The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1949
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNK 23, 1949 BLVIHEV1LLB (ASK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THKBB teds Sugarcoat lltimate Aims Conspiracy Trial Jury Hears of Plan To Bring Reforms Hal BoyU'tf Coliww— Mammoth Flesh and Modern Man's Errant Ways Intrigue Science Artist NEW YORK, June . (a>> — A >hysici»n was named yesterday to examine William Z. Poster to see if the Communist Party national ilrman is able to give a depoei- for use in the Communist con- racy trial. Pederal Judge Harold R. Medina luthorized Dr. Henry A. Riley to examine poster. The action came ifler Mason Bigelow, attorney ap- sinted to lake the deposition, had »id that Poster's physician had reported his patient was too ill to be uestioned. Poster was indicted with the oth- c H pavty leaders on trial. But he * f as granted a severance because he has a heart ailment. Eugene Dennis, a defendant, told he court that oFster "is anxious to commence the deposition and I believe he will do so if his physician concurs." Another defendant testified rue-sday that American communists qi:it seeking a revolutionary government 10 years ago. Gilbert Green, Illinois chairman of the paity, said the change in police come at a 1938 party convention. At that lime, the idea of a "Peo- Iple's. or democratic front govern- |ment,' : ws.s advanced as the new [goal, he said. "This represented a chance lagaitist the prior police of establishing a workers' revolutionary (government in Ihe form of Soviet |power," Green lestified. He told a federal court jury that By Hal NEW YORK OP)—Tired of tiling the same old things? Want » new flavor thrill? Then why not try some tasty marrow from a woolly mammoth aged for 10,000 years in nature 1 * northern icebox? You'll never forget it. Charles R. Knight has remembered the sensation for 25 years. He is an artist famous for his pioneering paintings of prehistoric life. "About a quarter of a century ago, the American Museum of Natural History got some bones and from a woolly mammoth, h-apped In the Alaskan Ice perhaps 10,000 yeart before," he recalled. "We were curious as to what il would taste like, so we tried some of the marrow. It tasted exactly like rancid grease." Nobody asked ior a second helping. Knight feels he was luckier than some Russian scientists who dined on the flesh of another woolly mammoth caught long ago in the Siberian deep freeze. "They got awfully sick." he said All the world's a graveyard to this 14-year-old artist, who perhaps as much as any one man has help ed the pas t come alive. Since 18»* he has specialized in painting pre historic men and animals, and h was the first to do so scientificall —based on reconstructed fossils. His large-scale murals hang in kxen well-known natural history useum* acroas the country, and work was collected by such na- ure lovers as the late J. P. Moran, Governor Pinchot °* P*nn- ania, and Historian Charles A. rd. His fifth book, "Prehistoric Man," soon will be published. the party's present aim is to wi gradual economic reform and clalism by peaceful means, not force or violence. Green and 10 other U.S. Rec leaders are accused of conspiring advocate the forcible overthrow the government. His SS-year study of Ihe earth i it was in the days of the dino- aurs has convinced him modern .an doesn't have too much to brag bout. Ancestral mart has existed for perhaps a million years," said •Cnieht, "but he didn't assume his iet;t manlike shape until the Cro-Magnon Man of Europe, some 30.000 years ago. "And the Cro-Magnon was just as-good a man as we are, mentally and physically. The Cro-Magnons averaged S feet 9 inches tall, but some were 6 feet 3 or 4 inches. You could bring a Cro-Magnon man to New York city today and after you had shown him a few wonders, he'd be able to get along all ri{?ht." He'd be able to appreciate television as well as the next cliff dweller. Knight is convinced that mankind's biggest defeat is his failure to develop spiritually. "With all our advantages we haven't advanced spiritually, as we can and should and must," he said. "I don't think that spiritually we are beter tthan Cro-Magnon. •'Confucius, Christ, Mohammed— these and other messiams have told us a thousand times what to do. We know what to do—but we don't do it. "I don't know what to make of modern man. He throws away his possibilities. He is a deliberate fool MauM Minister He Will Drop Lawsuit KANSAS CITY, June 23. MV- The Rev. Bib J. Hough, pastor of the