The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, July 19, 1946
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THK DOMINANT NEWBPAPKU OF NORTBBABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XUI1—NO. 00 Blythevllle Dally New* BlythevUle Coulter Blythevllle HenUd valley ARKANSAS, 1/H11JAY, JULY 19, I'.Mli SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS House-Senate In Deadlock on OPA Extension Representatives on Conference Committee Reject Proposal. WASHINGTON, July (U.I 1 .)— Con K i-es.sion;il O I ' 10. 1 A t< break Uic'ir major deadlock today wlu'n Ilousu members- reject wl a Senate compromiKi to exempt foods and thcii specific: items from price con trol Inil to allow rcstoratioi oi 1 (lie ceilings it' lound net Bon. Robert A. Tatt, H.. O., sail House conferees were standing Urn on the demand that the bill re i fieeil of provisions to ban ceilings on meat, poultry, dairy product*, wheat, tobacco and petroleum. "They said they would not stand for any decontrols," Tall told newsmen alter a fruitless morning session by the Senate and House conferees. Confronted with thc adamant stand of the House, Senate conferees niTiuigcd a separate meeting at 2 p.m. to review thc entire situation. The House members agreed to join them a half hour laler to rcsumo the deliberations. The new failure to break the dc- conlrol deadlock came shortly alter administration leaders were reported confident tliat a new bill could be completed by tomorrow. The latest development, however, GUI' (luiigcrcd their hopes. If The compromise rcjcclcd by the L House group was drafted by committee ol three senalors—George ' L. Radcliffc. D.. Md.., ana Charles W. Tobey, H., N. H. It called for retention of the tie- control provisions approved by the Senate, but for addition of authority for n special board to restore ceilings if prices went wild. Re-establishment of price ceilings would be done by a decontro board already provided for In the. Senate bill. Under the present legislation, however, the board would have only authority to 'remove ceilings \vhtn supply rc_a£he% k rdfrj Radcliffe «ki«r that while "no one was committed to it," thc proposal probably will be brought up today at the 14-man conference committee "so that we can have something concrete to work with." Should the conferees rcicct the suggestion, both sides are expected to give up (heir present efforts to draft a compromise bill. They (hen would return lo the House and Senate for further instruction. That action would delay settlement of (he price problem until next week at least. (jarsson Faces Suit Charging ;43,000 Fraud NEW YORK, July 19. (Ul^ — diirrny W. Oarssoii, official of UIR vilclwestern immilkms empire u»- icr investigation by u Senulr committee, wns clKii'Bt'cL with LI $-13,00') frniul (odny In the alleged s : l!e of u "valueless" Virginia iimtiBancsc mine, n n civil suit filed In .state su- lirrmc court by Satnud Greenfield, atifiigm'c of the First Pim-Amuvi- ciiii Mercantile Corp., Ciarssnu was nntiuxl coik'fi'mlant \\ ilh a Marshal Murtln, who wns not further UlcntiCicxI. Thc suit churned that, in March. 1941, Pan-American paid $; j .5.GOO toward purchase of the (Jrenn Hrlnr nit tin when "tht* defendants falsely and fraudulently represented to the pla til tiff ;i.s.slpiw that there was then on the mining property mined manganese of thc viilue of approximately SMl.UOa." Gar.SKon, who Is in Cuba, entered a general donijil through his attorney, l.sidore Sieydtuch. Truman Signs British Loan Bill Four Brothers Indicted as Draft Dodgers CHICAGO, July 19. (UP)— Four i brothers who hid for 47 months In I a tiny attic room in their [arm ] home near here were indicted yes- | tcrdiiy on charges of evading the draft. The brothers, who finally surrendered after learning a nationwide search for them was being organized, are Albert Gabriel, 40: I'Tniik. 