The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on June 21, 1865 · Page 1
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 1

Galveston, Texas
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Wednesday, June 21, 1865
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i 01. 1.3 HOUSTON, WEDNESDAY,. JUNM 2V,.. 1866. [No. 22/3. " I)(ie» H i s t o r y ll«l«'it I t s e l f ? . wr i.,, r Diice said that the most solemn ,. , t (,. lt does duly as a profound historical '"·i^- ·'" '··· ! ' ll '- u lli = lory r(1 l"" 1 ' 3 i'self. Uisto- ii',,r,]- no illustration of this pompons anil ',.,.: »B- 1",.' j.vtl in Monotonous re petition around ft ' l ' c;:U''- Some phases of the human mine: - nil tin 1 world over. and souio lend- i 1 '* · 1|1 ^ I ra3 *' on - q attain siyay in nearly i: in brt'.ist- Among these ambition "'' o::i a "^ ctlrse -- a star whose lin 1 - ..ivi drenched the purth ia human : hte'.ory did not repeat itself in Alex- Sipoleon -- two men 'animated by i . l V n !1 " . v v ;.r.» f.i.'ts are similar, it doc* not follow '.'i~- tit Fr.'n-.-h Kevolvtion was :i repetition of ,\'*' f^i-h Devolution. Many causes con- '.~;-.'j t, ;rin.: about the i'renc-h Revolution, ;.,,'·":;.; .-HCOOS of the American Colonies in ; V : r j-.u\Y*.-fnl struggle lor political freedom '.-"-..'hiiMi'-ii ii. Vet in no particular wus tho D-|.|i, in Any way analagous to the American Jje.'.ii.iiTM. "The return of Charltw Second (o ·'is t'Wif '.-dtimately restored the Cavaliers, but · -. :v''":il prvrog.iti vo was lost in the civil \var. ~'..t involution, ia Franco accomplished 110:1-2 ".; i:.- li-siiBS, and yet from its results the King j..,; Jijippeared from France. These are a few :j-'a:;of!' lending to show the falsity of the, d iliritii'ii ihat history repeats itself- History ·'.-.vs -i' s » c '' thing. If the past had been any ,r ; .it'rion. the South would have been rocog- r.izni. early in the straggle, by foreign powers, .laii'v-.-n turned intervention, would have come. Tr.: 1 Colonies were struggling Rgainst greater iffniin;.' odds in their revolt from the Mother ?oun'.r-;-,,and yet they were recognized, early in rb= ;;aaie, by all the leading powers. Here Lb:o:y did not repeat itsell. Again, the adds i: l.ivor uf the invaded party have been as ·.hree or four to one. These were the mime: ioil ol'.-= of the North against the South, mid ''..ting equalized by being invaded, Cie South. !·? the rules of warfare and history, should i.'jve twen successful. The North came with Lar gigantic navy (the strong arm of any nn- f'on. vide Koglaad) and shut the South on! from tin world ; brought her gunboats ani penetrated the Southern rivers ; brought her i:eam mills and mechanics'and built railroads anil plunk roads through the Southern country thus miking her numerical superiority available, and conquering Ihe South. To the dis- piAfiotiate rei'Jer of.history, tiie chances of tlie South would never have appeared doiibtlul and ye- the result has shown that history does not repeat itself. \Ve have said that human nature, from being cast in the same crucible, is essentially the same Ul the \vorld over ; but then its develope- ments md expressions ure affected by the progress oi civilisation; and it is because civilization i* never stationarj", that history cannot repea itself. We are not prepared to say that civili zalion is a! wavs progressive. But if it occasion sdly nstrograues. it does so because cf some nev combination of circumstances, unknown in pas history, and does M in manner anil form always different. The future of this countrv will be difTeren from anything shown in the teachings of history For instance, i: has been proved thac slave labor is the dearest of all kinds of labor, and that where it has existed, free white labor always commanded the highest prices. Slave labor, in producing the great staples ol a country, ha.s al- wars Deen directly in the way of the manufacturing interests oi that country. Jt was cheaper to buy manufactured goods than to make them and frequently cheaper to buy provisions thun to raiss them. The staples commanding remunerative figures, caused slave labor to be ver) cVar End free labor dear in proportion. The declination o! slavery will necessarily lower the fi r ice of labor and make the South aself-snppart- ins; country. In our TMenoration we w i l l leel the change, for no change in fbf great socia political relations of a country can be suddenly (riT'V.?tfd without being seriously felt. Those that come after us will receive the benefit o the changes, and, in all probability, w i l l lind they are better off than ^vere their ancestors be- lore them. One thing is apparent: The Soutl w i l l no longer be dependent upon the North, as has been the case always in the past. The very necessity ol her case, as engemleret bv the war, will compel her to become self- stififw.