The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 2
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TWO BLTfTHEVILLB '(ARK;) 'COUBDEK NBW8 ; THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, '1344 Lieut, Leon Staffoid Weds'Pine Bluff Girl _ WraV to Lktil, Ev«w Kon Stafford of »iythevu> tnd F6r£ Bliss, Texas. was sotetrin^ed Aug. 15 at p,-<Xc)ook, In th» po^t chapel at Port Bliss ' The chapel, decorated with floor baskets of glfidjoli against a background of palms, was lighted v>lth tall cathedral tapers •; The Lrfde, , given In marriage by Mrs Jape Hall, iwore a 1%P piece suit of. white .with' wjilte accessories' and a corsage of orchldi Mrs. SJafford, who Is the daughter of the,Jate:Mr. ; ahd Mrs. G. G. Wray of Pine .Bluff, /Ark, was graduated from the high school there, and Tor the past five monttis had beenVemployed In the Federal Reserve- Bank in Los Angeles Calif Ueutpnant S<«rTord7 the son of Mr "and Mrs,. L , W. '.Stafford of BWtaeville, ' was graduated * from Bhthevllle high school ai»d was em- plo>ed b> the Kress' Store here and In Pine^Bluff, before 1 entering the se rvice. : He"-' receive d j h is.; commission at Camp Dai Is, N oC, and now Is st a tione d ' fit Port Bliss. '_> He' and hi s bride' will^make their home nt 2137 San Diego fat ,' El-Paso, Texas , , -•',,' ',« Ralph Farrars Have Son Staff Sergt and M" Ralph North Farrjfr announce 'the blrfh'of p son born^Augus^S a.t .fcamp Blaridtng, Flo , -where he now Is stationed The biby; their first phlld, has been named Daniel, Ralph ! Sergeant Farrar, a nephew of Jdrs J. D? McDo^el], lived In Blylhevllle prior to entering 'the* Ahny three jears, ngo Club', Guests' 'Entertained r Hoses, zinnias and other Summer flowers attractively decorated the enlejtatouig rporns of tlie H G Partlow home yesterday afternoon whert'Mrs R B Stout VVBS hostess to numbers .of Club Eight and several guests Mrs Partlow served as hostess for Mrs. Stout, who is vislt- i ing her parents In Little Rock for three weeks Mrs S C Owus received high score' prize In the bridge games played 4uring t the afternoqn, and Mrs^R C Allen iwas second high Iced drinks were served during the fefternoon Gijests in addition to club mcm- bersjlncludwi Mrs cwens, Mrs Allen and Mrs Ralph,Nichols ' » » « Picnic <Honors 'Visitor . MBS Eleanor Erdmann of St Loui" iicusegues.t of Mrs Eugene Hood. vas. guest of honor at an informal xpicnie supper gl\en ]asi a jhc bj her hostess ; T^lve guests droie to Barfleld wi.-tp tt" v spent several hours in lr,fuanv\l entertainment before siip- , per WLS served on the'banks of the •, r.\er 3 ' "i t * * •* Recent Bride Honoted , -At tToa And Shower Party M&I1LA, Ark, Aug 24—Mrs T Mlltta Towles, who ^as Miss Doi- othy-Gene Alston prior to her re- cent'inamage, was guest of honor at o^slumer arid tea given Tuesday 1 afternoon by Mrs W E Lawhorn at her home Guests v^re Invited tc Mrs. C. S. Stevens' Sister On Tour With Katherine Cornell Miss' Betty Brewer, sister of Mrs. Co'Ieman Stevens, Jr., has arrived overseas with a Katherine Cornell USO Camp Show unit, her mother, Mrs. Howell Brewer, housegiicst of Mrs. Stevens, was informed last night by cubic from Miss Brcwe.-. The American Theater Wing War Flavors group, headed by the fungus Miss Cornell, also Includes r-vlnn Ahern, and Miss Cornell's husband, Guthrie McCllntlc, producer. They will lour American outposts lit "liar- rcU of Wlmpole Street." Miss Brewer, daughter of Col. and Mrs. Howell Brewer of Hot Springs, was selected by Miss Cornell for a vole In the production while slic was appearing In "t*ts Face It," a musical show in Chicago, curlier In the Summer. While attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Now York, tlie young singer made her debut with- Hny Hcatherton's orchestra in the Bowman .Room In the Blltmore Hotel, New York. UHer while vocalizing for Tommy Doisoy's band, she was engaged for a part In the musical,."Lctst Face H." The troupe plans a two month tour overseas after which Miss Cornell, Mr. 1 Ahern and Mr. McCljntlc will return to the'states, while Miss Brewer nnd othqr members of the cast plan to remain abroad for four additional months, staging a Morgan Lewis Musical Revue and also producing "The Man V/lio Came to Dinner", rand "niythe Spirit," While Colonel Brewer Is stationed nt Port Story, Vn., as commanding ofllcer of the station hospital, Mrs. Brewer nnd daughter, Miss Patricia, ore making tliclr home in Hot Springs. Miss Patricia Is also visiting'.