2D. Henry, 26, and Ernest, 'it. They voluntarily surrendered lo the FBI here on "July 8. ending a two-year government search for them. Trend of Prices Shows Reversal Butter and Meat Are Cheaper Today In Some Localities Hy Unilcil Tress Consumer resistance drove hul- icr and meat prices down ip some communities today, a,j buyers strikes continued thrcnitjliout Liu- Million. Cleveland retailer, rcDorlrd thai butter purchases had fiilk-n off S( per cent since Insl week, and wholesale butter prices chopped 1 '•' chills lo £iD : S cent., a pound. Meat purchases declined jjlitjhtl in Detroit, where the CIO Unitct Auto Workers Union vv;ia foaciUiv a buyers strike, Uu'.clicp; sail pi lc. ,> were full. IFJ gi'adiially. fV.'-iHHcr rc&.tiaiico forced butter rpces from 73 to 72 cicnts a It uno MI Pierre. S. D, An Aberdeen. S D. fzr?ce" said butter pules i ad <;r'PI; off 9U pet cent lu his R price of butter di'onp^cl slightly in Portland, Ore., but there was no surplus supply. Some Minneapolis retailors esti- itated that butter sales had (alien vtt 50'per-cent,-but prices remained the same. The American Meat Institute, spokesman for the packing industry, said [hat in many cities meat was being offered at prices well selow the old black mcnkel levels- Labor, civic nnd veterans group. 1 ! sp-onsorcd a mass meeting ;u Uo chcster. N. Y.. to protest risini! prices. Forty thousand pamphlets' were distributed and a petition bearing B.OOtl names urged Senators and Congressmen to revive Hie OPA. At the University of Texas in Austin, a campus group called "Common Sense" was working to organize a cilywicle buyers strike. On another price front, additional cities and states were acting to keep renls down. Livestock prices dropped .sharply yesterday as farmers jammed Midwest stockyards with rtcord shipments of animals. Hog prices were SI to S2.50 a hundredweight lower at many markets and cattle dropped 50 cents to $1. War Profits Probers Subpena Representative May to Testify In Midwest Munitions Inquiry $:i,Y. r iO.COU,Ot)0 while four c lilef .lustiee of the u 'resident Truman signs Ihe liiitlsh !,oan liill for _cU to ri^hi: Secretary of Treasury John Snyder State Jiiiws uyrues; Sciiiilor Albcn Uavkley, and Ambassador the bill in his White House olTko. tNKA Tclephuto.) his Fred lop advisors look on. Vlnstin; Hecrelary ol ln\'eivhapel. The I'lesUk-nt sii;m:it Fisher Launches Active Campaign Candidate is Seeking House Scat in State Legislature 10. UIiul) Fislu-r luilsiy nii ut iiinioiiiiccLiU'iU 01 his i-;indl. [or Ihe ullico of sink 1 tvptc- annouuc^'inrnt 'iuunl lo the Ciuir- Preparedness Plea Sounded CIO Launches Political Drive To Defeat All Enemies of OPA Weatherman Promises Some Relief Senator Advocates Maintaining Army To Halt Aggression. WASHINGTON; July 115. (U.IM - Chinnnan Tom Connally, D. Tex., of the. Semite roiHj;n Relations Connnitlce declared todny the United Stales must maintain powerful armed forces and .stoutly oppose aggression by Rnssiu 01 any other nation. He told the Senate Iho countrj will tolerate no form of aygi sion ''whether by armed iniyht 01 more subtle inflation." Connally reprtcd the Senate .on hi.s part In the Biy Four foreign ministers' conference at Paris. He laid clown u seven-point program for postwar foreign i>ol1cy \rtl1ch calicit for "a highly trained and properly equipped" army and "thc most powerful navy on