The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1949
Page 8
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PAOT EIGHT BLYTHBVILLB (ARK.y COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1949 New Home Designs Evolving Buyers Dictating Changes in Style ;, Of Architecture By Divld G' Bareulher (Written for Associated 1'rcss) , A hew style of architecture is t evolving for the American home. Unlike the creation of new frills * of fashion by Paris, ihis style is . being dictated by the preferences A of the people who buy and build * homes. , It Is a growing style, making use of new materials and equipment without striving to be freakish, re,; taming without siavlshness proved '» and tested Ideas from the rich I* heritage of the past. 1 In short, this style is a composite * of the best of the old and the best of the neiv. YOU can see it ; In new homes from coast to coast. It opens the way for the widest ' range of Individuality and oriBin- .. a illy, it Is tending to keep build. ing costs down through simplifica- ". tlon, rather than adding to costs ', through affection. jJ Architects wiio specialize In de'* signing houses for widest sales ap: peal say their work is based' on an equilateral triangle of design, cost and public acceptance. Their ; job is to keep those three factors ._ In proper relationship. I A design mat proves costly dis- J torts that triangle and the house i becomes hard to sell. Excessive / building costs can cramp design. * Public acceplance, affected by lo- 5 cation, equipment and various sales '? features, hinges directly on both * cost and design. ^ • * • , " Some urchuecls •'frequently have -. tried to dictate theoretical styles 'it for the American home. Some stud- •t led the classical, others worshipped \ r traditional, and several championed ,'* purely functions! Ideas, Grecian 13 find Roman columns and arches de- Y corated American homes for genera;;. tlons. The cape cod collage, with if sharply pitched roof to she snows, ^ ^as copied at needless expense In (S southern California. Flat roofs of .? adobe homes, that never * bore the [I weight of snow In the. southwest, £3 were borrowed for so-called Spanish "'( and modern styles In the northeast. l\ And "machines for living" , were ,t talked of 'i Home buyers, in general, -went V their own way, adopting what ,£ they liked They often would say 'i they Canted "a house that looks ( * like a house." But it had to be J modern. New Englan'd: settlers on ^ the Pacific coast took eastern Ideas 'i »long with them. .Westerners mov- rt Ing east took'California Ideas with i them - •':,-, | The > result is a growing nn- ? tlonal .style of urchelicture that f Imds patios and terraces in Ihe * hills of Pennsylvania, corner wln- ^ doss In loaa and Kansas, small- ''» paned colonial-slyle shop windows £ serving as picture windows along '^ the Guf coast and Puget Sound. £ A Long Island archllecl, Rudolph '*• A Malem of Jamaica, recently J completed an 11,000-mtle canvass S. of new home building centers In ( « western states. Coming back with ^ more than 400 photographs of Ideas i; that might be adapted in eastern ~ homes, he wag strongly Impressed ' A by the growing new slyle in home Jj design. | 'This style Is not being evolved •'•through architects' abstract * dreams," he said, "but directly . across the salesman's desk. Home buyers—contrary to nil polls—are voting in their own slyle of domestic architecture." This observer said the most sur_ prising discovery to him .was the * extent to which builders of the . west coast have adapted eastern de' tails of design. * "It was Interesting.- loo, to see , how much the midwest and the * east have utilized west coast Ideas, Small Out!ay for Roof Repa'n May Prevent Big Bills Later liy BOB SCHAUFP Written for XKA Service Your roof will take a beating this winter and give you plenty of trouble. A little preparation and a small expenditure right now can mean in repair bills First Inspect the roof thoroughly. Perhaps It needs only a cleaning or a few minor repairs to make 'It invulnerable to wind, rain snow and ice. But if a major fault exists, suUstantiol saving later on. Slipping beneath th« shingles o patch" cut from ospholt roofinn. ' call in an expert for advice. Check gutters first. Make sure that nothing blocks the free pas- fhoroughly, too, and the ground Inspected where he leaders enter, If their connection to the drnln Is plugged up, trouble will result. The drain will then back up the water and when this freezes the leaders will burst. Roofs of all types should be Inspected for