The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on September 10, 1953 · Page 32
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 32

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1953
Page 32
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W Report Six Were Killed D ft* r* By tbioese rire Naval Launch Fired On By Red Chinese War»h5p. HONG KONG OR -- This British crown colony prepared today to bury a reserve captain in its army defense fore* and five Royal Navy men killed yesterday when a Chi- nese Communist warship fired on k Hong Kong naval patrol launch. Five wounded survivors of t h c | _ , . _ »ttack in the estuary of the Pearl I nbing Ri River were in the'Royal Navy's * *"""6 ·* Hong Kong hospital under tipht Pvt. Harold secrecy guard. They had been son of Mr. and Mrs. Welly Ride- picked up by the destroyer Con-; n our. Ml. Lena, is taking his basic cord after reportedly suffering both Draining at Fort Knox. Ky. He bullet and shrapnel wounds. I would like to hear from hi? friends The damaged launch reached a t this address: Pvt. Harold E. THE DAILY MAIL. HACERSTOWN, Mjr^ THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1MB Plan To Name ^*^*m Grand Jury Say s AJwtia Ctob PUm Payroll Loaded . A 944 Americans i · 4 j M* · Listed missing ^ In Jail But $10 SUkfcW 5 * Appointees Animal Family Picnic Sunday, Sept 13 HOUSTON. Tex., John H. Hernandez _,,_ WASHINGTON w--A faint spark more time than money · - , . . ., ,, , ·* ---»~- j - , -- -- - .- a~».»*.. J M A J i fcjcptciuv^i ***, at v*JC x». **. V.WJLA- of bop« wen out from the Pen- Admitting a marijuana charge to icomD ""*« contends some Balti-! man clubhouse along Rt. 40 near tagon today to the next of Kin of Federal Judge ^leu B Hanney, i more C o u n t y departments areith.. ronnm,-h M p,iP rr«.k ^.^!T n .r r !m w l 0 !!;Hernandez hardly batted an w\"yTMTM*«, wit " ..'""'-productive The Alsatii Club wiH hold it) an- ,,_ ,, nual family picnic on Sunday, TOWSON, Md. !*_A grand.jury;September 13, at the A. K. Coff- Hearing Scheduled On Proposed Controls On Campaign Spending Maryland Legislative Council To Hew Election .Officials Next Month; PrUon Inspection Alto Planned. o u , n j t y . departments are j the Conococheague Creek. BALTIMORE (* -- Maryland'sjto use a single bank for money h« supper of corn, baked ^lection officials and others will handles Pvt. Harold Ridenour (above), Hong Kong this afternoon and was Immediately tied up in a closed por- tion of the dockyard. The tight official secrecy has created speculation that the shoot- ing might have important political implications, but most maritime observers said the shooting appar- ently was unpremeditated and re suited from Communist suspicion of all foreign craft. The Reds have opened fire on numerous craft, large and small, in the past, but Communist shells took by far their heaviest toll this time. In London the Admiralty identi- fied the damaged craft as the 72- foot Launch 3323. It was under- stood the craft, which normally- carried a crew of two officers and 12 men. was on a normal patrol »t the time of the shooting. Presumably the rest of the men aboard the launch were rescued. The navy said the clash occurred Ridenour. US 52289390, Co. A, 7th Med. T.K. Bn. CCB, 3rd Army Dlv., Fort Knox, Ky. OBITUARIES Laura Bell* Haitlwood Miss Laura Belle Ilnzelwoud. one of the oldest residents of Hagers- town. died al the Gateway Nursing in Korea. The Defense Department list will . He flinched when told of his $10 penditures. , . , r * C TM TM m e ' " l e ' be made public beginning tomor- . I"ft. however and swung »«"ndi ou {po inr *^ v 7-? 1 - C ^TMTM m ? 1e ,f' 1 " le row, 24 hours after telerams are!"''* » «orned look on his face. ; TM# '?* e e ««ay »a id u iless and make all disburse- .uTM,,.