the planet." He called on thc Senate lo provide the United Nations Security Council a full quota of U. S. Iroops, planes and ships necessary for the UN's policing of thc At home, the Senate Foreign Relations chairman continued, Llic Army. Navy and Air Force must be kepL strong enough "to strike the sword From thc hund ofwoidd- be aggressor;;." "Whether it, be Russia or the Republic of Panama, whether 11 be Great Britain or New Zcland, we shall respect their rights and shall expect and demand tluit (hoy recognize and respect ours," he asserted. Connally's report on the for - eiyn ministers' parley followed those of Decretory of State James F. Byrnes and Sen. Authur II. Vandenberg, R., Mich., earlier this week that the Biq Four had made -somr limited progress toward peace at Paris, Connelly said a strong army, navy and Air Force must be maintained "for (he national defense and the preservation of peace—to arrest aggression and to strike the sworcl from the hand of would-be conquerors." I'l CIO LAUNCHES—2-!M lly ItilVMOMt l.AIIU llnllrtl 1'K'SS Staff <'<iiTi'S]ioiu WASHINGTON, .Inly HI.-The CIO litiiral (.'.'iinpaii'.n hi prii'i; conlrnl lixhiy ;i ,r;imzo(l I'olilica] Action CoinniiUi'i; into L'Ollifl'OMSioilill I'lK'S. The CIO made il clear l.lwl It was pitching ils political campaign oil thc price control issue us U abandoned hope, that Congress v.'oul,l eli- nct an OI'A revival bill satisfactory to the CIO. The organix-ation also appealed to President Truman to call nil t:l- (tustry-lnbor confrroiuV t(t u^rce un ]i]cans of .slal)!!!?.!]!); the nnlicmn) economy ;intl raising wa^es. An or- Batii/cd buyers 1 strike was rec,- By United Press . The conference was proposed tCt'flny- liv an executive boil' mcnt coniiilnini: one of tli est blasts the CIO ever firort at Congress. The board said unions and other ing animal ions must join In placing the fuels of the OPA contest befoi't; the voters for the November elections. "Those in Congress responsible for thc drive lo wreck price and briny inllalion upon Un'j niilion must be made to answer to ilia lieopie.' 1 (he CIO said, Karlier Ihc executive bnnrd i!])proved CJO President Philip Mwr- i ny's proposal lo intensify pnlid- eal aclivity under a revised PAC, Murray proposed the rooi'[Mm/.:i- tlon lo eopc with thc problem raised by Hie death of PAC Ch<iirm:m idney Hilhnan. In nmkliiK llu' ISMIIXI Mils ctiiti lor NOW.S: "1 l.ihu tl>l» nioiius or mi- nwtiu'lni; (y \'oh i r:i 01 Ml.s.sii;s"[ip Uoiuily. my ciindliliify lor ollli> of rt'prc'.scnlallvt) frotn M1.s.sK^lp\i Counly. In Miccvi'd Mi8 S Ali'n Word, who Is sceklnn a fo;irtl U'flll. "IL will IK' linpinislhlc for me. u> IKM'Moimlly soc nil voter.-; In thin i-(>Hiily. duu to tills lulc hour Ilinl I am [ii'UIni: alurli'il In my nim- pul^u. niLd w) I \vunt you in i:oti- .sider tills H.S lliudi a liriwinnl C'lll- tivct niiil .sollcUnllun Tot 1 your vol.; IMHl IllllllL'llrf. , '"I'ho mosl or ytui, pt'oijably 'i.v this lime, urc vvi'll iiwnrtt o( wiiy 1 am Kdlltit; slmli'd KO liitf wllii niy nnn|)ali:n. Allcr I p:dd my I'llini; lc'i> nnd cnmplli'd with llu' law, In evTiy rn.spCMM. lily IIUIIK; WHS wllbliclil | nun liolnu plncnt upon thi> biilLol; mid hi order lor mo lo ur.t tny iHiuiL' upon thc linl- lol. unit nvull myself of Uie jirlvll- . t'j'e of bccoiiilu^ a ci'.niiidato. LL wa.s vlurrny ainoni; tho new niC'ln^er-s. | nt'i'c:;xury fnr im- to lilt' -sull, nnd t alr.o |)i't]\'l(UHl n IK'o-imui oxi-on-j pvoKccnte .siime to the InnhKt .couri. Ivc board So <Un<c.t lulmlnhlriiLlvii of lids Stud 1 , lint. «inru llic au- uncllons. Under Hint hourd. Ibi.'] lirrme Courl of lids Stale decided Action Taken Despite Immunity Extended to Congressmen WASHINGTON, July Ifl. (U.I'.)