loose or broken roofing New pieces or underpatches should be Inserted promptly. Curled, dried-out or split shingles may be perfectly tight during .heavy rains, but may not prove weather- light in bllz/ards. The time to re- shlnglc Is before snow starts. Metal roofs and flushing of copper or lead my crack or open up because of Ihe frequent strains of expansion und contraction. If flashing Is pointed at masonry Joints with a mastic or caulking compound' a (putty-like wafer- proofing material), repoint where! this has dried out, run out or cracked. One small device for a roof, the .snow-guard, is perhaps Ihe most useful In preventing damage to sage of water. Repair any open lr!1 ders an:! gutters. Snow-guards joints or breaks to prevent water, m ay be installed on roofs wilh- from seeping through and causing leaks inside the house. Next, look over the gullers for bends or sags, Where the gutters are secured to the roof or the cornice with hangers, be sine the hangers are firmly attached to the building. 'YOU can get new hangers at your hardware store. , A gutter set too high In relation to the edge of the roof may cause every snowslide to be blocked. It should be set Just below a line continued from the roof slope so sliding snow will jump the gutter. The loaders must be cleaned , „ ;such as roof overhangs r>nd walls affectation." of glass."The comparative luck of extreme modern design Impressed him. '"The.general Impression," he said, "is-'that although extreme architecture In small homes of the west Is probably double thnt 111 the cast, the proportion there of so-called modern design to more or less conventional is only about 4 per cent." Matern. found the far west's herl- lago of New England colonial Ihcmcs. Long Island 'and Pennsylvania farmhouses, freely Interpreted to meet local buyers' demands lor larger windows, terraces and patios, and deeper roof overhangs. "We already have seen the west- ;rn ranch house, Its low arid ram- aling lines, and its accent on .outdoor living, borrowed and adapled to midwest and eastern climatic conditions," he said. "Now it Is safe to predict that the greater roof overhang of western designs will be widely adapted across the continent." This architect also predists that Lhe Influence of the west in Uitf use of color "is destined to foment i revolution In small house design Jiroughout the whole country." "Women like color," he explains, 'and the Importance of women ns sales closers, particularly In home buying, cannot be disparaged. "Color inhibitions Interior decorating were thrown off more than 10 years ago. In the next decade we will .sec Ihe last fears of color outside the home discarded In the same manner. "This growing American style of architecture Is no fad. It Is nllvc and fresh and modern In that it Is receptive to new Ideas thnl serve l purpose. Arid In this respect It s functional, loo, Insofar ns each detail must serve efficiently without being sacrificed to arbitrary I/you have neglected to paint your homo thc.<« past few ycarg — because of imposed wartime restrictions -— you owe it to youralf to paint it now. out great expense. Modern Methods Simplify Care of Hardwood Floors With the n\vrind of automatic gadgets now available lo homemakers, the emancipation o f Mrs American from household drudgery is fast becoming a reality. Electrical appliances can be obtained to do her laundry, wash and dry her dishes, and perform practically every laborious chore but keeping Junior's face clean. One task which has become particularly simple is the •maintenance of attractive hardwood floors. For polishing, the homemaker can buy or rent at nominal rates a polishing machine which does the job In a Jiffy and involves a minimum of physical effort. Should years 'of- wear or neglect begin to affect the appearance of. an old oak floor, the original natural beauty of the wood can be restored easily, it Is not necessary to scrape off the old finish by hand. That job also can be done by machine, ns can subsequent sanding and buffing operations recommended to eradicate spots and scratches and to/ renew Ihe mirror-smooth surface 'of the wood. Most polishing machines nowadays are adapatable for all these operations. Modern floor seal finishes can be moppsd on 'quickly with a long applicator which eliminates, tbe need for stopping. As for routine maintenance, hardwood floors never did require the -frcqucnl and vigorous scrubbing.