The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1949
Page 2
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MOB TWO BLfTOTILLK (AJUt.) OOU1IBB NCVI MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1949 THI NATION TODAY— JL/.S. 4/fers Hog Price Support PO//CX one/ Change May Extend To Include Other Guarantees • >T Orid A. Mirti. : Aiaoeiattwi, Pns* Farm Writer ; (For Jamei Mirlowj : WASHINGTON, Sept. 19, «V-How far U th* government obligated i» go In can-ylnf out farm price guaruiteei? ! De Um Mttlnc up mandatory price support programs require the •OTanBMBt to aee t»> it th»t every farmer gels at least the minimum guarantee tar every bushel of his grain, every pound of his livestock and r down of nil eggs? 4 • Thl> • <ue*tion bobbed up aiain i(tar th» Agrieuiture Depatment announced a material change In Its jragnrn (or supporlins hog prices • Th. tqautarat uU In effect Uut fnam BOTT M II will not »<U utwe an.r farmer the fer any of hh :h*fa, AB I* wtH do will be le trr :U kMf tke aTerage of price* re- •edved by all famen for all hojr.3 • frtaa ^n^f^mf kelev the aupporl ' : Prior to this change the department had committed Itself to maintain prices at all local markets at the price aupport level. Under this Commitment Individual farmers had lair assurance that they would get the guaranteed minimum. ; Now about all the individual farmer can count on Is a price in the neighborhood of the support level. K U not likely, officials said, (hat indlridual prices at the height of the winter marketing sea-son ..will drop more than »1 below the prospective national support average of faultily $U£0 per 100 pounds. j While hog prices tend to hold a leneral level, local supply conditions as well as local and nearby demands /or pork often vary. This variation could reflect Itself In hog prices above support levels in some markets and below In cilheis. Government Hedring This change In the tiog support program greatly reduces the possibility of extensive government buying of pork (his fall and winter to carry out the price guarantee. The new setup may bring criticism from farmers and Iheir congressmen. Many farm leaders con- ten dlhat It is the Intent ol price support laws that the government use evety possible means to assure every fanner the guaranteed price for all hi 1 ! products. In making the change at this time, the department opens the door to (he contention that It Is changing rules in the middle of the game. The argument can be made that the change should have been made before farmers bred and raised trie hogs to be sold under the new rules. CARUTHERSVILLE NEWS By Joan Douglas* Th« American Le»k» Auxiliary held their annual Installation of officers Monday at t)ie home of Mm. H. H. Pignion. Mra. Ella Watford of Benath, Mo., wu guett of honor. Preceding the ceremony a pot-luck dinner was served. The meeting KM called to order by the president. Mra. Truma Summers, and the American flag wan advanced by Mrs. Ptgmon. The members gave the pledge of allegiance to Uve [lag, which was followed by singing of the national anthem with Miss Marjorie Pigmon at the piano. The group then repeated the preamble to the Ameri- Plamoo u district chairman of the annual Poppy D«y, and announced hat Mr». Ada Martin wu recently elected dUtriet chaplain. Uri. Robertson fi In charge of the annual membership drive. Concluding her remarks, tin. Wafford paid tribute to the local unit, saying It la one of the mast outstanding In the atate. She alao advised the group to jend larger delegations to the district, state, and national meeting* In order to keep up enthusiasm. Mrs. Summers presented Mrs. can Legion Constitution. Mrs. Wafford. president of the Fourteenth District, acted as Installing officer. She opened the ceremony by lighting four white candle* and stressing the principals of. Justice, freedom, Democracy, and service. Giving the charge of office to each, she Installed the following ax officers (or the coming year: president, Mrs. Truma Summers; tint vice-president, Mrs Louis Proctor; second vice-president, Mrs. Harry Farrar; secretary, Mrs, Jimmy Osborn; treasurer, Mrs. Ernest Robertson; color bearer. Mrs. H. H Pigmon; historian, Mrs. Letltii Simpson, and chaplain, Mrs Ada Martin. Mrs. Wafford also appointed Mrs Hat Boyle's Column— Chemical Engineer Envied by Kids— He Tests Bubble Gum All Day Long YORK — (!P>— A Brooklyn chemical . engineer has a job any fad in America might envy — he fort* bubble gum all day long. • Geti paid lor It, too. • "It took me two months to. blow fay ftnt bubble," Mid Dr. Morris Katun, research director for the Bazooka Bubble