The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 5
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_ THURSDAY, AUGUST 2«1," 1044 Provides Aid For Idle Veterans $20 Weekly For 52 Weeks For Those Unable To Find Jobs WASHINGTON <up)-tiuio interest has been shown by veterans •"•a far'in the employment features of the "G. I. Bill of Rights," but with increasing talk of demobiiiza- tlon :uul Intlustrlal reconversion (he "it-adjustment allowances" of the net arc expected to attract increasing attention. , Machinery created in the GI bill to \MI discharged servicemen and women of World War II into jobs nli-eady has been outlined. In addition, the efforts of a recmploy- ment coinmlltcemnu of each lo:al draft hoard arc provided by Hie Selective Service law, But when jobs aye not available <muh veteran will be eligible to receive from the government S20 a • week [or a maximum of 52 weeks during the two years following his release or discharge or the termination of the war, whichever Is lut- This prouranngcts under ' wav Sept. 3. To-be eligible, a veteran must have served at least, SO days in (he active military or naval service of the United States after Hept. 10. 1940.. No "readjustment, allowance" w!ll be made for any week commencing more than five years after tfie war's , termination. Must lie Available To claim. t!ic allowances, the veteran must also be "completely unemployed, having performed no service and received no wages," or we partial!- unemployed to the extent that services performed for tes-s Uian a full week have yielded wages less than S23. "I he claimant also must report to a public employment office, and be and available for "able to suitable Vetciuns are automatically dis- cinalifled for benefits, according to (Me law, if, without gcod cause, they "leave suitable work voluntarily, or ni'e suspended or discharged for misconduct in the course of employment." fan t 0 apply f 0 r suitable work referred by a public em- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)-COURIER NEWS Betty's Back, Boys Returning to her screen chores as easy to look at as ever, Betty- ,Gi3ble poses for her first "pin-up" picture since the birth of her 'daughter, in March The 20th Gentury-Fox star plunged legs• • ' first inio her role in "Diomdnd Horseshoe.'.'.' — " able free training eonvsc. . with the qualifying 90 days con- Anothcr proviso disqualifies the sidereil automatically' us eight veteran if his unemployment is weeks, "due to a stoppage of work which • Allowances also are made avail- exist:; because of a labor dispute able to veterans who meet Ihe gen- the factory, establishment, or. oral qualifications and nrc sclf- cttev premises at which he is. or employed tor profit, providing tlieli wns last employed." Ninety Days Included The number of .weeks for which a- veteran is eligible lo receive the ?20 a week is dependent on lengtl earnings tall below $100 a month The sum to be made available Is the difference between this figure and previous monthly net earnings Any allowance ~or benefit receiv- of service, Each calemlar month or ' Dressed Up and Going PJaces , „. ot , VJ ^. ^.^j, tlul; , lull ,- uiuiiin ur • i"* 1 ' a federal or state pipymcnt office or to accept work ma j or fraction of active service Is' f jlo >' mciu or disability compensa- otfercd, or "do not attend an avail-1 C()lm i Io four weeks of allowances l 'P, n luw lnilat be "c<Uiclc<l from the • — ; ! •• allowance to be granted under (he >Gi bill. .„ , First Bale Of Cotton Ginned In Blytheville .The first bale of 1944 - cotton I sinned in Blytheville «-ns reportctt this morning by the J. L. Terrell Gin. J Of Stoiieville 2-D variety, the cotton was erown by B. p. Darby in I the Clear Lake Community. Three bales of the cotton wnriv brought ' Monday, mid ginned today. Siicked out In shiny new helmet with three gleaming stars and natty field uniform, Lient.