The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1946 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1946
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JUtY'18, 1D46 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION s "* "** lo * Mlilmoi I Ua. p 10. II II. Wanted to Buy A-MoJ«l In Koucl condition. Phoni- -tfll until 6 i>l» , 3509 ifler 6 17dl>l(ll7 DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. 0-3-ck-tl _ tlm.. p H || M pM jjy. ___ - „ IS «im« p., Un . p., «/, __ B . n U . wr "»• -- - ----- »0« Coaol fii. IT.IM* w«M« W tk« llu. oxltred ior llirx or ilx UBM •»« Kl b.for« «s>lr»lli>» will k. .^ u"***" •* """• *'• • •»* xliyilBM* of bill m.dt. _.* u , Cl«i.[(led Adjcrtlllnr «o»r l.b •m«4 tj j>«Mn» jeddlnz outild. n« tk. cltT innBl be «ccoinp..!ed br e»li. B*IM JS,'". **" ' Mm l"» e <l '">"» ">• «*"• Adt.rtlilnj grdn f.r IrNciUr UMI- Uonj Ukei tbe on. llm. r»l«. Ko r«.iiunill»|litr will lit l«k«n for Bore 7.V J ° 1 "' l"Wir«et iDtorttan o( »nj >l>l- •ittbd ftd. For So/« "V bahy swintf, \vooil.-n ai.ywli.-r,.. f.-,. I HI K. .\*1>, K-J.'i-llI HlWrtn p,>a,'h..». fruits, iiu-loiie K r<u-i-rii>K I'lviny of IIIIHII. X,.,v luriitlmi —South llivnion .Si. IMiono 'JOJ-; for ,1,'livpry. JDK IIF.STKK UKO. 7.17-]»k'X117 81) in-r.'s laml 4 miles s.W. of TM1. (loml liam. , r i-roum Ijouse, ^ u-uaiu hon*i-s. .l.-rlriiily. e -|(iO IJLT a. Mrs. .1. I,. l.'-MLs, IMI, Ark. IT'j^'lM 01<! kodiki O'Slctn'l for nsru. r« p»y etih for ci«d furniture, one piece or » ionir full. Call 2302. Al- r{& Bftrdy yurollnn] Co. A|10-ek-tf Services Srlllc.l whli(> !nj>- will k,. 0 |i l.ouso for -in.ill family. Conlart nl L11'3 Xortli IfouDfs tnored anil foundations rp;valrijj. CM Jil2 or see Frank Crockett. iSl!' and Vino. 7|l-|it-6|2 Ilnvp your volco recorJcil. \V,- liavp Ilif latest equipment for recording voices, barul anil orchestra tnuEic and uic^- Ka^oa. Indoor Binl oiitdoi>r smind sys- tpjrtK for rpnl anil for anle. Illytlic'Villi' ItiulEfi Supply, \vliolcsrilo only. '|12 Ho. First, jiliouo 407. Tla-ck-SI'S GILOANS If you want a \% GI Loan to buy a homo, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH 1!LI)G. I'hone 203-1 or 502. (i-14-ck-tf roinliiinu. ' i'ljone I7J Ht.'el.'. Vu' 17.|,t.^J 110 veil. Two bows null 19 fivo wi'cks old -Mrs. Jfl[ie llone> p or pbonti 23SO. 11 - Ijoat witli Irallor. City Go K:m Main. Julni l>ci. r c> nnd Allis flmlunTS JLI-U- and used combines. For itlfornintion sen llnico llyril, Lraclivlllc, .Ark I«i.k23 40 X 170 ft. lot, 10 I SO fl. house, t; ro - ct?ry stock anil fixtures, locnlt'il on south 21&t Street, soutli of CMcuAy Store. Doiri^ good business. Two Iliird!) S of trade colored. Owner's ill lienllh •, nasoti for celling. U. A. Jiimlli llo.v ~ 7U2. lilytlifvillc. 6 pit-19 "NO CASH MONTHLY TERMS FAM, TERMS Paint Body Work, Recondition motors, Simonizing and Scat Covers. Wrecker Service, Night and Day. FHILLH'S MOTOR CO. Ford -& Mercury Dealer 5th & Walnut Sts. Phone 453 70-ck-W 1'^IJ acres. (Joud five ruoin frame d\voll ing. 'i ^ODil iiarns, [ilculy out-luiililiu^a. Family orchard. 1 I0-:i -1O- t>OtlO!ll OIL gfEtVel ?I.OUO. part casli. JO ncrL'^, l-j^oiu fj-;<n)« aJnl olhcr oiil-biLililiai/s. :U-n ross' J. C. CllAl'IN, Manila. Ark. ]5-;>k-'Jl in r.,!li> road. l>rk- liu Must sell 70 tons of gooc ej?g eoal cheap at once due I / lo chiinse in Ineulipn (^ I'hone 517 or 252«. 1'ridt & Usrey Coal & Construe lion Co. 7-lS-ck-22 III:: The labor iialing i|iL;Llity clivmical |iroiiu>:ti> fi ovor Jliu jcars. liot Fnia Foam Deal's I'airil nin! Wallpaper Store, K douth First ^l., lilytueMllf. IJcVJl For Fine Portraits it's O'STEEN'S STUDIO 5-^5-ck-t Picture frames made to orde: O'Wteen Studio. 4-24-ck-t Trail.-r. City Gilraye. 12'j)k-15 ae* you oil itore nt<«di cleaning or rcpalriiij; Mil 8«84. All work guar. inleed. 17-nk-^L nwn mowen Kh«rpflned «ud repbLri. All Ijpn Hid kin.In. We .peclalile I" power mower iharpeif ug »nd [imlor overliKuliuif. T«i 4 vff |»lek up and deliver. lUytlierlU« Uackina ^Kop. 4)12 cltf 'ractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work.. Delta Implement Co. Phone 8U4. 