The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1950
Page 7
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THUBSDAY, APRIL 20, 1950 Bradley Sees Strength For Democracy in Unity Of U. S., Britain, Canada CONCORD, Mass., April 20. (fl>)_Gen. Omar N. Bradley, chairman' oJ the joint chiefs of staff of the United states, said yesterday that the United StaUs, Britain and Canada—"politically Joined"—can preserve democracy In the Western world. *-: : Gen. Bradley spoke on the'175th BLY1HEVILLF (ARK.) COURIER KEWS ilversary ol tlie. battles of Lex- n «id Cincord which began he American Revolution and the ultimate separation of the United States from the British commonwealth. He went out of his way to not* British armed force representatives in his audience on this anniversary. \ But his prepared text did not elaborate-on his phrases: "politically joined" and "strengthen their political unity." (Webster's new collegiate dictionary defines "political" as "of or pertaining ,to polity, or politics, or the conduct ,of government." , i' Asks Mutual Effort •' The general declared: "As long as these three nations— Sultan Confesses Assassin Plot • JAKARTA, U. S. I., April 20. (f> —An official U.S.I, announcement saw yesterday that Sultan Hamid II, jailed ruler of West Borneo, has confessed that he plotted the murder of three top Indonesian military leaders. The colorful, 37-year-old cabinet member of the central government, was imprisoned on April 5 as master-mind of an abortive plot to overthrow the Jakarta regime. An Information communique satd today: "Immediately after his arrest, Sultan Hamid was tried. He Canada, the United Kingdom, and : confessed he had ordered Wester- the United States—are politically < !i"B 'Capt. R. p. p. "Turk" Wester- joined and remain strong, representative government, without tyranny, has a better chance for continued 'existence'iii the Western world. ! ' "Through our mutual efforts • for security and 'self-preservation, the 'British people, the Canadians, and' °f Staff of the Armed Forces Col- ling, Dutch insurgent leader) to attack a cabinet meeting last Jan. 24 and shoot dead Minister of Defense Sultan Hamengku Buwono, Defense Ministry Secretary General Dr. AH Budiardjo and Acting Chief the Americans will strengthen their •political unity.'. . . our efforts — 'British, Canadian, and American- joined -With other friendly nations or the Western world, may foster a real chance for permanent peace in our time." '. : He cited., the North Atlantic Treaty as "looking more closely to political unity that leads to collec- 'tive security." ^jHe said Britain and Canada "have Wmuch at stake in this clash of ideologies as we have. And, he continued, "if we quit o'r fail in any one of these inter-dependent actions, then we have given the battle over before it has begun." Russia Not Mentioned • Gen. Bradley dici not mention Russia by name but he spoko of the "danger of Communists in Europe" and also said "in the far reaches of another nation the forces which might lead to an American arm- ageddon could be forming." Declaring that "the plot against freedom is surely afoot," Bradley said the plot is "encouraged by a ruthless, ambitious, expert and clever enemy." "One fact stands out clearly," he continued, "we have not won'a decision in the'peacemaking! -Before we win a decision for peace, we-will • be called upon to explore every possible path to peace. We must search It out without prejudice,- without false pride, and with every sincerity' our national integrity pro-' ' onel Simatupang; Thereafter the government would be formed with Hamid as'defense minister." The'attack which never came off, was to ijave been made the day after Westerling's'forces took Ban- doeng. ;SOTICE OF PETITION TO '.. ANNEX TERRITORY Notice^ is hereby given that a pe- rlition has been filed In the County , Court for the Chickasawba District •of Mississippi County, Arkansas, "by H: Noble Gill, Gladys Gill, his • wlft, J. E. Stevenson, Jr., Mary K. ; Stevenson, his wife, and Builders ^Supply, Inc., who are the owners of the property described herein, for .'the annexation of the following dei scribed property to the City of Bly• thevllle: All of the east half of the north• west quarter of the northeast quar- • ter, and allf the east half of the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter ,of Section nine (9), Township fifteen (15) North, Range Negro School Official For State Appointed LITTLE ROCK, April 20. Arkansas Education Commissioner A. B. Bonds yesterday announced the appointment of Maeleen clay. Pine Bluff, ns assistant supervisor of Negro schools In the state. A native of Fordyce, she is widely hnown in Negro education circles in Arkansas. , She Is a graduate of Arkansas