The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1946
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY 1!), 1'MO «s Explosion atal for Nine Workman's Pick Drives Hole in Pipe Causing Blast WAREHAM. Mass., July 10. JP>— Leaking ens touched off by JBIATHKVILU? (ARK.) .COUK1KU NEWS PAGE TIIREB Buchanans Sell Home; To Move to California Mr. nnd Mrs. Floyd Mlzell have inirchascd the home at 115 Bust Sycamore from Mr. and Mrs. w. C. Buchanan, who plan vn m'jve to California. Mr. and Mrs. Mlzel) will move no their home, within lira next few months. wa<1 hl intoslon Hint •, •*H Arkansas. 20th largest state in the Union, square miles. as an urea of 53,lC'i ncrl tndav for an rocked the Cnpe r rt.sojt coiiiimiiiUy of Onset, nolUhlng four buildings and lllng nine persons. Sixty-one other persons, mnnyor icm tourists who had come to ic Buzzards Bay Summer resort a vacation, were injured In ic blast. Thirty-one required lios- tnllintion. The dead included five men anrt nir women. Seven of the victims ere killed outright. T WO others ied later of Injuries. Dead were: Ciactano Rlx/uto. 41, Bclmon 1 ,. lass., who died at a Middleboro ospital last night, nnd Catherine to.uto. M, his wife; Cecil Barrett. iuy Rosullo, ocoi'cc Olbbs. Mrs. 'corge Iicalcl anil Johanna Hose II of Onset; William English. Fall vcr, Mass., and an unidentified oman. The blast rocked buildings with- a quarter mile area. Some o( ; victims were hurled into tho reels by the force of the explo- on, but the majority were killed collapsing buildings. Four buildings were demolished nd two others were damaged so adly they |,nd to be razed. The explosion occurred In front Christy's Spa. all iee crc:nn irlor and a favorite rendezvous the many Summer tourists. Officials said Ihe leak In the ens started when Cecil Barrett "e of the victims, drove a pick trough the pipe. Gas company 'orkers and firemen were sum- loned Immediately and the entire owntown area wus cvucunled and opcrt off. Shortly afterward, when Ihe dan- believed over, the ropes _ 'n down and curious shnp_ <TS and tourists poured into the re.i to sec what had happened, limites later the bliisb roared out "<i the walls of buildings crump- Many of the injured were 111:111- le<t badly. Too Late to Cfauiry Sammy Garner Heads Forty & Eight 4-H Club Sammy Garner is (he new president of the Forty mid Kljiht 1-11 Club, having been elected to this office in a meeting Monday when also mimed WLTC; Arlen Ixjit, vice president; Zcrcdit Welch, sccrelnry: Luru Mtic Smilh, reporte':; llarbara York and Lurii Mae Smith, song caiilatns. The session for 35 mcmbi"'i one leader present was pri'.sidc'd over by Ilic new presklenl, and Una Mile Smilh led singing. Slock judging was dt.scus.seci b> \V. O. Hn/flbukrr, assistant For Sale. Sheppard, farm labor »s-«8ci»t, discussed slock JudrJim ip captains' report, were ,,„(- 1 ln "\C. Tan, T" ,"" "" "'" UW until the next mcdli* be-!. 15 fc ' ">l>t«lns: lx>uU Huuhcs. cause it wus the (list day o( school 1 )IK eni'™»: Ralph Wiihl. calf cap- ami lirst club iiu'clliu; of the Sum- Rcecc 4-H Club Unit Holds July Meeting A meetlin! of the Kcece •!-!! Club was held Tuesday ivilli &yi)ll Uon- lon presldliu;. Sybil lieiiion U'd the croup of 1!1! members In sliiKliu;. Miss Cora U'e Coleman, homo clcmonslL'ntion ui;cnl. diseusscci the cultural nijcut. and recruiting of in- control of banwoinis on slnnhlx'ry bor for colton picking in:; Pull by W. O. lla/clbaker. nsslstu-.t county till; l.'fl.l Taylor's nr ..... I Snulli lll|.->iwiiy »»!,•. 