* .which, some fastidious homcmakers once insisted on giving them. It has bee found, in fact, that the old- fashioned soap and water treatment wns all wet in more ways than one. Experts point out that wafer, if used often, may raise the grain of the wood and cause a rough surface. It may also mar the finish. Modern maintenance procedure consists principally of a dally sweeping with an untreated .dust niop, plus an occasional cleaning, waxing and polishing. Experts recommend a wax-base tloor cleaner, which Is easy to apply, and gives the floor a thorough dry cleaning. The port side of a boat is the left side, as one faces from stern to bow. IIOW MUCH 1'OK A l IU BOOM HOUSI >_ine im «c puce of a five-room house In Vmiddle lass residential neighborhood in one of 22 huge cities of the Ofa Is ihout £9090, not including the lot The nrl-e varies from a top of 512,000 in Chicago and Louisville, Ky., to a low of $8800 in Oklahoma City The man above gives the average price quoted by contractors for a five-room house in each 01 22 major cities Figures were obtained in a spot cliech of home builders by the United Press. • Real Estate Transfers (Chlckaswba District) W. c. and Anna Gates to J. J. and Mary Parker, Lot 1 of Block G of the Elliott Addition, $300. Hichard T. and Phyllis Paught to Buford Martin. 10.68 acres in Sccllon 25-15N-12E, S19.52860. Robert !... and Versle Smith to Marshall Taylor. Lot 13 of the Rcplat of the Pride and Gateway Subdivision, $1 and other consideration. C. J. Kesley and Myrtle Kegley, NJ2 of Lot 7 of Block 10 of trie Ruddle Heights Addition, $1 and other consideration. Wiley and Irene Smith to Henderson and Ernestine Mathis. Lot 19 of Block- 1 of the David Acres Division, 51,000. E. B. and Rovene C. David to Edward B. Spaeth, Jr., and Peggy Spaeth, Lot H, Block 3 o[ David Acres Subdivision, $800. Eugene Harris and- Eloise Harris Bass to James and Martha Mc- Nforrow, Lot 2 of Block 3 of the Hearn and Pecry Addition, S5.SOO. Joseph Leonard lo O. A. and Evelyn Bakes, Lois 11 and 12 of Block 6 of the W. W. Hollipeter Second Addition. $1,000. Hubert A. and Bessie Berdine Taylor to Norman Shields, Plot 330 by 130 of Section 9-15N-UE, $1,100. Process of 'Flaking' Old Colonial Homes Requires Big Outlay Some people prize Early American architecture so highly Ihcy are willing to pay for "flaking" a house. "Flaking" is a method of moving old New- England homes by taking them apart, piece by piece, numbering every detail and then rebuilding them on r- new site exactly as they were originally. The operation costs much more than building -i new house, but appeals to antique enthusiasts. One large home 'juilt on Cape Cod-In the late 1600's, recently was moved and re-erected at Wayland, Mass by, the "flaklne" method. Another md homestead built at Dceriicld. N.H., in nao was dismantled In the same way and reslored In a Boston suburb. Harold Sargent Conant, a .New New Aluminum Screens Installed from Inside Flexible aluminum screens are now made so thai they can be Installed from inside the house and can be loosened at the bottom so that they will swing out for window washing. Aluminum bars at lop and bot- lom hold them rigid. Edges are formed by reinforced multi-strands to accommodate tension from tightening screws. Rust-proof, they can be loft In place the year-round or removed easily for storing. Nassau In the Bahama Islands was the base [or ships, running the Union blockade in the U.S. civil War. England contractor, specializes In Ihe process, collecting old houses and storing the pieces. | Double Bathroom Is Suggestedfor Budget Planners The Ides' In home planning Is a bathroom for every member of the family, according to the Plumbing and Heating Industries Bureau. For (he benefit of those home builders who may not be able to afford a bathroom for each member of the ' rally, the Bureau offers several alternative suggestions. Be sure that your bathroom is planned for the utmost economy It may be possible, by a re-grouping of the fixtures, to have two complete bathrooms, arranged back to back, with a total cost not great y In excess of the cost for one bath- room with a less economical nlun If it Is Impossible to have two complete bathrooms, have a bath room and.a powder room now and plan Hie powder room so that It win be large enough to accommodate a shower cabinet or bathtub later Plan the piping for a new house so that it will be adequate to handlo additional fixtures when the budget will permit them to be added The lavatory Is the most-used fixture In the bathroom. Many homeowners have found it a great Inconvenience to have twin lavatories in bathrooms. If (here Is not enough space fo two lavatories In the bathrooms, a lavatory In the bedroom is