The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 13, 1947
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JUNK 13, 1047 BLYTlTEVIT>T>r; (ARK.) COURIEKNK\VS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION P.*,','.* "'* "" BM ' Or «°"»«tl». I* EeitlODa: MJKtuiuia Ohftrci in* 1-l!tt. p« r lint ~ JsJ » ttao. per llu« Mr tti ~~~ iSJ 3 times per Una fit Oav o« 8 ttujes j>er ll.« ixr 4»j ?i la times per line Mr d.j ~~~I" £c Mouth ner line -. $OC Couut five »ver»««"«r<ifdi"io"lhi"llii«. Ad ordered for three or «Jx tlmci »nd «"l']i<tl tciore will b« cbuz- ed for the uuuiter of tlme-a the ad appeared aud adjustment of bill All Classified Advcrt|.,'.ng coyy aab- mlttcJJi.y persons roBiillnu outside of the .t mw be tiJRily computed Jron (lie «boT« AilTortlsUif cider for IrrejoUr lour- llona lakes the ona time rit« Ko lenooiislbllllj «lll IB takn for •me tlmij oua Incorrect iniartloB «f KDT rFBBElflcJ Bi. For Sale iMy property in (Jarulhers- villc, oorm-r Sixth & Highland. Alary K. Joplin Clark lily thuvi lie, or telephone :')!() (.'iirnthersville. 6 •! pk 7 4 for Safe -r RUO aliot. <ll««pji«ar inalmllv w]i»a odorleil Fina Foam Is ust'd Deals 1'alnt A Wallpaner Store 6|2S-ck-0!28 'iVt galloQ counter Jce Cream frtv/i'r with 00 jrallou storage, eleclrjc m*at slicor. 1'bune »7 II 1.. Kln«. Manila, Ark. 6!|3 r'ive Lurrier Florence oil pookstm- 'hirkas^Yba, 1'h. ^021. Wirulow (iin. Call 3091. .Spencer llwiltli, Slj-U. and Coiii/ni-l. X'i I'lji'rry. I'liDlK SOOI. JJ inrh wijulow I. mil nil li'KS. 1IIH :'luiiiii Wli liter 0 ti'l I-|ll; 1 I '/, lirnulnr fram.'.l > |, sirri-l. 11 1,1 11 10J5 lluick S'll SOS. _ ______ Ilii: wnli-r l:ink. Iniiiulrv ^lovt> with fit- liniss. (!lu-iu>. rii. rijiirj. i li Si\.ruiiij] iiulili-rii lining. Imr.liK rlns,. in. ('fin In- (iii.-iiir...]. T Imvo soiiu- I'lillllil^rcial I.TIIJ, I.HMCillllS, KIT \V. .M,,i,,. A few used show cases and flat top display (ulik'H and shelving. J. jMi'U iirook; •Jr., 107 Kasl Main St. u-ek-ir. I'llOllO Sll. (> 2 Ck tf x< -" l'."rf.-< cnnkMin,,. l) v ,. r (-,:, I", foul hunt run) trailer. SlOft.on li'n-l.k-17 r.ntl hunl run) trailer. ? 100 01) [iiini UttiU'iH. \^ tt ,l L , Auuj S;,l liny, lil North. I'liuii.. :17.H5 1'lie famous hraii'l of Goulds KjL'flru: ))iini])s are now a\';iilal)le af Planters Hardware Co. in :{5(i ti> 1000 Kallons per liour eapacily. Let them install one for .viiflrtomorrow. 0 ok 11' ; Hal I cry-fed fryers. Average 2 H»s. Jirs. U. I,. Maxwell, R1 - '- lj! i)k l(i IJivo Hiinii-tliiiiK you don't necill Trftilo or M-ll ll nl Kwnu Shop. il» K Main. I none ,H.,5. 4!30-ck.l[ ll'inl liililli.