1. nil, !h, K null !!v in 1'in-k. f ( ,r n-nl «-r PKirrurr nil Hoy (in.. I.AND Kllll SAI.K K>II n uirc lir,iiii> thi KIA1.KS l.AM) i'O. • III.IK.. ui.iiosllc Oily Unit For Kent '1'xie Hi 90H S. arch. Itl- Lost Sh:,.-[l,., rnmituiii Kr an'..,'. Itrwnnl. Cull Boys Wanted 13 Years and up to Cuddy at Klythcville Country Club Pleasant Work—Good Pay See WENDELL EATON Club Professional Ulythcvillc Country Club A $ 64 Question! Question: How much will it cost me to learn to fly? Answer: Yes, indeed, that is a $64 question but the answer is—$64. For a short time we arc offering you u guaranteed solo course for only $64. Enroll now and enjoy the thrill of flying a Piper Cub all by yourself. Passenger Rides $2.00 HOOD FLYING SERVICE STEWART FIELD Dial 2717 Highway !S Hast O« Mi'cl and OitcralrtI liy (ienc Iltnnl uinl Ktl. Slcwurt Stop Look Don't Turn This Page Until You Read! We Take This Means m Making a Report to You. Did you know that the DIX1K LAND SKKVICK & SALKK is one of the most complete one slip trading spots in the South? We have in slock, NOW, more liard-to-gcl merchandise than any store in this part of the country. Our Radio. Shop is one ot the hcst equipped shops in the South, with a man in charge that has serviced your radio for the past 15 years, and is hette;- equipped now to service you than ever before. We are Receiving a Weekly Shipment of Automatic Record Changers, Attic Fans, Gas Stoves, Radios, Refrigerators, Washing Machines A Complete Line of Household Appliances We would like to list here a few of the items that you will find at the DIXIELAND: We have 11 different brands of radios: RCA-Victor, Stewart-Warner, Majestic, Zeniths and many others. A COMPLETE LINE OF AUTOMOBILE APPLIANCES We are now making room, and will soon have, a complete line of Automobile Parts. We Are Expecting A Carload of Aluminum Boats Soon Drive out and look our store over soon. You wil! find a friendly service man to greet you and show you around. REMEMBER!—YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD AT THE DIXIE LAND CAFE IN CONNECTION GREYHOUND BUS STATION OPEN ALL NIGHT!— We hare thrown our keys away! ' All Brands of Cigarettes $1.33 PER CARTON Tax Paid. Radio Repair All Makes — All Models. All Work Guaranteed. DIXIELAND SERVICE On Highway 61 at Holland, Missouri Jack Holt in charge of radio department Ellis Poolc, Owner and Operator The Home of Courteous Service . tnln; Betty Jean Stalllnijs Ins »nd caimlnc caplaln; im'd Ha old Bum,. nouiiry ,„„,„!„ Hazel HUM wus ,.|eWd as M-I-- i-etury lo replace I MU Kt „ s.'i II- nss who K raduat,-«| n,| s v-u « ,. don, Ihe Wll , •„ ^ * HONORABLE DISCHARGES Kudolph M. lioi'.ers of son of Mr. and Mrs. H. (.'. Uoners, hus been discharged flmn (lie Navy at Uu- Kepiiratlon Center in New Or- lenns. llmd Courier News Wui>t Ads. Florida Driver Wins In Midget Auto Race ATLANTA, On., July 18. (UP>Wayne Wyim, Tainpn race driver, drove his midget car liome lr, front of "Lucky" rurnell, Montgomery, Ahi, last nlKht In a thrilling 20- la)i rnre thai fealured tho mld aulo riicluK prom inn at Uikcwooil Park, l.arry Vurler, Miami, Flu,, Was a close third. Wyim had the best qualifying,, time, 18.0 seconds for the one-fifth mile track, and beat Bud Swan-' son, Miami, by Inches on a match ' race that won him the Ted Edwards trophy. I/os Anneles. which covers 4518«7 square miles, Is Uic largest city area In the world. Blytheville, Ark., July 14 Mr. Harry Fritiius City Dear Mr. Fritiius:—A group of friends who read your weekly letters in the Courier feel that nothing wo read anywhere gives facts that every man, woman and child should know, as clearly or as fearlessly and