-.her. sister, .Mrs. Stevens, here. - Bits of News Mostly. Personal Mr. arid Xlrs. John McDowell nnd sbn, John Jr., and Mr. McDowell's mother, Mrs. J.. D. McDowell, returned-Tuesday night from 10 days spent in Mangram, La., as the guest of relatives. Miss Kay Thomas arrived Saturday morning to spend several weeks here with her aunt' and uncle, Mr! nnd Mrs. Warner Hawkins, ' and her sister, Miss Beverly Thomas. Miss Tliomns hns been attending University of California In Berkley for the past year and will be here until school opens next inonlli. Miss Patty Ann Green accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Ben P. Butler Sr. ( ol Osceola, to Norman, Okla., today, where they will spend several days with Ben F. Butler Jr., s. 2-c, who is attending Oklahoma A. & M. College there under the V-5 program. Miss Patricia Wise Is-spending a two-weeks' vacation with friends in Vempliis. Miss Betty Jean Hill, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E. V. Hill, has returned home after a visit with friends in Laurel and Heldelburg, Miss. She'Will be with her parents until she returns to Mississippi Stale College for Women, Columbus, In September. Mi and Mrs. Chris Tompkins and Ihelr daughter, Mrs.' Gene Teitford, accompanied by MrsT'niiodn Rucks ol Little nock, spent the weekend In [Gorman. Okla., where they visited their son, Chris TompJdni, Jr., ,wlio dren spent two months with Corporal Davis. HU returned Sunday to his post lit Camp CJnlbornc. Mrs. E. M. Damon and dnughtei... Joyce, Nancy nnd .-Emily Sue, nc- companicd by Miss Pearl Lovelace, daughter /of Mr. nnd Mrs. Arch Lovelace, left today for Riplcy, Tcnn,, where,they will upend n week with relatives of Mrs. Damon. Mr. Damon, who recently was home on leave, has been transferred to a Naval Repair Base at San Dlcgo, Calif. Mrs. Rosco Crnflon and daughter, Ramona, have returned from St. Louis,-where they spent.a week with Mr. and Mrs. Adolphe llelnicke. Donald Sloan of Vicksburg, Miss., has returned ,to Ills homo after n 10-duy, visit here wllh his cousin, Jimmy Lowe, and Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Macldox. Mr. anil Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe and two soils,, Jimmy ami Jerry, accompanied by 'Jimmy's cousin, Donald Slonn of rVlcksbiirg. Miss., spoilt yes- Uitday in Memphis where Jimmy and Jerry consulted specialists, lloth boys are. much Improved. Miss'Sally WcUcl of Cbarloltcs- vllle, Va:, arrived today 16 spend a week as the guest of Mr. and Mrs, W. .C. Gates and Mr. and Mrs. S. E Vail. '.•;•-'• •Mr. :and Mrs.'J. L. Guard had as their overnight guests lust night their daughter-in-law, Mrs. J. C Guard of Rockford, III,, and her father, -Y. T. Rowan of -Okolona Miss. They left this morning foi Okolona, where Mrs. Guard will make her -,homc with her parenti while Lieutenant Guard Is [overseas. She probably will return here later for nn 'extended visit wltl Mr, and Mrs. Oimril. Mrs. E. J. Allen vent to 'Arnica- Miss., Sunday aUcrtioon': to 'meel her mother, Mrs.'R. C. Lime, who At the Hospitals Wells Hospital Admitted- Mis, M. FHfcslnimons, city. Mrs. Clyde Oaines, city. dismissed— Mrs. John FIH and baby, city. Woody "lownsend, Manila. Illylhrvlile Hospital Admitted— ' Mrs, James Adams, Pascola, Mo. Mis, Venion Adams. Ilaytt, Mo. Mrs. T. E, Dili, Osceola. Dismissed — Lowniia Cilnnlngliain, city. Joyce Buchanan, city. Myrlc 'riioinns, Coaler, Mo. .Memphis naplkl Hospital Admlltcd— • Mrs. A. B. Fogg, Osceola. Memphis SI. Joseph's Hospital Admitted—' Mrs. Addlo Harris, Joiner. Nancy Kate McGalrldc,, Ba.ssell Memphis Mctliudlsl Husjiilul Admitted— Mrs. Sarah Hall, Ilaytl, Mo. ' Censors No. 10 Downiiifc BOSIOf^ (UP)—Even mii'Il from 10 Downing Street conies.,under the British censor's blue pencil as-Sidney L-. Kaye, a Boston