The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 3
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^THURSDAY, AUGUST 24,' Provides Aid For Idle Veterans $20 Weekly For 52 Weeks For Those Unable To Find Jobs WASHINGTON (UP)— Little interest has been shown by veterans so far' In the employment features of the "O. i. BUI of Rights," but with increasing talk of demobilka- 'loii antl Industrial reconversion (he "readjustment allowances" of the net are expected to attract Increasing attention. , Machinery created in the GI bill (o put discharged servicemen and women of World War II into jobs already has been outlined. In addition, din efforts cf a , reemploy- inent committeeman of each local draft board are provided by die Selective Service "law. Hut when jobs arc not available each veteran will be eligible to 'receive from the 'government $'0 ii •week. for a maximum of 52 v"eeks during the two years follmviiv/ his release or discharge or the termination of the war, whichever is 1m- This program-, gets under ' way Sept. -3. To be eligible, a veteran must Have served at least So days in Die active military or naval service of the United states after teut. 16. -JDJO. NO "readjustment allowance" win be made for any week commencing more than five years after the war's .termination. Miisl lie Available To claim, the allowances, the veteran n , US [ a | sa . lsc .• CO m\ilcifly unemployed, having performed no service anil received no wages " or be partiall . unemployed to the ex- lent that services performed for IMS than a full week have yielded wages less than $23. The claimant. also must report to a public employment cilice, and uc "able to yjWprk and available for suitable Hjfcrk.- ' Veterans are automatically disqualified (or benefits, according to the law, if, without good cause, they "leave suitable work voluntarily, or are suspended or discharged for misconduct In the course of om- Uoyment," (all to apply for suitable work referred by a public etn- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)-COUR1EU NEWS Betty's Back, Boys Their Own Ballots U'lTLE liOCIC, AUtJ. •» (UP) _ Secretary or Statu C. G. Hall says no one hns Hie mithorlty to [ire- pare a ballot for soldier-absentee voters. •Hall made his statement Wednesday iilglu In referring to a statement by PnlnsM County Circuit Clerk Louts Mashbiirn thnt ho ..'ould recommend Hull'the pulaskl County Klcctiati Co'nimlssion make "'e "(fcris to make available (or over- ens soldiers n jMrlinl ballot Tlic- proposed ballot would include iH _ ...... ,_.„.„ _„, ___________ „ ______ .......... Returning to her screen chores as easy to look at as ever, Belly- .Grable poses for her first "pin-up" picture since the birth of her . daughter, in Marcn. The 20th Gentury-Fox star plunged legs-. • • • ' ' first into her role in .."Diamo'nd Horseshoe.';-' — " able free (raining course. ..." 'with the qualifying 90 days con- Another proviso distiualifles the sidcred aiitomaticallv ns cinht veteran if ins iincmuloyjnenl is weeks. 'due to a stoppage "of work whieh . Allowances .also are mnde avail- exists becnusc o( a labor dispute able to.veterans wlio meet Hie at the factory, establishment, — —' —"" " ether premises at which he is o mee e iren- factory, establishment, or:cral qualifications and arc self'"" "' •"'•'"' ' ' was last employed." Ninety Days Included The number of .weeks (or which r veteran is eligible to receive the $20 a week is dependent on length r llllp llvlvl. vftfft, nl U l. - "• a «^-CK 1^ UL'JHMKlellL UI1 len^Lll - . , ^— «L..wi,i. *i_vvll 'nli»m ,. H » y a PUbl ' C ""' ° r sellvl «- Ea * calendar month or c f " luier tt fedcra! ™ stale lincni o fei«ri "• '" T ? ai ; CCPt ™M k mn J' or fmctlo » of active service is' jfW"™' or disability c'ompema oireitd, or do not attend nn avnil-1 ceiuill to fom . wecks or nnowni |- ces ,'Uon law must be deducted from tlv • — __—. .