-ting and self sustaining. T,Te f u t u r e o 'i.i country will be very different from her past but. as history does not repeat itself, none of us car: j'letend to lift the veil and pry into the mysteries of the great unknown. Speculation ib i'TOliiless, and we must "learn to labor and lo Wiit, 7 ' manfully (if manfully we may) accepting ·JUT present condition ;\s a decree of fate, am 'ioing cur duty to the laws and to the country ; u'nich we live. 33T Last week we wore anxiously watching Breach sign of rain, and gloomily calculating the cl.auge from cistern to bayou water, bu iiow all that ia past, and we are each day UMSH! wiih refreshing showers, ensuring an abundant harvest, and changing ibe. atmos i-h«re to somewhat of a living tempe fitnre. Bo " Hey, ho, for the wina and the rai . Kor the ram it rainetb every Us; ." {B" We refer the citizens of 3ton to the "ai'Inf the Messrs. Kings, who offe · their ser- 'i'-e= to do every kind of house and sign ['Hinting. They are well known t( be good workmen, and prompt in the e.teci tion of all " r urieiveu them. L'insviLLK, June 10.--In the three miles' race '··-\-AJ Alexander's horse Asteroid, which, on Tuesday last, made the best time on record, "'·jn :he race on the flrat hevt, Loadstone siilk- ' f f f a : the end of the first quarter stretch £inc irawn. Lindsay Seiog distanced. UAI.VKSTON, Jimo Gth, ISIiii. W. Hicii.viiusoN, I'Ml--JJear Sir:--If I can oh- ain KufTicient- piVtrouitge, I propose- opening.a.Fe- male Summitry o f - h i g h o r d e r ' i n this'city, with rimnry nud medium chissoa aildod, 1 ' The condition of the -country requires tho most trennouH oxortions. and must cnftiro success tci voM-tinifid elt'ort. t ^ hr»[jo not'Oiily to give n pnoil ituication to t,ho*o- who nriKo it t(»r ilK own Hnkc, jut. til for the profession ot teacJiing, mich as tiosiro o nbtnin it as a most useful ami nublo moitns of innncial independence. " ' I intend, also,·L-sUililishins a class for advanced ·oung ladies, in which, mostly by 1 lectures', they vill bo able to obtain'iill tho most useful sciences nd the biglier departments of. literature. Sirs. OastliiUtn will'teach tho-music class, and ompeteut assistants will be secured tor tile other tram-he^ Time for opening the First Session will be (Inly .nnounccd, i!' answers be favorable. Very respectfully, c., ··' · · Tiros. (iAI.VESTON, JllllO 20tll, )S05. Kn. NEWS :---The following arc tho first live oi- lers issued under tho new Administration : 1 [Oniclni.]' I I K A I I Q U A K T K I I S , DISTRICT Ol' TEXAS, [ GAI.VKSTOX, TKXAS, J u n e 18th, 1SC5. I Pursuant to orders from tho Headquarters MI11- ary Division of tlm South-west, dated Now' Ornans, June llith, ISGj, tho undersigned assumes joiinnaml of nil troo]s within the State of Texas. Seciuid. No passes or permits will be recognized on the coast of Texas, except by authority irmii leadqnartera Military Division uf the Southwest, r from these (Signed,) O. GHAXCIF.H, Major-General Commanding. [Olticlul.J HKAUQlJAliTKllS, DlSTIIlUT 01' TKXAS, . ) UALVKSTOX, TKXAS, June 10th, 18(15. f General Orib'rs, JYo. 2. 'I he Snfl of the District is announced as follows: Uaj. !