-r. flif-l 1'I liy t!. lli'iivy ihi liliii'Ls ^^•Jllkl•r II KIIM Mnin Si. f.i -'•I inrh vi-inilntr dm. ", In, 111 ( r i!ii•>il mill nn li>t:s. 11IS W.'s! \sli SH--.-I I'll.mi- :rjr,-i ;,fi,, i; ,.m Ftllt SAI.K: Moil,, il' iiil Ncluxil Dun. ' > '^ «••»«'• fi'^-ck-tf !'« D ture tnr n 1'lione- 889. I' . i-'.'.ll.nil T.rini lo iu-ri-s S. ,>f tin. ns.. uii!i l, al li :i l,|, l( 'ks ' Irani "I""?! n-i-l. I'rli-i. i< i-iulil. ' , in »-!.,. witli „ Im IT >-.. ' ,1 Innil. \V<, linve 1 as low ns J1.K1U.. Hiil:un:i. U-sa tlinii nl.-r,-.-li..i i,, S.-1IIIIK luring on ,iiy |.n>|,,,rly and f.irin liinil^ Innu ..f |ir>- niiyiiK-nt. S.-,-" or .Mil l.n- lli.-T (;i-. 1r ,Vi.alliir. I'll,,in- -.1-1 ..r H,-rl l:i,si •"nli'Ml-.. I'luini. linns, n'o Ollil-0 vvhli MurilSr Williams. I.I S H.'Jlnl. SI. | Ituyn! |u>rtalili- Ij in-ivrilor ci,ml ill,in. I'lKiiiL- :U>9I. I Frnin cnnvcuicut li> f>Mh. Mrn tlu:l \V. Minn, riionti -III';!. I Hafjy C' h i c k s. Hlaylock Halolu-ry. I'hone :J172. N. Hwv. (il. <i It pk 7 11 ." :.,i,, •.,,..!; n.oI M.I.I., land M r:n on -•-•...i r I. • .,:! :ll1ll -, I 1,I|S II.M' lan'.l' in I'lillivnli'.i'u. ^!> '.,-,-.'•.. li'ni- 1..T 1,11.1 ii|.Lin,i .Ml fi-iu.-d :ui.l i-i-i-^s f,'..,.,l. S|.iinir. mill iminii .mil run: in- nnl.-r. Hum,, nrrlianl. 'I loom h..,,-. ..Il, >.,,n ,,,,,,!,!,. Iniill-in hu'n-i-. "immil'i-r ' hmin-. 'lii-n' I'ri,-,' .f!i r.nii ;.s :ii-v.- Mo.-!; frirm on i;rrivfl ronil, liniil :in,l ^. bn^ rinili-.^ .1111! iiinvor lin, . < il.. [o |,;ivi-<l lii^liwny. I ^ mil.- to l':ir:iti>.ll.l. [),'.-|i vv.-ll. ' I. litl- . lu I.- . . 1 ..... 1 in ••uliin.-t.;,. :,ll»rli,..l L' . I. iii-ire sluck liitililinirx. Oll' L-rrll,>r inn.I lilail Mliil M'ln'ol lull I",', :i,r.^ ,.S ,-nt1ivafioii. ;. :n-v.,i 1h,i- !,. - '.V,,,.'•. in.l i.ninl,. -I roiini h..ii-.'. :. rnnlS linn-,, and Mnall l.-niilil | ; ,,u-.-. l.-iii;,, l,arn. 1'ric,- .$21.nil(l. .-I :,,!-• fnrrt. I4n a.-r.-> fin,-r.l and ,r.> f.-ii...!. ion a.-ros Imll-im land L -,.r..l iii.-i-,-li:niUlil.- liinlipr. IK nrr,,* I :i,,il i:irin,-irv. I •_' x \'l linmnliT mill an-! f I sli.-.l. I'ri.'o Sr.'.CIOO. lili,.' "l>iiisterril inlp Mil, ..... I. C,iu 1,,, (11 Slinwn liv ii|i|iiiinliiii'iil only Ki'! Cull Mm I.HKHII i!n:n (, r .'rii! 1 orn, l.yni-l, Illilx. CII2 , For Rent Late /^OE-C!S — AH Clean! 1 941 -1 942 Morfci Cars 19^6 Model Trucks N'o vacation is t'nn \vln';i \v!;cii y,,ui' are i-i»\( iiuially hiiviii-; auto UviiMt-. Tr;!,l,, (<'•.,( ..M ,-,,,- j n ,,„ ., ,. ( . ;l |]y Kood iii(<--ii!'): 1 (0 iivcil <•;•!• :,l Pliillip.-'.. \\'<> imw liiivo :m hand a niii-bir r,f \v; I! !:rpl , .--ir.nnili 1911-1'.]!:: tlln,!,! |l;.--.'|.|l.r,n. ,..,,. s .,,„] |,), Lriicks. ,. e Sure : i Of Getting Brack? Buy From P h5S tips P M,OTOR COMPANY Waliuit. at— lilytlievilte, Ark.