The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1949
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIEK NEWS PAGE ELEVEW " OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding HOUM with Maj. HoopU WE SAW VOO WE'RE CAMP1M* RI6HT HERE TILt EVEN TH' WRINKLES ISIROMED OUT/ JO "DO WITH TYING THEIR CLOTHES, GgT OUT THERE AMP l»TIE THeM AVID STOP THAT PICKETIMS OF OUR HOMEJ WA&SUCHA LOWPOWM TRICK.' BORM THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOW £ - ;si,t,ri i ja. VM.LIMA oofi BRA, CUDS* AoK> CHA.UTAO<aUA* BM29CCUC MAWlV You c*fi ii Tttttt AT-THE WOMWO'S LAMM UMCH \ 3O*J4.ft.' A»»i,rreR>KBVCto««>ou>«*. HIRST HURDLS MAY DECIDE THE RECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Heart Rendering Bryct Canyon failed To Impress Us Finder BRYCE NATIONAL. PARK, Utah. llPi— To the tourist Bryce Canyon is »n amphitheater filled with pink formation.? resembling people, jplres and mtnaireU, caatles and bridges. To the first majl to settle near its iouth r it was also something quite ifferent. It was tliade a national ark in 1928 and named after Eben- 1 czer Bryce. a Mormon pioneer, j Asked for his reaction to the • scenic spot, Bryce w a s reported to agreed it had fantastic beauty gOfYIKjHT IT HUSH LAWUUC1 miSOU •BItliUTU U M* ««V>Ct. OK. FM and AM 17 Tubes Plus Rectifier | Listen to the Ball Game In Noise-Free Comfort $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH n R E i F i s .WearDt . I. \UM THK STOHYt Strmmifm •• Sprare [viand, eiffhl mtrm»m» wb« emm* 10 Henry 6«»«h H«rdl»«'» "Xrw >:*«••" !•«* • tnmrr t«t*r*. Geurg* B«BC«Mib«, the weakllB*, *«• «ejx*4 Ike **lr HKc *»4 baa 4celar«4 hlMtelf U k1»c" with *ulll« Siarlc •* *]• "%•»«•.* Tfc« • •ly momt •! rr»CMc !• fr«« • ttk- I»K ko»1 which May k««« h^eB wrf-ekrd liHrlHK Ike M*rM. ««• C»i*r«v* IMlkft I* l^rcd SIHwell vrhv Mr* h« turner !• Ike UU«4 I. U.rL-.M H.rdl.r, ••< ke. lleve* Ikml HmrAiBfE killed k*tk Lilly W*rre» mm* <he SiMpBlleo 1 * •»<*. Be* herieK r«ne <• <h« tnlmmm l» avrnKe the deBth *f h*r knkliHHd, J!M M«rtl*. whM killed klH«rll •« • r*Mll *f HArdlMV'B •ellvllle*. n4 stole it. Then he was caught y the fire and killed hirnsell. Anyhow he was plenty drunk.** Fred moved closer to her. When I went to the cave after he Are, George told me a case had >een opened and a couple empties eft lyinf around. He thoujht 1 did it." 'You knew about the whiskey in he cave but you went on buying t from him. Why?" 'What'* the harm! It kept George happy, thinking he was «"V"OU XXXIV found the cleaned-up putlini « fast one over on me. t N° w - lhe rifle ' ' want have come back and shot him after he'd lit the fuses." "No," Sillwell said. "H any of us had shot a dynamiter, we'd have stepped forward »rxi got a medal." "That's reasonable," Bea admitted. Fred Sillwell nodded soberly. "1 don't much like the spot I'm in. I can take care of myself, but telling you this given me a little protection. H'd be harder to get rid of us both." "Swell of you to Include m« in," Bea said. "Skip the sarcasm. You're In already and you know it. This island! 1 wish we'd get away. It's beginning to give me the creeps. We ' n don't 'mind up a couple buck; And it was funny in guy drying "to'"pick I have to figure out some way to get bucks on the side. »t from George." way, *- place in the storerooms. You must have missed something else." Fred Sillwell said. "When I had my talk with Harding loVd • him the gun wasn't mine, hinted I wasn't satisfied with th woman's death. Maybe I men tioned the funicular. And wha happens? That very night th whole place is blown sky high Whatever evidence there was is gone. I don't need it. I don't hav to make a case stand up In court. "What'd h* say when you tol him it wasn't your gun?" Bea Cos grove asked. Sillwell scowled again at th memory. "Laughed at me. H sure made me sore. 1 worked rfU afternoon piling up driftwood for a bonBre. And then I didn't get a chance to light it." "Did you see him leave while