—The Semite Win- 1'rol'ils liwoslitfiiiiiiir Cummillcc lotliiy mihpcmied Hop. Andrew .1. May. I)., Ky., lo testify about hi.s connections with a I\Iir|\vi>st nuinition.s anbitie Unit received ?78,000,OQO in war ronlractn, '['lie (•oniinitlt'o nuked May to appear next \vc«k, dc.spite (In- immiii'ily lie hii:t while COIIKTCHK is in session. It noli- fird him Ihiil othci-wisu he would \>c compelled to testify u.t soot\ as COI]}.;ITS.S adjourns. Adjourmiicnl Heads Lions Irnt tied il.s 1!Ml> Ilircw figlil a The new set-up enlnru*'d •iubl-meuiber committee lo lli with — Cllffr.rd Is cxpcctc<i Intft Ills inoiith or early next month. He declined lo comment an tho :omitilltec's notion loclny. May |u-e\'loti.sly uppearcil before he eciimiilUee In closed sef-slon. The committee repeatedly lins Invited ilin t<> lesllfy In an open lienriiiK in<!cr rMith. May Imil replied that »• would not, accept, imles.'i lie wns HTmtllcd to question other wlt- nc.s;ies. Chnlnnnn .James M. Mead. D., N. Y., Kl|;ncil tlic snbpcnn rifier annoiinclui; thai h c had licen nu- thoilxeil by (he ojmnitlle.o to do "We expect Hop. M.iy U> appear before Ihls committee at a meot- Inu uexl Tnccdiiy.!' Mend said. The constitution proVets a nicm. bef of Couyre.Sii from fitibpunu «i' while C'oiiKi'eKs la in session. Siiii, Oven Ilrowstcr, n,. Mt., a member of the War Invesiii.'iuinu Ci.-imnittec aiilil thut tlic Immunay lufls only dLiring a iicssion and fo:' Mich time llicrcntl.'i 1 113 it limy take Ihc member to :c.u:ti Jili home. •'Ilir protcetli.i will cxnl'.T. nllh adjournm T.O of C'nicress." •IVnn., altoruoy, was elected pros!-1i;,, - tli i m . H iUI, "so tbu(. If Congress 'AC will he directed by .lad; Kroll. Cl, longtime co-worker of lllllman n the PAC and the Amalgamated Clothliu; Workers. Kroll will pre- Ide lit meetings of the I'AC and it:i executive, board. liille '.'ific enlarged orc;nnl/atlr,n '"'.,Jt...*li>R i' nuniorl- voicc, it was still kept minority position lu whlcii It could he outvoted by Murray 1 .'- luid- dle-nf-ihe-roiul followers. Tliti new alignment also seemed Hkuly to the PAC more muler Murray's wins, although he disclaimed nny Intention of seeking; a lurgcr voice. Kroll was described by associates as a trade union whcclliorsn wlv.> would he an effective peaeeUKikei- hctween CIO faction:;. linl.h he nnd Ililhnan went through the AmaMa- inalcd Olothini: Workers' 1)1;: test In the l!>10 strike nt Cliicai:". More recently Kroll lias been n vice president of the union, president of the Ohio CIO industrial union cimn- cil and assistant PAC chiilnnn:). Kansas Storm Causes Plane Crash; 13 Die DENVER, July in. passcnRCrs and three (UP CT3U Beef and Hog Prices Move Down Sharply The LUUc Rock weather man lo- day promised a hit of rcliol yesterday's recoi'd heat, with tiom few Slayer of Druggist Files Motion for Rehearing LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. July 10. • UP>—Eld on Chitwoon, convicted murderer rif a Mciia, Ark., rirug- j:i?t nnd whose death in the elcc- Iric clmir July 8 wns upheld ny tlic Arhatisa.s Supreme Com",, to day was assured of living nl Icasl 100 dnys longer. Chit wood's attorneys have filed a motion for rehearing on the supreme court action with Carl Stevenson, court clerk. Ho'-vcver, because llic court is now in Summer recess, the motion will not hc presented until Ecpl, 23. Stevenson said a decision \vtll likely bi liand- cd down a week later on Sept. 30. If Ihc court denies the rehear- I Ing. an order will be issued to Gcv. Ben Lanes, who then will set the new