A. M. and N. college and received her masters degree from the University of Minnesota. She has served as director of student teaching at A.M. and N. in Pine Bluff for the past four years. Jap Woman 'Protest' TOKYO, April 20. OP)—Pour Japanese women are, applying for divorces .here to every one man. . .Mrs. Fukuko Snto. member of the Mediation .Committee for the Family Court.'said this ratio shows woman's, "democratic protest against the 'Intolerably loose morals of 'the opposite sex." eleven (11) cast of the fifth principal meridian. Dated at Blytheville. Arkansas,, on this 12th day ol April, 1950. Marcus Evrard, Attorney for Petitioners 4J13-20-27 Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. American Legion Auditorium Blytheville, Ark. Thurs. April 20,8 p.m. Doors Open 6:30 p.m. the Original T WALLY FOWLER Gospel & Spiritual All Nite Singing Contest- Returning by Popular Demand WALLY FOWLER and His Famous OAK RIDGE QUARTET WSM-NBC THE ORIGINAL RANGERS QUARTET Featuring world's lowest bass singer—Arnold Hyles, and one of the world's highest tenors, Denver Grumpier. The Sensational Happy Goorftian Family Mayfield, Kentucky Sponsored by Sonford Tomlinson and his Calvary Quartet. plus Many other quartets and singers. Tickets on sale at Owens and Rolhrock Drug Stores. FEW RESERVED SEATS $1.20, tax included. GENERAL ADMISSION Adults, 75c tax incl. Children's Admission 50c tax incl. FASHION WHIRL—" wai Jound to happen. Singer Marguerite Piazza wears a "flying jaucer" hat designed by Waller -•'lorell in New York. I'he "saucers" look as if they might b« Battened down to double as car 11 mufls in cold weather. Grateful Immigrant Leaves $4,000,000 to Help Better Citizenship NEW PORK, April 20. (AP)—For 40 years, Emil Scliwarzhnupt carried on an afjalr of the heart with :its adopted country. When he died last March 30 at 57, tie did not forget her, filing of his will in surrogates court dlsclos- :d. Schwarzhaupt, without wife or :hildren, left more than $4,000,000 to form the Emil Schwarahaupt Foundation. Its purpose: 'The upbuilding and betterment of American citizenship and increasing among all American citizens and especially among the foreign-born the knowledge of the history of the U.S. government and the meaning and obligation and privileges of citizenship In the United States of America." . ', Schwarsh'aupt, who made millions in the distilling business, came here from Germany in 1910. He also left 52 bequests from $15,-' 000 up to charities of all faiths. Catholic, Protestant and Jewish. He was a Jew. Air Force Places 600 - mph B - 47 At Top of Its 1950-51 Buying List St»t«, except one in Guam and one in the United Kingdom. During the fiscal year ending next June 30, the Air Force Is spending »303,600,00fl to buy Stratojets. At the same time it is spending *261,800.000 on B-36's. •j Max Bovd WASHINGTON, April 20. (ff) — The Air Force has put a 600-mlle- an-hour jet bomber at the top of its buying list and Intends to keep it there next year. The favored plane Is the B-47 Stratojet, which has just begun to come oft the Boeing Aircraft Company's production line at Wichita, Kns. Its speed, far above that of the B-36 intercontinental bomber, Js E. Berlin Official's Son Flees Reds BERLIN, April 20. Of 1 )—The son of a deputy prime minister of Soviet minister of Soviet-occupied East Germany became a political refugee In West Berlin yesterday. Ralph Kastner, whose father Is leader of the Eastern Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), announced he had lied with his wife and children to escape "unbearable Communist pressure." The U. S. high commissioner newspaper, Neue Zeitung, reported that the son telephoned Deputy Prime Minister Hermann Kastner of his flight after safely arriving In tlie American sector. The LDP press omce declined to comment. The father, whose own career has been endangered by j Communist-instigated purges of the ' LDP this year, answered no further telephone calls at his East Berlin home. Jap Princess to Wed TOKYO, April 20. (/P) — Kyodo News Agency said yesterday Princess Taka, second daughter of Emi peror Hirohito, hits set May 20 for j her marriage to Toshlmlchi Takat- ' sukasa, son of a former prince. It said the emperor and empress will attend the Shinto wedding in a 'public hall. .'