The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1944
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 19-14 Release Coroner Under$5000Bail Man Charged With Murder Former Resident WALNUT niDGE, Ark., Aug. 23. (UP)— Lawrence County Coroner Howard Marshall, 'charged In n warrant. sworn out-'liy Sheriff W. E. Archer 1 with iho first decree murder for the slaying of his wife a I Inch 1 Walnut Kldye home early Monday, lias been released from jail under $5000 bond. , Marshall, who has been stationed with the Navy at Sau Diego, Calif., for some time,, was released after Judge M. C. McLc'od issued a writ of habeas corpus directing liis release. Tlie coroner was arrested by Sheriff Archer <m\ recommendation of a tor/oner's jlry in connection with the death or 20-year-old Mrs. Hiwcl Marshall. Mrs. Mill-shall iv.-is found shot to deatli in the bedroom of her home early Monday. Piosccullng Attorney II. L. Ponder will conduct further hearings on the case today. Mr. Marshall is a rformcr Blvthe- ville resident, having lived "here about 13 years ago while his father was employed as bookkec|)cr with the W. I. Denton Chevrolet Co. The younger Mr. Marshall attended Blytheville High Sehool, and later moved with his parent to Walnut nidge. Cite 47 Railroads For Collusive Rate Fixing WASHINGTON. Aug. 23 (UP) — Forty-seven western railroads have been charged by the Federal Government in civil complaint with collusive rate fixing. The Association of American W!«)'«ls and two banking houses were'accused along with the western lines of civil violations of the Sherman Anti-trust Law. The complaint was filed in the Federal District Court at Lincoln, Nebraska. The complaint say.s the defendants made freight rates in the west higher than those in the east and set up high and non-competitive rates for oil, perishable fruits and vegetables. To Hold Hearing Friday For Accused Constable MEMPHIS, Term., Aug. 23 (UP) —A hearing will be held Friday in Hernando, Mississippi in connection with tlie deaths of two war workers killed Saturday night in a road house near Memphis. A constable is beiiig held in their deaths. The victims, Harry H. Sparkman, and James F. Games, both of Memphis, were employed ^at the Ford plant in Memphis. Conflicting versions of the shooting Have been given nnrt slieriff John W." Barbee of DC Solo County, said today it "looks like a clear cas c of self-defense." Tccli.-Sgt. Lewis Colnrrn, 28, of Niagara Falls, N. Y., has distinction of completing 107 aerial missions in all war theaters, more than any other Army Air Corps member. A veteran of seven years, Coburti has been awarded 17 decorations. PETRO K"M JEUVTHISWAY r "M Mnrolino t>cl«wn ih.imt bums,] i?cr. Nprcatlslowly npa nbrrs rrnvc MoroliHu, For minnr Cdt« | . 5c, tiiplceirc, lOo gLYTfflSVILLB .(ARK,); POJJRIEE NB5B Puzzle: Find the Jeep Lieut. (J. G.) Bethany Fought Writes Of Life In Hawaii In service with the Navy overseas by slipping In niul slamllng in ul "'"'>"«'•"! monllis mid now slw-iof "• • •• There's a Pigtail of Woe isola, 3 1 /. years old. isn't used to having strangers grab 'Lucille Gri, . _____ ._ ,, _.,_.., i .)>8? pigtajls and measure them with rulers, so'she registers voditcr- ous protest, She was an entrant in recent pigtail "conies! 'held by :'•• Children's Aid Sociely in New York., .... _ Crash Kills 78 PUEBLO, Colo.. Aug. 23 (UP)— Eighteen men were killed Monday when two , Army bombers collided and crashed near Mogel, Colo. The dead include a Georgia airman -Corporal William A. Powell of Chicopee, Ga. ' Tlie African katydid escapes Us enemies by resembling the thorny vegetation on which it lives. If You Travel NOW- you should expect such inconveniences as: I You may be able to get to your destination J. but unable to get back home when you want 10. 