-,, baked 'ham, ice cream, i get a chance next month to say {meiits by check. The treasurer ';cakes and drinks, will be served at'what they think of proposals to put,would have to reside in Maryland. , ; 5p m isome new controls on campaign! "- 1 "" * h - "TM"««i« «=m n i. Under the proposals, sample "When do 1 have to pay the ie » sk «d. row, 24 hours aflej telegrams are! dispatched to the relatives of the men missing and unaccounted for. The list includes 810 from thej · Army, 312 from the Air Force, 19 ·· /"» · from the Marines and 3 from the r|ai*VI»Cr l»l*im0C Navy. The Communists were asked! llal »COl. \JI 11IIC9 yesterday to account for them. j The list of missing men was; bastd on Communist propaganda! reports, the word of their ex-i Harvesting of Jonathans . private letters I n and other sources. TM TM s * and , , . ... . , j i u i T t-jiiiij;, v* u v i i a i i i a i l a auu '!l?i n 5?fc». TMTM pnvate lettcrs Grimes in Maryland and West Vir- |ginia sections of the Appalachian . , ., , . ·***' not re " i District is now well under way, re ported that any of the men es- -- - - capod or died in captivity. The Pentagon said yesterday the next of kin of the 944 Americans are being sent this message: "The secretary of the (appro- priate department) has a*ked me to inform you that the name of 'the missing serviceman) was in eluded there i: at one but for yet been Market News Service. Offerings for the fresh markets are increasing slowly, but are still very light, as a large portion of these varieties is being sold to the canners. A large part of the Jonathans are dropping from the trees due to " All Alsatians, their friends guests are urged to wear play clothes for the affair which willi "wiuTinTit n^sa^T'lS »' clude « am / 5u «* ehUdren taxes again. | games for adults. A committee beaded by Clinton - V. Rogers, an accountant, present- ed the report to Judge John B.' Centrum. Members of the commit- tee were Mrs. Eva D. German, Joseph M. Coyle and Charles M., Reinhardt. who also was foreman i of the jury. Succeeding juries were urged in the report to make a thorough in- vestigation of expenditures of vari- ous departments and also look into the "open-and-end expense account a n d miscellaneous expenditures which mount to thousands upon thousands of. dollars." The report said "some depart- ments are very much overcrowd- times. Tear Gas Quells Prison Rioting; 800 Take Part WALLA WALLA, Wash. IB- Eight hundred state penitentiary inmates followed a half million dollar prison fire last night with cell-wrecking disorders that were quelled only after guards sprayed their quarters with tear gas three in a list of servicemen who,:" 16 reeent not dr - v weather. How-Jed wjth non-productive political ap-i The oul is reason to believe, were ever . this condition does not seem I poirtees" adding that many offices! kept to a time In Communist custodv'to have affected any other v a r i e t y : h a v e "assistants and assistants to : acliui. Gi A committee -of the Legislative -Duncil came out yesterday with a lengthy list of proposed controls on election spending. A hearing on the changes in the Corrupt Practices Act is to be held the full council Oct. 14. Boards y interested groups are to be invited. The proposed changes were part election supervisors and other copies would have to be kept of campaign literature and there ·would be a limit on election-day employes hired by each candidate. · Also called for are uniform cam- p_ign money reports to the Circuit Court and the Secretary of State and for new, so-called "discovery" proceedings under which a voter could challenge in court the valid- ity of reports. the state's election laws. Senator Crothers (D-Cecil) committee. headed the whom no accounting has aB vet - In the Piedmont section of,the assis made. This list has been: Virginia offerings for the fresh j receive outbreak apparently was! a minimum by prompt Guards herded prisoners of a bill revising and recodifyingl The 90-page report got a cau- " ' tious reception m the Legislative Council. '- The council also set up a special committee to check on conditions at three Maryland Institutions. Senator George W. Delia, presi- dent of the Senate and presiding officer of the council, called for investigations at Rosewood State Training School, the House of Cor- rection and the Maryland Peniten- tiary. The inquiry was originally to concern only Rosewood but was ex- panded to include the two penal The bill would limit individual campaign contributions but there would be no ceiling on total re- ceipts and expenditures. For instance, individuals could, contribute no more than $2,500, with the top for candidates at $10,000. In addition, for the first time in Maryland, certain top can- didates would have to give a pre- election accounting of money re- ceived aria 1 spent and no contribu- l.