The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1949
Page 2
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PACT TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 1949 THI NATION TODAY Composite Picture of Bureaus In Federal Government Shows Hodge-Podge of Antique Shops j lEditor'i >»oU: Till* li the third ot (our siorlfs on president vTruman's plant (or reorganizing the government.) • By Immtt Marlov ' WASHINGTON, June 23. (If}— When you see some ol the plans ta reorganize the government, It's like looking through the window ol ah antique shop where someone hu thrown the furniture around. ; The plain, which are trying to straighten out the mess, show »'li«t a hodge-podge the government his become over > great many years. It's a machine that's been patched and pieced together. ; That's why Congress set up a+— 12-man commission, i headed by Tar Regitiration Law *t-Up Not Ready So .itn Holder f Art So/* LITTLE ROCK, June 23 MV-' 'h«r«'« no cloud on conditional utomobllc sales in Arkansas since February jecause of the 1949 auto Ule registration law. Registration machinery h a s n 't aeen set up. and, therefore, said Mtoriwy General Ike Murry, lien olders lose no rights because they aven't compiled »'ltli » requlre- lent that they (He copies of their icrtgages with the circuit clerk nd the commissioner of revenues. The attorney general's opinion •ent to the Revenue Department. firmer President Hoover, to study the' government and suggest ways of Improving it. The commission oaade 2of recommendations. ;And that's why, following those recommendations—although not in every detail—President Truman Ihls week asked Congress' okay on putting through seven plans. He'll offer more later. Here's an example of one of his plans: ''. Transfer the bureau of ernploy- rnent security froni the federal Security Administration, which ticnts with health and welfare, to the Labor Department. Why? i.Because (he bureau handles the government's part In the pay the states give unemployed workers. Since that Involves labor, he thinks the bureau ought to be tit the Labor Department, whose whole Job is with workers. Too Many Speflal Agencies That's an example of a special nfiency, created at some time or other, to handle a special job. At the time it seemed all right to put It one place. Now it's clear It really belongs somewhere else. Here's another: Mr. Truman wants the Public Roads Administration—which, after all, deals with transportation—placed in the Commerce Department which deals with commerce and transportation. At this moment the PRA is in the Federal Works Agency. Now take the three-man Civil Service Commission which handles all government workers who are in the U. 8. Civil Service system. The commission itself has 4,000 em- ploye*. At this moment, because neither Congress nor anyone else ever made it clear, til three commls- aionera share responsibility for the 4,000 employes of the commission Thia spread! confusion and robs th« commission of some of time that ought to be spent on th« wholt, wide civil service ays- em, So Mr. Truman suggests: The chairman alone should be responsible for the commission's •mpioyes. This will give the other wo commissioners more time for heir other work. Would Fix Responsibilities The same thing has happened n the five-man maritime com- nlssion, which has 6.500 employes but whose main job Is worrying ibout the nation's shlpplr,^. Mr. Truman wants the chairman ot the commission alone to have •esponsibllity for Hie commission's nlernal doings, such as employes That will leave the other four commissioners free to concentrate 1 shipping. Take the Post Office Department. Mr. Truman wants the postmaster general to have the full authority over what goes on inside his de- partmenl. He doesn't have it now. For example: Inside the department are the Bureau of Accounts and the Office of Purchasing Agent. Although they're under the postmaster, they were given special powers by Congress. The posdna.-ter can't touch them. So Mr. Truman asks Congress for approval to wEpe out the bur- ea mid the office of purchasing agent and let the postmaster do what he thinks best about the jobs they've been doing. The various plans of Mr. Truman, outlined only very sketchllj here, may not seem world-shaking They're not. But they give a pic ture of how complex and twisted around a lot of the governmen machinery is. Mr. Truman will offer other plan this year, some next year. Puttln the government's house in orde is a long-time Job. The population of New York Oil is greater than that of m countries in Europe. U. of A. Taker Stand OH PioSo of Textbooks PAYBTTEVIIJ.?, ark., .'UM W. Wj—There's nol soii-g t> b« ai.y "wilch hunting' or 'book burning,' either literally or figuratively, at