3-lB-ck-tf Tap what yon hare and don't want for what we have you do want Satisfaction guaranteed. Klbort Huffman Kwap Shop, 401 East Main Street. 1'kone 859. a ck-tf USED CARS & TRUCKS AT ONCE! Bo CONVINCED—Bring your car or truck to PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY in Blytheville, Arkansas. We will poy you the highest price! Don't Delay Come In Today PHONE 453 24 Hour Wrecker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. T«l. 453 154 Political Announcements to umoune* U* Mlow Ing e*ndid*tc», Kb)*ct lo tb* 8IIEK1FF AND COIXMTTO* JACK FLNIXY ROBtNBUM WILU'AM I3ERUYUAN CODNTT JUDOK OENK K. BRADLKT ROLAKD OtUCBN FOH TAX ABBE88O* DOYLE IIENDERBOH W. W. "WINK- WATSON CIRCUIT CLEKK HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY COURT CLSmK EIJZABETU BLYTHB COUNTY TRRASCUB DEUiA PORTU( •TATK KKFRRSKNTATTra ALENE WORD E. O. KLEEMAN LS8LM "DtTKIE" 8PXOK L. H. AUTRY W. J. WUNDEHUCH (>'or re-riectloa) BTATK SEN ATOM J. LEE BKARDKN JEFFEHSON W. 8I>EX5)K cntciiiT junoi: E, O. WAKD I. M. ORKEH OHARI^ES W. LIQIIT Business Opportunities 1OME AND AUTO STOUUS Franchise and merchandise available for new associated stores. Representative will be in Memphis, Tennessee at Pealiody Hole! from August 1 lo Aujjust 5 to interview interested parlies. Investigate before you,invest. Write, wire or call Kenyon Auto Stores, Dallas 1, Texas, for appointment. 7-15-i)k-2(i Clinic 514 Main, Dlylhevtlle, Ark., Phone IK] FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. (H at Slate Line Phon: HlyUieville 714 'udiKoiiln Is In Soulh Aincrlcii. l.s. roimhly. tliu region cnai ol e Aiulos mid south of the iilu Phone 2882 for A Taxi O. K. CAB Jack Mann, Owner Farm Lands For Sale! Locations in Northeiist Arkansas and Southeast Missouri. All, sixes Tracts—10 acres up. On (iood Krumls. School iiim and mall route. Power line, flood buildings. C. E. GOLLADAY Rnncho Hotel ilnyti, Mo. For Rent >osirAble lieilrooni. Got) \V Walnut \lrf K. fc. Alexander. n;-|»k-!u 2-room furnished apt. 1'liono .',(!.-> TIlDcklf m adjolnlnx Iiath. Call 27:!9. Nice^ IftrKa bedroom, cloae In. :I10 \Ve^ 311 N. 9th. i'liont! 2338. 2|iks;a Mil for t\v riionu 2: adjoins hath! Men or ( .miploye,'l"iT.n"'l!. Ii27 Walnut, phone 2111). H, pt-'j: •noins. 1910 \V. Vin Order your picking sacks no\v they may be scarce thi fall, ftlonlgonury Ward t> Co., Hlytheville. 7-12-ck-l ( J W«tiil Kntllii-ra corn |.iclier. -Now. 10 Ft. / emiti drill, yrnss seed attatlimfnt, A-l m cgiidiliun. liotary lioc. eooil connition. ~ !i gum! larin"ii!>; 1 i'»l' l«"d >">»': ironulis; J slucl watering ironjiiis, 3' COMFORT AIR FANS We have tiirce combination Cooling and Heating Fans. com\iioH'ty housed in a convenient case with handle. At OPA Price $24.15 Come in and Sec this F;in E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. 319 W. Ash I'lnme 551 t>one livrwo -al Buy your water softener ) roni ;i dealer who does their own installation and guarantees soft water irom now on. Planter's Hardware Co. 7-10-ck-tt |.Initjr 107 \V. M:iin, 1'5-ck-l-J Toiimloes. SI I'lT Imshol. A. K. farlur. riil7 N. olli .St. If. |.k-j:i Hetf, Wanted iMillwriglits & Mechanics for regular maintenance work, , Contact Superintendent. A Swift Company Oi! Mill ~ Blytheville. Ark. 7-10-ck-7-24 l r<il»n><l \ to r.nrc !i>r nil lielp ivitfi Immo^ork. Call "Kfl," CO Conritr Xvvv^. Wanted to Rent Wanted: Three or four room unfurnished apartment for newcomers to Ulytheville 3Vo pets other than two small children. Call Courier News, Phone 461. 17-tf HKNVARD for 3-1 or room nptrt- lioosc. Cull 2453-M, Cniro 111. TOll.-ct. l.ivnni Propil. 16 v k;3 Join the Refrigerator Service Club (Two Service CalLs a Year $1) Repairs to Electric Aprli ances Fully Guaranteed BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO (Where Courtesy Is Not a Memory M. D. TULLOS Refrigeration Air Conditioning Service Engineer Plume Day 22(10; Night 2808 12)1 Radio Service •Tig" Angel ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. .1. W. Admits, Mj;r. 