The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 13, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE EIGHT (nter*»t of Farm Familfea of This Agricultural Section. Published Every Friday In the BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FARM NEWS-FEA1URES FRIDAY, JUNK 13, 1947 Suggeatona For Bettor Farming Featured For This Section's Progressive Farmers. f Home Grounds Awards Interest 4-H Members from yards, and fainting anil fences. A s Incentive* for superior home,, ,, landscaping records, merit awards "Improve Rural Life by Making arc dollatcd l)y M rs . Charles »• Home surroundings More Comlorl- wnlgrecn, Chicago, for Hie tenlh nble, Convenient and Attractive." I consecutive yc..r. Aw «r<[s connjri^ •jTpii? r^riiS c^'ti^r ^trips' 4-H Home Grounds Beautification awards program. Tile activity is conducted under the direction of Last year, county wnmei s the Extension Service in Arkansas named in 35 comities. and 41 other states. Its purpose is The slate winner in 1S43 wns| to encourage 4-l!'of s to make and Judy Henncbcri;cr of Newport, w!ir> keep home surroundings attractive also won national honors. Judy is by correctly planting and caring the' second Arkansas club member for lawns, flowers, shrubs line! to receive a national award in this trees; removing unsightly objects activity .since its inception in 19M. on county, stale els, respectively. and national lev- -NOTICE- We will be closed on Saturday afternoon beginning this Saturday June 14th ... and continuing through the first Saturday in Sep- tember. L K. Ashcraft Co. Hlk. 8. o( Frisco P-p=t Phone 493 Opinions Asked On Farm Sssoes Senator Fiilbright Opposes Sharp Cuts In Appropriations Goiii'.tv Ai'i'iit Ililbi'p.y. Kl;itn;l lo day thai .senator J. W. I-'ulbrlijlil is iukliiii I'uriju-j-j uf Ihi.. ; sci'tton for llic-ir •j)>iniim s <ill llu- pi'oi:<r:i'(l Dc- I'.ulTiHijt of A'.'i u'lllhlre Apprnpria- liuns Bill !cu HM8. Si-nator Kalhrif^it. stuli'd in ro- ri'lH U'ltiT In Mr. liilbK-y Unit tin; .Soil Coiisi>iA':tli'in Service approprl- .iliuti 1ms been cut S7M.INK) helo* Hit: amount n( llin budget i ili- niate. Iravini! only S<i7:i.0!)() to carry on this tt'drt: for 1MB. Tin- Ko-L';il!f'il Ayrjcultui'a! Acl- ju-ilnuml Panaum ha*-, hi'im cut vi-rv ' .sulj'iL intially, in- said. Tho C'itnnine fm 1 llu- fiscal yi'iir lor ;t ilin.-cL appropi-jation nf nil a IninsfiT of S100.- (.!.!) (>;:3 Niakim: a lord or SMl.71!!>.0(». Tho njimilLltri! rcdllrnd L) :iinttunt to ]j • j) iirl [OL> soil ronsi-]-- VKtion prai'tr:rs lo S!r]:J.Cf!!J,0{][l in- :.ti'iid of f:riJ7(>'0,751 us rnnn-titL'J anil Eihultahfd liir i.n-.ii'iit <-oiuily of ;>l:ni]niu: :uul |;avmi-nt so' thill i>a\ mrlil:, would lj,- maiio l-y Iho sfrri-r:ij y on ft I ti! irali'r; si|;n:'U 1)V 111"' r!:iinianl, the !,.[ti>r lurilit'-r :il:ilix(. Thi'Vi' is also a .-.ubstanlhil n-- iliiflioi). in fund-; for lhi> Rural lilc::ti ilifalion Adiniiuslral ion. Ki-ll- ali'i Fitrjrlfjht aiklril. iPulln-iv.lil Muli-d Iliul ho rxpectctl In <ir>pi>.'T Illicit- tuts in tin- iippm- priallon.s for llu- 'n^i:nrlini'iil of A^ricull.nri' when llio bill cm';; Vio- lorit Ihc Kcuiitc. Train for 4-H Club Activities SPECIAL! Complete Auto SCO Paint Job ^ ALL KINDS BODY REPAIR Let Us Overhaul and Paint Your Tractor We Will Make It Run and Look Like New SPECIAL PRICES ON OVERHAUL JOBS LEE WILSON Garage and Body Shop Phone 2088 Armorel, Ark. Drifting Sprays Cause Damage Experimenters Warn Of Danger to Extra Sensitive Plants Farm Lands, the Best Investment Spraying Urcjed To Control Ries And Mosquitoes •Miss Com L?e Oolcmjin, county homo demonstration .IUJHU, advised housewives ut North Mississippi County this week lo begin now to [lulu, hous;- flys and oilier I hat invade home.s during Ihe smn- uier months. Tin- besi way lo be (tec. of Insect.