The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on December 2, 1953 · Page 3
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1953
Page 3
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THE DAILY MAU, HACERSTOWN, MD, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER IMS. Sentence Upped In Appeal Case Conviction Here A man, who admitted under cross-examination that his first im- pulse was to run to avoid trouble on a suspended sentence in a pre- vious criminal case, was found! guilty by a Circuit Court jury yes- terday of leaving the scene of an accident. Judge Joseph D. Mish ordered Frank T. Barr, 67-yeaf-old Ran- dolph Avenue retired businessman, to pay a fine of $200 and serve ten days in jail. Barr, through Attorney Lloyd Kuhn, had appealed the decision of Magistrate Paul Ottinger in the hit-and-run accident case. Magis- trate Ottinger had fined Barr $100 and sentenced him to five days in jail. Judge Mish said Barr should have "used good judgment" and ac- cepted the decision of the magis- trate, in view of the facts present- td. In July this year a car driven by Barr ran into a parked car be- longing to Morris Perkowsky, 900 block West Washington Street. The accident happened on West Wash- ington Street near Ross Street. State's Attorney John S. Holly- day presented witnesses to support his contention that Barr ran from the scene of the accident because! --------------------------- y Barr had been drinking and was jvictcd of receiving stolen goods. He 1 ft 1 J np afraid of being sent away for viola- 1 was fined $500 by Judge Mish and ! lirUlQ JUrV i 0 in the earlier j given a two-year suspended prison' * AFTER THE CONCERT Monday evening, officials of the Hagerstown Civic Music Association chat with the trio of pianists who received a major ovation at Hagerstown High School. Left to right are Mrs. Ross D. Copley, secretary of Civic Music; Mrs. J. Alvey JLong, chairman of the annu- al campaign; Mrs. R. Paul'Smith, vice president; Mrs. William Barr, vice president; Annette Corot, one member of the American Piano Trio; Dr. Vernon B. Kellett, president of Civic Music; Esther Fernandez, another member of the trio; and Stephen Kovacs, arranger and first pianist. Returned Japanese Prisoner Tells Of Terrible Life In Red Siberia Writer Shocked On Seeing Old Friend After Five Years In Russian Slave Camp; Conditions Almost Inhuman. THRU «r»de (dwa to 58 below Fairwi- the (round w chance rank) it wr heit). j march to wvrk-- «v«r difficult to*- "Many of us died. Iduroy roads for distances of five work we peeled off the bark, of i (KUlTOIt'S, \OTKt »kluulu Hl- jtMahl. fvriurr «Hrrra|*undfut fur tbr J»lianrir In Manchuria. wiw ··millirnl Uy the HuMl»* In 11145 null w»m hrld · prliiourr fur mvrc Ikfo tkrrr !-»r«. -\on « MHM- brr uf the A«»wrl«*«l Frew Mtttlf in HlKBiihl wa« "rut 1« Ml Jttinraritt Tiierr hr met A* was paradise compared to n It was one of hundreds, set at 5 to! 10 kilometers (about 3 to 6 miles) distance along the Baikal-Amur to did." "The guards were brutal. They kicked and abused us. A certain type of china known as Wedgwood was named after Wedgwood, a celebrated me l.e.'au. the HUHM . M»hl« itut be «a« nrll au Innc'UHier. i-rnl-d Here By SHINOBU HIGASHI MAIZURU, Japan I* -- I was shocked when I saw "Ivan Ivano- vitch" Nishio. He had come home at last--one of 811 prisoners of war and civilians released from eight harrowing years of captivity in Siberia. We had parted five years ago in desolate prison camp in central Asia. I came home to freedom. He was kept behind. Five long years of hardship were etched deeply into every feature of his once handsome face. His eyes were sunken. .His face was lined "Our work was logging. In the summer the gnats were so thick you couldn't .see a foot ahead. When we ate lunch our soup would be black with dead gnats floating At first we used to pick out the in- sects but it was hopeless. And be- sides we were'losing too much of the precious soup. We soon were drinking soup and gnats together. "The insects could bite too. We wore nets while we worked, but if there was a small tear in the net- ting the gnats would get in and a man's face would change shape completely in a matter of minutes, from the bites. .., "In the winter it was utterly cold. That part of Russia is the coldest place in the world. Almost every day we worked-in weather _ "We could not talk, smoke, fall Josiah ..,,.,,..,,_, . Railway. Many