-Gen. George S. Patton emerges from his headquarters In France dressed as if for a visit to Paris 1 (NBA Telephoto) COURI ER . Nfe WS -• CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS GET THE JOB DONE! Mexican children Himfivy MEXICO CITY (UP)—ot 10,000 children of middle and lower ^las. families" in Federal District recent lv examined by government initri lion experts, 5,592 were found to be suffering from maulnntrition. Soldiers Must Prepare Their Own Ballots Ll'lTLB ROCK, Aug. 24 CUP) - tci'elnry of Stale c. G. Hall says lo one has the authority to prc- lare a ballot for soldier-absentee 'oters, •Mull mado his statement Wednes- iny night In referring to n slule- tient by Puluskl County Circuit Clerk Louis Maxhbum (hnl he vonht recommend thiit Ihe Pulaskl -ounly Election Commission make •ffcrts to make available for over- ens soldiers n partial ballot. The >ropos«l ballot would Include nt cast candidates (or piTsUlcntlal 'lectors. . • , This Is Hull'., statement regard- ng Mashburn's plan: "TJio Novem- election Is a general , election [ovcrncd by statute and paid for >y state Imids. And neither eoun- y clerk Mashburn, Ilib eleclloi; rcnnnlsfloners, nor anyone else has egnl authority to Issue a ballot- .pntiary | 0 the state' law. Any statement that n phrtinl ballot for ipKlier voting can bo Issued before s cm-lifted by the secret my of st:U<> is a mistake." ' "all commended Mnshbm-ii for ns < esirc to allow men nml women n Hio nmieii forces nil opportunity Reveals How Tactical Bombing Payed The Way For Invasion WASHINGTON, Any, 24 (Ul>) tic inside story of tactical bomii- K operations (hut paved the way lcr thi' Invasion Is revealed tonight, Hie Win- Department has rc-lcus- n ivvlew preiiurcii by the 9th out that the tnclle-al air campaign is divided up into five so-culkKl 'hased-ln offensives". These offensives required n rioll- lejuiowlcdgc of the landed com- Warrington Youth Awarded Purple Heart ecnVward ° f ' hC 1>U '' I>1C 1!cnH ' lms melon, who was' wounded while bating in the I . -' 1 * ''fcovered from i s ''? ck0lllKl s'minncl wountls hi b , » ' f 1 ' 8 ™ 111 VViu-rlneio,, i ms f° d fram a hos l' !l ' ftl I" where he was taken two weeks after D-Day 'fJ',' 1 Wnrr '"8K>n, 21-year-old of Mr. and M,- s . Loe Warrin B ,„ ' ,'f , C °" overscns slllce J '»'- >uuy. He has been in the service for Hold Everything ^ww s *>« <F o* - V^-? 9 " ^cr ^c, , Hold Services For Mrs. Tillman At Luxora Today Mrs. Clyrtle Tillmnu died at 10::il) i clock lust iiljjtu nt her liiiin t , [ n Tomato atler a sluirt Illness. Mrs. Tillman, wife of Sam 7111- man. wns born at Tomato mi,i lived hor entire life there, and died » the sami' room where she was burn 42 years ago. In addition in lu>r husband sho reaves four daui;lilors. Mrs. Hoiilah Houston.! and MI« S Louise Tillman of Tomato. Mrs. Elroba CJavson of Huffman, nnd Mrs. Qenruin Corcli- rnn of 1'ortanevlHe. MO.; [hn-o "ions, Harry, Sam, and fnim v Tlllinau, nil nf Tomato: a sister, Mrs. Fnn- ulc Mnloni' of •Ininnlo, nnd a half- broiher. Andy lllrshman of Toimi- to. Funeral services were hcl,| at 2:!10 o'clock this nftornoon at tlio fniii- ilv home: with lhi> Hcv. S, Kvprolt ration, pnstor »r Iho I.nxoni Melh- cdlst clnireh. nlflcinllnK. liurlal was mnili: nt Ehmvood Ccinclery. Coliu Funoral Home was In clinrue lines in Nanl-lield ! r rnnce and Dclijlum, And they had o be so |)):i:)in-(| that th c Itivmloti nrrvuus Na/.ls would not pick up iuiy hint of the date or IJ-l)ny, l r step was the steady utlack- Inj,' of Cherbourg nnd Calais, two most likely Invasion points, Phase two was directed at bridges leading >o Normandy, phase three covered the destruction of camtininlentloiw Into Pal-Li and Orleans, and step mimber four followed da>o behind with a concentrated blnstlnij u( buttled up enemy truffle. And the fhinl and [irth phase was the strut- l»l! mid uoniblng of nil rail anil rmd Irntflc. by .which the Nazis tiled to move supplies and ft .