The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1946 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1946
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEV1LLE (AKK.X COUU1ER NEWS T1IUUSUAY, JULY 18, lO-IC. ABOARD U. S. S, McKIl t Bikini, July 18, lUl'l—A nintic system for exploding Ihe atomic bomb—In which no human can stop the blast in (he final IS st-conJs—w«s disclosed toct'y. A firing clock will perform Ihc tnsk in Test linker In the July 25 underwater detonation. Ticking nllvc 30 seconds hcforc the hour o Railroads Deny Rate Conspiracy Testimony Offered ly Executive Before Special Master. NEW YORK. July 18, (UP)—The cast of frcJnht transportation to the public has declined steadily during (lie years covered by Georgia's rate suit against the iciti- ronds, Walter S, Franklin, vico- presidcnt of traffic of Hie renn- sylvaiiia Railroad, slated today. During his testimony as the flust spokesman for the northern rali- I'orurs before Lloyd K. Oarrison. special mastc.r appointed by luc tT. S, Supreme Court .Franklin denied charges by Georgia that ine railroads arc diKagrd in a Conspiracy to raise the cast of trtms- portalion to the public. "If such a conspiracy <iid exist, it would be the most completely ineffective and utisuccesstul conspiracy thai has ever been "e- defoliation time on linker Intricate Timing Device Ready For Underwater A-Bomb Test B:a5 a.m., the timepiece can stopped up to 8:3-1.45 a.m. After thai nothing—barring mechanical failure— run slop the shail.erlng blast beneath 75 ships and \'l Email landing craft. Vice Admiral W. H. I'. lilandy. commander of Operation Crossroads, revealed the method of flr- iutt the Ixjmb, the revised time and the fhial approved figures of Ihc number ot target shljvv Tlic man who starl.s the clec^ which starts the bomb will hfl » slender, ynuuglsli "nd .scholarly Los Alamos scientist—Dr. Marshall Holloway. Approximately lira hours before [JSy. jinltlei'K 'A-liich will broadcast tlie dm- I detonation beam, and to another- room where power Installations lor tlie transmitters are set tip. After varluus buttons are pros-i- cd, Holloway at "How" hour minus 30 i'ecoiui.s will pu.'h the lever that starts the clock, Adm.ral Hianriy will have 15 seconds to chance his mind If he wants W h« I radio the "Stop—negative, nci;a- vc" cry. After that, after another brealh- -ss 15 seconds, the bf)mf> *houtd \-plode, hurl pei'hn])K ir..OOO,UUO >ns of water In the air, and «c- nstate the f]iilclly-ilding fleet. came to Marlon and founded Ihc'sample llonuhtoii Hulky Co. In 1MH. since M,. S I hen carriages ]>y Ilouglilou have become <wldcly known in many pails of the world. Today, 00 per cent, of the sulkies poisoning said on Hie harness racing tracks on ni m)bui>;ers. ulky Maker Finds iorsc Is Here to Stay vised, because the cost of freight traii-spoilalion to tho public has steadily declined diirinc the years covered by Georpia's suit." he s^iri. Only in" very rare instances arc rate conferences between railroads, shippers and other interested parties convened for the purpose ol increasing rate, he added. "There has never been and Is no coercion of the Southern rah- ruads by the Northern railroads," he testified. "This would not l>e U> the interest of the Northern railroads. We want lo handle the business of the Southern rnilroaiu. il) volume Northbound mid Southbound and everything which increases that volume is to Urn advantage of the Northern road.3. and we would certainly not do anything to restrict ii." B-29 is Only Plane That Can Carry A-Bonibs Rear Adin. W. S. Parsons will lend party Oi nine men, including Holloway or one of hl.s assistants, aboard the special barge from which th? bomb will be suspended nt an estimated 25 to 30 feet, below [he surface. Around (hem, in close, will be the Battleships Arkansas and Na- Uato, the carrier Saratoga, the Submarine IMlottish. the Destroyer Mayranl and the Transport. Pulton Nearby will be the KiUlleshlp Nevada, the Cruiser Salt lake nnci a concrete floating drydock. Farther out will be the Uattle.shlpn Pennsylvania and New York ant the Cruisers I'cnsacola «"d i'rhi* Afhn. Persons' pnrly Avill ttirow switches aboard the uarKu and activate the clockinf: .sy.slcm, whlcl (unction^ 'somcthlnt; like a CTiUi clock In a bank vault. Then they will cot out, last. A .•ipced bout, will race them I* snrct} 1 beyond the Huron's rim — Parsons p.otns aboard his llai;shl|> lollowav c!:i:nljcrin^ abtiard lectronic:; ship, the U. a. S. Giun- erlaiiel Kountl. Holloway aionc holds Ihc key t< nc j-coni filled with riulio trans ABOARD U. S. S. APPALACHIAN. Enroute to Bikini, July 18. (UP)—A B-20 superfortress Is the only airplane in the world that could effectively carry (he atomic bomb, 104G model, into combat in the opinion of I*t. Col. John F. Moynahan, formerly of the Manhattan project and now with the Army Air Forces. Ill response to n direct question from the United Press, Moynalian said no tests as yet had indicated the bomb in its present state is practclable for use as a projected missile Irom a warship, a guided missile or