^ ' allowiince to be granted under th Dressed Up and Going Rlaces or employed for profit, providing their earnings fall below S100 a month Tlie sum to be. made available is the difference between this figure nnd previous monthly net. earnings _ Any allowance or benefit receiv ed. under a federal or slate linen nsu- the ,Gl : biii'." '" "" K — , First Bale Of Cotton Ginned In Blythevilte The first bale -of . I1M4 • cotton I ginned in Blytheville was reported this morning by (he J. L. Terrell Gin Of Stoncville 2-B variety, the col- ton was grown by B. F. Darby iu the Clear Lake Community. Three bales of the cotton were brought .in Monday, and ginned today. Mexican Children Huufiliy 'MEXICO CITY (UP)— Of 10,000 children of middle and lower class families" in Federal District 'recent- Iv examined by government nutrition experts, 5,592 were found to be suffering from malnutrition. __ _. Slicked out in shiny new helmet with thiee gleaming stars nnd natty field uniform, Lieut.-Gen. George S. Palton emerges from his headquarters in France dressed as if for a visit to Piuisi (NBA Teleplioto) COURI ER : NE WS ••' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS GET THE JOB DONE! Reveals How Tactical Born^ Payed The Way For /nvos/a WASHINGTON, AUK. 2! (UP) - ni*nlaUlon Ifiics In N.wV I « oSim '' i ,',°[ lnctlcl " 1b( "^- I'mnccs nnd Belgium. And ih"\K I Mil lit "•B opointloiis Unit Duvi'd tlii» WHV in h,, *» „)„„„„, >!,„, ,i. ,.:'\ i candidates for presidential :iis Is llnll'.s statement regnrd- Mftshburn's plan: "The, November election i.s u gvucrnl election governed by EtntiKc' and unlcl to- by slate fmuls. And neither county clerk Mushbiirn, the election commissioners, nor nnyone else lins Icstil luitliorlly to issue a ballot contrary to the state law. Anv slntemoHt tlml a phrdm hallol for soldier voting cnn be Issued before "t is certified by the secretary of >.is a mistake. 11 •' * .for women i,i, " s desire lo allow men and ' > cpportnulty Harrington Youth Awarded Purple Heart O"'"; of »ie 1'urple Hcafflins awarded Sergt. Roland Warm H'' H Vl '°, >Vils W ""»<I«I while nmndy 8 '" ""•' lllvnslon of No ''Now com|(16tdv ncwcA rrom s hinu c,"""-" lrn|) " c '' WOUlltls ' r »' s l Sciwnnt Wnrrlngton has '-° m " J^f" 1 , 11 WarrliiBlon. 31-year-old fo !. ,'• """ Ml ' 5 ' J ^ c W»rrli,'- '-on, has been overseas >""•>•. He has been In Ih Hold Everything operations that paved th the Invasion is revealed .»'">' lo be M iilaiini'd Hint th D dmt ••'M. nervous Nazis would not pick '•••>' lilnl of the (into of D-l)ny Inn Klrst slci> was iiiiT sleiuiy'auiirA 1 .',,'" 1 ''/." 1 ' of ClKTbowg nnd cnluls, t«A? , Wf "'l L'rttl. I 111 n. fin.. ..»!..!.. .11. \lWll Clll'OI , -••••• ••• • «• t i-tniu LLJIIII;III Hie Wnr Dcimrlmenl has releiis il a review pro|iiiri>d by the :flth Air Force In Kii ro po wbl:ti points ...„ „, ^,, v SfvldM « MI| M' !',"' mn|w , ll!n " 10St »Xelv InvaalonliohiVs: Ph. s d ,f m±»" Ve SQ ' C "" C " i W ° W " 5 lllrecU '" aL bl!l(1 8« teflllLK scu-Iii «ff,niKlv™ >0 No |. J]mm |j,. ,,i, nsc lhr( , c COVC1 . ( ,» mi! dcsluicllon of coininunlciitlora inio Purls and Orleans, aiul step number four followed close behind with n concoiitriitcd bla.itlni( 0 [ Uoitled up enemy traffic, Ami the - ... offensives". These offensives requlrcil a ik'll- of the tangled com- Hold Services For Mrs. Tillman At Luxora Today Irs. clydii! Tillmnn died nt ]0:,')fl oi'lock lust ulghl al lu-r home In 1 "imito after n short Illness. Mrs. Tillman, wife