* niul pesls in the home Is to control them by spraying \\illi •she said. Spraying with DDT has sevrra distinct benefits, .stir pointed ont Members of tl>n lainily us well a; livestock arimnd Ihe farm are pro tected frojn Ihe annoyance of thi biting insects .such n's horn flick \ mosquitoes, [leas and stable flics. Probably tin- two greatest prat of I lie farm limne.s are the house fly ami tin- mosquito. One uf Ihe first steps in eliminating these conunon pests, she pointed out, ft to prevent them from breeding by spraying all possible breeding places. Thru alter this Is (toe, spray the walls and floors of the home lo help insure riddance of the pests. DDT may also be used Eo k'i! lirdbugs, .she said. However, .she warned that after using DDT bed clothes should be aired, brushed and laundered before being u^ed a- Kiiin. In .spraying beds. Ihe proper procedure, is to spray Ihe sides first.. Then spruy the lop side of the ma! tress, turu it oVcr and .spray the bottom side, she said He .sine and spray all cracks in Hie mat- tre.s.s. she warned. One .spraying is enough if done riclit. she added. The use ol" Lo i lunch DDT on beds may pr.jvo [Courier News I'tintus) Pictured above are the. officers of two of North Mississippi County's 1 Training" Clubs. These clubs are for grade school students only and heir ages prevent them from participating in most 4-H Club contests. Members remain in "training" clubs until they, leave the yrade schools, I which time they become members of a larger club ana become 'liable lo participate in any 4-H Club contest. In the upper photo arc the officers of the Huffman club. Left to •lalil. Ann Handers, club reporter; Marie Moore, secretary; Dorolliy lott. sony raplaln; and Satnmye Hughes, vice-president. Lower photo, officers of the 40 and 8 club, left lo hfttit. Larry Cassid 1 ,', president; Sonny {lamer, vice-president; L^iura Mac Smith, secretary and song captain, and Luvenia Oilom, club reporter. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., June C. —Don't try to control weeds in >our cultivated fields by fill'lg a spiaycr with 2,4-D, the new chemical weed killer, and spraying the area, the Arkansas Experiment Station warns. There's loo much dan-" Bcr of injuring valuable crop plants by residue left In the spraying equipment, drifting of the materials during spraying, or absorption by plant roots. For example, William J. Wiser, station agronomist, reports that washing spray equipment \von't remove all I lie residue. A galvnniv.ed iron sprayer in which 2,4-D had been used was washed three limes with hot water and soap, but when it was used a few weeks later- to nil Inseclickle on some sensitive plants they were Injured. Tomato and cabbage plants In the greenhouse were hurt by fumes coming from a wheelbarrow sprayer |« which 2.4-D had been used, although the sprayer had been re- jealedly washed with soap and vater and chemical solutions. Crop plants such as cotton, soy- >eans, cowpeas, Icspedc/a and other .