a rocket, or that it could be carried secretly in small sections and assembled by saboteurs for explosion in enemy strongholdo or cities. Moynalian, whose home Is ir ".Vest Grange, N. J,. is the authoi of "Atomic Diary," the story OL the Manhattan project from thL time he joined il prior to the experimental detonation of thellrst bomb at Alamagordo, N. M., and through the two subsequent de- touatlons at Hiroshima and Nnira- Enki which blew Japan out of the w nr. He observed the detonation of the first Bikini bomb from alrpfane \vhich nr-conipanled the Ixjmbcr from Kwajalcln. "Only the 13-29 lias carried to- days bomb in combat," Col. Moy- lahan said, "from which il Is casonable assumption that, onl lie B-2!) can carry It." American and the majority of show horse buiisU's arc made by Hdii^hlon at Marlon. The sulkies used In the movies, '•JJac-l; Homo In Indiana" and "David llaruin," .were made by and most of the small vehicles used by Ulnyllng liros., Harnum & Hailey Juivc the "Ifouyhton' 1 mark. A complete bu&!By or sulky represents !K> clays of cflorL oil tin- part of a scoie of men. Every one of the ISO pieces thill yo Into a iiiB Milky must ho fitted by hand. In prewar day;; HoiiKhion ship ped sulkies and buggies to : doncii rorclgi) nations. llccently ordei's have started to come in ulialn from Denmark and Brazil. biles. De-skin, ii daughter, Dorothy, and tivo sons, Hairy and Donald, are sulferlni; from food caused Irom eating didn't, stnilc fam- I U.I'.)—Who huguy days not t;one at MARION, O. lie horse and hi one? At least they're Marion, where the world's largest linker of horse-drawn vehicles is lelujied by new orders and is cn- oyiiiy the bl|;uesl boom in iis 12- ear history. The hit,, w. II. (Bill) Houtjhton Food Poisoning Traced To "Fresh" Hamburgers The If. T. Deskln family, fo a while, doesn't want any more hamburgers. At least, next time they're "humbuiucr hungry.' they'll cautiously inquire as to tile freshness of the meal, then take Mr. one so he can still while other members of his lv are "indisposed." "They are confined to their lome, 309 South hake. MODELS!! ,'lils Krcat medicine Is fdtnous to relievo iKiln. IKTVOLIB iklsln-M ftinl weak, tired fccMlnus, ol 'ci-ilalti dtiys' —wluiii duu lo female funcllonul monthly tllstuiijatii'di. Also cri-itl sin- " timchlc lonlcl Wurlh trying! LYDHE.PINKHAMS »(CIUIIS COMPOUND RADIOS REPAIRED AUTO or HOME SETS. ANY MAKE-ANY MODEL We i'ick-n|> and Dt'livur J. H. Flowers, Mgr., Radio Department LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. NOW OPEN! lilyllii'ville'H Only Inclusive Used Car Dealer WE BUY AND SELL USED CARS AND TRUCKS TOP PRICES PAID Sec Us Before You Sell! It You Want a Hi-fler Car, We Can Dual! See Us Today Bud Wilson Auto Sales Phone 2037 Franklin and Main Sts. MILLIONS TO LOAN 4 % Farm Loans "G.I." City Loans F.H.A. Loans Also: Cnnvuntinnnl T.oam 5-7 & 10 Years on (iood Ki'sulciu-e and H 11 .s i n e H s Property. W. M. BURNS REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE COMPANY 33GI Announcement/ DR. J. L. GUARD DR. J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS Have Moved (o Temporary Offices Above Guard's Jewelry Store With the Greatest of Ease Vow are well-groomed when you slip into that Suit or Dress cleaned The HUDSON Way Take Advantage of Our Special 8-Hour CLEANING SERVICE If is Geared to Meet Your Emergencies No Waiting! No Delay! In Arkansas - Missouri Tennessee - Mississippi 4% LOANS On Good Business and Residential Property in Towns of Over 2500 MONEY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION IF TITLE IS SATISFACTORY Call or Write FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LOAN COMPANY ANDRUW J. FLORIDA, Viee-Presidcnt PHONE 210 Mississippi County Bank Building Osceola, Arkansas --', • '^*^* »w^ ^^ S.J.COHEN Contractor SATURDAY BA KERY SPECIALS 2 Layer-7 Inch Fresh Lemon Cake - Don't Say Bread ... Say HART'S Bread HART'S BAKERY Biytheville Owned — Employing Blytheville People CLEANER CLOTHIER 320 West Main, lilyllievilk-, Ark. TA1LOK. IMioiie 2012 WASH TUBES WE NSA CCW£ B\CK TOix\V. BUFCRP, / WE.TOO M'SETTIN'RlfOF fKAT CRt\CK Jor.^CEE'./TmS ^ TH Here Comes That Madman !. * BY I -KSUI0 TURN Eli n SHU! EVER'BODVS BEDDED\ S'OUE. UTTLEfj p 0wf j PERTH'NIGHT " -~ LMER....^ WE DOMr WAMTAV 'EW L'P KED RYDER »''•• Follow That Man BY FRRD HAUJIAN S A Dx\-\\ j^ CM "MS PROSRVN S VO-AW- 1 F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP Has ,Jusl Installed LARGE MKTAI, LATHE METAT, SHAPER AXI) K.MI'I.OYICI) Well KniMvn Local i\lachinist ^\'illl Year.s <il" Experience WE ARE NOW EQUIPPED TO DO TYPF SiZE ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING Ts Oar SI'ICCIAl.TY ALL WORK IS GUARANTEED Plume 21!)2 215 N. Second ICE COLD WATERMELON D ii" n "9^^ Jwi ^P^ /^ B^ I"" fc IM i A %&i A r t Highway (II South .Jess Cramer, ^lur. and Chef •"irrri~Tn^mmi—ii i mm IIM•>•!!>••^••M J.LOUIS CHERRY Rcprcscnllnj ^cw York Life Insurance Co. liljlhcvllle, Ark. IIT'S • H I la I K 0 5 n r 0 C K DRUGS Free Delivery -„• Phone 451

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