| n . forccnienls to the battle urea lobe, Those five phases, masterful stratify at Its best—left, Die German conmmiilciUlon and transpor- lallon system In n inngled ninss— Just rlim for tlii» Allied Invasion Makes :i iltlllliiii DrcsslnRs 11ANGOR, Me. (Ul't—Miss Carrlo Hiitcliins, S3. of UniiKDi- bL-llevcs she has established some sort o record in maklni; surgical dressings lov the lied Cross. She bcuni the work In the'llrst. World Win and recently completed her 1,000,' 000th dressing for use during (he present war. M months und prior to enlisting, was employed as a mull carrier. Ills wife, the former Miss Peggy Burks. Is .making her home with her piireiiU, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Burks, while Sergeant Waning ton Is overseas. TASTE THRILL —vitamin value BUY "Slop wonymg about it, dear —ol course you'll grow Ji'ftMl ullyV old r ! Say Bread- Harfs Bread!" read Has Everything! IMPROVED BAKING PROCESS MAKES IT BETTER THAN EVER This Weekend's SPECIAL! LEMON CAKES A delicious Layer Cake made from fresh lemons — Try one! Assorted Cookies Fresh Every Day Hart's Bakery Blytheyille Owned, Employing BlythcYille People Schools At Del I And Half Moon Open Sept. 4th' DELI,, Alk, Aug. 21.-Publ!c schools in Dell and Half Moon will open on' Sept, 4, It, wns announced today by James n, Mulllns, who serves as siiperinlcndonl of both schools. All students are urged (o report, to llu> schools nt D:30 o'clock on Unit morning for registration, Mi-. Mtillins slnlcd. Members of the high school faculty for Pell will be Miss Jennie Phillips, mathematics, Mrs, Mirlllt; P. Mniitcy, social science, Miss Klsic i-'ny White, homo economics, Mrs. J- H. Miilllm, Kntillsh, and Mls-i VnUlii Phillips, commerce. Clrnde school rnculty members for Oe\\ Include Miss Uwln v. Nichols, Ili'fil gi-iuli-; Miss Honnli' Ill-inn, second (jnulo; Mrs. C. D. Adams, llrst Bi-nde:. Miss I.a«ru all), third «rade: Miss Robin 0111, fourlhYriiW; Mrs,' i x D ' Wurlen < Wtli, giadff^and hs Emma Lou Crawford' '\ *. With an estimated enrollmeno'f 400 pupils, tl,c Dell scf)ooT>-iirahV ( (o maintain a complete physical 'edu- cntlon urogram throughout tlio coming jcnr, Mi, Mulllns announced 1 " Hfilf Moon faculty members will*' he Mrs M A Mlddleton, princlpalr- nnd Mrs J E Johnston, mimary ten diei • • Cauliflower will not head -with-,, out mun's assistance The leases inuat be lln<l up over the deyeloji- liig lionri jo shieij it jiom'thesun." IRRITATIONS OP EXTERNAL CAUSE Acno J>lm|ilf«, eczema, factory <l«mi» ' tills, nnuiloiJjiRitnrni, tetter, mlt rheum, uuiu|i3, (blacklic ids), u n j ug|y broken- cut eUii. Milliuiis rcliovo Ildiinz, burn-'" Ine mid rornifss of tliciw inlBcrfoi with simple liomo treatment, Qtxa to work at unto. Aids hauling \\mkt tlio nnltscnUo way. Uao Dl.ick and WlutoOintment giily asihmjld, lOo, Mo, 60c sizes 23 years' , MK.-I-KB. Monoy-ljick nunraulco. Vitul In itoiiisliujjJa nuod aoay Enjoy famous lilack oiiJ \\ lulu Skin S«»p dally, FALL FOODS KOLGKU'fi Coffee I'onixl 32c Sugar I'llHl'l CANK Id I'ouuds , 66c Flour , VICTOR- «r, ONE TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU Is Better! VICTOR COFFEE 1.22 PET MILK SALT SPINACH Pound Package. . 3 Pounds ..•..; 59c or Coffee Pleasure DRINK VICTOR Cleaner OC'i'AGQN, 'I Cans 16c, Purex. Qimtf .;• . _J6c__ UAKINO' Powder ' ItOYAI, 2 t-Ui.' Can's, 17e Cun 9* STRING BEANS Curcy's No. 2 Can 10 12 10' 18' KRAFT DINNER 18 Arm & Hummel ,') Hoxcs, • "Red" BickerstaU and Glen Alley Say; 'BUY BETTER MEATS FOR LESS WASTE! EDAM CHEESE ii* PORK SAUSAGE ,30 BOLOGNA ,, 29 HAM HOCKS ,„ 19 WEINERS A ",r 34' FRYERS 55 Grarfe A lies! Grades^ 1 BEEF BRISKET Hinilioss. lAi. sr JUNE PEAS CROWDERPEAS ,„ POLE BEANS , CARROTS TOMATOES SQUASH U. S. No. 1 Red Large Yellow Farm Fresh lb.Sc Hunch Lb. White or Yellow. Lb. 12 17' 8 10' RADISHES sn 'Z°r" 5' OKRA Fancy, Fresh U.. . 25! SWEET POTATOES, 11 LEMONS RUTABAGAS Llv 14 e Lb. 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