·'. W. Emcrv, U. K. Volunteers, Assistant Atl- utant General: "Lieut. Col. J. C. Palfrey, U.S. Volunteers. Assistant Inspector General; Lieut. Col. Laiigulin, 0-lth Illinois Volunteers, Provost Marsha ifioneral; Lieut. Col. J. G. Chandler, U. S. Volunteers. Chief Quartermaster; Capt. V. G. Xoyes,U. S- Volunteers, Chief Commissary of Subsistence : Surgeon C. B. W h i l e . U. S. Volunteers, Medical Director; Capt. U. W. Fox, M t h ' N u w York Jiiittcry, Chief of Artillery : Cnpt. S. llowell, Gth Michigan Heavy Artillery, Chief of Ordnance; First Lieutenant J. 1.. Bake'r, 'J3d Wisconsin Yob unteers, Commissary of Musters; Jlaj.Vv'.L. Aveiy, U. S. Volunteers, A.idc-de-Camp ; Capt. C. S, Sargent. U. S. Volunteers, A. D. C. (.Signed.) G.'GuAsaKK, Commanding. [onicial. J H K A D Q l ' A H T K K S DISTRICT 01-' T K X A S . ) GALVKSTOS TKXAS. J u n e 19, 1SG5. j General Orderf. jVo. 3. Theiicople are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from tlie Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equably of personal rights und rights of property, between former masters and slaves, and Uw connection heretofore existing between them, become? t h a t between employer and hired labor--7 The Freedmen are advise j to remain at their present homes, and work for wages. They lire informed that they will not be allowed to collect at military posts; ami that they.will not be supported in idleness either there or elsewhero. Bv order of A R R I V A L VHO'Si flAOjun--The Mexican schooner I'Jimmi, Capt. Davidson, ai-rived at our wharl yes- torday morning, two duya. from Bagdad, which KH-tslie left on Tuesday with thirty-scvou pusseu- ;ers,.most of them refugees returning home. dipt. Davidson inforn.s us.that all Texiuns nt Ilagdad tiro ircparing to return home' via Galveston. \ A schooner and a alt. · ; ; ! Adengngcd full complements f passengers,' anr, - o r e to' sail for this port ou Viulnesday, Mill hist. -. . ; Thu MataiaoruH Mimitor, of the 10th hist., re- :oivcd by this, arrival, contains! the following Mexican news items: , Tho official journal of Qnoriitaro announces the cenpation of Chihuahua by the Imperialists. .The commander, Jose Moria Mnldonado, acting Gov- cnmr of E-.icnpoaxthi, has given his lidhcsio'n to he Empire. Lower Californiii is under ..the complete rule of the Juarez pat-ty ; everything there being in a disordered state. Somo guerrillas of.tho Juarez party, a few days _j;n, flltitclfed the stage at Cuorrmdricn, robbing the passengers and capturing three of theni. Soon after a detachment 'of Imperialists 'overtook the ·obbers, liberated the passengers, and captured several of tlio bandits, who were Instantly shot. The last body of t)m Austrian Legion, consisting of GOOO men, now on their way from Europe, have received orders to disembark at Matamoi-os. Tho villages of the North, which since a few months have been deprived of their commercial in- :erconrse w i t h M.'itnmoro.s, will now soon bo reopened, with tho notice of reviving the cotton trade with Texas, and also the trade with Monterey and Saltillo, the latter places hftvlng, since a brief period, suP.ijred severely under the rule ot Juarez. Generals Lopez and Olvera, who leftMutamoros about ten days ago witli a column of infantry and cavalry and several pieces of artillery, to assume oflbnsive operations against the Liberals, have succeeded in clearing this Department, driving the enemy beyond the San Juan river, and capturing idlene; (Signed,) Major^Oeneral GKANC.EK. I'. \v. E.VIKKV, Maj. A. A. (.; many prisoners, (in, June arms and horsos--Flake's SuSe- [ onteixi. i IlKAlKJL'AKTEIlS, DISTRICT O l ' T f i X A S , ( G.u.vEsrox, TEXAS, J u n e IP, 1SG5.)' General Orders, JYo. -1 All acts of the Governor and Legislature of Texas since the Ordinance of Secession 1 hereby declare illegitimate--nil civil am] military oth'cers and ' agents- uf the so-culled Confederate States or of the Suite of Texus, and all persons formerly connected with the Confederate States army in Texas, will at once report for Sarole at the following places, or such as may be esignated hereafter to'the proper U. S. officers to be appointed : Honston. Galvestoo, Bonham, San Antonio, -Marshall and Brownsville. Although their long absence from their bomcs and the peculiar circumstances of this State may palliate the desertion from their organization, this order will sti icily and promptly be complied with. The above mentioned and all other persons having in their possession public property of any description whatever, as arms, horses, munitions, Ac., furmerlv belonging to the so-called Confederate States or State of Texas, will immediately deliver it to the proper United States officers, at the nearest of the above mentioned places. \Vhen they cannot carry it and have not. the means of transporting it, they will make to tho same officer a full descrip- tiim of its