of these were oc-i out of st ep, pick up anything from English potter. cupied by Russian political prison-! ' crs and German war criminals, j _ . Af'V ^^1f* Be a Practical %Ljr~ A Santa ·**"*-** tion of his parole ·riminal case. ' (sentence. Defense Attorney Kuhn, together | j uge Mish said he didn't feel the with defense witnesses, contended! accident case was serious enough that Barr went only two blocks |to warrant the imposing of the from the scene of the accident and j suspended prison sentence. quickly sent his son to notify the ««M, LaU owner of the parked car. Barr a Jew years ag» was con- Human eyes begin to grow old when a person is in his teens. NEED MONEY FOB CHRISTMAS Shop All Over Town With Cash SAVE TIME - SAVE MONEY *25 T0 1000 ON YOUR SIGNATURE If ran are employed or have a rr^iilnr Income jou may apply vn- drr our I.IBKR.1T. -- I.OA\ -- P L A N . Get This 1 $100 $ 7.27 f Your Mo. Cosh f $300 $21.81, Payment Today j $500 $31.74[ Will Be ntndft under 8CHKD1JLE ·hovm 1* for 18 mpnlhv. LnnUB over Maryland Industrial Finance Lair. Lowir Monthly Payments on Longer Ttrm Loans Arranged if you Prefer. Stop in or Phone AMERICAN FINANCE 15 SUMMIT AVE. PHONE 3272 against Armand Corridi, 24, who dad vigorously protested on the w i t n e s s stand that he was framed." He was sentenced to not more than two years in the Reformatory for Males on a rape count. BALTIMORE 1*1 -- Conflicting testimony in a series of morals cases by three defendants on one hand and a son of Baltimore's mayor on the other will be studied by the grand jury next week to determine whether perjury charges should be filed. State's Attorney Anselm Sodaro said late yesterday transcripts of their testimony will be presented to the jury Monday and Tuesday at special sessions. Judge W. Conwell-Smith of the Baltimore Supreme Bench ordered the special probe a short time earlier during the trial of George H. Baccala, 24. One of 14 young Baltimoreans charged with morals offenses in- volving two girl cousins, 11 and 13, Baccala was convicted of statutory fape. He testified Franklin Roosevelt D'Alesandro, 20-year-old son of Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro, was with him, the two girls, and two other young men on the night lead- ing to the charges. Similar testimony was given by the other two youths, Philip and Michael Sudano. They also were convicted. At his trial a month ago young D'Alesandro denied ever having seen the girls. He was 'found innocent, beconv ing the only one of the first 12 de- fendants to escape conviction on either rape or perverted practice charges in the, series of cases. Two more trials are scheduled for to morrow. Besides Baccala, another convic- tion was r e t u r n e d .yesterday The tittle is the fine, minute stroke, which often distinguishes one letter from another in the Hebrew alphabet. First known use of the direct primary in the United States was in Crawford county, Pennsylvania, in 1868. from the raw cold of the Siberian winter. His jaws were set in a mold of premature old age. Five years ago we slept side by side on a thin straw maltress 4n our prison bunks. Five years ago iwe ate the same tasteless millet mush and the same sour prison soup from a single kettle set be- tween us. Now he had returned. "In May 1949, they finally got me," he said. "I was tried and sentenced to 25 years imprison- ment. "They sent me to a. prison camp near Taishet. That's the junction of the new Baikal-Amur Railway at its western end with the Trans- Siberian line. "This was a camp for political prisoners. Our old camp in central 45 to 50 degrees below zero centi- Gives TWO irapor- benefits. First lief of cough and* throat irritation due to coldi by its toothing effect on the throat. Second, it helpi build resist- ance to colds caused by lack of vitamin A. Get Father John's Medicine today and get results. ALL-ALUMINUM COMBINATION STORM-SCREE* BOOB A gttt lor all. Ruggad, «*· aluminum coitftnictioA, ov*r on.-lnch IMcM tamflttt wit* hardware, Including pneu- matic door clwck, htog** xr.wi, latch, HmH chain and ·vtald* aluminum daw |amM H4STAU a VOURStW AND SAVE I COFFMAN LUMBER CO. 449 N. Prospect St. Phone 677 The dgarette that lakes I At Holiday time, it's nice to give, as well as to receive fine gifts. And you can't give or receive any better than Carstairs in its handsome embossed gift carton. 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