merchant, lenme ( | upon receipt of a letter from Prime Minister Winston Churchill's private secretary thanking him for a gift of coffee concentrate. Ruching Enriches Poor Fixtures JiY CAKOI, HERMAN NBA Staff Writer NEW YORK. — If you're one of those war brides singing the bines aboijl living In a woebegone furnished room, why not perk u|> long enough to try your hand at some embellishments guaranteed to dress ti)> your quarters? You'll iind niching ft miracle Corker In a dreary room. For 40 cenis n yard you can buy It readymade to tack on top and bottom edges of your lampshades. Each medium sl/o ..shade requires about two and u half yards of ruchlng. Tack It on where tlie wire spokes meet the wire shade rims. If your shade is covered wltli a liard-to- manage material like 'parchment, use a stout darning needle, making straight up nnd down stitches. Now, liow bout eliminating the pnll tliut (lurk plush drapes almost nlway.s cast over furnished rooms',' Consulting n house furnishings e% pert,at ft. H. Macy's, I found that with cornices made from n few Pieces of wood, string, spools and ai doweled pole (rimmed with l*mt-miidc ruchlng, I could casilj eliminate the nvuscm look about my apartment. To make tlie erillwovk valance frame shown In next to bottom sketch, first measure the width of your window find -decide on tlie depth of your cornice. Get four pieces of wood, about three inches Ihlck, in the : desired dimensions It up as you go to-puff out the pleats. Miter that last corner of your dowel and push the ruchlng together at the corner. The bottom sketch shows the ruched dowel tacked on to the valance. Hang your valance and sit back and admire your handiwork. ;. (NEXT \VEKKi Slip coi-eri-.) Clrane.' Erascrj Antlquo CONCORD, N. H. (UP)—Blows- Ing In a Boston antique shop, Robert W. Upton of Concord happened jipon a daguerreotype of Daniel Wet^tcr, which he took home In triumph to have cleaned. But an over-zealous cleaner wiped the plate blank, erasing the delicate likeness that had lasted for move than a century. China's loss In the present war, In dead and wounded, exceeds the ' population of tlie state of Texas. LOVELY-ALLURING-LOW-COST PERMANENT WAVE Nutural-IooVing curia and waves now ed, imrinaiiejit wave solution, curlers, enampoo ana ivavt!-s*t. Safe for nvery (>'!« of liair. IV-iistd by IfuIIywood movie stars. Over 5 million sold. Get a Charm-Kurl Kit today./" KU-by Bros. Drug Store ami all drug stores, . ' and Johtmn Sebastian Bach-regained his lost sight a few hours before his death. Cap'tol Choice is stationed there under the Y-6 llns s l'cnt the past three months In program.'.Mrs. Rucks accompanied them home Tuesday night.for,n ; visit, of several days with tlie Tompklns at their home at Burdette. Mrs. J. F. Tonipkins of Burdotlc has avhpr guest for several days, Hcrsistor, A5i-s..A. M. Todd of Vlcks- burg, Miss. Mrs.-H. E, Neblett of Little Rock is spending a week here as the guest of her .daughter, Mrs. H. G. Partlow .and-family. Mrs. II.iG. Partiow and children, Graham and Patricia, will spend the weekend in Paragould as guests call Tjetween the hours of 3 and<6 ° r Ml Knd ,Mrs. H. R. Partlow. They In,the receding line with the hostess nnd the * bride were Mrs H D Alston, hiother^of the guest of honor, yrs E P Alston her giand- motber, Mrs Marvin Speers, of Memphis, cousin of the bride, and Mrs'_T' M Towls, mother of the bridegroom 'All wore gift corsages of American Beauty rosebuds A silver epergiie filled \\ith American ^Beauty TOMS on a mirrored placque formed the centerpiece for the lace covered tea table Slender white tapers in crystal candle holders completed the table arrange- rnen^ 'Mrs. Claude -.Grain, Mrs. G. B. Childress and Mrs 'iO W Sellers presided at the, punchbowl.