The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1946
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Published Every Friday in the Interest of Farm'Families of This > Agricultural Section. \MNEW. FRIDAY, JULY, 194G Published Every Friday in t,, c . Interest of Furin Families of This] Agricultural Section. Huffman Youth Wins New Honor Gerald H. Cassidy Prepares for Role ln4-H Club Movie Being n movie actor-elect Isq'Hle exciting to Gerald II. Cns'Uly. Huffman 4-H Clul) nu-nibor who recently won top honors in Hie national contest for the liiaclbiK male roli: in n forthcoming 4-H Club production, bill lie c.'in't q>illc realize what it will be like before the "mike" and ciuncras. Klght now, he isn't worrying w.) much about it. His cotton crop is "laid by" and he's enjoying n vacation while trying to fiu'iireout his future. Graduated this year from Armorel High Echoul, tbe almost 10- year-old youth hopes lo pule^ a College of Agriculture. In his ninth year or -!-H ciu!> work, he was slate c)iampioti 4-11 Clul! cotton predtirei In IMS and selected district champion 4-ir Club boy for last year. Join the Refrigerator Service Club (Two StrrU-e Calls a Year Jtl Repairs to Electric Appliances Fully Guaranteed BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. (Where Courfesy Is Not a Memory) 13* E. Main St. Phone 3616 The Mississippi County Farm Bureau sent him to the St:Uo Hirnv Bureau Convention in l.!lIk- Rock, after ti« became stale *-H Cotton chani)}lon. anil later .it- tended the National 4-11 Club Cont'1' in Chicago whlcli lie "'ill attend again this year by virtue of having won the national honor. He wax selected troin Mississippi Comity 4-H leaders lo attend the Stale Farm M.ichlnery Malrtc- naiice Fctiotil al Fiiyetli'Vllle tills Bpiinc ; m<l after n'tmnlnt;, selccl- ed farm safely as another of Mitt projects. Ik- ftwif a (earn mate. Perry Lee Adklsson. nnd developed :i drinoiisliall'in on farm safely nnd (arm machinery maintenance. They have i-ivej] ihls ilenionctrnlliin lo every 4-H Club in tile county and »ls<> to a Veterans' Kami Trala- Ini; .School at Manila. North Mississippi County was one of the lli.u lo Inaiiijuruto .]-!! Chib county winner banquets and Oernld has presided al both of affairs. He ! s nerving as "r.nntv Comifil presidcnl for tlic second year nnd third .vein- a.s president or ins local 4-[i Club. lie uri'inilKod a .Jiinltu- •!-!! Club ni Armorel school with a lota I ol K members, rie and Terry [j'i: trained a junior etub soflbali team, the first time the .school has ever li"«l any 1). teams. Assisting i:i reorganizing the -1-H ywirbcoks. these were lb c tli-,-,1. published sitico Hie war. Ho loves sum-Is of all kinds. Plnylnij basketball, foatball and baseball and also likes lo hum mul .swim. Ho was eaplaln of Ins foot bull Icam lust year. His fnnn projects include .swine, beef calf, corn, cotton, corn variety test, soybean variety lest nnd f'irin safety. Oernld works hard and plays Farm Experts See Shortage Of Livestock DELTA Published By The DeJU Implement Co, Hlythevillo Vol. Friday, July in, Ifllfl No. 17 .ludBhiK by slaughter so far. economists of the U. s. Deparlirieiil of Auriellllure expect as bin a sup'ily 1 ol meal this year as last, accord- In;; lo Miss Cora I,"e Coleman. home tlemonslraUon I'uenl of North Mississippi County. They look for moderalely more pork, but n little less bei'f. veal and lamb. "This smaller .supply follows a winter of the heaviest meal eatln;; in U. s. hlslory -from Oelobi'r ; through March we ate 1 H!> pounds per person—Iwo pounds more than in Mm. same period unv year ol Hut war and the linwsl for'at least K years," Miss Coleman said. Wilh feed e,ralns .short, and grain prices high, the economists cxpi^l IIOK .•ilauu.hler to continue: lari-e compared lo lasl year nil throng]) D»- cembi'r, Ihe county home demonstration anenl, explained. Hut !>••niniiini: early in Min. with a smaller proportion of this past spring's l>«! crop left to market, tanners will have lewer IUHJS for slaughter tlui-i In tbe same months this year. "I5y next s|>rhiK mid 'siimini'r. when Ihe small pit; eru]) probably in Ihe fall of lids year comes !•) . market. Ihe fallini; off in the supply I of pork b expeetecl lo bti'omr wry evident." Miss Coleman said. Cat(!