character, quantity, location and security, iVc. All persons not complying thfs order, will be arrested, as prisoners of war, p.ud sent North for imprismiment, and their property forfeited. All lawless persons, committing acts of violence, snob as banditti, guerrillas, jay hawkers, horse-thieves, c., are hereby declared outlaws and enemies of tho human race, and will be dealt with accordingly. Ky order of Major General GKANOI.R. F. W. E.MKIIV, Major d; A. A. G. [ O l U c l a l . ] llEAi'QUAKTEitS nrsTiiiCT OP TEXAS, \ GALVESTON,TKXAS, Juno I D , 1SG5. j Ownd Order?, No. 5. Until the arrival of tlie proper Treasury Agents in this District, all cotton may bo turned into Ihc Quartermaster's Department, for shipment to New Orleans or New York, there to be Bold to the United States "Purchasing 'Agents. In case of snch consignment, bills of lading will lie given, and the owner will be permitted to accompany his property for the purpose of effecting its sale to tlie Purchasing Agents. N'o cotton or other products of insurrectionary States can be shipped o n ' o t h e r conditions. By command of Major-General CHASOEK, The. Havana correspondent of tlio Xow York Times, in his letter of Muy 27, sends the following information : The formal delivery of tho Stonewall to the Spanish authorities, was madc-in. the following manner: On tho 19th, the captain presented a memorial to tho Captain General, stating that the repairs to the engine would require more time than he hai] expected, and for that, and other reasons, ho was resolved to give up the vessel, so that tho g o v e r n m e n t a l ' her Miijesty, the Queen of Spain, might dispose of it; ibis oiler being accepted, the vessel was receiveil, according to inventory, on the 20th, being delivered up to Onpt. Agnera, and the crew were paid olf. The Stouewall was then removed to tho navy yard, where it was firmly moored, in tho custody of the Spanish Navy. The sum advanced by the government here, in order to pay off. the crow and other debts, amounted to S1G,000, which "was less thnn at first estimated, owing to the refusal.of tho captain (T. It. Page) a_iul the Hrst lieutenant (Robert E. Curler) to receive the least pay. As to whose property the ship is. thut, of course, remains for discussion; it has been stated to belong to private individuals, and that also the French Consul put in the chums of the constructor UH not having yet been paid. '|On Tuesday tho Unitefl States'steamorPciwhatan. with Kosir Admiral Striblir.g oil board, came into port', and left Wednesday afternoon. On Wednesday afternoon some of the officers and crew of the Ppwhatnn went into a drinking saloon, ami while sitting at a table a rohel flag wo3 spread out, ou tho table before them, with the intention to insult them. One. of the ntHcers took tho (lug, tore it in pieces and stamped By this time Lhere was q,nite a row. All bands adjourned into the street, 11 nd matters were becoming serious, when a file- of soldiers, who were on guard at the Palace close by, marched over and dispersed tho cmwcl, wtiich by this time had swelled to- two or three hundred persons. N o n e of our ofliccrs wore their side arms ; if they had they might huve saved themselves an insult. ; - .''.STEWS-ITEMS. HOSTON, June-ID.--The steamer Admiral Dnppnt, from' N'ew York for Portress M'onroo, wns run into and sunk on tho night of the bth by a British ship. She .went down in ten. minutes. Some ilftcon per- sons.werojlr.owhcd. · . ' FORT SMITH', June !).--The .22d .nnd rebel Arkniisns ' battalions uf cavalry came in mid sui 1 - renderod this morning. WASHINGTON, ; Jline 0 The order for the discharge of certain prisoners of war,.published yesterday, renders a personal application for the re-' lease uf.prisonera, under the rank of Major, unnecessary, and there is authority, for -stating tlmt the President la receiving no orders at present.for tho rc'lcnue of any .prisoner of war at or above that rank. · · · - ' · .President. Johiisbn to-day moral his rcs'iilenco to .ho \Vhito House, of "which ho 1ms now taken pus- session. . : . . · Government yesterday dispatched MO men,- with ntreMlmieiit. tools and coffins, to the liattlc-lield of tho Wilderness for tho puj-poso of interring the ro- naina of nil soldiers exposed to view, of which there ia cmlte a number. '· Tho rebel forts'at