suggested. The Installation of a lavatory in one or more bedrooms will do much to reliev bathroom congestion and thus provide some of the convenience of an extra bathroom. OIL BASE VJ&IL WALLHIDE ^ One Coat Really Covers ' l "Vitollzsd Oil- hose faint thai coveu most any surface in on« coal. Can b* washed „. , j pealedlj- _ mi painted ,5 over without ilieaklng. ^ Try it once_y OU 'ii never <••} Uso any other. Comas In ff. Flal. Semi-Gloss and Glosi J finishes. PITTSBURGH PAINTS "-OOK. BETTER LONGER McMath Clears Military Aide of Mismanagement In Use of Guard Funds LITTLE ROOK, Ark., Oct. 4. (ffj — Governor McMath yesterday cleared Brig. Gen. H. L. McAHstcr, assistant Arkansas adjutant general of any mismanagement c* state military funds. McAlister had been criliclzed In a comptroller's report on fiscal al- fairs of the Arkansas Military Department, last v/eck. In a two-page statement released In the afternoon, McMath erpres. c M confidence in both McAlister's aV% ity in organizing Ihe Arkansas National Guard and also in management of military funds. "There has been no illegal use of military equipment or misappropriations of military funds," the McMath report said. A baseball has about the size of i a cork marble. center he - old ^ mcrican P rfde in a cl <*n, u° me ! S ^ously assorting itself to a dl • T lm P rOTC <™nts. It's the answer w a cheerful, gracious home and betler living. Paint not only beautifies, it »IP > paint frequently to"^rfVtt^Kt Be Wise — Specify ... E. C, ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Good-bye to banging when SLATS-O-WOQD. Awnings go over doots, windov;s and verandas because they're sturdily anchored to form a par! of the house. Peimanenl as the fine wood of which they aio made, SLATS^O-WOOD fenli!dtc<! awnings bting Usling comfort al low cost. They let in ihe tighl—bul keep out the sun. Coax the bieete—but icpel rain. Custom-built to fit ihe lines of your home, a peisonal call by our designer is essend'al foi an accurate eslimale of coslT" To insure eatly installation, phone NOW for this free service. DEAL'S PAINT S 109 East Main Phone 4(169 EVERY ITEM, REDUCED? BUY NOW 'FOft'HU6E SAVINGS! $ UILDINGMEED ~ v.\ ' r ' J^-ii "'] QUANTITIES 7 19.50 HOWARD SINK CABINET. . Save now. Make cooking easier and faster. Baked finish, 60 inch size With lots of storage space. 42" ALUMINUM WALL TILE ...Big savings on top quality tile. Permanent, rustproof. Baked on enamel finish. Green or peach, save now. 37.50 BASE CABINET . . . First quality white enamel with durable linoleum top. Plenty of storage space. 3.50 STEEL LOUVER . . . Made of steel so it won't rot. Gives ventilation for entire attic. Easy to install. SAVE ON EVfBfY ITEffl! ir 97< > * ) .» -**• — "- vfl * v *, t ' - ~j* HOWARD SINK CABINET ... slightly damaged. Baked enameled finish, lots of storage space. Regular 119.50 value. REG. 1.80 WINDOW SCREENS . . . size 2' x 3'. Buy now and save REGULAR 2.05 V//NDOW SCREENS . . Size 2'4" x 3'. Now greatly reduced. . REGULAR 2.15 WINDOW SCREENS A 57 Size 2' x 4', Buy now at this greatly re- 1 duced price. REGULAR 2.80 WINDOW SCREEN . A 97 Size 2'4" x 4'8". A truly wonderful buy I at this low price. ir f 7 I 47 OVER STOCK! SAMPLES 1 StlGHTlY &AfAAGE&I1IWSS f , •. ^ -, -,., i t t , --lot;. 8 VJ I- 4.19'ROU BRICK SIDING Q67 Year's lowott Pn*e« ^J roll* Preserve, decorate nowl Stop costly painting. Ceramic-asphalt. Covers 100 square feel. REG. 5.58 HEXAGON SHINGLES A79 Yeat't towel' Price l" iq.* Ruggsd ceramic-asphalt ... re- sisis wetilher. fire, lasling colors. *Covers 100 sq. feel. J SALE EN&S...SATURDAY! HURRYJ..HUGE SAVINGS' REG. 7.69 COMBINATION SHINGLE OFFER . .. One low price includes Wards best ceramic surfaced 3-tab hex shingles, matching ridge and starting strips. It's the best roofing buy in town. . . sq. REG. 8.99 COMBINATION SHINGLE OFFER . . . One low price includes thick- tab 3 in 1 shingles, ridge and starting strips. Rugged ceramic asphalt, extra thick at butt ends. . . . per sq.. 5.50 HEX SHINGLES . . . Tough, cera. mic surface 2-tab hex shingles. Odd lots. . . . Save now. . . per sq. rso 5 6 85 3" Regular 9.95 SIDING . . . Quality as- [88 phalt in stone design. Resists fire and J weather—keeps you warmer in winter, cool in summer. Per sq ft. 2.67 ROLLED ROOFING . . . Heavy- 499 weight, 55 Ib. smooth asphalt roll. La- \ beled fire resistant by Underwriters Laboratories. ... per sq. 33c TILE BOARDS . . . Odd lots in attractive colors. Easy to install. Buy now for tremendous savings, Priced per sq, ft.

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