The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 7
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THUKSDAY, AUGUST 24, 194-1 . Braille Books For Blind Children Fairy Tales Are -^Complete, Contain "Many Illustrations '...By JOANN'K lil)SON United i'rcss Staff Correspondent CHARLOTTE, N. 0. (UP)—" Children's stories that have long been favorites of Hie nverauc yoimusler arc now being road by North Carolina blind children who receive them IhrouKh a mailing library ol 20 children's books which have, been transcribed into Braille by a Char- lolte 'ibtisewlft. Mrs. Bass Brown. Jr., began the children's collection over a year age when she received a certificate from Ihu Library of Congress for transcribing into Urnllle. She spent an avpniijc of 35 houif of tedious work In transcribing cacl story. In ihc collection are ninjij books thai have never before been Inmscribcc! inlo Braille. Selection of stories is left io Mr frown's two little girls who have chosen such tales as Uainbi, JJaj;- KCdy Ann. and Cowboy Ken. Mis Brown snys that she is interested primarily in helping (he blind to be as much like their seeing friends as possible. Illustrates Too In addition to transcribing the books Mrs. Brown iltiistralcs them with cut out figures. She hns also bound and hand embossed each of the volumes. She handles clrcula lion, mailing and correspondence for tho library and sends with each Braille book a co]>y of the original so that parents may see 'what llicif children are reading. ~\ Mrs. Broivii says that she start' ed the children's library because while seme slates have cii'culaiins, libraries for the, blind, hone Ha: books for youngsters. The Library of Congress cireii- VJKfc' books and magazines foi Winlls she said. The few children'? classics published cost, from severa dollars up lo S25. Gulliver's Travel.? «"osl.s SO and the Adventures of Toni Sawyer S10. Wall Disney and oiher authors have been most co-operative h ({ranting copyright. 1 ;, Mrs. Browi says. The next book lo be added lo Ihc collection. "Timothy's House" by Disney, will carry the idea of fingertip visualization one step further, according- lo (lie amateur librarian. Erie explained that the book will be illustrate^ wilh miniatures of the objects "Timothy" used lo build his lionse, including n thimble, Pipe, feather, cork and bottlc'top. Gins First Bale Of Cotton At Luxora Tiio first bale ol cotton in the Ijiixora vicinity was reported this morning by Hie Electric Gin Co., of Luxora, owned by J. R. GMliings.- 7'hey}PL M, variety;, 'cottoirsyvjiir 'jre-. ccivcd yesterday by the gin and will v j)iotab!y be' ginned Saturday. Tlio cotton was frown by Horace Gray, Negro, on bis farm in the nililc Bridges Communilv. o masked crab of Europe wears n "huiiuui face" on its back. 'Nazi'Gift \Sylvin Furie, 28, of Chicago, Jiolds silk panties indireclly siip- . plied her by a Nazi airman. Her ; sweetheart, Sgt. Louis Harris, I 30, also of Chicago, found a German parachute in Italy and had : Italian seamstress style the. -.dainty undergarment for Sylvia. Flavor-FjU -vitsmia rssh SLICED B A 0 0 N "Good as its name' fired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights I)octr>rs say your kiting contain 15 milca of ti ny lutx-.s or filt CTS w) ii en he! p to purify \ ho tilo<xl tind Vocp you (iwvhhy, \Yhcn thc^Rct <ir«l and don t work right in (he d.iylirnCi mnny people have to pel up nighVs. Frequent or scantypa,ss""«3 with smarting nnd burning tonic times sfiJr-a there is iamcthinff BTORR vilh your kidneys or bhditcr. Don't ncclcct IhLt rondition nml lose valuable, restful sleep. VI hen disorder of kidney function pcrmila pDi*onr>tis mn>lcr lo remain in your b'.ood, jt may rvlsi cau?c napslng . V^ina. leg pains, lora ol pep «nd energy, swcmnp, pnflinc$$ under the eyes, head&chca and cjirjinnss. 