-«~T'el. 45:1—3715 Wonted to Buy 5-1!) II ,1 .•! I'.lnj :• a'nd '[ . '•!< iiti'l rii,|iiini: ^i,ir, "-ii,', i Olltl |,1, 7 I Cash im wrecked or junk aiitiiiiinliiics. Wadt Auto Siilvum-, North Hiway (II. I'hone KTSfi. T> .'id |ik !i : Loans lledniom. Ph. 952, 106A. F. Mt\fn. t-'rnrtt lie.! room, rrmvoiiltnl In Men only. 003 \V. Mnin, pLon 's'"Frank'lii'i. ' i)ed room, convenient to tath. 3325. 81 I W. Main Hedroom 31* V. Bib. Ph. Close in. 810 Vf Wnlrnit Tivo r<»<iHi furrki.Otoil nprtrttnotH lilKiT. r.lfi H. Knmklin. Il-iik-is Wanted to Rent nr 4 rootn furnlsTtcd or ui.tarni ^h > rriueiit. Host of \Vnt W.L.l>. o!o C'ourior Nciv-a. 1 or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone 3509. 4-23-dh-lf Position Wonted 1 triilriR. Sliirloy nurtiani. I'linir or :iltt:l. r.iio rk-r f.n s:ilf. l.itikr A; Announcing 'S ELECTRIC SHOP • House Wiring • Farm Wiring • Repairs PAinc 2397 500 N'nrlli Slh Street Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil All Work Guaranteed Your Business Appreciated We Deliver Meats Groceries Pasteurized Milk Swift's Ice Cream Sweet Cream Food Lockers —Meat Curing— We Make Sausage Frozen Foods Main at 21 a| St. Phone 2602 LADIES Do Your Wnsh Automatically And Save! 35c up to !) Dry \yeif(ht We Furnish Soap Dlench S'lilninj; Free! THE Washerette Crosslown—!\Iain Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. Place clothing in Hendix 2. Add soap, wait or shop 3. Take clothes home in 35 minutes. Monday, Vnesduy, Friday Open till 9 p. m. on Serr/cci „, ,,, : , I1V1 .,, :il ,d r.-|,aii- sour lav, n | > IM ^'< '^ ll: ' (V ' '" I"' 11 '"'' 1 ™'- "^ MONKY TO LOAN l)o you need a loan to or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tape. FHA approved rale 5%. Ask fo.- detuilH. Ma* Ix>g«n, ReJiltor, phone 203 i. Lyiieti For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 Diaron Cpry :-,i ! f ON. Mr. illl'i --Df-nrivi AGENCY Glcncoc Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Asfi St. I •^'CKSJSESSJMTSBBT iwiiES Come to U-DO-ST LAUNDRY and do your f:itnilv wash on. our modern lUAYTAO MACHINES. Open 1 A. M. . . . Cldso , r ,:;i() p. HI. C!oso Satnviiuy at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. ;{!!:: North 2nd S tree I |R SALE Concrete Blocks a Wofcr Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile . cind CULVERT CO. . . it ftjs 111,- UTitllirl 1 Hi:.! ]Uis![i(m('(lj PAGE 'We Gi/nrnnfee J RECAPPING | with ! Speeds work— saves money— helps formers gef qualify; work tt Proinpl delivery. « Concrelo ilc.livotod to nny .jol) which i;; accessible to our trucks. O "Mix" accurately proportioned for r/oiii job. o Full Ktren|',(li, rrlinhilily mul iiiiiforniily in every load. c l.el us (jiiolo you on this economic:!! way In build. If you need help we ciui put yon in touch with co'iindcnl nml-.sclors.