Sabino Pass, on the Texan const, suri-emlereil- to the. United States steamer livasso-on t h o : 2 7 t h ult. A Wnshingtmi dispatch sayslhat an entire army corps broke camp in that city on the nth, bound lor the west. The majority igainst the now constitution of-Missouri, as far as received, is 0700. Reliable information . from Mucim and points :iorth ol t h a t represent .tho' whole, (if Georgia in a starving condition. ' .Lee has been Indicted for treason at Norfolk, ^ov. Curtin recommends that the coming fourth bo lubihintly .observed in Pennsylvania in honor of the return ot soldiers. .North Carolina w getting more lad more, loyal. The amnesty proclamation well received thero. . ; Losnos, May '29.--Tho Daily News hopes that mercy will bo extended to Jeff. Davis, though severe punishment should he meted oiit to him. It stated that Buenos AjreS had'declared war against Para- gnu, and the-Argentine Kcpublics wcremiirchins l strong,force. : Consols 92. Ul S. fi 25'i ""' THE NEW SYSTEM OF LABOR ix VIRGINIA -- The subjoined article is from, the Richmond. Whig of the 10th ult. : One of the results nf the change in the system of labor which is about to be carried into eftiict in Virginia, is the substitution of small farms for the large areas now so generally cultivated. ' A scheme looking to tho accomplishment, tlsjrongh Northern capitalists, of a result of this character has already been set ou foot and will probablv '-e for- wnrdcd in a quite a rapid manner. The suggestion ia based, in the first place, upon the belief that the scarcity of money woulr. alone induce many to dispose of a part, at least, cf their landed estates, there being no other resource left to a large number of farmers. The rlifliculty of ·ibtainiug labor will doubtless also cause the reduction of the force employed, and. of necessity, at the same time, lessen the space to be put into cultivation. -Rnch a change of system, experience has proved will result in a marked .increase of the aggregate products of husbandry in the State. The history of agriculture in other nations exhibits. what may be achcivod by careful.cultivatio where the possessor owns a limited number 01 acres. In the Northern States ami in England ag- ricultnro has been carriacl to a very high state of perfection, notwithstanding tho heavy .Uaxes re- i(uirecl for the support of Government. The rule heretofore acted upon should be promptly reserved, find n large amount'Of labor bestowed upon a small amount of liind. Tiiis would certainly yield much more remuneratively than a largii 1 farm in- sujficiently cultivated. More pleasure satisfaction', as well as money, would nlso bo yielded. ' The London Morning Herald says : Whatever secession might have .been-- -whether it were 5eg{il pi* illegal -- the statesmen of the Confederacy we're not 'responsible It was tho act of tlio 'people at large ; It wis formally ratified by tho 'regular authorities of the States, 'who'Jiad the power of life, and den'.h 'and -o.very pr'dmary attribute of sovereign power, anfl to' whom';' according to the theory universally held' in the United : Stat'es --- ' · · · · · · - - . .tho pen- Tho Liverpool cotton market, was dull. TJie'weckly sales would reach 6000 bales.-.Middling Kk. ·· LOUISVILLE,'June U--New York advices represent the completion of the Atlantic.telegraph com- pany's'cable_, and that Europe' and America will be in telegraphic communication nextnionth. NKW YOKK, J u n o M.^.Tohn Mitchell, editor of the Daily News, and recently of the Richmond Examiner, was arrested this evening and taken to Fort Lafayette. . . . LOUISVILLK, .Inne 13--The gncrrilhi Stort was not hung yesterday, having.received ten day's respite just at the hour assigned for his execution. NEW YORK, June- 111.