-at night. -Within^a few hours this cry of •nguishr came out of Congress "Outrageous. Fifty million taxpayers have been hit In the mailbox by this ruling." (This lawmaker might have added: "Those are 50,000,000 votes.") And promptly a Congressman predicted he and his fellows would be bombarded with . protests from the NOTICE OF FILING OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that th undersigned has filed with th Commissioner 'of Revenues of til State of Arkansas for a permit sell and dispense vinous or spirit nous liquors for beverage at reta on the premises described as 17 W 2nd St.; I-eachvilte, Ark. Application Is for a permit to be i issued for operation beginning on. the 1st day of'July 1950, and to ex pire on the 30 day of June 1S51 Roy Children NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the mdersiened has filed with the Commissioner ol Revenues of. the ,late of Arkansas for permit to sel ind dispense beer at retail on the premises described as 1700 Harmon Ilythevllle,' Mississippi County. The undersigned states that-he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good mora character, tiiat he has never been convicted of a felony or other crimi involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within flw years last past; and that the un :lersigned has never been corivictet of violating the laws of this state or any other state, relative to thi sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit to be issued for operation beginning-on the 1 day of July 1950, and to expir on the 30 day ol June, 1951. Subscribed and sworn lo befor Thomas Y. Chiu me this .19 day of April'19SO.-' Elizabeth Mason (Notary Public My Commission expires: 4-26-50 NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that undersigned has .filed with Commissioner of Revenues of th State of Arkansas for permit to se and,dispense beer at retail on th* described as 432 West sli, Blytheville, Mississippi. The undersigned states that he Is citizen of Arkansas, of good moral laracler, that he has never been invicted of a felony or other crime volvlng moral turpitude; that no cense lo sell beer by the under- gned has been revoked within five ears lasl past; and that the uri- ersigned has never been convicted violating the laws ol this state, r any other state, relative to the .le of alcoholic liquors. ' , Application Is for permit to be 1s- ued for operation beginning on the t day of July 1950, and to expire n the 30 day of June. 1951. Howard Spencer : Subscribed and sworn I/O before le Ihis 18 da yof April 1950. Elizabeth Mason Notary Public My Commission expires: 4-26-50. 4J20|SO EDSON Continued from Page 8 raduates starts looking for jobs nemployment Is expected to go up gain. It is expected to decline radually from then until the peak / farm employment during the all harvest. Unemployment wll lien increase until the Christmas ush begins after Thanksgiving. How big all these shifts In employment will be and what their effects will be are hard to estimate. One curiosity In the unexpected March decline in unemployment 'Igures was that while nearly til of the February graduates apparently 'ound Jobs, some 300,000 women workers dropped out of the A labor oree. Employment experts'tre'now trying to find out where these wo- nen went, and why? .. , / Suffered In Style ' Big, whit* - haired James; L. Wright, "dean" ol the Washington press corps and correspondent for Buffalo Evening News, is now recovering from a broken leg. He sustained the Injury In mounting a speaker's platform to greet Gen. General Bradley Immediately order- under him and he fell to the floor. Generla Bradley Immediately ordered an ambulance from Walter Reed Hospital, but Jim had to lie on the floor for over an hour until It came. - • There have been all sorts of Investigations and reprimands, but the explanalion has now been made. The order was given to Wal- ter Reed Hospital that, "General Bradley wants an ambulance." Orders at the big Army medical center's garage are that a four-star general rates a Cadillac ambulance. At the time this call came In, the Cadillac ambulance was out on another call. There wa£ another'am- bulance, o( lesser plash, standing idle in the garage, but it wasn't considered suitable for General Bradley. So iney waited ; U1I the Cadillac came back. "Soy It With Flowers" Blytheville FLOWER MART Memphis Hlw»y Phone CMz FOR SALE Stale Certified DPL No. 15 Blue Tag Cottonseed 80% Germination OGDEN SOYBEANS 89% Germination ! 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