- & Company "Ready Mix Concrete" Building Materials South 10th St. Pliono 3531 Hawldnson Trends «! — Let Your Next Tires Be I GENERALS I Cost More — Worth More'' E ROADS! But be sure your car is in A-1 condition before you leave. Drive it In here for a service job that'll assure you o summer-fill 'of driving pleasure. Just Recei A hiri'V >'.Mi>in<>n< of lirjiiul now Chovni'et (uol rHiiiill). Nn\v i,-'. I In 1 lime to restore; t.hjil: "new r:ir" jiiTi'oi'mnnrt' with ;i "ni'\v" Cliovi'iilct online. LOT FSCH vLi ^^ i t£, H ^ li CHEVROLET CO. XVrrrluM.i Pliono 578 M Hr. Kcrvtce K,-ilM-,lln R Tlr« MODINGER TIRE CO. ; llfi K Main J/ri'sh S Ciuiriiiilooil Host 1'rlcoH J Kirby Drug Siores ''"*' AS A NATURAL AID POR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Hiv.ll hlocid ]>rc.ssliri' :i:;.'iii(''iiil|,|l wiill lildrcy ell 1 ;!';,':!: ly. Km- 7;> yriirs Uni'lnr;; IKIVI- |inv.<-i'ilj:-il lhi:i niiu- iil \vjitiT Iruin Ilnl .S|iiini!.',, Ark. I'mv l:islui'; . . . CROSSTOWN V/HISKEY SHOP Main iii.d Uivi-lnii tllyllirvllln, Ark. AST OR ? CSOOD?" You rcmcnilMT (In- rrniarl; of iiic wlinn tlin cnslouicr lold him hr \\:inli'd a ;viri(| haii-cni—in ien niinutos. Tlio s.-mio is I he ci^i' hi <-:ir vpair . . . \\v in-jilt- oiir- .Sl>l\t'K ill Ill-ill!; <>l |it-lc:rl, |';i-.t ;|till I 1II in HI'•! I, lull W O rannol afl'oi'il In IHIITV I lii u;ij;'i ; . i,,i,'mii', j-ivinn it. our lirsl. KiT,vni!i"i- ihis vix n 'your car i: in oiir shop lor repair :,tut \vi>'!] sa1i:--!V you wilh a iol> done i-it'iH! LANGSI0N-WR01E! K Sales & Service RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All rypc.i Rirspt Cancer] DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic. 614 Main, lllvllx vlllc, Arl:., fhonn ?.<n\ DON EDV/ARDS '"rtie Tyjii-HrlliT Man" ItOVAl,, HM1TK, COUO^'A Knil KKiMINr.TON PORTARLR iiw N. sr:c;oNi3 ST. PHONK S3»a <Kvcry Trnwil-Unn MUST F!R 8ATISPACTOKY) I A a« EAY CO. Radios and Heaters Wholesale und Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 '*"+".+~.*~+"+"+"+r^ " " >! I I Save 50% Chopping Expense i I I >; riant Chemically DelinH'd, Fn//.-Frcc COTTON SKRI) $ >: Save Money—f> (n 10 Mis. per Acre. Any corn, pea orljl >; hean phnlrr will plant Uicse smooth, slick col Ion seed. >; $ Can he plowc'il f> lo (1 days after planting. >; >; IJOWDICN -till _ STONKVn.I.K 2C — T> I' & L 14 '!' OYBEAN CORP.I fihat iv.js ^ .wei^^ :fxHV./faef. /.c^M^T park a while at //•/",' - Jll5i ' or all riaht. Pri.'Citb n::« sniff/ing ttis afternoon.

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