--The President has issued a proclamation relativo to tho. territory East of the Mississippi river, which.goes into operation after the 1st.of July, also removing all disabilities and disqiialificatiuDa attaching to Tennosseo : and. Us inhabitants. Latest nd'- vicos caused a decline of 2',) iu f-20's. Cotton declined to 41, and gold to Uli. Exports to-day nud to-morrow §2,ii50,000; money easy. Call loans four, to live millions. The capitals of five National Banks j'lbw-aggregate i $300,000,000. Markets dull. ' " ..' . : The HeruldV Savannah correspondent .says Mr. Secldou, Judge': .Campbell and H. M. T. Hunter .have, .been,'taken, to Fort Puhiski for confinement. -Tlje' Times' '.Vfiisliiugtoti spi'cial says the President will issue' a proclamation discontinuing purchases .by government, agents of the produce of the insurrectionary States, ,thns removing tho'25! per cent. tax. Tin; .World's Florence, correspondent says the people wil crown Victor Ei.naunel King of tin; Komnng The Now York Herald's Ualdgh correspondent' says Gun. Scho8!ld 1ms issued an o'rdi^r calling upon .all officers and .soldiers in his command to .assist Gov. Holden in the discharge of his .Executive duties. The'Tribune's.St. Louis specinlsays the. nev adopted. The Times' Washington special says a strong f-jeling is Cnding expression among many lead ing men,'in favor of appointing military- Governors in the extreme Southernfcitates and keeping them under strict military control until the people are thoroughly returned to their avoca- t i j n s DeJe^atioas from these quarters are notmeet- ing witu much encou"agenieut. Sherman has revised and corrected his report (Sen.. Crook takes coin- up to'iStil,-'every.citizen owed allegiance, same law-whfch in England relieves fromltht (Signed,) F. W. EMBKV, Maj. A. A. G. NITIONAI. HANKP-- -Dec'isrox OF THE COMPTKOI.- LEB.-- WiSiiiNOTON, May 31.-- The Comptroller of the Currency has decided not to issue a certificate of authority to commer.ce business to any National bank converted from a State bank, while the circulation of State banks oxceods the amount allowed for a National bank o!' tho same capital, deeming State bank circulation to lie, after sonversioo, the. circulation of National banks, since, the latter is, in all respects, responsible for it and bound to redeem it. The new National banks luivf now nearly all been supplied with circulation- to the amount to which they are entitled,' and the circulation - w i l l not be issued to converted banks faster than their Slate circulation is retired, no that it may now be aaid that the bank iiuto circulation of tho country. has reached i'-a maximum or highest possible, point: ,, ....... . . , ,,... -. - -- _. alty of treason all. who obey.a king tie facto\ and which 'is founded lipon the " simples i'principles, of justice, 'completely absolves the Sbatnem leaders. Tho execution of -Jeff. -Davis wpul J be siaiply a political. murder; ; and nmimler more ·wicked, cruel and cowardly than- that of Abraham'Lihcbln,' inasmuch as It would he ^the'act not of one desperate fanatic, but of a National Government. -Jt wouhl fix' upon every citlzan'.of the Northern States', 'and espociaily'oh the President and his advisers, a guilt, in every respect-cocresp.onQIrig with that of John ' ' ' ' ' every r Wllres Uooth. · Major Gen. G'anby has directed Gen. Honon commanding at Shreveport, to"-cau'se ' 'to'' be turned G'ov. Wells the archive's o f - ' l h e ' State, ,it"in military jj'osiies-; sion, arid if..not,; to' procure them from those who may; have . them in/possession,--for that .'purpose.'. .. , . · ' . ' · ' ' '- ·· ' ·''.- operations, ilajpr aian^ of all Sheridian's cavalry remaining iu thi vicinity.of \Yashington, Gen Slough has beTM ippoiiited Governor .of Colorado in place o Evaus o'f .New York. Prince Jerome, lias re signed the Vice Presidency nf tho Privy Conn cil ou account of, ,'t lctt';i' of cuiiscinj from th, 1 Emperor.. .Gold after call last night M'-J.i. SAN Fn.iKci.suOj J u n u '.!.--A large mooting- to sympathise with Mexico was held hero 01 " night . of tho 1st. Resolutions were passed favoring thu. enforcement of tho Monroo doc- :rine. It. S. Footu is reported to be on his way jyerlaud to California. Tho papers state that Ilifj miners of IriaUti and Moncaka hnve expellee nil Chinamen from Ilie mines. C.uito, June 12.--Steamers Poland and JudaV collided in Yazoo rivor. The Poland sunk, losing, ten or twelve lives. Richmond letters say tlio people of Virginia manifest all indiffor ence respecting D.tvisso far. The rebel Governor Smith, of Virginia, has been furnished with passports to Richmond to .surrender himself to the Federal authorities. rN'nw YORK, June 7--Tlie ffcrald's Fortress Mo., roe special says. Jeff. Davis' health is very mucl ·impaired. The medical attendant waits on Jiim daily. The greatest vigilance is observed in r'cgai to visitors inside the Fortress. .. "WASIIINOTON, June 7.