date of execution. The governor's office said here today that Laney generally grants a condemned man at least 30 days lilc after final court action. widely scattered thundcrshowcri in the .state this afternoon. However. hc said the temperatures would continue to range from !H to 9C in most parts of thc stale. Tlie temperature at Gilherr. and Scarcy set a new high for ir)1~> yesterday with 105 degrees record"'!. Gilbert also reported til- lowest temperature with 08 dcurces. Other cities with lcmpeii:tiircs above 100 included Uah'svill? ami Corning. 103: Newport and D.i~da- nelle with 102; Fort Smith 101: and Pine Bluff and NaclivilK 100. Little Rock, with a high of 07. experienced its hottest lUy of the year. Other high temperatures included Mena with 99. El Dora-lj. Texarkana and Blythevllle with 96. and Monticello with 91. Mrs. Hifdreth Of Manila Dies In Hospital Here CHICAGO, July 10. (UP)--l.lvc- slock prices splraled downward al hers of a C-47 plane were killed I Midwestern stockyards Uxliw when the Iransporl crashed 10 milre I farmers sent unusually Inrnc Friday oulsi'le of Goodland. Kan., on .1 To- ] shipments of hops and caltle to mar- pcrka to Denver IliKliL, oflKriih IjO\vry Field, Denver, sjiid I ScliecUilcd to :irri\ r n at Ijmvr kct and an additional forecnr,t. The downwnrfl price troticl whirr: early today Iho plnne was rcpoi'ted {-started late Wednesday downed during a heavy Ihimdc. 1 - storin shortly after leaving Toiu-k.i. It last was heard from at B p.m. Army officials said tho traii-sport was on a routine coasl-to-ciKist flight frotn Weslover Field in Massachusetts to California and stripped at the Kansas Air Base fo.' rcEuel- iiiK before proceeding on its scheduled night lo Denver. lowry Field officials, informer! of the passenger's and crew memlMT's fate. Immediately dispaU-hed r.'< til- officers, a chuplain anrl yu.*vd.s Mrs. Junetli Chandler Hildroth. wife of J. 1,. llildrclh of Manila, died Ihls morning al Blythevllle Hospital. .She was 3(>. Removed lo (he hospital a week aco for treatment, she died lit 6 o'clock. l-'nneral arrangements were ... complete early this afternoon pcnd- { ^° c ici ; arrival of her brothers from California. Cobb Funeral Home is in charge. Besides her husband, she Is survived by her parents. Mr. ,ind Mrs. J. M. Chandler of Manila: lliren. brothers. Francis and King c/ vlllc Armv Alr Flr ''I ' ler of I/jrti, Calif., and Alvin Chand- Friday on .Small I ler of Manila, and a sister. Mrj. Nora Holmes of Quitman. Ark. Couple, Offering Aid At Scene of Accident, Finds Daughter Killed Beauty Shoppe On West Main Two BlythevtUe sisters liavp entered business here. Misses Minnie flnd Ruby Brown have puKhaserl thc Lorene Beauty Shcppo, 1215 West Main, from Mrs. Lor'.'ii'. Ili.m- llton. FOUSYTH, Qa., July 19. (UPi— M( 6 s Minnie Brown will be man- Driving home from a picnw, Mr. nger of thc business, with Miss Nell snd Mrs. c. Den Smith stopped i Wilbanks also to be employed there, their car to lend Rssistancc to ,11 Miss Ruby Brown will no: be act- truck driver who had plunged Into! ivc in the firm. a ditch. Beside thc truck they found thc body of their .du"ghler. Barbara. 