-i.-uaLcllll:, rtllu u : V M 3 l l l i l l ; , lu ' I l l n ^ I l . U U t U U S J I C 1 U C U u l l S U I I t l a . T J t_ . j r, j , ; j - i !· *l. ,,,, « · B istants anil many of these ; quickly into their cells when 14 i tj«tis could be accepted after the}institutions on the suggestion of from S3.GOO to $7,000 per inmates began acting up at even- ! deadline. |Sen. D. Kenneth Me Laughlin of presented to the Communists with) market are extremely light. Very! year eac h; oftentimes more." iing meal time. Dishes were thrown! A P olitical treasurer would have'Washington County. j lllt . ,.,,,,,,,,,, I0 ., ,,, __________ _ ....... ^ _____ ...... -. , ^ u , ,.,,,.,. «.^,,..,., tj , ,,,,,,,. ,,., ,,,vai ^.,0,...-, Hoiiie Wednesday at 1:3 '. 1 P- m - ° J j a n urgent request for such an ac-i f e w Grimes and Jonathans are; It said "unless all waste and ex- land chairs smashed as a group o f j g rown tnere and p rac ti ca i[y all of jtravagance is stopped . . . your j "young but tough" men began' complications, after an illness of two years, aged 90. Born and reared in Berkeley Coijnly. when it was still in Vir- ginia, she -was the daughter of the late James T. and Eliza (Hughes) Hazelwood. Surviving are a sister. Miss Mar- garet Olivia Hazelwootl, Philadel- phia; and a number of nieces and nephews. The body was removed to the A. K. Coffin an Funeral Home, where counting. "All possible efforts are being made to obtain information regard- ing (the serviceman's name) and in the event any is received, it will be furnished to you promptly with- out request by you." yesterday in international waters I srn . jces will bp hpld saturtlin sever i miles southwest of Lin i l m | 10 a (hp R D s , ,j Island. This is sou h of H n n R h o i i R j W officiating. Interment bur "" j ,. , 1 1 · . 1 »-, | I ii M Kilt. 1 I'l I HI ill I U K . 1 M I L 1 J i l l and on the east side of the Pearl Gn £ n im Ccmc(( ,,, V| M a r l i n t River Estuary leading to UK-Com- ;..·_ munist Chinese port of Canton, 90 Benjamin F. Spanglcr miles upstream. Benjamin Franklin Spanfiler died Official details of the incident!;)! 8:. r 8 o'clock Wednesday even- were lacking. Colony officials!ing at the home of Mrs. Robert maintained a close-mouthed stti-ISlultz, Fairplay Rt. 2, where he tude, apparently seeking to avoid j had resided .since hist December, heightening the already tense rc^He died suddenly of a heart at- lations between Hong Kong and Red China. Reserve navy officers unofficial ly said the attack probably was made by » Red Chinese corvette usually stationed in Uie estuary on patrol. Another navy source said, how- ever, that one report claimed the launch had been hit by shells from t Communist LST (tank landing ship). The Rods captured a few such vessels from the Chinese Na- tark, aged 75 years. Born in Waynesboro, where he lived most of his life, he was the son of the late John W. and Kath- erine (Moats) Spangler. A machin- ist by trade during his active life, lie had been retired for 21 years, since the death of his Wife. Surviving are a son, Lawrence E., Waynesboro, ami one grand- daughter. Funeral services will be held Sat- urday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock Greek-Americans Raise Fund For 'Quake Victims Red Cross headquarters these few were sold to processors. A very few bushels of Red Deli- cious sold at $5.50 for U. S. No. 1 or U. S. Fancy grade 2V4 inch up. In the Roanoke section of Virginia most of the few sales consist of Red Delicious. The market for this variety was practically unchanged. Bushel baskets of U. S. No. 1 or U. S. Fancy grade 2Wi inch up also sold at $5.50. Tray pack cartons of U. S. Fancy grade 138's a n d j larger sold at $6.50 and Northwest-1 commissioners will find it neces- sary to again increase your ever- growing tax bills." ,In 1951, the committee 