•lovers, most vegetables, and many ornamental plants are easily Inured by spray drilling from a near)y area. A very gentle brecx- 1 can carry enough of the material to sensitive plants, while airplane applications may result In conslcl- erable damage. In March, an emulsion of 2,4-El was sprayed on an experiment a' grass plot at the station, und In _ May roses 25 feet away and grapc- j vines 50 feet away showed Injury " on their secondary shoots. In another instance, when the chemical was applied allng a fence row, cotton on the opposite of the fence was damaged. No lint was produced on the injured cotton. In general, 2,4-u will kill or injure broad-leafed plants but will have no harmful effect upon grass*™"» '" tlle sla » d »'» « lso ljc with n broker's license can u-rite. insurance,but it lakes an experienced, conscientious agent, tv ho' r c p r e s c n t 9 SOUND companies to provide complete pro- Entomologists Added to Staff By University FAYF.TTiEVfU.E. Ark., June 0 (FTP) -'I"wo new members have been mlt:ctl to lb t - stuff of the Entomology IJep.n tment of the. University ol Arkansas College of Agriculture, according to IJcan Lippert S. Ellis. They are Dr. W. 13. Wyllc. who will become assistant professor and assistant entomogist for the Ex|>er- iment Station, and Lloyd O. Wav- reu. who will serve as instructov. Both will begin work in July. Dr. Wylie. now associate entomologist lor the Florida Agricill- lural Experiment station, graduated from the .College of Ayriculltn'o licit? in IH37 with the highest scholastic record in the class. As an undergraduate he was employed parttimc a s a student assistant in the entomology department. He served as gradnate assistant in ento- motouv at Cornell University while working for his Ph. D. degree, which he received In 1941. The injured plants will show curling of the leaves, petioles, and other tender parts.,The tissue may remain green for n time bul eventually It will turn the action and use. of chemical weed killers, cultivation, mowing, tt nd in .some cases flame cultivation continue to be the most practical ways of controlling weeds, the station concludes. NOBLE GILL \ cUovilte. Mr, Warren, who is also a 6ra;l mile of the University, is a nnliv of Fiiyettevilli;. He received his H. S. decree in 1910 and completes the woi'k for his Master of Science degree this month. Ho has ills* worked as student assistant, in Ihe mtomoloBy department through* oxjl. bis college career. Mr. Warren entered the University? in 103D but left in January, 11)42, to enlist in the Navy a s a naval air photographer. He served in tile South Pacific area in an 1 intelligence unit and was stationsd for a lime at the Naval Photographic Science .Laboratory in Washington. He returned lo school in January. 194G. Better Aid to Housekeeping Saltpeter Helps Farmers To Get Rid of Stumps IVe Iiave exclusive listinj; on the following farm lands ami fin n small amount of cash now we r.iu ssll and deliver (he renls to llu- purcliusrr for this year. Now, with prospects for a ROOI! crop and a( the prevailing liifih prtiTS. if you plan buying a farm, ilou't you think that H would l>e lulli pnuli-nl | and wise to buy now am] gel the income this year, or lt.ul yini ratlin- 1 wait until later ami pay just as murh or more for land emly'. 1 80 acres, nenr Poscola, Pemiscol County, Missouri. 65 acre-; open l-.iwl. 5 room house and Darn, gravel road, liighliue. 15 acres in oottmi Ihis year. Has produced two bales of cotton per acre. Fricc SIO.MO.CH, crop mil gats to purchaser. Il < 80 acres, GO acres in cuUivatlou, 2 houses, 1 h.irn, on Hi'lnvay G 1 !, I 1 :. miks West of Highway 61. Fine type black, mixed soil. Rents eo lo purchaser. SS,»09.00 \%, 20 year loan to be assumed. $1500. DO will Mud, S'oOO.OO next. Fall. * 80 aern, >& mile of good town. Good G room house ami one 2 rnnm house. 1 large bams, other out buildings. Proiluceil 40 bushels of brans per acre list year. Renls of •} cotton and 1-3 beans RO to purchaser. I.imi is the best ef quality. Price 512,000.00. 51,500.00 cash, jssum- loan of $1,500.09, balance of S6,W».W nest fall. 12* acres, on Highway 61, North of Sikeston. 