16. A passenger in life truck, she had been killed Etantly. ; . . Thc new owner was graduated from Eagle Beauty School hove. Name of the business in lh^ full)- j turc will be "Brown's • > 'Shoppe." , Doctor iltley Rejoins Walls Hospital Staff Another physician has returned to Blythcville after having been discharged from service in Ihe armed forces. [ Dr. Francis Eugene Utley has resumed his association with Dr. i .t. M. Walls at Walls Hospital, folio* ing release from the Army. I In service four and a half years, | Dr. Utley spent three years In Newfoundland where he was commanding officer of two stanen hospitals. He was a major when discharged, Dr. Utley came here in 1040, prior to entering service the following year. He and Mrs. Utley now are residing In the Wylio apartments ou North Division Street, Bids Asked by Army On Air Field Salvage Bids will be received at Filylln*- Monday llirou;h Sale No. 3. consisting of approximately 40 l'""> of property available for insixttioii during that period with Ihe exception of Saturday and Sunday. Hours of Inspection will bD 3'.30 a. tn. to 4:30 p. in., cxceptln? Iho noon hour. It has been an.iounn rt. Bids on this type of sale aif submitted on a BUI Slip Form which may be obtained upon reqia>s'- at the place of inspection. Lots will be made up of ,iutin-.n- tivc testing equipment, cleclri'; motors, plumbing 'equipment, urcrafc equipment, photo supplies, etc.. H was announced by Capl. Rjtw; It Duke, salvage officer. tinning consistently, a DcparlmenL of Agriculture FiRent reporled. He said backlogs of stock In several yards probably would forc'i prices down further at those polnU. Al Chicago, good and choice fed steer prices were 50 ccnls per hundredweight lower. anil ni-diunl grades were off $1. A $Z1 ton was paid for one load. $2.65 less lhan Ihc all-tlmu record set for choice slccrs yesterday. 'Hie Department of Annai'-lnrc sjiokesmaii sairl all buying of railli' was limited lo betler grades tx- cau:>c most of the packers In Chicago, meal capital of the natior, already had exceeded their week's killing capacity. Hogs sold at Chicago for generally 25 to 50 cents less than Thursday's average, and sows wen: TjO cents lower. An extreme lop of S 10.65 was paid for one lo:ul. bill. thc bulk ot goort and cholcs went. for $18.65 to $19.25. Reduced livestock prices not been reflected yet on tho r.H-ill level, a United Press survey rliow- cd. Retailers said they wet-: jn. c .t beginning to feel Ihe cflcctr. of the record prices llvcslock brought during the past two weeks. Weather ARKANSAS—Piirtlv cloudy to day, tonight and Saturday with widely scattered thunricrshowcrs it cast portion and south portion J this afternoon an<l in cxtn—— northwest portion Saturday. _ 1 was li'iuilly entitled lo have my ' natue plnred UIHKI Ihc biillut It lins clviiii niu u very ulimt tune I Ln which lo rurllUM 1 my campaign. "Decision of Ihe Supreme C'lHirt. wiis hmidud down li'ss limn 10 days :igo. Aller drrlMon of Ihe Supremo Court, hi oriter for jliu to got htimi; nnd KL'C volors of Ihls county, |L wax micetism y Inline lo cjbiiiln a leave of absence from my branch of service and only riin'cc^sful in nbtnlHnti same- and arriving home Siilurilay light. i Holds \u Mullen I "I hold no (11 rcellni; »r inallci! mviird nny one. I am willing lor he voters of Ihls county i o suy whether or not young men of my ypf and sliind!ii|: fOiould he given >]>poi'tunity nloiiK with Uu; older Inr of pnlllldnns. u ho hnvo heru- ofure, anil still urc, atletnpLIni; tu ttiriiilc: politics ol this county nnd Instruct y«u how to 1 vole. "Fur you. whit <lo not know me, It IK only fair and In Justice lr» yon. that 1 slate to you who 1 nin (lint you might know for whom you me casllni; your vcitf. I am son of llic Into H. H. Fisher, pioneer farmer and business man and resident ot thl.s county many ynar.s nn<l who, while I was -yet n very .small Ijoy, met a tragic deulli In an automobile accident. Since Dial limn, when ill. homo. I reside at nil East Kentucky, lilytheville. Arkansas, with my widowed molher. "I WHS born Nov. 7. Ift'.'fl. :it Oscoola; attended grammar .school there, also allcnded hiuh school at Osceola. completing my high school niacic.i In Marlon High Schoril, Critlotitlcn County, in Mny, 1KI7. I entered thc tieorge Washington University, Washington. D. C.. nnd alter a period of Mine there, transletrcd lo Columbia Tech Institute, where I completed my aeronautical training in August, 1041. Scrvr-il In Mi-reliant Marine "After thl.s, 1 accepted n position will, lioeini: Aircraft Company. In ScullIr. Wash., where I iisslsled in' dr.slgnlm; the I!