'said. 37 county departments overran their budgets while last year 25 did like- ern boxes of Combination Extra today j Fancy and Fancy grade 163's and i 148 Arrested For Parading In Nude NELSON, B.C. W-Seventy-one Extra American Funds Recommended To Help France Win Indochina War NationarJ Security Council Would Give Several Hundred Million More U. S. Dollars To Finance New Drive Against Reds. , _ v _ __ WASHINGTON UP)--The National) The new French plan for wind- dFsorders accompanied "uie"blaze" j Security Council was reported to-1 ing up the conflict was put tor- It .started after the plant had been I fay to nav e recommended that j ward by the government headed by misbehaving. ^ This occurred about two hours after an unexplained fire roared through the institution's metals plant, destroying it and over one million license plates destined for use on Washington state automo- biles in 1954. Damage from the fire was esti- mated by Deputy Warden Al Rem- Joldt at half a million dollars. No closed down for the evening. Officials were prepared, how- The arrests were made by Royal .. . j . .. . ., l. i "·""»· nmlMVJUII al ^..JU U LIUUK tionists during the civil war but from , he Grove Fuiiel . al Ho there has been no previous mrtica- Hancock the Rev George L Det'l"'" 0 have l)ccome naturalized cit lion of any in use on the Pearl ^ vcilcr 0 f f i c i l l t i n K ' wi(h i n t e r m e n t izenR in this city are proud of the tiuning need for funds to help al- leviation of suffering in the Greek islands shaken to shambles by a series of earthquakes last month. Nevertheless, the local fund being raised for transfer to the Greek Red Cross increased yesterday by $322! That $322 was in the form of a single check, of course, and you have probably already guessed its origin. The money was raised among Greek-Americans in this ,'ity, many nf whom had already ecn sending aid direotly to their lomeland. The Greek immigrants citi- Summer Ramhos sold at $3.10 bushel for U. S. No. 1 2V 2 inch up. Most sales in the West Virginia and Maryland section consist of 5 Ib. mesh bags of Jonathans and Grimes. 2!i-2% inch U. S. No. 1 Stock sold at mostly 38-39c with a few high color at 42c and a few pale color at 36c. Bulk stock, in re- turnable field crates sold at $3.35 for U. S. No. 1 2-'!i inch up. A few bushel baskets of U. S. Fancy 2H inch up Jonathans sold at $4.00 and Northwestern boxes of the same grade, ISO's and larger at $4.10. A few Northwestern Greenings are still being sold at $3.00 a bushel for U. S. No. 1 2Mi inch up stock. tiver. N.WJRyTWins Award For Safety For the second consecutive year the Norfolk k Western Railway has won the E. H. Harriman Award for achieving Hie best overall safety record among all larger raildoads in the South. A certificate of commendation will be presented to the carrier at aa American Museum of Safety dinner next Thursday. Competition for awards was especially keen last year as the railroad industry not only surpassed Use own previous best safety record but exceeded the best safety mark ever set by any comparable form of transportation. Harriman Awards arc based on the lowest casualty rates among both passengers and employees. The Class A certificate won by the Norfolk and Western is for safety superiority over Southern railroads operating over ten million locomo- tive miles last year. in Mountain V i e w Cemetery, Sharpsburg. Friends may call at the funeral home between 7 and 9 o'clock Fri- Looking For Loan Not To Give Blood day evening. Funeral The body of Mrs. Anna Marie Dullcck, who was killed in an auto accident in Wisconsin last Friday, lias been returned here for burial. The accident occurred in Long Lake. Wisconsin, where the de- ceased resided with her husband, vho was seriously injured in the accident. · Funeral services were held at Long Lake, with further services to be held here at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon, the Rev. Frederick D. Eysler officiating, with interment in Rest Haven Cemetery. Friends may call at Rest Haven Chapel un- til time of service on Friday. Besides her husband, Mrs. Dul- their status as Americans, but all main- tain fond