<• niiiiiliers seem likely lo continue tin: down swIiiK—wilh fi'wcr oaM.le lor slaiiKhler this year than last and fewer next year Ulan this. "On the oilier hand, farmers and ranchers have been cnlUnij ciomi their sheep Hocks for four years now. II' faun labor nets plentiful enough and sheep and lamb prices rise, they may halt Ihe downswing in sheep numbers by sending fewer sheep and lambs lo slaughter and keeping more al. homo for breedimj stock. "Alt In all, the economists expect the lolnl output of pork, beef and lamb nest year niuy be about one billion pounds less than (his year,'' tbe ae,cnt concluded. litisy as a One-Armed I'aper-Hanuer! Thai's the way our service deiiiirdnont is sure lo he clurin K f| u , l, nsv spa.son—so here's :'. tip! If you're tfointj lo need simp work lei us schedule your work NOW! Advance sched- ulins will onahle us lo tiil ie ..are of vour wurk properly—antl help a !,,( ,,r (iihor lolks Ion! And wliilc yoii're thinkino; ahotit il, liclter niiihe iij) your parls order. Sec or call UK mi SOON. -DI- Wo lisivc the I'ollowinjr sc-arco items: 10" Vice Grip l'lu>rs G|" Crc.sL'iil \Vront-lics 8" Cruscnt. Wreiichu.s 10" (jro.sei:!, WrciK'hcH -12" CrcKcnt Wrenches 15" Crest-mil \Vreiiclu\s Heavy Duty BXIDE Tractor KnUcnos Jilcclnc Driven" Air Coni|.rc>ssor.s Dl . SIDY, our locnl .|-If Ch;im|>i'm, is 'i>oiii.' to lie in I hi' movies. \Vo exltntl om- iu'.-iriiost t-onKviiliilsifions In Gentltl. Kmtwi,,,. 1|,i s bny iis wo do, we Hi ink U, a l !„• is ( ] ' ol I Ins Ljond fortune. DI " o delivered an J^VI^R^A! \ \T i \ \n\ I 'FVKI IiM> \i ij ixoni .-\ i\ LAAU lives on Highway -10, sotit'h olM{"sol!,n<l.'" -BI- If you find that you ran'I K el (mile as quick service in our shop as you would like i( ,s duo to (he fai-l Ihal sonic of our mechanics are on ratal ion. However if you need any service do not hesitate lo call on us. Wo fan lake care c,f von somehow. -DI\Ve mvite you to see the PURITAN Walor Loiulitionins; System on display on our sample After iiivostitfntinir .several n, a h,- s °pimrrvv"V wo dccUlc<l t(1 tabc "" Ul <' PUR IAN line, as thoy make the most completo system for all types ,,f conditions found m this territory. Rhonkl you be in- terestud in a water comiitioninr; svstcm bnug a sample, <„• call us and wo will pick it up. Ihis sample will be sent to I'UUIT-W laboratories, nnd tested and the correct unit for conditioning and purifyin,' vour water will be recommended. ' ' " Rend Courier News Want Arts Mulching Helps Save Moisture, Controls Weeds Everyone woukt like n belter way lo control weeds In isardcns. County Home Uemonttratlon AtjeiH Cur.i Lee Coleman .suuKests that a mulch lie used lo hold weeds In ..'heck and at Hie same lime to accomplish soil and water conservation. "The chief of imv material lo be used In mulching is Ihal 11 should not contain many weed seeds which might stm L lu ijrow when the innlch is applied ID the garden soil." Miss Coleman said. "The mulch mnlerltil should not be expensive. It should lie used In sufliclent quantities so I hat, weeds can nrow IhroUBh II only wllh illf- ficully. '"I'hreshcd tiraln straw ninkes this best mulclHn^ material. Hay fro'ii old stacks thai have molded :md healed and whlrh is of no value for feeding animals may also he used lo advantage. Most of the seeds may have been killed by the healhiK. The cost of such spoiled hay should te reasonable." Miss Colemnn tmthei 1 staled linn lawn clippings, pea vinos. IJIMU planls, corn foddi'r. and leaves may I also lid used. Leaves that will ini.l down Into a Unlit blanket when used alone are not so suitable UK a mulch, she 'ftaitl. "Mulch may be applied as soon as the seedlings are out of tho |;round far onoiijjh so thai Ihev will not he burled." Miss Coleman added. "The material should be spread between the rows nod also between the Individual plants whore possible, to a deplh of four lo six Inches. About five tons of hay or straw are required for mulching one ncrc. "A good mulch conserves s;>il moisture by suppressing weeds. Wasteful run-off of water over Ihe soil surface is diminished, and .«>il erosion is decreased. It is also possible to walk Into a well-mulch.-::! garden sooner alter a vain. Considerable time and effort may bo (saved by mulching in a garden whore a hoe. or hand cultivator hii.s to be used. When most of the cul- tivalion can be done with a hor!:o, mulching may not he desirable.." f— (_are Urged in Picking Peaches For Canning | pints for IT> mlmitcs anil qiMV'.i j lor 20 mlimtus. Us<> in lue crram. | sherbet or jello or serve plain lur To Uctve: Mako tlie peach !)i;rrc- and add the susiir as for cunning, Mississippi County liomemaliois I Puck the coiif'JfurU'u'ito'coiua'Mc'-'s arc. ijeing urguil this week. Matlosial and freeze imnicUialclv When l-ooil Preservation Week, to pie- ivaily to use it may be made into serve their share of the plenutul vulva mill. Arkansas peach crop by Miss Cor.i ' Li-e Coleman. homo dc-inonsiratiun a^ent. 1'eachcs can | )e preserved by i aiming. frtieKlntj, or d'jviiij;, she lionited oll u one bushel of fruil will make la („ 24 quarts o! can- trumn pc.iehcs or ahcmi Din t-iton:; for ui:Lkin«,' v?!va fj-iii 1 - m:iy b" oliiained from Hie eounly extension office, copies o! the revised Kxlensiun circular No. 291. "Nfethfxl'i of Preserving inforinatum .'m^ r and iree^ i^i'.aiiH'ti tiu're. Poaches," on can- Ill' " More than 1,000.000 families are vinit "doubled up" wilh oilier- oiilies In Hie United stales, ae- tied .'