as understandable as you do. We have talked with others in almost every walk of life and almost every one we talk with feel thcsamc as we do. Many read your letters who, as a rule, do not read the editorials. We feel that you ought to write more, but we know that you arc spending more money now in order to get these facts before the people than most people would. We know that you have a good business and all ot us buy everything we can at your store. Wo want you to know that we enjoy trading, with you too. We don't believe that there is another merchant in town who docs more for his customers than you do. We also want to thank you for getting good things that we can't buy anywhere else. We believe that you arc a square shooter and do just what you say you will. Well, to get down to cases we have talked this thing over and we feel that as Americans we want to help you pay for more of these letters. They have made up fifty dollars ($50.00) and have asked me to write you this letter and send you this money to use to write an extra letter or two about anything you want to. >Now let me explain why we are not signing our names. We had intended to sign them and arc not afraid to. Here's why we didn't. We discussed the matter and some were afraid you wouldn't keep the money. This way I would like to sec you return it. We want you to know though that if the time ever comes when you want us to stand and bo counted as you said in one of your letters, you can count on every single one of us and a whole lot of our friends, too! We all want to take this means of again saying "thank you" and may God bless you. We will sign this poorly written letter simply A group of American Citizens who love America and most of us served in the last war or the First World War as I did. .The Momliiy's "l''nnn IMo to You" li-llcr wilt be (U'diritU'd lo (he yrmip of American cili/cns who wrote (he aliove letter and pinned it to two ^ood American Twenty Dollar Kills and one on. The Monday's letter on O. I'. A. wus written last week hut l)ecansi> of its leu^Ui wniild not fit into the hud^et and tlttis would not liave tieeit pulilislied hurl it not hecn for these K""il friends nl mine, whoever and wherever Ihey he. It's one tiling lo say "I'm for you 1 ()()'/. Let's spend YOUIt money until it nirts," hut it's <|iiile another Ihintf lo s»y "Wt'rc for you. Let's spvnd OUI{ money until it hints!" You need not ha\e hesitated to sipi your names —1 wouldn't have returned (he monev. No—there is too much that needs saying nnd NOW. If people like this Kiotip of ex-service men and others will read those letters and feel thai Ihey are worth while lo the extent I hat they are willing lo l*ay for them voluntarily, I assure you that every cent will he spent for space IN ADDITION TO THAT USKI) NOitiMAL- LY IN MY WKKKLY AD. 1 also pledge thai I'll write just as much in my rcRtilnr From Me lo Yon letter as (he old hud^c! will allow. May 1 say a.s you have, a simple THANK YOU to i< uroup of buddies who have thine more than K an ex Ira column or so printed. You have encouraged your writer more than you will ever know! And may 1 also say as did yon MAY (iOI) 11LKSS YOU. Watch this same space Monday for another extra letter made possible by the above $50.00. The fifty—"Why Kid Ourselves Longer"—you won't want to miss this one. FR1TZIUS "Always Something New" SATURDAY SPECIALS Skz/Uiii; hot .suininnr <l;iy.';. [icnsplriil Inn. ilnst. wilted iilulhinu', tired, hot, tempers on otlfic, utid [ih-h-li-h! A riiol Itlb or shower, perfect relaxation, eools your blood, yon reach for u tuwt-l — —- -Where the !?'