The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1949
Page 7
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r TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1949 |^V j~ ~ —jj '• — BLYTHEVILLE (ARKO COURIER NEWS Displaced Roles Make Fine FamTWorkers 70 Start Anew BWMBIJIMBBHIMBMBHBMMBBW . F ' ;uMi ' rrAM -'^-^^''''^'o,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, In West Missco Plantation Owner Has High Praise For Men From Poland By Harry A. Haines Courier News Slaff WrHer Charles R. Coleman, Mississippi County farmer residing near Kciscr recently informed his brother In » letter that "I've acted out more , , fJuriiiB the past month than John Barrymore did in a lifetime." Mr. Coleman docs not have any ^particular Interest In dramatics but T, , aniva l of nearly 70 non- fcnglish speaking people on his farm has made it necessary that he go through the motions ol just about every farm activity 1m- . aglnable. Through the church World Service, Mr. colcman obtained 15 Polish families from a displaced persons camp In Em-one. The first family arrived on July 3 and the rest of them came on August 16. "And they were really eager to work. Because of the rain' we've- had out here, there was still quite a bit of chopping to do when they ' "" '•• "^ came. They chop cleaner and faster first family to arnve on the Cole- than any other group I've had. They man farm almost staued SnM'S'.rtnH pTace"Eo wo,-"" " When <"<*' <" 6 ' *<* »>«e. 1 took - „ Mr. Coleman said. ' fhc fatnc ' to °"r little stoie and" ' r n l S "i cc CO """B Drivl,,,- over his farm, Mr. Cole- told him he could get what he unless If, afeoSv v anted on eiedit lie purchased Quality doesn't mean SI 35 worth of giocenes I then them n c noticed they always"buy took him to his house and told him the cheapest items th»y can cet in,! 8 !,?, Ih" * ? W daW to rest -'; They wcfe <>'«"«>s't° set some and get, things In order around """' 1 " 1 '—- "•- - • his home. "A couple of days later, 1 found <>"l lie hadn't been back In the store for fond. When I went (o see why, he finally, made me understand (hat he was nailing for me to come by anil give him permission to walk that fen- hundred yards f« thn stare. Pnr =„» •• i • . " l 50nn !nadc il elcal ' ll1at he carpenter crew ^^e^l^Sm.'^ r^^S' - - "-" =.<L^c £vSf™ .r I"' »**"" T ° MISSC 0.«KM-»«rly 70 displaced pole, . «-ork en (he farm of Charles R. colcinan. near Kelser. At left his i l t , = °T k ? lUlodox prlcsl wcishs '" a miow Dp * ho ls •««,« his first try at cotlon piMng , The p ,, est hoM$ ^^ ^ you L T P ' Cl "" e "^ Cll01 """ B - Di ' CCll >' bel ™. ««° °< th. , 7, r: ip walcr to take i ° uie ^™- ™» w*™ ward , 8 tel "" eraU "'" «»» '««»'«« hero, arc lowing for- l nT" ^ ' ,'- • —Courier News I'holos man pointed out 'hat "it's easy to tell wfiujh houses the I'nlish people are living In. They keep everything so neat anil clean. 1 (hlnk they wash their floors with soap every tlay." The poles like it here. "They've been in labor camps for years and years. Since the Germans Invaded Poland they haven't worked for themselves. Everything they have done has been for one government or another. They feel like they're on their own now," he stated. milk when they fi, 5 t got here so I ordered enough for all of them and charged them the same price milk was bring i,, town. Not one of them oouuht any until It started 10 sour and ! told the boy in our store to sell it for a nickel a quart " he said. Many talents have been discovered among ihe displaced persons A carpenter crew has repaired houses •- r**^ HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN A' Jolson Says He Prefers Working Although'Uncle'Gets Most of His Pay A Greek Orthodox priest was also found jjj ihe group. He holds services regularly a nd Mr. Coleman said he is going t o furnish lumber and other supplies so they can build their own church. • Sliectal Instruction Provided Right now Mr. colemnji is interested in teaching the Poles a prac- Broadway saying that Al Jolson didn't Invent hokum—he just found a way to put It in the bank. And at 64. the king of schmaltz is .still a young man working overtime to keep the wolf from his door. i ; His fellou- entertainers say, however, this isn't a necessity now—it's from "Jolson "sings Again" to roll in. He's In the spot o! a man who can't make any more money by working—because of the tax laws but he still v/aiits to keep busy. Mr. Whiskers has got "Sonny Boy'' crying uncle. had to pay a million dollars in I • h.hii ™ " cce ~ ll y n °»'-i«i 'I had to pay a million dollars in a. habit. They estimate that nasty taxes last year," lie grimaced "The old wolr would have to chaw | worst thing is they want von to through 44,000.000 to 515,000.000, in show receipts and data erefinbacks before h« ronlri rrevax.