.even pounds O f dried fruit. Tree-ripened fn]ll sllou [(| |,,. , lsn[ | for all methods, she urged, bi-raus? it iiiis more flavor nn ( | contains more natural sugar than linden]])! fnill. She v/arnod home fanner.s , never tr> pass snap judgment on '-'uiiling •'> :' .survey. peaches, as a rosy blush may not I mean ripe fruit. ••!),. „„,.,, u le I background color has clianned Irom its oiicinal green to whitish or Hcmember that ^:od peaches are fairly firm." .she said. I The home demonstralion agent .sllK^e.sis making pea<:h puree which can he canned ol - froc.en from soft, ri)ie peat-lies. This is bettor than Hyinc lo can or freeze them in .sliue.s or halves, she pointed on 1 .. 'I lie followillj; recipes are KHI;- la'sted for making (ho puree: To can: press soil, ripe pcat-hes IhroiiHh a sieve or food mill. Add one-half cup t)f Kl]( ,ar lo four cups or pulp. Meat llic puree jus: to 1 boiling. Pack into hot sterilized i | jnr.s and prcoess in hot water baih. 1 It Is Now Time to Use ATLACIDE to kill JOHNSON GRASS For Sale By E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Phone 551 Blytheville, Ark. hard. lie has driven a traeiorsince January. Hi-l-t. mid can do about nn.v job i,) be clone on n laiiu. Incllldlni; I In- lemlinu of :l eotton choppill<; crew. Appioxhnr.tely one-third of Ihe potential water power or the United Slates is in the res;ion drained by Ihe Columbia river. GIVl YOU* TRACTOR A CHECC-UP NOW! YOITU, •I SAM MSTEAD OF sown Blythcvillc's Newest Lif|iior Store inviles you lo visit ami choose your own We can't Kuaraniee your lind- ini; ALL your favorite liquors hero, but we do hnve .some of tlieni, and we're here to sorve. yonr needs. When it's Good Liquor You Want * TRY JOHNS Liquor Store Across From Ritz Theater NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY FARM LOANS / Low Inter*** / Prompt 8«r*io* RAY WORTHINGTON Serving This Section for Zl Years 115 Ko. 3rd, Xlydicville. Ark. Tune In Prudential Program Sunday :it 3 p.m. over WHKC to Take £are of Your Equipment More Scientifically! You owe it to yourself to give o\ir modcrni/.cd tractor servicing facilities the once-over. Stop in the next time you're in town and look over the complete set-up of equipment we have, all specially designed for semcing Jolm Uecre tractors, it's one reason why it will pay •'you to have us do your service work. Talk with our factory-trained serv- ice man. Let him show you how we can keep your tractor in first-class condition. We'll grind the valves . . . tiglitcn. "all loose parts . . . clean the carburetor and oiling system . . . give the engine a thorough liming-up . . . or handle any other servicing job your tractor may need— all at a price thai will surprise you. See us now— you'll iind it well worth your while. W!ESSCO Implement Co, O8CEOI.A ONLY GENUINE JOHN DEERE REPAIR Suitable for Sawmills, Unloadcr Fans, Irrigation Pumps, etc. NO PRIORITY REQUIRED ELLIS IMPLEMENT CO. You'll find this a Friendly, Understanding Bank and Ihe vacant, chair beside each officer's desk Is a silent Invitation for yon to sit down and talk over your business problems wllh them al any time. We'll try lo help you. We offer you a complete banking service: *k Checkim; Accounts if Savings Accounts A- Personal Loans A- Commercial Loans A- Kvery Service that a well organized National I'ank slionld render With Your Savings Account Ihe First National Bank The confident young man is the you of today •—will the "free from financial worries" older man be the you of tomorrow? All the threats of illness, accident, and depleted earning capacity in later years can be easily protected with very little effort on your part now. Money earning interest in the bank is security against such exigencies. If your future is not protected by a savings account, open one now and add to it regularly—assure yourself of security and independence in the years ahead. Open Your Account TODAY The First National Bank THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN MISSISSIPPI COUNTY " MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER F.D./.C.

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