7 Don't wnitt Ask vour nrujtRist for r?o,in*« PiJb, U5«HI lurcc^fiiily by millions /or over 40 year*. They cive happy rrlicE nr»l will help the l-> rmlo of Kidney tubca fliish out poison- oua waste (com your oloW. Gel Doan » Pills, Boys' Rest Girl, Girls' Best Boy 1 t "' .) In a double-barreled beauty contest at Norfolk Army Air Base,' Norfolk, Va., that gave female as'wcll as male spectators a break', Cpl. Eltie F. Click, Harrisonburg, Vs., left, above, clicked as "Miss N A. A. F. of 1BW," while a stalwart, right, who preferred to be i nameless, was awarded top honors in the he-man.division by ! servicewomen judges. ; Lens Lease '" \Mdteridls For Civilian Use Still Limited 11V ANN STKVICK Courier News Washington C'orri'siioiuli'iil Experts luound WP15 aren't, glv- IK dcnnilc oilds un wlwl rjoocls for the home folks nre 611. loathe best start now that Wl'll chief Domild Nelson has glvwi Die, KO- iiheiul. . ... Htil- among the 79 items, ';nm- MhiK from outboard motors to i>cn nibs and domestic wntl-hour' mc- lers, uoiv, free from win-lime 'in^ic- riu! restrictions If mamifiicUirers j'an now make on a cateh-ns-ciilch- cuiV busts. No doubt some types o.' tackle will be forthcoming, but certain vital (lies, lines and other lishciimm's gear lake line yarn. Fine yarn , Is soinelhlnf; oven the Army hasn't been nhl<;. to gcC enough of without practically put- ling yarn looms under miuiinl law. Cast-iion ware manufacturers lire- on WPB's list of those Invited to «et going without restrictions. That makes it nice, but WPB Industry, counsellors point out that War Manpower Commission is whacking the bushes for forge mid foundry workers. The same type of labor goes Inlo casl-lrun ware. Therefore, WMG Isn't likely lo certify recruits to make pots and pans. Same thing goes for alarm clocks which ivre on ihc free list. Then' won't lie iii'any of the highly trained, precision skilled workers necessary until more cutbacks appear in military Instruments using the snnie luboV.' MATKKIAI.S, I.AllOIt, ST1M, KliSTHICTlin Electrical iippllances, n term which takes In such fond memories as toasters and funs, cnn now be mode with abandon as far us WPB restrictions go. Abandon, however, won't do for copper wire, nn cs- scnllnl which is .still painfully shorl. Galvanized ware like garbage cans, coal hods, pails mid buckets arc free to go, too, But facilities for rolling the metal are likely to be going full tilt for some (hue tin military orders. Klcclric refrigerators and wnsh- Marshal Tjto, finned Yugoslav I'nrllsnii lender, beams wllli Irl- umpli as he moves to eliecUinale his chief of Blurt In u chess name. The marshal is pictured during one ol his niro periods of rulnxu- tlon In his CHVO hcadquni'lcrs. l» wiy wliut VJ. S. Industry am tin In t\ pinch. Mimufuctmvrs have hud liiml war!line training hi reversing thi'lr field on sliihl of an ob.slade, They tuny conic thronirn with tin known plays for unexpected score on now (ousters mid refrigerator. 1 Rend Conner News Want Ada : ewer Arkansas ' Men Receiving . Army Discharge MTTLE HOCK, Adi}. 21. (UP)— Hi'lt'. Qcn. E, L. Compere, Aikniisas Selective Service Director, snys fewer Arkansas men are rccervliiB dls- cliai'Bes from tho .lirm'ccl forces tliaii :hey did n yeiir ago, lie says this -s ilue to Hie liccil for keeping ii|> pressure agahisl tho; enemy nl the present' stage' of the war. t.'oiniicrc snys somo 600 Arkansas u-ii uro receiving discharges ench inojith, bill In prarKw months the number hns teen ns high 1 us 1000. l.teut. Col. James M. OheVry, rc- Kloiml (lold officer of Selective Ser- vlcb's national hcniUniartera,'visited Comiwre's liendqutiitci's Wednesday. He said the work of Selective Service from now on will bo jirlmnrlly KL'llIng men onl of the Army and back Into Jobs. Cl«n,oml Comiioro Buys the Arkan sas department lias been almost 100 per cent .successful In oMiihihijf Job.s lor discharged service' incnl . Simlls hnvo been known lo go hungry for five ycnrs. * - Stanley Troutman, war correspondent photographer for NE/V Service-Acme Newspicturcs on Saipan Island, pauses during a i tour of internment camp to let n Jap youngster satisfy his curiosity about the inside of liis camera. •• ;.".. Ing machines didn't even gel on the list, because of scarce components like frac'ttonnl motors. Vacuum cleaners, which also require' motors, arc on by grace of a