i we were fire fighting?" i "No. You remember how it was. Everyone running around. Maybe he didn't mean the fire to get out of control or maybe there was something else h« wanted destroyed." "You think he'd ruin ill the work and planning he's put in on this island?" "He's got a lot ot money left," Sillwell reminded her. "He can build again, if he's free." "What about the dead man?" "The fisherman? Probably h« was snooping around, saw Harding leave the rine in the shed George sneaking off and bringing | "\TABEL me a bottle when I wanted it. 1 1 - 1 *- 1 arml knew I could get the money back I Beu Cosgrove stack it around ABEL JCJNES Bung down an oad of wood and watched any time 1 wanted." I central post. "How?" I "n gives us something to do," Mabel said. "We won't sit around laughed. '"Just ask and mope." him lor it." ' I "You sound ai if you^xpecled "You remember when George I to be here a long time. picked up the rifle? It wasn't an "Why rot? The Simpatico isn't empty he ejected." "Go on." "No man could have shot him- I due back for a couple months. We were to have a three-month trial, remember. About our only other self Like that and ejected a spent] chance is a nshing boat, and this cartridge allerward. And left live shell in the chamber." a kind of weather they'll be smart enough to be somewhere else." Fred Sillwell said softly, "I was Bea kept still, put the last f. right to play my hunch and talk I pieces of wood on the growing to you. You keep your eyes open. pile. You're smart." He thought a moment. "You're sure?" And what difference does it make anyhow? To the three of u» 'Yes. I found the live shell. 11 and Harding. I mean. The out- couldn't find the empty. I looked 5 id«rs want to leave, sure. But we for it." came here expecting maybe to "This fits even better. Harding stay. I don't see the loss of the left the flre Bghting and went I house, some comforts and supplies back to blow up the buildings to makes much difference. We slill hide the evidence of his flrst got the island. We can still live. crime. When the fisherman sees I I don't get this concentrating ev- what Harding is doing, he lets erything on being 'rescued.' Res- him have it so there won't b« cued from what?" anyone to tell and the blame for "Harding wants to get the explosion goes to the nsher- more supplies." manl Say! This is worth real Mabel shruggod. "Tim dough to m«. I won't forget it" right too, if he wants it. We slill 'Why couldn't the fisherman have plenty of stuff buried though. have done lhe dynamiting? May- We can get at it eventually. We be h« just had it in for Harding, could build again with what's on and set the nre so he wouldn't kill J hand." all of UK. Any one of us could * and to hive commented: 4 'I remember it was a bad place to lose a cow." 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WASH TUBBS BY LKSL1E TURNER MB. K&SKY WASHT HIMSELF TOOAV-WOWDEe AKD WHV WAS HE SO ANXIOUS TO COUUWCE MS THE MONEY •»SITT MWOEN IN HSOfWHIPT BUT HOW WE eONUA GIT OUT TH STOdE WITHOUT ATTRACTIM'WOATTeiJTIOW, ORVILLE? t ROGER WE CAU DIG IT L006E EASY IFFEH DIS HEAWV 1KOW POST WASWT MA5HIC DOWN 0U IT SO\ 11L MITCH IT TO DA CA»t WW CHS CABtE .... C? HAT KIOHT U *HllS THE TOWH SLEEPS THE KM.UKMS U6IW DAOIE NOGSIU, SO HUNGB-t MV STOMACHS FLA.PPIN' MO/1N 1 FEU THIS fS SONMV BZE4.D TWENTY JUST RU«T ME., BUT I'LL BY V. T. HAMI.IN 9*Crt Vf AN 3NATWO-BIT I5LAJMD f£5 THAT PUANE COULD HAVE BLASTED U* EASILY <*A IT SUNK OUR BOAT.' EH.' I KTN'T 5ET IT.' -IOTHIN' UP.' J WLL. COM6 EVER C<?MES I A BOAT, TO THIS GOO F0S5AKEN PLACE m^rr •? ^m 'W-t.-^ ^"ty - _. 5 A. • V, f^L BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES BY KDGAR MARTIN Ontinoed) FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 1- Inch lo inch, plain or reenf arced. A Is* Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber tor barns, chicken houKS, pump booses, tenant houses, tool f sheds. 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