The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 17, 1949
Page 7
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OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williorm •LTTHET1LLE (AKKJ COUKTCT HEWS VES, I'M V MArOOT CRACK* SURBTHEMrs 1 ABOUT TOWN \ <f XX» TH 1 WNDOWS { LOAFERS WWL£ He WORKS . \ BETTER crrriEWs 1 ALL DAY ' UNDER--LETS 1 WORK/ HELL SHARPEN WBJT-E> WORK \LAUGH SO 'lOUNG W-teW I ABOUT HE SEES THAT > OUR ALL WkV-THREE KJDS ao(M' /\ COME FISH IN'.' Our Boarding HOUM with Maj. Hoople ^ 8ATURPAY, gEPTTOfBER IT, 1949 FOaSfXJ/ ••^., lr-»& rwjllvv-U. TALKS A STREAk WHEIO l») THE •I PSAR HE «Jt)ST HAvJe IM3OBEO HIS LARVNK FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Defaulters, Btwarel FOR SALE Concrete cuiverl&. iz inch tu 48 inch, plaio or rceulorecd Also Concrete Buildtni Bt»«lu cheaper than lumber foi turns, chicken houses, pump bouses, tenant houses, tool sheds We dctiiet Call us for free estimate Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO BOT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS" That's why you'll save yourself maii^ a dollar by having vour shoes .repaired by our expert workmen Next time try us K-flLTCRS qLJTY SHOE SHOP - 1 • —. M •a i - • Step . U<.; ^OoMA^de 'Humphries N8A SflVICI, INC For the Finest Prescription Service Say II \Vilb Huwert THE FLOWER SHOP Olencoc Pl.unt 4491 al T1IK STORVi Allk..|;k f.mjmrl Tc>r«'« MiiTrTMKC (• wealthy Hair* Hul»kridj; r .1 Uetroll »o.W .ulv« -«.T proklt-, Ik.I IM-.CI ker >• br»»J^[».. r ,„, m t««Ily .< f«r. ln*lHdt»c krmrir. kcr kr»lkrr?and •J«<cr IN4 Mother. Uar««l I* *• lov« ««k Frlli Vre7«» wk. I. HOI wralihr. Sh« •4Mi» *k« !• IH low Mjih Krfla a«rf aot !• love "Ilk B.rrj. B.I. .ke >.k.. kow ran Iker Kel Biarrlerf *fk«B Krila CAH'( HMP^Ort • fBMJIj. ^Wr'll w»»rlc It nut «O MC way locelker,'* •aid Frlta. Uajecl to a.I afraid anT mnrr am* Ikey »e< aat for • luack room for ha»ik«rB«ra. a a • XXIV T'HK hamburgers were all that Fritz had said they would be. They each at three in the little lunch room. Topped with pickle relish and onion. Gaynel liked onions, but they did not like her. Nevertheless she took such > huge bile thai she choked, so that Fritz had to thump her on the back and summon the proprietor for a glass ot water. "This is her first square meal in three weeks," he explained gravely to the fat proprietor. "You see. we have been trying to live OD love. That's why the lady tried to make a meal out ol one bite. Did you ever try living on love? Say. before you . . . er . : . acquired your present ... er ... position. Joe?" "Stantislos," the proprietor corrected, his gravity matching Fritz's. "Sure, I - Uf on [off once. When I first comes to dis country, wid Marie and our Bve little ones, also wid us. Lett," gravity rose now to such heights supreme that all the chins shook in added emphasis, "it is de greatest ting in de whole world. loB is. Ain't it so, yes? In de whole world der is nothings like lofl. no?" "No Yes," Fritz said, shaking his one chin decorously He turned on Gaynel, perched on the high stool next to him; his griD was triumphant. "You see!" ne crowed. "Think of iL Love fed five—no, seven hungry mouths, lust like that! Now will you stop looking for trouble, my sweet? Put your trust in me and (he Statue of Liberty." "You are very much obliged, yes. You like, maybe, another slice of onion?" Gaynel ajmost choked once more ns he went on. "Onion and the garlic, she keep our five little ones fat and healthy like me." "I'll have another slice, Mr. Stand-in-louse," Fritz said. "Stantislos." The second correction came with greater dignity. "Onion, she keps the germs away." "Not for me!" Gaynel broke in hastily. "Here he is!" Mr. Stantislos presented the onion on the tip of a long knife. "Helps yourself. And thank you. Comes again." "Thank you." Fritz said, helping himself generously. "We'll come again, all right. When we have our five little ones we'll bring them along." • • • "W/HAT a man you are," said Gaynel, after they were seated on a bench once more, her head on his shoulder because now it was dark, and there were no rubber-necks, animals or people, and the night 'air was so soft and sweet and she wished this could last forever. "I Knew you were a perfectly outrageous young man the minute 1 laid eyes on you," she said. Then sighed, "I guess that's why I love you." He said, "That's a good enough reason. But you're the outrageous one, really Talking nonsense about not seeing now we ^an- get married, saying you'U leave me if 1 gnin any weight, putting me oft whenever 1 try to pin you down." His arm tightened around her; he drew her closer to him; his lips brushed the waves of her hair. She said. "You're forgetting we decided there were certain matters we'd have to work out first." "Why not get married ftrst, then work em out afterwards?" "You sound as though you'r* afraid you'd lose m« if we wait awhile!" "You're darn lootin 1 I'm afraid! I told you that you're the only thing I am afraid of, my love. Your mother might persuade you to takt Barry on, after' »li. So that the family could go on eating their