ties with their homeland, j The generosity for which they are noted as a group in our communi- ty---in support of civic enter- prises--was expressed anew yes tcrdsy for a people with whom they feel kinship in an hour of need. Jim Koliopulos. John Nakopoulos and 7ack Samios made up the committee of three who called at Red Cross headquarters here yes- terday and presented the check for $322, on behalf of all Greek- Americans in this citv. leek is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Hedwig L. Hammond, two grandsons and two great grandchil- dren, all of Hagerstown. "Spotlighting" Of Deer Must Stop MART1NSBUSG, W. Va. «B _ HUNTINGTON, W. Va. W-- j'fuscarora Archers today offered Servicemen are regular blond don- ? 1QO reward for information lead, ors »t the Huntington Regional' ln ° to the flrst ar re s ' and convic- Blood Center. So nothing more i l l o n af anyone accused of "spot- was thought when a member of i 1 '^ 1 " 18 " (i( ' er in "frkeloy County. the armed services entered the' ? 1P r , l ;«; ard " ff . l ' r ''. the sports- center. Police Busy Over Last Weekend PIKESVILLE, Md., Sept. 10 UPI-- Maryland's state troopers were a busy lot during the three-day Labor Day weekend. A report released by the State P o l i c e Department yesterday showed they: traveled 111,557 miles, made 1,625 traffic arrests, investigated 36 smashups in which persons were injured or lulled and 122 less serious crashes, and is- Learned More About Communism, Marx Than His Red Guards TOKYO W--Maj. David F. Mac- Ghee of Tampa, F)a., g prisoner century ventilation system failed when the fire burned out part of the power France be given several hundred million more American dollars to back a new drive to end the bloody Indochina war. The American funds would en- Premier Joseph Laniel. Its author is Gen. Henri Tsfavarre, who drafted it after a visit to the battlefront. The offer to move nine battalions of French troops to Indochina to able France to transfer nine bat- i reinforce units -Aready there is re- talions of troops from Europe to Indochina to lead a new campaign against the Communist-led guer- Soori the convicts began hurling materials and abuse out the barred doors of.their cells. Canadian Mounted Police in village situated on the outskirts of nearby Perry Siding, 250 miles east of Vancouver, B.C. The members of a radical wing of the Doukhobor colony were rounded up and put on Canadian Pacific Railway ears for shipment to Vancouver. They offered no resistance but remained unclothed during the roundup. All of the 148 persons- arrested. have been charged with contribut- j the Baltimore County grand jury ing to juvenile delinquency. | had nothing to do yesterday while Only a few of the Doukhobor i they waited for their outgoing re- children showed up at school open- port to be prepared. Opera Star Sings To Jury Members TOWSON, Md. W)-Members of he Baltimore County grand jury 'had nothing to do yesterday while ing time. So' opera star Rosa Ponselle-- RCMP officials said the tent vi1-'a member of the jury--stepped lage would be dismantled. Polatka (forth to entertain her fellow jurors is the Russian word for tent vil- lage. The radical ^roup has for .rears opposed regularly constituted auth- ority. They have been a headache to provincial authorities ever since coming from Russia early this of the Communists for almost three years, said today his captors gave hime nothing to read but Commu- nist literature--so he read it all. "I knew more about Communism than the guards," he said. "They .'inally asked me to stop asking questions about Marx because they said I was confusing the person- nel." Community Has Electric Mixup ELKHORN CITY, Ky., UPl-Fiery with an impromptu concert. Miss Ponselle sang several num- bers and concluded with "Ave Maria." Courthouse employes lined up in the corridor gave her a pro- longed round of applause. Accepting thanks from Judge John B. Centrum; Miss Ponselle (hands. irillas. Highly placed officials who re- ported this said the security coun- cil, the government's top policy- making body, decided on this move yesterday at a review of the Indo- china war. President