Gum Company. ; "Now I blow about a hundred bubble* a day." • But he has a twelve-year-old son jrho can beat him. i It ii hi* *uty to test the texture Jnd elasticity of the gum and to develop new flavor*. He came to ill* post after eleven years as re- Jearch ajaociate of Columbia Unl- feraity* dep*rtment of chemical 'At first. I didn't see how 1 could keep busy." said Dr. Nafash, a small, dark, earnest man of 49. But I have found bubble gum '* real challenge. It takes all the scientific knowledge I have. You'd be amazed at the research going into this penny product." Portun tely, American Inventive, genius got .started first, and the United States now has at least a five-year-edge over Soviet Russia In bubble' gum production. "Other countries copy our wrappers," said Dr. Nafash complacently, "but 4T ie CKTV duplicate the gum Itself." Bubble'gum Is H $10-lo-|I5-mll llon-dollar-a-yeur Industry and Intensely competitive. There are ATTENTION LADIES Darwin TiUfi In 7 different colon • ! Minion*— Yellow tad White Daffodil*— King Alfred and Golden Hurrent Gmlanthu Snow Drop* 8e 111*— Campan alal* ' Chionxinu LiaeiUae Madonn* Lily * Hyacinth? in different colon *** UM ehoieeoi of bulb* — Imported direct to •• from fai and nuke your aefectlona now while we have com- •tete lUck. \ PAUL BYRUM Hardware & Seed 114 East Main Street Blytheville, Arkansas Watford with iocal unit. an gift from the There were n memben, including Juniors, pr«*ent. The next meeting of the organization will be held on Oct. 10 with Mr*. Jimmy Ojborn. Mr«. Denver Fike and Mrs. Cor* Medlln will serve as co-hostesses. Big Lake Terrapins to Furnish Competition for Lepanto Derby LEPANTO, Ark., Sept. 1». fcF)— The 14th Terrapin Derby, unique •porting event Inspired by a Le- p*nto Legionnaire's tall tale of racing nttlemake*, will be staged here Wednesday. The erent, which annually drawi hundred! of visitors to thl* small Bait Arkansas community, was born in 1W1. That year, Coleman Jernlgan returned home with the story of a rattlesnake derby he had seen In the We»t. LepanUj 1-eglonnalrea, tired of their alley warehouse quarter* with Its pot-bellied stove, decided aueh * derby wat the ideal M*ru of raising funds. Beeauae nearby Little River abounded with terrapins they were •elected to do the racing—the hard»hell creature's version. (Terraolni are any of the edible •peclei of North American turtles and there is -10 terrapin thoroughbred racing association to Inquire into the pedigree of derby entries ) The terrapin derby and the Le- p*nt/< Legion quarter* both are vastly improved sine* the first sponsors dumped a tub of terrapins In the center of a larc ring and waited for the winner t- cros« the line. about 25 companies that turn It out. "Quite a few adult* are turning to bubble gum because lh«y net more for their money," said Dr. Nafash. "It has abor' three times as much sugar as ordinary gum." The gum base Itself Is either synthetic or natural rubber, plastl- cized with re.vns, w*x« and oil*. And if Ihe g doesn't »nap back Into shape the children »oon find It out—and boycott that brand. They spread the word quickly to their pals. average ' id Is a shrewd buyer," Dr. Nafash. "A penny Is often hla! was held. • lor his money than the grownup. As a result, the bubble gum business lias hurt to develop special gimmicks to enclose in the gum wrappers — like t*Uoo picture*, photos o( athletes or movie star*. There has been concern voiced over the Increasing size of the bubbles. Some parents have feared Junior might blow a bubble so large he'd be wafter aloft by a strong wind. Dr. Nafash says this is unlikely. "It Isn't probably that kids will ever blow bubbles much digger than at present, no matter how much we improve the elasticity ot the gum." Why? "It's very simple." said Dr. Na- fash; "The kid's face gets In the way." W.8. GadUs Me«ti Circle One of the WMleyan Service Guild met Thursday evening at the home of Mra. Delbert Harper, with 25 membrri and two visitor*, Mrs, Gerard CaUlhan and MM. Wren, present. Mr*. W, 8. Hulbert led the devotional and Mrs. Bernie l*j wu U> charge of the program. A routine business meeting wa« held with Mrs. J. Rl corbin presiding. The refreshment table vis centered with spring [lowers and the green and white dscoratlnK the din- theme was carried out with pastel ing room. Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Carl Williams, assistant host«», presided over the punch bowl. Circle Two of the eWsleyan Service Guild met Monday, at the home of Misses Betty Jean and Jeanette Hamra. Miss Mary Jean Haskira wu co-hostess. There were 16 member* and two guests, Mrs. B .F. Hodgers, from Unit One, and Miss Bernice Proctor, pre.wnt. An open discussion on the programs for the coming y«»r Refreshment* of canape*, ptckles. potato chips, and cold drinks were served. The next meeting was a pot-luck Bobby Lee Mouser drove to Pig- tott. Ark., to attend a football game Friday evening. Miss Marjorie Pigmon leave* today for Columbia, Mo., where she I* a student at Christian College. Mra. J. r. Douglass visited her mother. Mrs. VIck, and relatives in Fortageville, Mo., Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Brooks and daughters spent Saturday In Memphis. Miss Martha Knott, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Leslie Knott, left late last week lor ColumglU. Mo., where she will enter Stephens College for he coming year. Mrs. J. J. Lusk of Osceola, Ark.. Is '(siting her sister, Mrs. John Westbrook. Mr. and Mrs. Roland. Barnes and children drove to Kennett, Mo., Saturday of last week. Frank and Lee Dorroh left early :his week lor Columbia. Mo., where they are student* at the University of Missouri. Dr. Jack Pinion was in Siieston Wednesday. Jimmy McFall left Friday for Columbia. Mo., where he U a student I at University of Missouri. A handsome brick building, valued at more than 140,000 and comfortably furnished, has been acquired with the legion's derby profits. Money also has been'contrib- uted to many civic enterprise*. The derby day program this year Mgins at II a.m. with bicycle races for the kids, and Includei t luncheon for visiting dia-nltaries, selection and crowning of a queen, street parade, street dancing and finally the queen's ball. The main event, the terrap'ln derby will be staged on Lepanto's main street at 3 p.m. Anyone with $2 for an entry fee and a bit of sporting blood can enter a terrapin. District Game Warden George RIe Is responsible for supplying a racer for every backer. This year, however, the terrapins will come from Bl- Lake, due to' their scarcity around here. For his two bucks, a sponsor can select any nam- he chooses for his entry, and -ome of them are fantastic. The terrapins, identified by g— 1-J EIKMNI . oe cmturiob mllliom. el Pm-Wona rictinu' = We df»p«r»triy K>«Kfct » way to d*«l intfc U««e pfst* thatliveln the human body. A n«w, Bcifntiftc trMtraoat, Jay»*'» *•* V~~»w. BOW odm ml nlief. r-W. .itil tnnredtefiL ii m medicilly-approvMi dcuc thit atucl* Pin-Womu in the ioUatiim tod r«- mov«« Ibfpro from the b«*y. So watck for wamlDK HIM. f»pMft»Uy th« (omnium recUI ilch. Tlura «>k your druniil I [or P-W, th* small, easy-Lo-lakc tahlRte p«r- fftc(*d bx thR fanniu Jayne Co.. ipccialiau ta norm r«a*«M*« tnr over 100 ye*m. Got ™-i nlM: r-W « for Pi. W«~l dtnnei held today In the basement of the Methodist Church. Mrs. tis- ton Neeley and Mis* Frances Neely will be co-hostesses. AHrndl Me*ilnr Tlie Rev, Floyd V. Brower, p»otor ot the Methodist Church, jpent last weelc In Lynchburg, Va., where he attended an area meeting of town and country commissions of all conference, east of the Mississippi River. The purpose of the meeting w»s to study the work and needs of the town church, located in Iowa? whose population is 10,000 to 25.000. Rev. Brower spoke on the subject, "The Town Church Reache* Out." Locals Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Vick of leering, Mo. .visited here Sunday with Mr. a:id Mrs. Dean Vick. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Pinion and daughters, Susan and Carol, drove to Sikeston Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Prank DouglaM and son, Don, spent Friday In Memphis. Duffy Schult left Ihw week for Jonesboro, Ark., where he U a student at Arkansas State College. Miss Nadine Downing spent Saturday In Memphis, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Vick and children. Sonja and John, vtiit«d In .Portageville and Decring Sunday. Monroe Abernathy, J. M. Bartholomew and .ton, Bobby Jo*, and Negro Deaths Funeral services for ' Esielle Banks, 59, who died Wednesday In People's Hospital, St. Louis, will be conducted at 11 a.m. Tuesday in New Belhel Baptist Church by Rev. W. M. Mitchell. Burial will be In Mt. Zion Cemetery. She Is survived by her husband. Allle Banks, one daughter, four brothers and one sister. Castou Funeral Home Is In charge. metal tags, are placed In the ring and the race Li on. It may take 10 minutes, as was the case last year. or an hour, depending on the mood of the racers. The first three over the line win the three cash prizes. This year, In addition to the derby, the Lepanto Jayjees are staging Little River cotton picking contest. After the derby, the terrapins go back to i Big Lake deale. who consigns them to eastern markets for soup. FOR WO/MEN'S painful func- . tlonal monthly dlHtress, m[ddte-8ged wojiien. for 67^"^! hijrc used CarduJ, Irritable, nervous conditions due lo Irregular action o( one of woman's primary organs can be ?oothed •nd calmed by taking Cartful as directed. laboratory control of Cardul assures efficient antiajwu- modic action. Cardul acts two ways(1> Help lo le.