The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE SIXTEEN BLYTHEVJLLE (AWL) COUMKR * ChurchiH or AtttaF ConMrvotKt or Soci«lt«t? Second of a S«HM— Return of Churchill Might Unleash Nation-Rocking Wave of Strikes By LEON »ENNEN NEA Staff Correspondent LONDON—Britain la moving tr- restibly — almost fatalistically — toward a new economic crisis which neither the Tories nor Labor will be in ft position to .solve ivilhout additional U. S. aid. Coal production is running at least 3,000.000 toiis behind coosump tion. There Is an oil shortage primarily due to the Iranian seizure of Abadan. Cuts in power and more rationing this Winter seem Inevitable. The more than S.000,000 members organized in the British Trade Union Congress are getting restless. The Labor government WHS large ly the TUC's baby and the unhappy union leaders had to toe the ifcie Jn the face of mounting criticism from their membership. For six years they had to subsist on the tasteless diet of wage stabilization—while their American counterparts in the AFL nnrt CIO engaged Jn dramatic struggles for higher wages. Despite the eloquent (and desperate) plnns of the Labor Party's speakers, the union members now insist that "it's the Job of the unions to square us with Die cast of living." ''Labor government or Tory gov- ernment—ami God help the Tories if they do get in—we ore going to make it difficult," said a railway- man. "It's our duty. We're going to get a decent living for our men." The national wage average In Britain is n per week (about $20>. This may have been sufficient for a family of three or four—in addition to all the other benefits they get from the welfare state—to exist before inflation set in. But now the lower Income groups find it extremely difficult to mnk« ends meet. Some millions of Britons, nt (lie bottom of the income level, are exempt from paying Income tux. But none Ls exempt front the purchase tax and other "hidden" taxes, AXKURIN BEVAN: The Tories Insist he's not the Duty one with totalitarian Ideas. Father 'Playing Cowboy' Fatally Wounds Son CLEVELAND. Oct. 11. I,T»> — A young father playing cowboy with his two-year-old son killed the boy with a borrowed pistol which he believed was unloaded. The victim was Dale Ferry, only child of Mr. ntul Mrs. Dominic Ferry. The bullet from the .45 calibre automatic ripped through the boy's chest and slightly wounded Mrs. Ferry, 2:t. in the side. Ferry, a 28-year-old truck driver, told police he played cowboys with the boy after they watched a western film on television. PROGRAM SCHEDULE ROSE 860 On Your Thursday, Oct. IS, 105"] MOK.NIXC; 6:00—Sign en 6:00—Musical Uouncmp 6:45—Southern Gospel Singers 7:00—News 7:05—Yawnln' In MawiMtr 8:00—News 8:15—Bir.g Sings 8:30--KOSE Supers 9:00—Woman's Viewpoint 9:30—Tin Pan Alley 9:45—Dearest Mother 10:00- News 10:03—Moriern Conrert Hall 10:30—Meet the band Il:00--Ncws U:05—Farm Frolics 11:30—Sunset Playboys AFTKRNOON 12:00—News 12:15—Noon Serenade 1:00—Behind the World News 1:03—Matinee Melodies 2:00—News 2:05— Hillbilly Roundup 3:00--News 3:05—Hcplime 4:00—Blythcvllle News 4:05--Murray's Maclhou.sp 5:00—Record Rack 5:15—Sco re boa rd 5:30—Sign oft Hi:STI,KSS l,AHOrt: After six years of ivjijfe jtjil>]ll/.»llon, flrll- pin's strong labor unions, like these ilockcr* massed fnr a riTCjit demonstration, nr« getting restless over cost of living. The purchase tax on clothing, electrical appliances and leather goods runs from 33 per cent to 125 per cent. On tobacco, cigarets and other luxuries It is nliuost 200 per cent. Rationed foods are relatively cheap. But no family caji subsist entirely on the meager rations. Un- ratloned goods are practically Itl- flccc.s.sib!e to ihc nvcrnjje Hrit-on. A Conservative victory at the polls on Oct. 25 will free the hands of the frustrated union leaders. Already—under Communist and lelt whig pressure "from below"—there are demands for immediate wage Increases and threats of strikes. Winston Churchill's return to power might unleash a strike wavo that would rock Britain and have wide repercussions throughout Europe. In the furious battle of "Election Manifestos" the Tories blame Labor for all of Britain's domestic and foreign troubles. Including the debacle in Jj-aj) and the new crisis over the Suez Canal. They profess to -see In Labor as a whole, not merely ifs left wing "lunatic fringe" led by Ancurin Be/van, a deliberate drive towards the totalitarian stale. Labor gees back to the 1030's to try to demonstrate not only Tory incompetence but also Tory Ill-will towards the wage earners. Labor speakers denounce the Conservatives as greedy "capitalist profiteers" and "warmongers" who will plunge Britain into war practically on the day of their election victory. Unfortunately, both the Laborites and Tories (as the authoritative London Economist recently wrote) appear to be as firmly united as ever on one main proposition—that the voters should not be allowed [.o give a verdict, on the real issues facing the British people. Elderly Mans Lost Bonds Are Found ST. LOUIS, Oct. n. (AP)—Defense bonds worth $8,800, representing part al the money an elderly man said he had dejx>sited in a bank at some small town he couldn't recall, have been found on a street in East St. Louis, 111. The bonds arc to be returned today