. counted upon to provide Increased protection against interception by fighter planes. The jet bomber's range, however, Is only l fraction of that achieved by the B-3« with its piston engines. Seek Increased Range While the combat radius of the B-36 is listed officially at 5,000 miles, that of the stratojet Is placed only at "more than 1,000 miles." But the Air Force is busily trying to increase the range of the faster plane. Besides adopting more efficient engines for the craft, it re- cently'ordered an experimental B- 11 equipped with four engines of greater power thnn the six used on the type now In production. When the Jet bomber Joins the medium bomber groups In which H will replace B-29 Superfortresses of World War II, Us range will be increased further by B-29 tanker planes in those groups. The tanker can be sent ahead of the Jet bombers to refuel them on their way to targets. May Require Baiei Even with such refueling, the Stratojet Is expected to require outlying bases for attacks on targets far from the United States. Ultimately ail of the medium bomber groups In the Air Force are lo be re-equipped with B-47 Jet bombers or B-50 Superfortresses, an improvised version of the B-29. Of 10 medium bomb groups which are scheduled to continue as such, three already have been converted to B-50s: Since B-50 production at Porfcj Is Speechless HOLLYWOOD, April 20. (ff5 — Larry Parks, who plays Al Jolson' in the movies, U off duty for a while. He caught laryngitis, but it won't affect his singing. He doesn't sing. Jolson does all the-vocals for the movie biographies. : LOANS ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United Insurance Agency lit & Main Rear City One Blyiheville, Ark. / ALL-METAL VENETIAN BLINDS SIZES IN STOCK 23 to 36" Widths 60" Length — Adjustable 2. EIKIM4 HUM I*. •"*!• rax),') •/ HUM. SM.I Sht. •J life* MM i »»«<tiiiw...wm MI *•« -At Penneys BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Fishing & Hunting License. "Jimmie B" 12 ft. Boat $49.95. Aluminum Boafs, 12 & 14 ft. Fly rods, Casting rods and guns repaired. Shoed for «very tport. 421 W. Main Phone 6762 FISHING? We CM ftrrnhh 70* with everything jo« iwtd for goad Iwhinjr.. will 1,07 »nj u>*unl of ratchet. DIXIELAND . BAITCRY 511 Chick. Ph. 4303 the Boeing p|» n t at B*»Ule U scheduled to end next fall, the Jet bombers have « major plac« in future purchase pl«ns. All of the medium bomb groupe are now stationed In the UnlUd For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of caw* tavwti- goted in Mveral hoipHalt and clinic], subnormal Kidney function was improved, Bladct»f pain and discomfort reduced offer HM WM of Mountain Valley Water. H your doctor ha» diognoMd your condition CM functional Kidney Impairment lfil» natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it for a few weeki. tr k delkiou», pure-raiting, and may be consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division HoantainYilley J PAGE SEVBH "Say It With f/owt/s" Blythevilte FLOWER MART Memphl* aivir rhMM «*** PEVNEY'S EffiH Planning To Buy A New Car? Think first before you trade. Because K. C. Burnett has an outlet for 100 used cars each week, h* can give you a much bigger allow, ance for your car when you trad* for a new Hudson. Drive one— you'll like K. Yes, see the rest- then gel our bid—for cash or trade. Get More for Your Car at BURNETT HUDSON SALES ANNIVERSARY NT MISS 48th IVfKSAKY Uftf r rvffUt eight Indict cUtp, -fin* pleated h«m§, pastel that'• what your mon*y P*nn*y't Anniversary! luxury ... and reek, ir hoi a no-itarch perman. Standard length, pair wide. Every Day "Penney Values" The Sheerest of Sheer NYLONS .. . Gaymodes 60 Go., 15 Denier 149 Soft Spring Tones Al a New Low Price "Forever Yours" BRASSIERES Easy (o wash Nylon— In a figure flattering design.. .while, nude, A, B & C cups. "PENNEY VALUE" Means First Quality O t Lower Prices Big Mac Overalls, 8 oz '•, , .2.29 Work Suits, one piece. . . . .4.49 Painters Overalls . ... . ' ' '2^79 Work Sox, long wearing 25c Army Cloth Pants, grey & tan. .... . .3.98 Chambray Shirts it '. ( r 1.19 Mens Dress Shirts, Topflight . .1 98 Under Shirts, combed cotton 49 C Mens Shorts, white or fancy 69e Mens Briefs, combed cotton . .59c I' of first quality goods-day in and day out INFANTS' BIRDSEYE DIAPERS 2 00 pkg. Of 12 Soft-textured! Very absorbent! Fine quality! They'll lake plenty of wear! 27" x 27". BOYS' SPORT SHIRTS 00 1 Sturdy sanforized broadclolh! Longwearing! Tan, maize, green or blue! Front zipper. 4-16. Sew & Save with Penneys SUMMER FABRICS • Piques • Silvermoon Prints • Rayon Butcher Linen • Rayon Prints Motrreti Pads, full size 2.98 Marrresi Covers, innerspring 2.29 Chenille Spreads, 90x105 2.98 Nation Wide Sheer*, 81x99 ' . . 1.79 Marion Wide Sheets, 81x108 ! !l.98 Wash Cloths, fine quality Kfc Cheese Cloth, absorbent gc 4- GORE RAYON SLIPS 2 44 tmbroldtry himming! Ho* rayon crept) PocMs . . . 33 re 401 Str**r flyUfl N»w Spring prints) Flerali, rtripw, 4«Ht Sim 12 re 441 MATCHED TOWEL ENSEMBLES Thick thirsty loops. ..Close, even underwear*,. .Wide tape selvages.. .Clear Bright Colors... 53c—20x40 bath 37c—Ifix26 hand 2/29c—12x12 wash cloth 1 1.9

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