'hone 2071 20C-OS \V. IVHiln Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches BSytheviile CUIU! RIARKKT 130 Kasl JIain Street 'INSURANCE »„ 2311 i For Complete Protection j • ACCIDENT & HEALTH liOSPITALlZATION • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • PLATE GLASS •TORNADO • SURETY BONDS • AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL ! INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd CHAS. Bll'VNER W. J. Pollard Agency Safe, sound insurance protection, properly applied. Phono 3M5 Glcncoe Hotel llldr. Phone 931 tor better XI SERVICE For loni (rips—S or morn to Memphl* or Millnjinck, near train fare fur round Irlp. LOCAL CALL . . . Twin Gables 35c Midnight Inn . . 50c Golf Club 50c Manila ..... $4.00 ' Osceola .... $4.00 . Othiv plnces In roxnpitrlsnl). J. R. Payne, manager Lake and Main ATTENTION Car and Truck Owners WE NEED 100 Cars & Trucks We Pay Off Finance Company and Give You Your Equity in Cash. Drive In Our Big Used Car Lot Today, and Get the Top $ LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gas & 'Oili 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 CHAMBUN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" PhonoRrniihs — Records and Accessories. Battery and Klectric Radios 21!) W Main Phone 3443 CITY GARAGE & Welding Shop Auto Reiiuirs, Welding Pli. S71 -100 E. Alain "End of tlin world" rumors tun be Irncfrd txick to cnrllpst, ntitlcgiilly. Local A I.nnr IMiUnce Moving CouipttaBt Uolii auil cuiLliimoiil. Ail«* «nal«lr Iniiir«il. Oootiacl Uaullug »od Klae. Koryloi. H»m* Bcrrice A Stormin Co. I'bona 2H01 Tcrfeer r«p»lrfijg for today*n «x- qulfiUe foutweur jw:^urcil when re- balli la »nr BiiKieru shop. DUALITY SHO£ SH'O> izr w. MBIN ST»' I DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA Pnil REMINGTON rOKTAIHJS 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3S« (Every Trnnsnctlon MUST DE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guarnntced Uest Pcicea Kirby Drug Stores THE BEAUTY CLINIC I.', ,'sant Veta Smith, O.qwr Intntn BWf. fboiM SCTt Sou us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically.; Have your brakes checked for safety. W« have a complete lubrication department. Wo carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Btockj of 1'arLl For Chrysler ProdaeU 1 K. Main ' Phone 2122 IS* E. Main St. Phone 3C16 "JIMMIE" PARKS Quality Cleaners Prompt Pick-up and Delivery Service * Phone 3555 for Better Cleaning-Pressing 428 West Ash WASHER SERVICE Philip Frel V»cnom Cleaners, Fani. Irons and SmaJI A|i^Uiincc6 He paired. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. ADAMS. Msr. To Our teperfmenl For a Check on Your New or Old Car BOOTS AND HER BUDDlFiS ._. _ . " c !!» ! Fire! Police! VoKbfoVtO BY EDGAR MARTIN The very best- in Body Repair and Patnf- Jobs — Complete Motor Overhaul and Tuneups — Super Service Station is fully equipped with trained personnel to take care of your needs. Langston-Wrofen Co. Soles—BUICK-—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas OPEN 24 HOURS WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 55If . I'hon* 2o71 . . 200-09 \T. Mnln HOLD ST^V.V. \ \ vlfvW TO GEE HOVJ VOU \_OO\< UP '. WtV '. OV\. GOY.W. WV\M DO 1 DO IOOW t ._ . FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS He's In BY V. T. HAMILTON I WANT vou KIDS TO SEE WHAT MMiy Gee, BucK.vouVe GOT \A\l~tc: ' ICM'T Til'CL ,\ dl/-!.' If^tt C/"M-| * /-irifrrr. ily,i-<— I MADE.' ISN'T TM;S A SLICK JOa FOB YOU ? DIDN'T COST OVER. '[WO PUCKS, AND LOOKS LIKE SO ' \Veu., SHE LIKES 1 ,,^ . , To HAVE THINGS JOUR ROGER.! MICE---AND so /MAN; L. I'LL COME 6V IN THE MORNIM& AND PICK 1DLJ UP, BUCK — YOU'RE 6OIM& TO /~eui C i I i MEET MRS.KANE/ ( bWELu BY MRRKILT, BLOSSEB, So Thiifs Whore lie Wont

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