Eisenhower is ex- pected to approve the recommen- dation after discussing it with key congressional leaders to determine how to scrape up the money. Preliminary estimates indicate te new aid program would cost some 300 to 400 million dollars in addition to the 400 millions Con- gress appropriated for Indochina this year. The Eisenhower military and foreign policy leaders arc reported convinced the United States has no alternative but to back the new Trench Indochina program jf it wants to keep this strategic South- east Asia nation out of Communist said: Mayor To Attend Montreal Conference Mayor Winslow F. Burhans wil attend the United States Confer-1 10 "V'W'h""!niVn a Tr£ nn ,, n nf iiTM,.. j,»w in TM 0 !,,n,.fm,,iConcert without having to pay for "It was a rare pleasure for me to sing for you. It was also my first experience at singing in a courthouse." Judge "Centrum said, "It is a to be able to listen to an opera enceof Mayors -held in conjunction with a meeting of the Canadian Federation of Mayors and Munici- palities at Montreal, Canada, Sep- tember 20 through 24. Mayor Burhans said the program he has received calls for speeches and discussions on such problems as municipal taxes, growth of mu- it." gremlins skipping across power nicipalities and utility problems, ines gave the Little Beaver Creek T R E E "RIPENED HALE AND community a shock it will long re- - . . . - member. Unexplained electrical disturbances caused this havor: Herby Sloane's furnace caught ROBERTA PEACHES. DAMSON and PRUNE PLUMS. Newman Packing House. Smithsburg, Md. sued warnings, to 2,472 motorists sloan , who were driving improperly. Ire from the electrical circuit and Phone 2-4741. Adv MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME Away from home--Eat at Bentzel's, 46 Summit Ave. Try our special! Fried Chicken in the basket with french fries--75c. Your favorite food and drinks. Adv. FRESH OYSTERS Jumbo shrimp, steamed shrimp, fresh crabmeat, steamed hard crabs. Crouse Produce, Ph, 1640. Adv. Gave Life To Save His Small Puppy Without asking unnecessary ques . COLUMBIA, S. C., Sept. 10 (ffl men will be good until the end of: Eight-year-old J i m m y Burngardneri needed hospital care for' burns suffered when 'he. tried toi turn off the stoker. Luther Salyers' television set: broke out in flames. He put them| out, helped Sloane with his rliffi-j cullies and then learned his own : furnace had caught fire. A store building was ignited by · t h e year. Hons. Red Cross operators took 1 . elr igave his life to save his" puppy j the mysterious hot wires. i?. , . _ · _ _ _ .... , wvvs , Fluorescent fires shot up around; involves blinding I from being hit by a passenger!,, *''"";:"··"'; ·"·" "'"'· ?v " the serviceman's name, tempera-i" e c r ^»n a light and then killing i train. · ««e uti I'^P^S"^'^'rlrtt ture, pulse, medical hiMorv and i t h p m . wh .' e the ar f dnz(ld - s P° rts -: Jimmy snatched the dog from Uter ' ever vthmg was all right, other information. " .TTM ln , . c area !lave donoimcsd;the Southern Railway tracks near Just before being taken into the 'T r ,'' rna / '"' ,,,,,,,, ,,.,, ,.,,_ ,,..,,._.:the -station here yesterday and v, blood donating room, the bewil- ' just to get a Hed Cross loan: / t\ t *-, · ; . vs ,'""» tlie -'ones Spring : but residents were reluctant toj i touch anything electric for several! , the diose | ]oc omotive. *"*' ' "" He H O L I D A Y . N O T I C E We will be CLOSED ALL DAY . SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th In observance of Old Defender's Day F I R S T F E D E R A L Savings and Loan Association 33 Jonathan 1 Street BEAUTY SALON' i 1112 W. Washington Street. Micro-1 sentenced to one-year terms in the ; NIGHT SCHOOL jscopic hair analysis system. Shap- j State Industrial Srhnnl. j Opens Sept. 37. New classes start ing, styling, permanents. Open; EXPENSIVE""" ; i t l s ' lorl) ' an(i ' typing, accounting, ;Tues., Fridays a. m. -9 p. m. Phone ; K U K V \ i n \ r niiin in 7t «·» ,'related subjects. Hagrrstown Busi- ; 1525-W. Martha Jane Marie Funk-' lo«TM. U didn't TMst ne ! s _ r °J l !g£L]! h :J 670 '_ . _. Adv ' *ou*r. Adv. ' Bradshaw SPORTS AND USED CARS On sale at Auto Show Ltd., Dual Highway^phone 5842-M. Adv. f H^KMOINT. Ohm W-It was a ,, ,, ,,,. ,- CHICKEN BARBECUE; SEPT. « S'woo hUwout. n didn't cost ne ! s l. 0 J!!