Third Presbyterian Church here, said today he plans to drop t $30,000 damage suit filed against the Rev. Kenneth J. Brejler of Fairfax, Mo. The Kansas City mlniiler filed suit, asking for damages for personal and mental Injuries, follow ing an argument between the two at Bressler's home In Fairfax. Mr Hough alleged he suffer a broken nose when -truck by the pastor of the Pair fir Methodist Church. Hough said he was accepting "Mr. Bressler's apology as contained in a letter addressed to me by the prosecuting attorney of Atchison County, dated June 14." He added he did not feel that a minister should cling to a spirit of vengeance. "At first I did require vindication," he commented, "but I believe now I am doing the right thing." The argument followed plans ol a couple to be married by Mr. Hough in the Methodist Church at Fairfax. On June IS Mr. Bressler pleaded \illty to a charge of common assault and was fined $23 In magis- rate court. The U. S. mail Is handled In more han 40.000 railroad stations in the United States. England's Union Leaders Bid for Greater Powers UDNDON, June 23. (flV-The powerful Trades Union Congress, 8,000,000-member backbone of Britain's labor movement, complained today that workers are not getting a loud enough voice In nationalized Industries. A leader of the Influential ship- Builders and Engineers Union said the nation's vital dollar drive is failing. Two more unions demanded pay raises. A speaker at 'he Municipal Workers Union conference said socialization has put Die gas industry In an "appalling condition." The Trades Union Congress (TUC) heard a report at its monthly meeting that "several unions have noted weaknesses in the eon sultallve machinery" by wlilcl workers get a voice In operation o Industries taken over by the Cocial 1st government, a government la bor put in power. Building trade workers at a con ference in Porthcawl, Wales, mad an appeal for more wages. "We be Ueve we are entitled to an Increas of wages," said union leader I-e McGree. "Bearing in mind the cos of living, It will not cause infla on." Post office workers at Blackpot ecided to make an immediate de vier County to Vote igain on Wet-Dry issue DeQUEEN, June 23. (/?>— A s|>eclal ocal option for Sevler County was rdwcd today by county Court iidge K. E, Doss Ior Tuesday, July S. Judge Doss ordered the election ollowing receipt of petitions from sufficient number of citizens" endorsing legal sal* ot liquor in the :ounty. Sevier county has been "dry" fol- oiving a special election two years toosterx Aid Fishermen D/f Coast of Tasmania HOBABT, Tasmania —(/p) —You lave to know your dogs and roosters .0 go fishing off the south-cast coast o[ Tasmania. They help you to ejid your way through reefs close to shore. D. V. Button told about the helpful dogs nnd roosters at a Returned Soldiers League Congress. He uskeci the Congress to campaign for small lighthouses on the Tasma- nlnn coast. He said that if Inshore fishermen knew Die back of Bll Smith's dog. the bark of Bill Jones Girls' State Delegate Guest of Kiwanis Club Kiwanlans yesterday heard a report from their delegate to Girl's State, Miss Pnlsy Joan Itayncs, at their weekly luncheon meeting in Hotel Noble yesterday. Guests at the meeting Included Judge Charles W. Light, Piuagould; Bill Harrison. New York City, and Elmer Stone, Wayne Lewis. Elijcrl Johnston and Dr. B. F. Scott. There are more than 8,000 scheduled mail trains eveiy day In the United States. maiul for "at least 15 shillings (S3) n week" for their 40.000 union members. There are 89 Certified Members of Our 100-Bushel Club In Arkansas! Top ISMS Yield 1M Hit. Per Acre, Certified! See your G-Hybrid Dealer OWENS TRACTOR CO and the crowing of a fwr eri, then they knew wher* Uw eefs were. Another speaker told how th» ar veterana came into the prob-; m. The trouble, he said, ta thai oung ex-servicemen fl>hena*a do ot know which dog l» which. ', Service — That't Out Motto! We spare no effort to providing an £XTRA everyday prwcrtpttQD service which means extrt convenience to vou PwJ tree on us at any time Prompt it very service Phon* 501, WOODS DRUG STORE —the worst kind of a fool." But Knight thinks there is little use for man to trust that nature will bail him out of the trouble he Is getting himself Into. He will destroy himself unless he returns to more spiritual ways. He's a goner. "Nature never helped any anima out of a hole. She won't help man out either. And he has problem, just like any other animal." 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