--Representative Ashlev of Ohio, left Kansas to-day for the country beyond Colorado, to prospect with a view tn the brganiza tion, next winter, of new Territories. ' The President has ordered 5. suspension of sales advertised of rebel .real estate in Tennessee for rion-pa'ymerit of taxes. '·Secretary McCulloch is engaged in restoring the machinery: for tho collection of customs in the Southern States. In this connection the Prcsiden has recently made the-following appointmenr-s as collectors':; Willey.Woodbridgo, at Savannah ; Al .bert G. Mackey, at Charleston ; Robert Montague at Mobile; rind John JL Itieks, at Pensaeola. : I t i s t h e ' o p i n i o n of the officers of the spenia iroii-cliid' squaflron which was sent tn watch urn capture the: pirate Stonewall before she was surrendered, to tho Gubau authoritios, that site is not so.formidable ns was su.pposed, rincl that even the .Monp.dnok or.tho Ganonicus;.which lay olf- Havana arc more than a.niatcu, for her. . The long disputed French tobacco in Richmond ia now in ^course, of-shipmeuc to France.. : Afost o, itwas Joiind unharmed by. the great fire iu that city. EsP AVo copy ftom the Now Orleaus Trii'e Jelta'a '"Talk OH 'Change" some ; vory pertinent remarks ou the tracl» and conmierce of ibnt city, tlmt will npply ivith equal truth to tho condition of affairs with us. Our old merchants and factors are: proparing to, nit they will have to .".wait for tho wagon, 1 ' ud the wagon will hnve to wait for the crops 0 iiiature,aud reach a market before profits'cau jo realized. Many who anticipate; au imme- liate return of former .prosperity; wilt be loomed- to disappointment. It will 'take the abor of years, and the patient waiting of many ivl.-o can't afford to wait, for the good timo coming, before we get fairlp on the top waves of irosperity. " Uottou is talked of, and .the arrival of the steamboat. General Qnitman from Shrevoport was also talked o f ; bet, Instead of bringing iu a full r»ad of the staple--say 4000 b;.ilos--there were only IS" bales. This limited quantity caused no effect in Cnrondclet street. We notice several of the "omier residents ou this street as having returned recently, factors and agents in general. Whether they intend to open offices again, resume business, or, rather, intend to recover some of their former influence and standing in tho commercial world wo do not learn. As the system und general mode of business have undergone groat changes, old modes and systems compelled to give way, to cou- lorm to the changed condition o f - t h o country,-it will rernnrc sonic it were, to meet the present posture of our mercantile position.' There has been so great; and general breaking up of. business that it is difficult for oar former factors and merchants generally, to'understand or realize tho existing state of planting and commercial avocations. We therefore moot with very little of- interest commercially speaking, on the flags of Caron- de ct street and environs. Tho restrictions on cotton arc regarded as a preventive to free and enlarged trade with the interior. Tho modifications " already conceded have had a good effect; but.too liberal anticipations, sncli as a market for. millions 01 merchandise, should not bo entertained.. As gradual extension in general business, restricted iu amount, is all that can reasonably be expected for somo time. The country is impoverished--mcnhs nnci resources nearly annihilated. Northern traders and citizens will do. well to.make themselves fuhy acquainted before sending large quantities of merchandise hither. Capital is required to develop the vast resources of our State, as well as real labor. Both will be required, and the sooner they : the better. · . Hopes were entertained that intelligence direct from. A o«r York, of the M and yesterday's date, would have been: available .during the day. We shall have to wait a few days before regularity pro-- vails iu the telegraph from.tho chief cities. .There arc no large interests or uioincntoris stocks ; of produce at stake, nor gigantic operations in progress to be effected by any delay, or by early and rapid communication. In fact we have scarcely anything in market, on the market, or expected in market, to