of Sam '1111- I'uui. wos burn at Tomato nn,| lived her entire life (here, anil died n the siime room where she wn.s uurn 42 years ago. !n addition to her husbnnd she caves [our datnihlcis, Mrs. Dr-ulah Houslon,! nnd ML^s Loiilsu Tltlmim of Tomatn, Mrs. ulreba ourson 0 ( Hulfnmn, ami Mrs. Clcnrula Corch- i of I'lirtugcvllip. Mo.: llirc« sons, llnrry, Sum. and .Sonny Tillmnn, "II nf Tomato: n sister. Mrs. Fannie Malonc of Tonmto. and a half- llier. Andy Illrslunan of Tomato. Funeral services were hct.i at 2::tO o'clock this aftmioon nt tlu> fnn\- Hv lionifi ivltli the Knv. 8. Kverett 1'ntton. puslor ot tlio I.uxnrn Melh- cdlsl cliurrti, offlcialiiiR, Hiirlnl was made at Elmwond C'emclory. Cobb Fiincrnl Hciiii) was In nl arrangements. M:iki"i u Mllllmi Drt-ssiiii;'; DANCOH, Me. ll)i')—iMIss Cllfrto llutchlns, S'J. o( Unnnur believes she has cslnbllshcd some .sort of record in limiting surgical dress- Ings for the Red Cross. She beynn the work In the'first World Wnr and recently completed her 1.000,- 000th dressing for use durhn; Urn lUX'sent war. '10 months nnd prior to enlisting, was employed us a mall carrier. His wile, the former Miss I'cggy Burks, is .making her home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E, w. Burks, while Sergeant. Wnrrlnglon is over- sens. "Slop worrying about' it dear —of course you'll grow old read Has Everyfhing! IMPROVED BAKING PROCESS MAKES IT BETTER THAN EVER This Weekend's SPECIAL! LEMON CAKES A delicious Layer Cake made from fresh lemons — Try one! Assorted Cookies Fresh Every Day Hart's Bakery BlythcYille Owned, Employing B/yt/ievi//e .People , e final mill fifth pliasf wiis Ih 0 straf- trlt'd and bombing „. „ 1 (raffle by .which (he to move supplies H I- tom-tli grade; Mrs i IHth , to yo.iihysiciil edn- \ughQiii (iio com- i luiiicwicotl; :•' iiicmbcrs will ^(qn. . primary Dog's ,De»(\i Ends F«ri ," r ai NASHVILLE, Tenil '(UPiMWhenr ft ^ceding mptorcycle'fSded the> life of a foirf->ear-old Boston ter^-l. rlci here recently, if also'conclud-- ed it blllgr veibal battle WUwtx two families over Its ownership. TliW terrlci, haying numerous 'ftnd con-t fllctlng allaseb, was referred 'to mcicly ns "Mr, X" when the dispute'' iciichcd.gcHojul,SCS«|QUS wjirt «yi* ' crul.months ago; At that"time W. 1 *,,.», Wiiih successfully replovjned tire <lon from Mrs. A. B. Elliott, who ) e moaned thp.decision ns A 'mliCM.'i"' rlnge .of Jusllcc.'i .f^for thoic&nlne—, lurnw; lip atUhc Elliott home for M days visit,-but on tittornoys R(i-.' L vlw lie' was returned to Hie Wlnni,' ( It Is believed thtr tltfi* foldlhgiw n ; wns Introduced ffom Koroai Inl " llth century,,.; , r - ,^ 1Jt { iX •- .••- ...".», »iijj|f nv.o foiwiiieuls lo the buttle. ar0 u ( 0 b, I'hosc five phases, masterful stniU-Bj' lit its the German communication and trunspor- Intlon system in n Ijinglcd j, m Vs- Just rlno fur (he Allied Invasion Vnlrtii Oru IJell hu lirst gni ond uviulc; tfffli'W'i ONE TRIAL WILL CON Is Better! VICTOR COFFEE fat Coffee Pleasure DUINK VICTOR UMIHYCBH SKIES Pow NX ROYArM 2 l-L!t. STRING BEANS SGDA PET MILK SALT SPINACH • "Red" Bickerstafi and Glen Alley Say, 'BUY BETTER MEATS FOR LESS WASTE!' EDAM CHEESE ,' 80' PORK SAUSAGE, r ,,,3» 29' 19' 34 BOLCCHA „ HAM HOCKS WEINERS Llj. All Meat Tablu I)i cssed FRYERS BEEFSTEAK BUTTER BEEF BRISKET & up, UK ' firaile A Ui. 39 C Host Grades U. Rindless. Lb. 39 C JUNE PEAS CROWDERPEAS POLE BEANS , CARROTS „„,«„ TOMATOES SQUASH ™" - U.S. No. 1 Red Large Yellow Farm Fresh Yellow. Lb. 12' 17' 9 C 8' 10 C RADISHES K "Tl* 1 - : 5 C OKRA Fancy, Fresh Lb., . 25! SWEET POTATOES, , LEMONS „, 14 RUTABAGAS , b 4 C LIBERTY SUPER -«t-

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