&X5% lite the towels? Whnl? No clciin lowchiV Then why don't yon [set the .t'.'c—("( down lo I-'ltrrVMUS an:l buy n .supply? Towcls-towels-towcls-blK towels—little towel:;- medium Klv.c towRtfi, soothinR solid colors or sp;irkUnn while. Fleldc' ruitl Cannon this one day NO LIMIT. Prices 35c; C2c; 70c; B9c; 09c; $1.13 nnd $2.25. (I know It's Imd psychology to mention HI.ANKKTS alter heating you up in the proceeding puniKraph Inil some of days before IOIIR you're [;oiiu; lo he snylnf; li-r-r-r! I'm frce«ln£, gel me Rnothcr blanket won't you honV Whiit, no more blnnkcUs? Why in the I ;•;>?"<> didn't yon buy blankets from l-'rllzins l;u.t summer while you could ^ct. 'cm. Mrs. Whor>/it next door laid In a supply! There's n wife who thinks ahead. Why llir bliinkcty- blank can't yon be smart oticn in a while. It's loo late now. No one lifts blankcUs for sale. Alright «ct me some newspapers. Another cold winter—and keep your cold feet oil my back loo, d'ye understand?) ' Don't wait. Look all over town. Sec how many cotton or 57/j lo 25% wool blankets you'll find. Wait until this fall nnd you won't find any! We have already .sold our complete Kicldcrest quota and then some. We begged for all extra blankets and all b'.'.nkcts tho other 34 southern richlcrcst dealers didn't take. It took nerve, but we got blankets. Any dealer will Icll you Dial Ihe late Ol'A had cut the dealers profit on coltmi and f>% wool blankets to the bone in order to absorb tlic given the manufacturer. This is another service to the people ot Hlythcvillc. We i;ot the blankets for you. Ask any one who knows what they t'-.lnk of Marshal Fields Ficldcrcst blankets. They're the tops. This may be your last chance! We linve sold literally hundred:, of I''ieldcic:,t blankets in recent weeks. You should -sue in our "lay-away" department. It's crammed full of blankets nlicady. A lot of people arc playing Bmarl. Arc you? There will be no limit on blankel.s Saturday! Here they arc: (All Fieklcrcst) "Pinto" Colton Gaily Colored Indian Blankets Each S'J.SS Pure White Cotton (Ilarci Sheet Dlankcts Each $2.66 "Draper" Fine American Cotton. Double. 10x80 Pair $2.08 "Kent" 57» Wool. Salln Uuuirl. Double. 70x50 Pair $3.!>8 "Virginia" 5% Wool. Extra Heavy. Hulln Hound. 12x81 Pair $S.77 "Orccnway" 25% Wool Heavy Double 7'Jx81 Hatin Bound ;>atr $7.50 BLOUSES BLOUSES BLOUSES BLOUSKS BLOUfiliS Ladles: We have no doubt that we have Hie finest array of really nice blouses in town. Most arc Fine Sheer Ninon. All arc "different." They're the kind that do .something to yon. You kno\v. they give you that certain look that every woman expects In a really nice blouse. Among these fine blouses you'll find such as these: Ninon. Daintily luce trimmed. Smart contrasting narrow bluck rlhlxm Inscrlcd In neck and cuffs ending In graceful lies. $4.!JO Ninon. Frilly Jablx) Fronts. Ix>w Tie necks. Very becoming. $3.75 Ninon. Clenulne "Itobcrla Lynns" styled by liar Roda. Only $3.30 Ninon. Soft Creamy Tinled. l.ow neck. Mulching tics $3.U:i Ninon. Sheer White with clmstc low square peasant neck. Either Mulching While or Bally colored embroidery $3.15 Krlnklo liayon Crepe. While smartly tnilorert '..$3.50 Hhiukskln. While. Tailored over slws up to -111 $3.75 Dotted Swiss. Dainty nnvy or red designs. Low draw neck $2.D. r ) AND MANY OTHERS. MEN'S. YOUNG MEN'S AND HOYS' SOCKS. You'll find exclusively the famous Sprlngfool S|>ort Sox for boys from fi lo (10. (You can get these docks in Memphis only at Oak, Mall. In Blylhcvlllu only at Frit/ins.! 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