*. "T >«,;<•* _.,._ i .-.- -. * . "I don't even have dis-a,' how'in' I going to show 'ein data." The phone rang in the bedroom. It was his wile, Earle, .calling from California. Jolson's outraged voice echoed in the living room: "What! Twelve hundred 'nd fifty? Walt until 1 get out there. Do' ' you day after tomorrow. What dear? Awright. No. Awright, no. Awright..clear, I'll call you tomorrow. Awright. tomorrow." ' Al came jjack in, Indignant. "Can ya imagine. We're addin' on a coupla small rooms. They want $1250 just to throw on some paint and hang a few draperies." Jolson said he and his wife triert to live a simple life in the San Fernando valley, but it. was hard. "You Just can't lead a nonnid life,'; he grinned. "You have a butler ,a maid, a cook, a place at Palm tical use or English. Night classes are bmg held to acrcompolish this ,'llie women have formed a group to study the ways of the American farm wife. Miss Helen Wells. Home Demonstration agent for southern Mississippi County, has conducted several u'asses for the women. 'Hie children, in view of the fact thai llicy cnn't spcnk English, arc bcini: given special Instruction at tlio Uruikley District School. "Of course, I have no guarantee they'll stay with uie," Mr. Colcman said, "but I'll he happy If they decide to. make their home right here forever. 1 * ' sleep," he .<,iid. "And Hairy Truman save me a good tip, n c told me, 'If you emit, you die.' ; "I know it sounds corny, but what I'd like to do is go home and play with my kids. I don't know how. "I'm a bigger success- than I ei'er was. Now I want to sit down and play—and I don't know how. That's what I want—and I don't mint. I'm Rain Postpones Opening Of State Livestock Show UTTLE ROCK, Oct. 4. (AP) — Another attempt was made today to get the Arkansas Livestock Show off to a real start. Most of yesterday's scheduled gain opening was postponed because of "-'•' a Z», i h ! i ' ™" 1 " ''"' ral "' The <>"» »««etrons were even tf U-?T, " K", •"" Si ' lg ' " mlock cxhm *' ™« the "'"•'it-daj e\ its only in mv bathroom." rm..-H «v.,.,.i.., »,. t - ..,„.., „-"'.' even if it's only in my bathroom." I asked Al what he liked to read, and he said: "Well, I don't waste my time .'••»vugn v»>uu",wv IV olo,UVU,UUy 111 greenbacks before he could cross the Jolson threshold. I dropped In on the timeless mammy singer the other night, and found him still as energetic as a boy on a pogo stick. "Come in, kid," he said, Jaunty in a pigeon blue robe decorated with ,,,, ,,,„„ .„ , - --his initials in rert. He bounced over '" Walt " ntil J «f mit '^re. Doto a hotel chair. ..' [ "JJ^ tnmg until .then. I'll call ."This robe cost me $150,000," hi remarked. "A broker gave It to me— b\it I bought some of his stock." ^ For the next hour Al kept up R ^(tniliing fire of wisecracks on his past, present and future. There's one tiling about the oldtime entertainers—they put on as good a show lor one listener as they do for a packed house. ' At the moment. Jolson is still collecting from "The Jolson Story" * FOAM-RUBBER SEA7S1 Springs- and they aren't rieducs '. 1 ' catiil '-B books about what will hnp- with the tax boys. And if you drive! 1 ' 011 wncn the animals take over the a jalcppy out there, why they call """'"" BLYTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE OVEN 6:30 NTw Box Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m Malince Saturday & Sundays Jl»t.-Sun. I p.m. Cont. Showin ™ Manila, Ark. Shows EVERY MUlir Tuesday ^'WHIPLASH' with Dane Clark Also Shorts Wednesday & Thursday "YOUR MY EVERYTHING" with Dan Dailej- and Anne Ba.\( er Also Shorts you names. 'If you can get away from anything less than $1,503 a week I'll eat it." Jolsori has a formula for staying young—the same forniulu mentioned long ago by Aristotle, "Nothing in excess." uecHuse ^ -I don t overeat, and I don't over- pirate .1 world. "To hell with that. The animals took over long ago." All but that wolf. He'll never get prut Al'.s door. Britain first claimed the Bahamas in 1627; but was unable to make good her claim for almost a century crowd, expected to be about 25,CO!>, iva.5 just 2,500. But. ban-Ing mote bad weather, the show was to go on in a bigger r the inahs r get imas unke itury d by fehow Manager Clyde A. By'rd said the rodeo coliseum would be in condition lor a first performance. The midway was to make a belated opening. Judging of livestock in the open classes was .started this innmlng. • Junior division livestock was judged yesterday, with Ned Ray Piirlli'. 