-jfhlle an assortment at parly fools was served from the , buffet by /Mrs! W A Themie and-Mrs Johnny Homer The/"were assisted bv Mrs Cleve Button, Mrs Claude LandL»ster Mrs .Riley 'Dpnkin and Mrs Arnold Hullon, <-1 Floor baskets of giant zinnias and other garden" flowers decorated the remainder of the house Mrs Robert'Killian presided over the guest book, assistejl In the gift room by Mrs. R N Fox, Mrs Orln Hunt, Mrs C. T-l Ashabpmner and Mrs -H D Robinson MilSrc was 1 giyeri throughout the afternoon by Mrs Woodrow Hutton Mrs.Iri SheSd, Mrs Grover Srl- der, Mrs W. E >Lawhorn, Miss Fredia Shedd, Miss Martha Shedd, Jerry, Miss Lorlne Alston and Mrs--W A Themie Mnr Towles vlll leave won to Join her Htuband who Is wtlh the Navj, stationed in California' Mrs, O, ,O C B c'Club Coriusa.EvecU Hklns entertaining Wajer is absorbed more readily by linen Jhan by any other fabric Sale of TOYS !fe qift Shop ii^^^te, 1 ^ MOSS BRYAN 111 be accompanied home by Miss •Ja-ncy Pnrtlow, who has spent the ast^O days there with her grand- arc-«ls. Mis John .Pill and Infant sou ele removed yesterday from Walls {capital-to Uielr home at 021 West iVnlnut.. Mre. M. Fitisimmons underwent toiisillecloiny today at Wnlk Hos- ilal. Wayne Crouch,. son of Mr. and Irs. E. L. Crouch, is recuperating at is home on Dougan Avenue, fol- QVr'ing a tonsillectomy which he un- crwent Tuesday at Walls Hospital. Mrs. Emma Nolen spent today In lemphis where she consulted a spe- ialist about her eye. Mr, and Mrs. Johnny Long and an, Johnny Jr., spent the past week vlth Mr. ting's mother, Mrs. John 1. Long and family. They returned ast night to their home in Mein- ihls after having spent the past :!ght weeks in the East where Mr. xmg has been playing with Bill decline's orchestra. They were accompanied home by Sandra Lee /mg. daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Tobj -ong who will be their guest for he;remainder of this week. Corp. and Mrs. Emmett Davis nnd laughters, Rilln and Sandrn, rc- urned Friday from Camp Clalborne La., where Mrs. Davis and the clill- DANCE Thursday —- Friday — And Saturday Nights 9:30 to 1 O'clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE Admission 65c Incl. Twc ~ i-.':. 1 1 • t :. ,''. '" ' ". - ' .mica, Jackson and We;r, Miss., slling relatives. Mi's. Allen re- irncd home Tuesday night, accoin- mled by her mother, after spend- g two days in Tunica with her •other, Claud Lane. ' Miss Mabel Hogan, -Mrs. Eugene oori and her guest,'Miss Eleanor •dmann of St. Loiiis, will spend morrow in Memphis. ions Club To Ask City or Post- War Zoning Law Ah open discussion w&s. held . by icmbeis of the Lions Club at ihclr incbeon meeting .Tuesday noon t Hotel Noble, when a motion was Aptly-named, ID-ycav-olcl Venus Barney, above, won District of Columbia contest among local lovelies for right to rep. resent nation's capital at annual . inde nml cnrrlcd to present a Atlantic City Beauty Pageant. solution to the city asking that slu! . s p iclurcd partly wearrng post-wnr planning committee be jpointed to begin ; fonnnlating nils for proper zoning of the city ollowing the war. A motion also was mnde and nrricd to send a vote o; thanks roni club members to the heads the various playgrounds which avc teen maintained throughout ic city during the Summer lontlis. expressing the nnprecia- !••>!» of the club for the manner 11 which they have carted out Ills project. new title ot "Miss Washington." them together so they make a bracket-like frame. If li liistrated play pen sidings for grill work arc not available, you can make-your own. Here's how: • Hunt around and find 10 narrow sticks or pieces of string, n little longer than the depth of * your frame from Inner edge to inner edge and space them out Inside the frame. Next, rummage through your sewing box and collect spools ot :thread. For purely decorative purposes, pile two or. three spools •_^v_s | ^ra_iwoj)i on each stick or piece of string. Then tack spool strings taut to the inner edges of frame. If yon are .islng sticks, you will have to drive .Ittle holes into the framework to :iold them last. <Paint the whole justness a dazzling white. Hern's some outside work for you. Pay a visit to your local lumber I nnd nsk for four round rods in the same dimensions as your window bracket. You'll need them to make a dowel on which to slide your ruching. Glue or nail your rod corners .together, making sure Hint you leave one corner umnlt- 3red as an opening for your nich- ing. ^Ready to make niching? choose an 'inexpensive fabric that repeals tlie ( color ol your drapes. You will nee (Tat least twice as much material as the dimensions of the dowel. The width of.the piece of fabric depends on how deep a valance Men;Wolen!i01iItat 40,50,60! WalPep? Want to Feel Years Younger? Tl.oiiasiids onanj ai lylial 2 JlltrrpeojuntfNy irllb hue* nil tloni'. Contains 101^0 many need * '' '0. GO. ror boly old solely liwaiLse low in Iron iroptiylMUc iloscs vlumfn II,.rtclujn lira' .