-'^!i Siipirrrorlrcsses. nnd attended nlKht st-hrml at University of Washington; was later llanslorri'd In .Service Unit of tills company, us .Service I-'nglneer; ami took lialning in i epnlrSii^ and maintenance ol 11-17:, and' H-:r;.'i:. prrpnratniy to tcachini: the personnel D| the Army Air Corps. All this lime, while 1 was willi this company nnd unit. 1 was subject to over.seri.s service, at all I hues. "In April, in !•!. f was examined for Ihe Naval Air Corps and rejected because of a minor physical detect. I asked for leave o[ au- srnc.c Iroin Hoeing Aircraft Company lo reliirn tn Washington. U. C., in order lo oblain a physical waiver, If no:islble. in order that 1 might enter the Naval Air Corp:-, hut was rejected, after having been examined by the head Naval .Surgeon. dent of the Lions Internnlloiinl nt the llnal session of Ihe oritanl/.a- lon'H convention here Indny. He succeeds Dr. tlnmlro Colla/o, liavnnii, Cuba. Frctl w. Smith, Ventura, (Julii., anil P.ugcne S. llrlggs, Knld, Okln., were elected first and second vice preiiiilenU respeetlvL'ly. Citizens Demand Full Bribe Probe Toxarkana Aroused Over Charge Hurled Against Aldermen TKXAIiKANA. Texas. July 10 'UP) — A permanent cllj/.eiis committee of Texiirknnlaiis. lormei! hero yesterday in the midst of p etly council scandal, today adoplc: two lesolntlons. One petitioned District Attorney Weldon Glass and County Attorney Maxwell Welch to accept Ilia assistance of special counsel in the Inve.sUsiitlon of alleged briberies of coimcllmen In connection wllli a land purchase vole for u cily rli;ht-ol-wny. The second sliBHCstcd Olio Atch- li'.v, prominent Texnrkanu lawyer, •is thc special prosecutor. '['In: district attorney Indicated Hint, he would welcome assistance In the case, and Judge N. I.. Dalby of Bowie County, Texas, culled a gnind Jury meeting for 1'rkhiy. Last Tuesday, newly elected Mny- or W. N. Ilarkness made open cbargcs that, three couiictlmcn had accepted $1,000 bribes for an flimalivc vote authorising clly purchase of property blocking the npenlnt: of Spruce Hlrcet In Tex- nrkiina lo a highway. Ifarkness declared that Hie aldermen were pnlc off by two businessmen who liat previously purchased the properly. ilinrli' adjourn next week, alter illnwJnp. the Coi'igrvDMirjn time 10 • his honiu iho commlUca will ' mve hill ixiwur lo comiwi him ib appear. "I think Mr. May cun well bear tliat In mind, ' Uruwstcv inldcd. He ahnnlcl nl'.t note th'H tins ACr of tills cuinniiittcc to ecmiic 1 ! wltnewics lo'muteiir 'extends to Jai'iV 3. 11141." MIMIC! suld (Ivj committee • !mrt Blvcn Mnv ''limp-, oppoi ttinity" to uppeaj- nnd exiili'ln Ins ctonnecltons with the Mldwe.s!. munitions otn- plri! under Invest.l t :t>.lloii lor alleged win- inoIitccrhiT. "We arc resoi".liii; to this method only because It. l.s the only thing left for us lo <lo," he snld. l-'eiuufon i;alil thai in the event Mny went Iiomc, lie could be nr- re.slcd on Hie orders of a KontucKy district attorney (or refusing to C'bcy the sVtl>peniv. In this c\'cnl, lie satd, It might he necessary technically Tor the commit