13, of Route 4, Arkadelphia. exhibiting the grand champion steer. Enlistment Policies Tightened by Army EfTecllve Monday, applicants for cnlistment.ln the Army will lie re- (liiircd to obtain a score of .nt least 50 on Ihe Arnly's .general mental teal-, a-s 8 t. Arthur G. Dnhn, local Army nud Air Force recruiting scr- gc:int, 1ms announced. Formerly ;ir<[>ncnnls were accented n-llll a score of 80. Periods or enlistment will rnnpc from two to five years. The two- year enlistment, open only to those with no prior service, makes It obligatory that the enlistee remain' In a reserve ujjil rive years This reserve obligation may be discharged by extending the period ot active service to three or more years. A 21-month enlistment is •open to those between 10 and 25 with no prior service who nre sub ject to the Selective Service Act or in 18. It, incurs the same reserve men? " "' '" C tw °- ycai ' cnlls ™ _ »\ S** * " * "COMFORT-ZONE" XIDEI BRAKESI * SMARTEST SrttfNG ON THE ROADI * IUXUSIOUS "CUSTOM" INTERIOR! * POWERFU1 MERCURY 8-CYUNDER. V-TYPE ENGINEI * THRIFTIEST PERFORMANCE ' * SUOGED SAFETY FRAME I k BEEP FROM! WKEEl COlt-SFRINGINGI * BIG V/BAP-AROUNO BUMPEKSI * V^IDE CHOICE OF STYtES AUB COtORS TURN INDICATOR STANDARD IQUIfMEMI * GAS.SAVMG TOUCH-O.MATIC OVERDRIVE OPTIONAll W nv are s>» hmny thmisamts more people driving Mercury today? Jlccause at tocl.iy'f new car prices, the big, new Mercury i« i belter initilmcm! It's not only the smnrtnl.tookinf car on ite road today, it'j actually one of llie thrifiiut, loo-whli a resale value that i, iJoiv liiglier than cvcrl So Lcfcre you h , lv anv car t() ,| ay> , M and unve llie haiiiisoino new .Ucrcury. You'll fin,l ii ])a) . 5 to make your neu rar tue big, new Mercury, too! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO !>«••* >^J l_i Fl « ^"^ * Walnut and 1st Street Blytheville, Ark. Two Groups Plan Changes at Girls Reform School LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 4. (y|>,_ Clmjigr.s nt the Arkansas Girls ''raining school were planned by two ||rouns yesterday. A .stiu'ey committee recommended Iliat (arming operation' al the school nnd at the slate Women's Rclormntory be reduced and tliat use of male convicts at the school be discontinued. Huii-nid Gladden, a meuiocr of Ihe committee and Rdinintstratlve assistant to Governor McMnlh, siild the recommemlntloiw ivill In con- sldcied by the girls school hoard MMinvhlle, ottielals of (he girls school met with State Kiliication UcpiiitinciH oltlcials preparatory to •slutting n new educational program nt the school. Ediiciiliun Commissioner A. P. Homls salct nil department services will l, e ,,,,., ( j e available to tile school Tax Receipt Turnbacks From State Announced LITTLE nOCK. Oct. 4_<m_ Quarterly turnbacks of lax receipts lo counties and cities of Arkansas nave Ijoen niiiioiinvcd by, state liensurcr Vnnce Clayton. Coiintlp-i will receive $418,803 In Bnsollnc tax turnback under one formula and S2I7.88G.38 under another; $225,16;) In sales tax reliant' $190.019 from the tax on removal of minerals, oil, timber, etc., nnd 5ti8,'J7(i from oil Inspection fees. Cities will receive $130.030 In sales tax turnback. SKY LINE DRIVE-IN THEATER 2 Miles North ol Hlythevllli llnx Olflce Opens at 6:30 Show Staiti 7:00 'J'ucsday nnd Wednesday "SLIGHTLY FRENCH" with Horuthjr I.amour .-Ulrt Dun Ami-die Added Attractions Thnrstliiy & Friday "KNOCK ON ANY DOOR" with Humphrey Bncarl and .Inlin Derek Ail.lcil Allraction.i ~ ' ^^—^~*^^i^^ami Hillbilly Jamboree & Dance LEGION ARENA SAT. OCT. 8 with • SKIP SKIPPER and All the Boys •—featuring— Miss Sally Carter and Cicero Carter Those Who I,ikc (o Sqiiiire D;tnc« Are Cordially Invitedt Adm. Adults 75c — Children 25c This Adm. Includes Both Show & Dane* OUR NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER 4427 Nunn Provision Co. In England It's the Chemist Shop In France l*'s tht Apothecary Shop In Blyrheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE — •»»»»* ji wnc For Expert Prescription Service Soybean Sacks . new 10 oz. FALL SEEDS Alffiira, |{yc, Wheat, 0:ils & Vclch BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP ' \V. Main SL. I'liiuic SSO - 857 STABBS Service Refrigeration OIL STOVE REPAIR J'limies 2559-55.1 Hlylhcvillc Willys -Salts Co. •11U K. Wain IF YOU LIKE THE BEST TRY NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS DEFOLIATE AIRPLANE Perfect covcrajtc. Defoliant available at compc(i(iv'e prices. SCRAPE AGRICULTURAL SERVICE 2 Miles Snulh of Hlylheville Phone 43SS

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