^roilucrory slit: only 35cr Try Oalrcx Tonlo At nil drui; IWLJS. ,everywhere — In' Mylliertlfo, il Klrlir Drut. Work for Girls nnii Young Women Ages IS-,'!;") Years Pleasant Working Conelilions High ScJiflol Graduates IVping Experience Necessary Paid \Vhile Training Con!ncl Afanagcr kVcslern'Union Tclcgrajih Co. Ulythcville, Arkansas. How TO RUIN DRESSES " . AND LOSE FRIENDS TT'S Itagic liow some jirls lose liicir *- fiicnds ami luin ihcir dicsscs be- .came of ptrspiraiion odor and stains. And there's no excuse for ii. Ii's uty i lo sivc dresses, it's «0 to save friends. Use Atrul, tlie n«w cream deodorant iJtat helps keep your armpits Jrj- and removes tlie odor from pcrspita- (t'on. ArriJ is safe and dependable for these/rr tcasons: •1. Atrid docs not irritate skin. Does O not roi dtcsscs or mtn's shirts. fa 2. Prevents urnlcr-arm otlor. Helps Jj Slop (>crsi>itjiion sifcly. " <f - 3. A pure, wliiic, aniiseplic, stiin* less vanishing cream. With a few yards of ruch- hilt war bride Carol Her man (jives a custom-made look lo the inexpensive shades slic iionglil for her tcinporaiy home. yours, easily, cool-ly, at liome. Do it yowsdf. The amazing MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP 1*4 8. Pint ' Phone 2532 you have about six inches of widt After the fabric is seamed, press left after yon have folded the material in half and seamed it along Bring Us Your Beaut/ Problem* to make a fabric cylinder. For an extra plimip cylinder insert a layer sketch. If the 'length of your fabric piece Is not long enough, care- slide your fabric cylinder on to the , fully seam two pieces in length, al- Modern Equipment Eipert Beauticians dowel, as in second sketch, shirring I gel more good strong cups per pound from Mi/ Continnoiu Show* Efery Day Box Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN 4:H LUZIANNE COFFEES CHICORY Thursday and Friday The "KITTY FOYLE" stor in a new aijcl greater love sfory 1 DARA/ THE EXTRA ENERGY DR. PEPPER GIVES THAT DRIVER. WE'RE ALWAYS ON TIME/ SCHOOL BUS RobeifiYAN Ruth HUSSEY ft 4. No wairing to dr>*. Can be used .| riglrt after shaving. j 5. Awarded Approval ScalofAmer- 3 lean Institute of Laundering — harmless to fabric. Use Arrid regularly. Arrid is ihc largest selling deodorant. Sold at all stoics selling toilet goods — 39c and 59c i jat. (i-isi ra>) Airplane Dusting Let us do your cotton poisoning with airplanes. RELIABLE - EFFICIENT I. W. STEPHENS Phone 279, Osceola STEPHENS DUSTING CO. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call m« io. check-up without cost or obligation. EAT8, MICE AND ROACII CONTKOL GUARANTEED WORK !» E. Son tacky H. C. BLANKENSHIP UN SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, properly designed, are remembered always. Our flowers are always fresh, and till work Is guaranteed to please. Let our expert designers help you with your floral needs. T^FLOWERSHOP F.T.I). Service We Deliver Anywhere Pn. J91 Sirs. J, M. (Mac) Wil lianis, owner Glcncoc Bldff. Mrs. Dalton C. Fowlston, B. A. M. S. M. Announces OPENING OF FALL CLASSES In PIANO — ORGAN — VOICE Former New York Organist and Teacher Pupil of Clarence Dickinson President ot Union Theological Seminary School of Music For Appointment fhono or Write Mrs. Palton C. FowUton 1101 Chlckasawba • J'honc 2649 Paramount News and Selected Short Subject EOXY M»tln«s But. * Son. Optns each night 6:45; «t»rt» 'J Open* Sunday 1:00; Starti !:!• . ) Otntlnnouj Shows B»t. »n* SMB. I 'M ( Nlfht ETerr NUht E»*K r 8»tnrdaj. honored on 8«»i»y » th« Thursday and Friday. Street of Chance with Bui'gess Mercililli and Cblre •Trevor Selected .Short Subjects

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