2 You'll probably experience delayed arrivals, crowded conditions and lack of usual travel comforts. 3 You can expect Icrj; waits in the dining car. 4 You may have to carry your own bai;i;,igc. There are not enough Red C.ijis or porters to do it for you. REMEMBER-RAILROADS MUST BE WAR ROADS DANCE Thursday — Friday — And Saturday Nights ••k-30. to 1 O'Clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE Admission G5e Incl. Tai ST.LOUIS-SAN FRANCISCO RV Airplane Dusting Let us do your cotton poisoning with airplanes. RELIABLE - EFFICIENT Phone 279, Osceo/o STEPHENS DUSTING CO. J. L. Terrell Installed As Legion Head J. L. Terrell was Installed ns commander of Dud cnson Post of Ilic American Legion nl n meeting held last nlglit nl tlie hul. liisUilliition services were In of Evei-elle R. Reed of Osceoln, Fiflh District lomnmndcr, who also instructed the incoming oilier officers, C. p. Tqmp- Wns. first vice commander,' Eddie Unrks, second vice commander, Rosco Cnif.on, eliniiloln, C. A. Cun- ninghmn, hlslorlnu, J. 11. Stovnll, wvice officer, D. E. llcssie, v '._cr- Beant-al-anns, 11. L. Ilalsell Sr_, color bearer, ami C. L. N.ibers, chnlr- mnn of the ntlilctlc coimnlttcc. The meeting was presided over by mo ,,i ,, -' ows |1 « «">f I In,? ,i" ,, ll!uvilllim Territory. | wlio was giving n solo-sldod r | S hl fvH M B 11Hlm "5' PnuBia often: In front ol lilin find looked him »i , r M l " lmils 0( 1Uc '" Diiil'sli-nlghl In the eye 1111 lie llnlslied I»ii ur (lie wovlit. The son O f Mr. Uemlmlecl me of Dr. Iteey's dog nnil Mrs. W. 0, HiuBhl of Uoulc SI, Dievllle, ha was cannecluil with ihe KS.A. ofik'c with Iwulqimrtm in Little Hack ill the lime of his enlist m ml. • A recent lelter received from Lieutenant Faughl vends In )mrl: "Hud A Ic'Hor from S'imri tiiu ulhfi' day lolllni; me of llui ilealhs of two of the boys thnt 1 lm)j;hl. 1 know Ilic ranks will be Ibinned out qulto u bll nmoiiK tlie old fellows Hint i used to know. Guess I should ivally be ttmnktul for (he duty I liuvo even If It does set pretty borim; at times, i am on a Hood station ami have made a lot of friends here on the Island that help to puss (ho (line wwuy. "We had a WK birthday dinner id Ihe liousc Ihe other nlnht. The Catholic chaplain hud a birthday and (he 1'rolcsliuil chaplain and a couple of the other fellows gave him n MB birthday chicken dinner, cvim complete with (he cake. We lire very fortunate In the chaplains that we have here, there Is absolutely no frlcllon between the two religions. Hare ijolten so that I really enjoy Bolus to church and rarely miss u Sunday. A Hide wirehiilrcd fox ler- rier Hint belongs to one of the* officers here on the station nearly broke ii|) services tlie pnsl Stmdny "Met the FSA man hero on the Island the oilier day ... lie certainly faces a dlllerqil set of problems from (hose Mrs. F. uml l | mt | . , . He has Invited me lo (our (he Island will) htm to bw'omc acquainted wllh the typo of work here." 100 Strikers Threaten 30,000 employees DETKO1T, Aug. 23 (UP) — A si like by 100 Intcrplaiil truck drivers hi seven llrlgus manufacturing plants at Detroit today Is thrcat- i'nln« to throw 30,000 employes'out of work. The drivers, who transport necessary war malerliilfi, arc 'Klrlklng [or WIIKC Increases similar lo those Ki'uiUcd Inler-plant drivers at the Chrysler plants. • Tlie Brings plants arc operatlni; on reserve supplies. However, H WHS tmdorslood production might be flopped cnllrclv If (he (ruck driver* «lrlko continues. BAAF Sounds SOS ,>V?'