the university of Arkansas," iU 'oneiboro to Dedicate •xpanded Power Plant JONESBOno. Ark., June 23 —Jonesboro's municipally - owned Jity Water & Light Plant will dedi •ate a new $750,000 addition to It wwer plant here Friday. Proclaimed "Progress with Elec- ric Power Day" by Mayor Herbert Hosier, Friday is to be a red letter day In the plant's history. The addition. Including a 125-ton turbo- generato. doubles Jonesboro's pow facilities. Execution of Convict CMoyed; Chair Not Ready LITTT-E ROCK, Jwi« 23 t/fl — Execution of Haivle Rorie for beat- Ing md burning to death his estranged wife and her two children has been postponed because the president £ald '" » strong state- electric chair won't be ready on the ment last night. '~i-t—, ....- Tlie university hu complied with a request o[ Chairman Woods (D- Oa) of Ihe House Committee on UnAmerlcan Activities for a list of its textbooks. But, s»Id Di. Lewis Webslef Jones, If Woods or the committee uses the Information "as a springboard in any attempt to interfere with freedom of thought or discussion or to censor textbooks . . . the University of Arkansas will resist . . . with every resource a^ lUs command." Livestock original date. The chair 1* being moved to a new execution chamber at Tucker Prison Farm. Henry woods, governor McMath's executive secretary, said yesterday the electrocution would be deferred from July 1 to July 8. Rorie was convicted in Jefferson Circuit Court. The supreme court has upheld the death sentence. An appeal was expected today in the death sentence of Wiley Hildredth, Lee County Negro, scheduled to die tomorrow for rape. An appeal automatically stays the sentence. yesterday at * Senate Banking Committee hearing, at which he presided. The hearing wan called In connection with a bill to forbid an RFC employe from taking a job with any company to which he mar have had a part In granting a loan. However, it never got around to that subject. The slate flower of Pennsylvania Is the mountain laurel. Marriage Licenses * The following couple obtained a marriage license yesterday at the office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe, county cleric: Kd Hardin, Dell, and Miss Bertha, Gill, Dell. Strike Vote Is Planned ?y Aluminum Workers LITTLE ROCK. June 23. UPi— A strike vote among some 1.500 o l.fiOO aluminum workers in Ark- .mas is planned soon. The men are members of the United steel Workers of America CIO) and employes of the Rey- rolds Metal Company, James Dlckerson. union director !or Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma, said negotiations looking toward wage increases, a pension plan and other items, had broken down and hat strike vote would be taken within three days. Employes at tiie aluminum plants at_Jones Mill. Hurrlcan Creek and he mines at Bauxite would be affected. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III., June 23. «Pj—(USDA)—Hogs 9000; barrows and gilts steady to strong; .sows barely steady to weak; some sales 25 cents lower; bulk good and choice 180-240 Ibs 21.25-50; top 2150, 250-300 Ibs mostly 20.25-21 00; few 21.25; 140-110 Ibs 19.75-21.00; 100-130 lb pigs scarce: odd lots 7.75-19.50; good sows 400 Ibs down 6.50-17.75; few to 18.00; over 400 bs 13.75-16.25: mostly 14.00 up; itags 11.50-13.50; few 14.00. Cattle 2200; calves 900; opening rade slow and early bids generally incvenly lower; one load of high good and choice steers 27.25; odd ots good to low choice heifers and nixed yearlings 25.00-27.00; med- Um around 22.00-24.50; a few good cows I8.25-1S.OO: common and medium beef cows 16.50-18,00; canners and cutters 12.00-16.50. Read Courier News Want Ads, Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEETH a pleasant alkaline inon-acid) powder holds false teeth more firmly. To eat and talk in more comfort, just sprinkle a little FAS- TEETH on your plates No gtimmy gooey pasty taste or feeling. Checks "plnte odor' <denture breathi Ge' FASTEETH at any drug store. "Labor Conquers All" Is the state motto of Oklahoma. Ohio Ls known as the "Buckeye State." Fulbright Hits RFC Aid to Failing Firms WASHINGTON, June 23 The Reconstruction Finance Corporation shouldn't make a policy In good times "of helping a (ailing; firm when its workers can get employment elsewhere," thinks Senator Fulbrighl of Arkansas. He said it "seems absolutely wrong" for trie RFC to make loans for such firms. Fulbright expressed his views FLAME CULTIVATORS IMMEDIATE DELIVERIES MADE FROM STOCK TWO-ROW CULTIVATORS '375 FOUR-ROW CULTIVATORS '570 ALL PATENT ROYALTIES & LICENSE FEES PAID SATISFACTION GUARANTEED If not completely satisfied with Barksdale Flume Cultivator you ' may return it within 10 days and gel money back. 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