£L21:^L 0 : From 5-7 P.M. al Salem Church, "'""'shaw 512,000; it cost San- Cearfoss Pike. Comp. dinner incl. f l u " k y ( " iml l_ V» barbecued chicken. Adults Si 75. "~ ~ BIG children $1. Orders to take home if STORAGE AUCTION SALE notified in advance, $] per \ s chick. Saturday. September 12 at J P. M Spon. Maugansville Ruritan Cluh. Thousands of Household items For tickets Ph. 810-W-3, 749, 4271..Forsyth - s Storage, Mill Street at Adv. Hager Park. Adv. | j ATTENTION RED MEN! A N N O U N C E M E N T We are happy to inform our friends and cus- tomers that our Service Manager, Mr. R. N. Michael is back on the job to give you first-class service on your car or truck. "Mike" underwent heart surgery last March and his doctors now as- sure him that he is in fine physical condition, which we know is good news to us and to all his friends. Won't you drop in at your earliest convenience? Y I N G L 1 N G AUTO SALES SERVICE, Inc. 137 Frederick Street Phon* 2674 REGULAR MEETING TONIGHT and Annual Visitation of Great Sachem Please Be Present Refreshments OPENING MAPLEWAY BOWLING ALLEYS AND BILLIARD PARLOR THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th Under New Management Phone 1521 or 4241 MECHANIC WANTED PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT WITH PAID VACATION AND GROUP INSURANCE. (International Trucks) MOTOR TRUCK SERVICE CORP. 1000 W. Washington Street -- Phone 3926 Ask For Mr, Snyder -- NEW LOCATION -- Used Car Lot STOP IN AND SEE OUR FINE SELECTION OF USED CARS. Many of them one owner cars. Biggest Trade-In in Town. "Look For The Sign ff Quality" HASLACKER'S Communist-led rebels, supplied by Red China, already have con- quered large areas of Indochina during an eight-year campaign and have tied up more than 350,000 French and loyal Indochinese troops. ported- to be the principal featur» of this new strategy. But the French are said to have promised also that they will try to build up the loyal Viet Nam army further so it, along with Cambo- dian and Laos forces, can even- tually take over the burden of de- fending Indochina. To increase popular native sup- port for the Indochina conflict, the F r e n c h government also has pledged to gran f complete and lasting indenendence to the thres Indochina states. The Laniel government secretly apneaied to the United States for additional aid money about six weeks ago. The National Security Council and other key government agencies have been weighing tht problem since then. COLD WAVES $t-$8-$10 Dotlic Viands Beauty Shop, 328 W, Washington St. Phone 6607 or 756-M. Adv. Nobody Under»elli Gunn«ll'» Reg. Bottle Beer 10c lie Bottla Cans or 1-Ways -- 6 for 75c Dry Gin or 86 pf. Whisky, fifth 2.9J Doughterty B'ed Bourbon fifth 3.9S Cor. Franklin Jonathan Sts. Phone 1008 -- Prompt Delivery. Adv. ECONOMY MARKET Corner Antietam and Mulberry Streets GROUND BEEF (37c Ib.) 3 Ibs. 1.00 CHUCK ROAST (Lean Tender) ..... Ib. 39c LEBANON BOLOGNA (Brooks) .... Ib. 59c PLAIN BOLOGNA Ib. 49c RIB STEAK (Lean Tender) 59c SIRLOIN STEAK (Choice Tender) ... Ib. 79c CIGARETTES (Reg. by the carton) 1.73 BANK HOLIDAY NOTICE Saturday, September 12th OLD DEFENDER'S DAY This being a legal holiday in the State of Maryland, the Banks of Hagerstown will not be open for business on the above date. HAGERSTOWN CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION TELEVISION SERVICE CO. Prompt Repoir Service on oil rnokes of TELEVISION and RADIOS TV. ANTENNAS INSTALLED by competent and insured men. AH work C.O.D. Pick. Up and Delivery -- Open 'til 9 P. M. Phone 5540-J SI Elgin Blvd. (just off 700 block W. Washington St.) Chrysler 261 Frederick Street Plymouth Dealer Phone 6583 -- OPEN EVENINGS -- N O T I C E Will Be Closed Thursday All Day FOR A RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY Open Friday 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. Open Saturday Till 8 P.M. , P O L A C K ' S 57 N. Jonathan Street

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