to nernhart r.evyson, T4. About two weeks ago I.evyson, a Spanish - American War veteran, sought afd from the St. Louis Travelers Aid Society in returning to his home at Van nuren, Ark. He told society authorities he had withdrawn about SO.OOO in government bonds and aobut $700 in cash from a Van Buren bank a few days before. lie said he then deposited the money in another bank In a small town somewhere In Missouri or Illinois. He couldn't remember whore The first lead came when an East St. Louis bank official recalled Lcvyson had been In the bank, but' had bought more government bonds instead of depositing what he had. Police now believe Levyson's bonds and what cash he had were stolen from him and the brmds abandoned when they couldn't be cashed. Crop Harvest Delays Circuit Court Session WALNUT RIDGE. Ark. Oct. 17 Wy—Harvesting of crops has caused postponement of Circuit Court here. Seventeen members of (tie petit jury panel which reported yesterday told Circuit Judge Millnnl Har- rlln they should be in tile fields. Hardtn agreed and put off the court session until December. Pork liver Is one of the best sources of food iron, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. THERE MUST BE A REASON WHY IT'S THE MID-SOUTH'S LARGEST SELLER WEDNESDAY, OCTOBE* IT, Army, USAF Drop Costly Radio Shows WASHINGTON, Oct. 17. «The Army and Air Force are dropping three radio shows thai got a low Hooper rating In Congress. All three were intended to whip up recruiting. Instead, they whipped up Congressional displeasure. They are the Frankle Laine singing show, the Bill Stern sportcast and the Game of the Week. The first two were programmed at $658.000. The game of the week was budgeted at I8J.OOO. A Defense Department spokesman said last night all three will be discontinued at the most economical cut-off dates. ...AND SREYKOMD OFFESS MORE SERVICE TO MORE PLACES THAN ANY OTHER TDAVEL WAY Wo" l~p ... 1.55 2.80 .. 4.10 8.50 .. 9.00 10.20 .. 13.65 24.60 .. 8.65 15.CO .. 19.80 35.65 ... 8.00 16.05 .. 4.05 7.30 Memphis. Tenn. . St. Louis, Mo Chicago, III Detroit. Mich. .. Kansas City, Mo. Miami. Fla New Orleans, La. Little Rock, Ark. {U. 5 1=< ..l/cl GREYHOUND DEPOT 109 X. Fifth Phone 4111 Rampaging Runabout Roams Riotously 'Round Riverside RIVERSIDE, Calif., Oct. IT. (/TV-Earl Mason's automobile can really take It. In fact, at the age of 70, so can Mason. As Mason drove Into his garage In the usual manner, things began'tb happen, LJke this, Mason told police: The accelerator pedal stuck. With Mason's hands resolutely on the wheel, the sedan continued on through the rear wall of the garage. It Picked up sp«d. It plowed through * heage Into neighbor F«. C. Jordan's property. It smashed through both ends of the Jordan garage, N«xt, the car invaded the premises of Robert Ellsworth and leveled a wooden fence. It covered 27 feet or open ground, broke off a water liydrant and crashed into Ellsworth's garage, too. Ahead of Mason now stood Ellsworth's brand new automobile. Mason banged into It and piuh- ed It through a Itrxi on Kttaa* Guaslln's land. There the carnag* «nd«d. Damage to Mason's Md*np Only IIDO worth. Dama«« (« Mason? Nary a scratch. This planet Mars hu two moon*: Delmos and Phobos. [ermine Sour Mash is your Key to True Bourbon Satisfaction NOW 5 YEARS OLD at no increase in price Vs Quart Pint i/ 2 pint $£30 $095 £30 $3 OLD FITZGERALD Genuine SOUR MASH Bourbon OLD FASHIONED. Distributed hy iHUUN DISTRIBUTING CO. Little Rock, Arkansas S*tx*f-W«rt*t DdliMorr, Esl. Lo^tviH*, K.nt.drr, „,. 100% »ONDEP KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOUEIQK WHISKEY _ I OO PROOf The n'artrlrli maitrl... (illustrated) reflects the now in-nd to the shoulder look. It's smart willionl ln'ini; conservative without ljrht£ stuffy. It's li^bl on padding, strong on tlir kind of fine tailoring tlial's made Hart Scliaffnrr X Marx clothes so famous. The \\arwick is nvailaMe in a vide range of fabric*. including the very smart Eton I'lanncl ive describe in this advertisement. • OH yam fcnoic .. . that Hart Schaffner 6k Man .tuils are made in 338 different body sizes and proportions? Once we have determined your right body type you'll discover liow easy it is to choose the fabric, pattern and model to suit your eye; and you'll get the right shape and model that fits your particular build. 1 t> for those of you whose-ambition requires that you look the part of success ive suggest... i L^. make giving... tailored by Hart Schaffner & Marx THE ETON FLANNEL SUIT When You Buy a Suit, Be Sure You Know the Fabric Content . . . Check the Label on Every Garment Carefully. Of the more than 200 different kinds o£wool in tti« world, some of the finest ends up in these luxurious Eton Flannels. Inspired by its soft handle and good looks, Hart Schaffner * Marx craftsmen wielded their needles with even greater skill. Th« results are a suit that's guaranteed to make friends and influence people .. .foryou ,.. provide yoa with heller clothes to make a better (iiing. So if you want a suit you can wear anywhere, for business or informal affairs . . . don't just lit lher« and dreom . . . get your Eton Flanntl today. The Suit Above Is Expertly Tailored Of 100% Virgin Wool Worsted Material L

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