> For More Ffmatt'Help \ 'ihe mod nt the' BlyUiovllle Army Air Olid for clerks, f-™ V ~ '"" i was r i An commotion to C9 ' v o A bamboo shoot his been knoww Corp. Win. E. Loft Jr. Awarded Purple Heart Corp. \Villlnm IS, Loll, Jr., son of William E. Lott. Hr., ru, 1, Dlytlie- vlllc, was awarded the Order pf Die Purple Heart, (or wounds received In action ou Muncln Island In Ihe New acoi-gln cnmpuign. lie was In Co ; G, nzntl Inf., of the '13nl Division, niul was n member of the "llar- rncuda Ralilcis" one of the Ihvst group of Army raiders formed, Corporal txitl received the citation for the award of the Purple Heart from Admiral llnlscy, last August while In a hospital In New Caledonia. The presentation of the Lloyd G((dlcy of Osceolii, commander uf (he Muck Cirldcr Post, of the American Uglon, addrewcil Hie (jroup on "The Future of the American legion", and Stalt Sergt. Charles Wood, recently returned from 13 months service in the Mcdi-' lermnean wnr Uieater, gave an account of his exiicricnces on tombing missions. Members were invited to ntlcnd (lie Fifth District meeting to be lield Sept. 10 in Osccola, mid a rlslnu vote of thanks urns Riven to Dr Grlmmetl for his loyal and untiring services during the past year, niul an .expression ol retjrel that lllncrs prevented Ills being' present at the last meeting us commander of tlie post. Foils Diuvlar 'TOLEDO, O. (UP)--Spoiled by home-owner Scott Hncklcy, a bur- Blur hurriedly'left the scene of his Intended crime without. nl s hat and shoes. I for llllouiniii, Sour Stomach, 1 FIblultiu* end Haadacho, due to Cqnlllpallon, Ink* Calotobs. Use i only a.s dlrccti WHEN YOU SUFFER wi,i, tlie heat, rcmci'iibcr that your tires rciilljr sizzl? on the ... liccniist! roail-stirfaccsiirc usually 25°holUT tti.u>air,tcii)|)cratiircs. Tliis ftyiujj-pan saps (lie strength of rubber . , , produces doublet! war us tlie thermometer rises from <W to 90°.,. anil inulii- plies tite-niilureby.twcnty jicr cent. Olivrousl)', you niul every other patriotic driver, w;int to gcfcvery. bit of precious mileage remaining in your present sec of tires'. Tluir is why we bring you these authoritative suggestions: Avoid hot-road driving as much as you can . , . Drive at slower si>9<:ds._. . Don't ovcr.iulUtc tires, but avoid untlcr-intlittion as yon would n plague ... . Ami don't neglect,to,have your tires cross- switched every 3,000 miles Your Phillips 66 Service Mm is HUMOUS md uiumg to h c |p y OU GtMinin (he opportunity, it (cist once it week, to check air pressures .., to inspect for nail holes, cuts, nml bruises ... to examine fires so he can wurn you whin, re capping,; is advisable. , , . . Tliis is only p-irt of [lie Tin- Stti'ing .mil Gii-}>iit'tiig S'.'fvicc placed to you nt every 1'hillms 66'" Stivice Stnliori, to help you Ciro'' Tor Your Cur For Your.Councry/' < In the Nation's .interest anctiini t your own, be w.uchful an l d?it.jt^U li lijjcnt aboiic making your car and your tires lait longer aiiil gb'fa*tiicr,'' ll DrivL- in for help air tlie Orjngei- ami Black 66 Sliicld, tli^sign of fijnioiis Miillips 66 Gasoline and-.' Phillips 66 Motor .Oil; , ••'''"' BACK-TO-SCHOOL will look better and last longer if cleaned by HUDSON'S Yes, our modern methods and" ',; expert workmen will put their,''.'.;' wardrobes in tip-top shape'for the beginning of school. Don't pack anything for the college.. .'.' student that hasn't been thor- ' '• oly cleaned .. We can still give 48 hour service upon request. ' Call 2672 For Service v, ASK US ABOUT BERLOU 10 Year Guaranteed Mothproofing! Cleaner- Tailor-Clothier

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