production quirk, Vacuum cleaner manufacturers usually make their own motors. Large volume rcfvlgcr'ntor-and washing machine makers arc -more likely to farm theirs out.. There? fore vacuum cleaner's get llrstj'go-' ahead, i because they'll 'get :under way on a self-reliant basis, iilltioUgH. makers expect it lo lake some tlinc to assemble enough mntcrluls lo get Into action. WHAT VVK'LI, UK GETTING Simple trinkets are the only ones which arc in the clear for sure. Im- mctilntc production of hnlr pins, boh pins,'perhaps fountain pens'and me- cliantcfil pencils,'? small, .'loose-leaf Jiietal parts tor.binders is expected. In 'spite, however, of the generally Gloomy Gus aspect, nobody wants CREAM -I , AS IOW AS V II v a pint Always delicious. YOU makoony flavor in 2 /ninulej. PloOfp oik your grocer for Voted YOUR HEALTH Whal Vitamins Do For You / A Builds up resistance to infections, promotes growth, , aids actions of lungs, kidneys. B Builds vitality, aids digcs- (ion, appetite, nervous sys- , tern. Called morale vi'la- C Forms and maintains normal healthy gums and , teeth. Deficiency causes anemia, etc. D Promotes growth and development of sturdy bone , and tooth structure, Helps prevent rickets. A Word to the Wise on COLD PREVENTION NOW is the time for you lo profit by Unit ;itfc old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a 1 pound of cure" Start forhiy building your resistance iiuainsl the common cold. Cold -vaccine is now available in tablet form.'-Let us explain (lie advantages of this form of medication to you today. Phone 507 oSi«' , NASHVILLE, 1«ili (UP)speeding mgUircyclo 'ehded the' fe of a four-year-old Boston \tst-l Icr here lectntly, if also conclud- <l it blttei' veibal battle between, wo fiiinlllcs over Its ovncrshlp.Th'e'i" errlei, having numerous i)n'd'con-i, nctlng aliases was referred 'to ncrcljr as 'JUr X' When the'dlspule' ' ' geijeral EPsslohs cpjwt scy-' monlns ago At lliat'tlme W, V. Whin successfully rcplcvlned trw !OK fiom Mu A u ElHotl, who uoaned the decision as n ' i Huge of Justice" Lnfor tho- , up al the Elliott home for a vhll, tail on attorney's art-! vlci- he letunied to the WJnns- 1 -- — - *- i "* It Is bclMod tliaf tlrg* It Is believed tliaf tins' 1 foldthW' an was Inlrtiluccd Horn Korca'itnl lie lllh cciitmy f .,.*{, •7%. r.H— <">!• •"•• If getting your family rcady'Vor 'school Is n problem in liighcr finance You'll certainly find it a very good rule, >, Trj plan it all well in advance ... '•" Atlil to plan it with Pcnnc/s good values in mini), Where the right things for child ten ate c.isy to find! N tV X.-< h*"® &#&&& jj 1 * ••_ i if" •*'*' \ ' \ i\-\ '•:'• '> ' i'< J / •* jS FT: J r\ <• A I 7 ] M A-;.?'_T=i^ / c /W® / / «iW»>.JV I ^ AS ADVERTISED IN THE WOMAN'S HOME COMPANION In All the I'opular Shades for Full! All-Wool Jackets Classic three-button style, tailored of Pncifllc Mills all woo! crepe I Sizes 12 lo 20. 6:'" Soft, Warm 1'aciflc Mills l-'abrlc! All-Wool Skirts Pleated all-around for n graceful «K no swinging fit. Colors, bright or J dark. Sl'ics 2-I-32. ^ ravorcil by School Girls Everywhere! Girls 1 Wool Jackets Long-wearing, soft woo! -'crepe . •« O/) tailored lu the three-button, slim t fitted style. 1-M. • J To Alntcli Her I'aclflu Mills Jacket! Girls' Wool Skirts Y o u n g, graceful knee-high «K op length! In lovely solid shades! J I'lcntcd for a flattering nil Sizes f • , '1 to H. . <"• • / Tailored, Long-slccvcd Rayon Blouses . 2.98; Girls' Sizes 1.98 WEAR SWEATERS BACK TO SCHOOL Classroom Favorites for Fall! ...... Miss Prep Sweater Cardigans Sfipovers Classic or ".sloppy" styles . . . sonic In nil-wont. Colors to match or Wend with her suits. Sizes IO-1C. Sofl, Wnrm, I.iisfrioti.s! Girls' Sweaters Cr;\v neck sliu- overe. Grand colors. 10-16. \ fur School -'or: Work! 1 LOOP OXFORDS 1.49 2 Smooth, casy-lo-polish' lealli- or. l-ong-wrarhijj soles ; nnd hecli, Comfortable indecdl COAT SWEATERS Wool cloth front. "J'ftQ 1 Knit back, sleeves. /•7u DRESS SHIRTS Good fabrics. Neat < 1ft patterns. Sanforized!I |.*5F

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