-*spn functional iwrlodlc pains; allay sympathetic nervousness and trritablenesa; (2) Aid in buiMing resistance when taken regular. Buy Cardul to help thwart the onthly PROB1EM I A ! w a }• • buy I Cardul. by name. READY-FOR- WINTER K->i m^tix •••(••p, comflnt iHbricarioa. electrical •W cootiflK arirnal acrviciaa. And a*t •afc« [•«roauoMl-Anra..4 *4«|K •mk •«!.««;«. DELTA Implements, Inc. 312 South 2nd One of our party-line customers decided m« other (lay that llic, others on his line deserved » round of applause, and he \\iote us a letter about it. He said: "I am writing this note to compliment my party-line associates for their thoughttulness in sharing the line. They are what mikri party-line telephone service extremely enjoyable and satisfactory. "If they try the line while I'm using it they very gently lift the receiver; and when they hear a conversation going on, they—also very gently-replac* th« receiver. "Also they limit the length of the conversations. I have yet to wait more than two minutes for them to release the HIM after I have tried it to make a cull. , "This courtesy is contagious; they havt m« doing H," Party-line service is the .choice of about half our customers in normal times when anyone who wants it can have an individual line. But today a good many party-line customers are waiting for the individual lines they would have if equipment were plentiful. We want to he able to give everyone th» service he or she prelers. Where equipment in neighborhoods permits it, we are making some progress in that direction now, despite the continuing heavy demand for telephones from those still without any service. What we are working to do is eventually to get everyone the type of service and as much service as Vie or she wants. We appreciate your understanding. SOtlJMWtSTl** ffIt TtltmOHt Get Most Money From Your COTTON CROP USE MID-SOUTH'S FAST LOAN PLAN and Marketing Service Get a , U || Loan Now Sell when the P' R|ght! HERE'S ALL YOU DO ~ 1 Bring your •••led, bonded wAiehou*! sampl#i tad | receipts lo UB. W* claftft your cotton. Hll aut lean pap«r* ! • nd zuAk* you A FULL LOAN advance in • few minules ! lim*. No waiting. No red tape. i O K you *r» r«c*iring a classing j*nric« on green clans i cardi or oth*r official government cl*M. w« will u&e \ the** m li»u of our classing. • | SHOULD YOU WISH TO SELL Mid-Soulh will accurately das* your coUon and malce you • FULL VALUE ADVANCE SETTLEMENT based on grade and *Uple. On loans, you hold title lo the cotton until July 31, 1950. Whatever Mid-South Service you use—loan or marketing—you receive FULL. COMPLETE, IMMEDIATE set- tie me at, no del*y. no partial payment*. GOSNELL GIN B. G. Wwt E. E. Slevenj REPRESENTING MID-SOUTH COTTON GROWERS ASSOCIATION MEMPHIS, TENN. How car rate on this Packard chart? OAS-ECONOMY REPORT —based on current reports from nearly 1,000 owners of the new 135-HP Packard Eight, •quipped with overdrive.i* ' tPuckfrJ orirJriie ll optional fqtiip- mtnt, st moJfrttt *xtr* coit. This chart covers the highway gas mileage of the new 135-HP Packard Eight, with overdrivef—with variations caused by differences in speed, traffic, and driver habits. And notice, please— the most frequently mentioned figure is 19 miles per gallon! Notice, too, that 33% of the owners reported more than 19! Amazing? It's the gas-economy sensation of the fine car field! And bear in mind: Along with its brilliant new o/>er- fling economy, Packard gives yon the enduring safety and comfort of two tons of husky roadweight. Come in now for the most pleasant surprise of all—the new lower prices! Heir I3>-HP Packard Eight 4-Joor Touring Stdf'.f- Packard Call*. - - . <«ltlM>t1 w (vtfuUy S4l*ct*4 lipiatoli Wileh to*b • " to lUini limtli iiini.. So lt l Utlil (.. PRESCRIPTIONS' Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores H3 HP BOUT • 130 H> SUftK . 140 HP CUSTOM »SK THI «UN WHO OWNS ONI i - I Motor Sales Co., Inc. 217 W. 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PIANOS for SALE NEW AM) USKD Sheet Music, Records, Supplies Kvcrything in Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 K. Main T«l.-ftU.

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