cake and keeping it, too." "You might marry Bessie." Gaynel said. "She's after you, my lad." She did not want to face those other facts just now: that she must tell the family and Barry about Fritz. "Bessie? Why, I didn't even remember who she was the first time she rang me up." So, Bessie had dono the pursuing, then! "Not that I don't admire her gold freckles," Fritz added, with Kii grin. "In fact. red-Heads are one of my few weaknesses. If you don't snap me up quick. Bessie might get me on the rebound." "Over my dead body," Gaynel said- a a • 'J'HF.Y did not talfc^ for awhile, ft was enough just to be together, so close, with only the harvest moon, solemn and round and golden, for company. "The thing for you to do," Fritz said finally, "is to have it out wilh your family. Tell them they'll have to come down to earth, give up the cake, balance the budget. You admit they could get along without your help if thej would. ! Couldn't they, for example, give up that 24-room shack and move into closer quarters? Can't you brother buckle down to taking job seriously? Even Pat. it seenu to me. should be trained for something definite so that in time sh can contribute tier share. You'v had it all for five long years. Tim to shuffle the cards. I'd say. It' been done before. Why not bring it home. Gorgeous?" "It's a big order." "You're big enough. IJ I could > do it for you. if there is any way I can help, you know 1 will," "It's my problem. I'll do it, of course." Gaynel said. She had told herself that this one decision must be hers alone. She nad mad* it Now she must abide by it. (T« Be Cvntiawrf) In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's tht Apothecary Shop In Blytheville it's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE Expert Prescription Service More than a himared kinds ol birds have become extlncl In Lhe last 200 years '•• RENT A CAR Orlve Anywhr.rr Von Pleas* Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 PIANO TUNING With the world famous "Stroboconn". The only 100% perfect tuning Not available elsewhere in this area. RADIO REPAIR All work done by • government licensed opera- (tor and every job guaranteed. Why take less than the best? PIANOS for SAL! NEW AND USED Sheet Music, Records, Supplies • Everything in Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE I 107 E. Main TeL 811 SAVE tA tor Botfly pot 00 by TO«*»H <* earp*>nl«r. without rumoring wiodo'nn or dootm. No mam. no inrmiituiwLr.. Naftung to g»t o«t of ordw. Namcta! • the and practical typ* STABBS Refrigeration Service . and OIL STOVE REPAIR I'hones 2559-554 BiylheviMe Willys Sales Co. '110 E. Main TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of fraudulent aperatora! Us* the prolectinn mffnrded by the State and demand a licensed •perator. Experiencn), Reliable. Termites tfo.sehold rote. Blythrville'9 only Ucenaed operator. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Kit 1, Bo> «-W. Eaat Mate PheM mi and wtimuto. BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. W M Tea** }. Wilson Hrnr» South Riwaj SI Phone 143* 4^^> * J i N x XOUR ENGINE SINGS A MERRY TUNE when ow txpcrl rHtchani<s bandit your tw«-«p work! No fumbllnt ... no |uo»wort ... no |umpiir| «* tMtclw- tlon.. OUT fvctory-lraliwo! «**Crolitri—u«in« midim, *tt- •ntrfrt WMlyfif oqurpmom—HM out oxccrly wfcvf'i wr*no) witr) your wigiiw'l forformorm. And MIOT flMy toko MM right f*ft r» <*mct H. Chamblin Sales Co. HOW ABOUT BUCKBOARD Hera comei mother—now I'll have to begin forward passing so I won't get tackled so much!" PRISCII.LA'S t'OP Manning: the Future BY AL VERM ERR rHAT BOTTS THINKS ABOUT NOW I'M DIFFERENT.' 1 WANT TO KEEP WORKIM6 - OF COURSE, I HOPE I WE IN THE MORNING SO 1 WON'T WORK ALL CAY FOR NOTHING.' Busy Days for Huck BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY <nd RALPH LANE BUCK STALLCUP GETS IN WITH A PAfTTV TOMORROW, VIC. MEET MM WHEN HE DOCKS AND SIGN HIM UP WHAT DO I CHARTEB HIS LETTI FISHING OK SAILING YOU TELL BOCK ^ou JUST WANT.TO HANG ONTO END Of A AWORING OR A WEEK DID TOU LINE UP SOMEONE TO TAKE CAW OfOOR FRIEND ST*LLCUP, VERA ? MANTHOfiP WILL K HEBE TOMORROW. I'VE INSTRUCTED HIM TO CHARTER STALICUP'S BOAT WITH STALLCUP AS SKIPPER. RESTFUL WEEK Til BUCK FINOS WASH TURKS »Y LESLIE TURNER AW,OXrW.,,BUT 1 DON'T UKE7HILMW! WUll HELLO..H1URV? NOW LISTEN 1.,1'W BRINGING ft MR.WILTV MID HIS LITRE GICL HOWE WITH ME 1 I WANT VOU TO 86 ON VOLJK IF VOU THIN(C r« GOWN*. \NOWVOULISTeN RIS&IN' \TO *E! ODE CMS! OVEEEVEfc'DElP VOU COME MOVE FROM VOU ' W, VOU'BE NUTSl/WFTER WE MWVE AMD III WHM6 VOU OIRLS 1 . IF NOU'RE TRVIM'TO/UCT CWILI7.ED LWPHSUCKER.THI5TIME, / FOR ONCE IF-IT J^HO 1 * GOT OMB, I'LL—J KILLS VOUlAWC Q6T THIS^OME SUP AMD I'LL LOCK. SOU UP TILL THEYBE BOVTOPEE PURE HIM FOR HEK RETURU BUGS BHNN1 A Whatchamacallit - SCHN00SLE V* ABOUT WILL SEE YOU/ 1 TIME ' THIS THING WILL REALLY-OPEN V6R EVES, POC/ THERE'S MY INVENTION... AN' I WANT* MY WSHT* FULLY /WH-WHAT Oh! Are hcv? 3 UNBELIEVABLE WOULDN'T H«oi= CHAN THM" LANDING BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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