be controlled or influenced by intelligence, whether it comes from Now York in two hours, two days, and we might add two weeks. Ourcom- ninnity has for so long n. time been deprived of anything more than weeklv -mails of interconrst.with. the great metropolis, Xc\r "Fork, that we have become used to it, and will bo able to work-through' tbe present three months and not consider it any great hardship. :\V"o sincerely hope by. October next we shall havo the pleasure of recording and realizing dally mails from the North,-with general resumption of intercourse Korth, South; East and \V«!st. Texas will undoubtedly be open, free 1 and untrammelled, it is hoped, by that time. .TheSou-.. thorn Steamship Company, is inquired aboat--will it be resuscitated? The beliel'is there issome'thing left of.the old Company, though ten or twelve fine steamships have been sacrificed and last by the war. The chief proprietor, is, we believe, alive and pre- pilred_to resume business. Thero will !)e no want of facilities; the question is to have safe, commodious vessels, regularity and promptness, similar to the live years previous to 1SGO, Iter.o TKSTOIOXV.-- The following order is explicit: llE.VDll'R.1 POST AND DlST. OP MoBir.l Mobile, Ala., Juno 6, IStifl. General Orders, JN T o. G. . ' ^Jn^nll courfs and judicinl proceedings in this district, the testimony of " freed ;i or colored · people will be received and admitted accord-'- ing to the same principles and rules of evidence · that apply to white persons. By order of IJrev't Maj. Gen. C. C. ANDREWS. J no. B. Jlilehel, 1st Lt., A. A. A. G. A' lior.r KoBitKitv--NASHVILLE, .Tnnel One of the boldest robberies ou record tnok place-here to- dny at Ord way's banking establishment, on College street, nenr the First National Hank. ifr. Ordway was absent. Mr. Sample, in charge of the businevs nf !.h? house, wont nut for dinner, leaving an old . g ' M i t l e i u a n named the bank-teller, in the ollk-e. Tcu minutes after Sample had gone,;two men conic in. One remained at the door, tho other j u m p e d over the counter, knocked Mr. l.nsk down, and stamped upon him until ho was insensible.- lie then tried to break open the safe. (his, · ' ,hu gathered u p $.SOO iu gold upon the.counter, and lied with the other villain, Mr. Lusk being too badly injin-ed to nnike any alarm. The Snvniitiali Hortild mentions thfi arrival of Mrs. Davis and party from Fortress llonroe, nnd says : " Sirs. Davis expresses great anxiety to go to Europe, and inquires, for vessels to Nassau, or iuiy other place from which she could pet to England o.r France. She also made tho rema'dc that she had probably seen Mr. Davis for the last timo. :: It has been proposed.iu Cabinet to modifv tho amnesty proclamaiion, so as to exclude from its benefits all rebels whose property is valued at ten thousand dollars and upwards. "This modification, will increase the exemptions'to one hundred ar.Ji tliii'ty-ono thousand. On tlio twenty thousand dol- ·. lor basis tho property of only thirty-five thousand; , ' rebels would be liable to confiscation. A calculation is made ou the basis of valuation of property in the South in ISdO, treating slave property as extinguished. The proposition has several warm nd-- ; vacates in Cabinet, yet it is doubtful whether auy modification of the proclamation will be made.- The Times' special says that Secretary McCulloch, in order to moot all demands upon the Ti-pas" nry, has decided to pay'fll'ty per cent, in currency '' and fifty per cent.-in -certificates of indebtedness on all claims over S2000 claims, except on those 'of tho army.. . : · · ' ' ' · ' . ' ' · T[. IL Gillctt, Krj., of New Lebanon,'Columbia' county, New York, by letter, informs- the Otcrk bt tho Supreme Court of this District that, he is retained by some of the friends of Jeff. Davis as : ' counsel for the latter in the trial under indictment: : found on tho 2Gth of May. . , · The Cairo Times, of the evening of the a'th, learns that orders have been recoiyed i'rom headquarters at Washington not .to inustei .out any more troops, until further uotice. This is sigriiacarit'qf. \racliko ·· . antfcrp itions, and savors'strongly, of "foreign cbm^ Plications. - - ·'·'·: . - . . - - · ' . . - ··' ·· · - '· - -'-' -

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