1 fnod G room liom.r, 1 -I -room house, ont large barn. land is sandy to sandy lonm. Reuls go to purchaser. The ctrtt of improvements Is equal to price of farm. The csl.Ue is briiiR divided. Price $6,000.00 cash and possession now. Z25 aere», ne»r Catron, Missouri. Very fine land, -1 houses. 1 b.mi. on jrayel ro»d, R.E.A. and lekphnne linrs, mail and school lins ionics. runted 14 t» cotton, \i to beans, renls go (o purchaser if sold simn. Price $15*.»« per acre. $6,»9fl.0« will bind deal, balance next Tall, fan loan half of price. M acres, (o*d mixed soil, joins a good town, 2 good houses. i,nc barn. •nder tenet. Gravel road, R.K.A. line available. Price is $115.00 per acre If sold loon. fISM.M cash, balance December I, 1947, wilh deed. W. M. BURNS, Realtor harmful to persons sleeping on It. lll e Florida Experiment Station, he- warned. • i u g stationed at the Branch Slation work Saltpeter can be used to destroy large rtumps, Counlv Agent Keith Bilbrey aiincunce,-i this week. Saltpeter is the most effective when r.pplicd in the Summer or 'Fail. U should be placed in the center of the stump in a bole from onj to one and one-hall" inches iti diameter and about. Since then he has been employed inche. s deep. After putting one to Florida, first by the America:) one nml one-half ounces of salt;ar Co. and more recently ly peter ill the hole it is then fillci with water and oiugRCd light. In the suring the plug is takei at Uclle Glade. His research work out and about 10 ounces of kcro in Florida hn s been on Ihe con-jsene is poured into the hole an: trol of insects attacking vegetable, ignited. The stump will smouldc crops. Hr was attracted back lo away to the very extremities of 111 CROP GUARD protects crops from cultivation damage lo oppoitun- Arkansas bnciuisi! of Hie itics in n\si*:troli hri'C. •Mr. Warren is ;i native of Piiy- rools. leaving he said. nothing but. Rend Conner News wiint Ads. • PROTECTS YOUNG PLANTS • SMOTHERS SMALL WEEDS • INCREASES ACRE YIELD "Mil" Onl\ pcifur.uctl t;n.uJ. Tils Any l.iii- iiuikU'1 iT.inor tulm.nor. Spccil of ir.ntor ^o\»tiK .immmi of t!in poinp iluiMit;h holt*., yi V" (K-^r. ' " VCTUIH lumps »r mMn«.li <o gci pljtiiv. ("n\is I'.IMCT, I'fHcr culn\-ition ot (oin, (loi.uiH-H, n't tun, loni.nuvi, "61" Implement Company 'M.TTBCYILLE, ARKANSAS I Carl Wallace Knlj Smlll • PHONE m\ I >;>;>>^ I Norllv lliRlnvny lil Fhoilc 2H1 101 USES ON FARMS! ALL STEEL "QUONSETS" Easily Erected With Carpenter's Tools HITO'S an ideal farm buiUHiut thai is prnrnmiieal td buy, maintain and add to as il bmmit'.; iiei'os- sary. Can IK V usod as wavohonse, barn, infplemont shod, animal shclln- oil-. You need TIO special Idiils to orcot Hie "(Juonsot," . . . just tlip. ordinary I'arppnU'i-'s tools avo siifficionl. Available ' for ininiodiato sliipnu'iit. Soc Your Area Ucprcscntalivc: BILL DRIVER or ELY DRIVER 205 East Ketser, Osccola, Ark. Phone 308 ARKAnSAS^FOUnDRYCO. IRON - STEEL 1501 Em Sixth Stra«t Building Materials LITTM "OCX ARKANSAS Rent Our New FLOOR POLISHER Mississippi Co. Lumber Co. Phone 4445 "Easy Pay Repair Work? //it/ f\ f* 'It t It s Our Specialty! If you \vanl fo pay weekly, monthly or on farmers terms tor repair \vovk on you farm machinery, yon can have it done here easily. riiiK us your repair work and play <--a lo. You can't save money by doini; il yourself if "real" trouble in (be result! Our M mcclianics are factory-trained. DELTA IMPLEMENTS Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 863 SAVE $1 On Cotton Choppl By Using A BARKSD Flame Cultivator 2 ROW $395.00 4 ROW $610.00 WHILE THEY LAST BARKSDALE MFG. C South Broadway Street Blythcville, Ark.

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