lee lo Issue nnolliur sub- penu alter CVjnyross ndjourns. The Mibpcnn for May was Issued ollowlnc Ihe lestimotiy ol Senate ocriitlc Leader Albcn W. Bark- Ky., House Democratic Lender folin W. McConnack, Mass., and Clmirnian Adolph J. Sabalh, D., 11. of tin; House Rules Committee. They all npnonrcd voluntarily to csllry concerning previous tcstt- nony about telephone calls between their offices nnd the Wnshlnslon office of the munitions combir.s. They denied having ever -Interceded for the munitions flri'.is. Darkley revealed however, that his son had been employed of the firms up lo lust '"o C. T. Wicken Dies; Was //^ Many Months State Safety Patrolman, AH Facts Considered, Showed Much Liberality CLARKSVIIAE, Tenn., July 19. (UP.)— B. J. Hogan. State Safel> Patrolman, drew only a disappointed look when he handed a young Clarksvlllc woman her learner's permit—Instead of a driver's license. "Why, I only sideswlpcd two N. Y. Stocks l:i:(lilihirm alccl .... {•|ii'.v(,lcr Crm-ral Klcctric ... 'iirriil Motors nUtomcry Ward .. N V Cenlral nt Harvester Tnilh Am Aviation ^/•public Micel .... i<a<Iio Socony Vacuum ... Sledeb.iker Jlandard or H J .. Texiis Cori) Packard U s Steel One of lilytheville's ioiifj-tiinc resklciiUs died yesterday afternoon wlicn Charles Taylor Wleker passed away at his 1101112. 120 South 18lh. He was 00. .. 107 1-- Horn in West Tennessee, he came •i 1-2 lo Ihi.s section when 15 and resided -11, 1-2 | in the vicinity of what now is lily- 100 3-4 thcvllle. extreme; cars while Laid. I was learning," she "1 receiver! clearance from Uoe- ing Aircralt Company and was sworn into the United Stales Naval Reserve, November 1044. In September. 1345, I was discharged from the United States Naval Reserve, and received license as staff Officer In United Slates Merchant Marine. Since which time I hnve been on acllve duly with the Merchant Marine, transporting troops from overseas and transporting food lo Iho starving millions I Europe. "If I am elected as your >lcprc- scmlaltvc. I will to thc utmost of 120 40 08 3-8 75 1-4 21 !)4 3-4 1:1 30 7-« H 1-4 17 3-4 M 3-4 17 1-4 . G5 1-4 N. Y. Cotton Mar. May Oct. Dee. 3602 35SO 3.WO 3615 3650 S628 3t!55 3670 3568 3544 3570 3578 35M 3570 3580 3595 He had long farmed nnd once served as a member of the city police force but had not been uclive in work for a number of years. Stricken with paralysis several months ago, his condition had been serious since that lime. He died at 1:35 o'clock. Funeral services were to be held I his afternoon, 3 o'clock, at Iho residence, by the Rev. P. H. Jerni^nn, raslor of Calvary Baptist Church. Burial was to be at Elmwood Cemetery. He Is survived by a daughter. Mrs. Pleas Yarbro of Blythcvillo; two stejxlaughters. Mrs. Vestcr Brooks of Blythevllle and Mrs. W. P. Widner of Torrance, Calif., and three sons. F. L. Wicker of Key West, Fla., A. J. Wicker of Blytheville, and B. W. nnd Bob Wicker, both of Steele, Mo. Holt Funeral Home was In charge. in Mississippi County. I will try to do what I think is to thc best Interest of Mississippi County, mid to thc constituency thereof. I will spare no effort, to discharge my duties with credit to myself and the voters of this county. Your vote and Influence Is highly solicited, and I can assure you the my ab*ty represent all the peoplo same will be greatly »ppreclaled." N. O. Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July 19. <UP> — —Cotton closed barely steady. Mar. 3622 3662 3560 35DO May . 3582 3635 3535 ; 3»54 July .. 3507 3575 3433 3470 Oct. .. 3612 3655 35*0 35*0 Dee. 3630 3678 3i75 3593

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