The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1947 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1947
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN BLYT1IEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1947 State's Farmers Making Progress Favorable Conditions Last Week Result in Good Crop Prospects (By United Pr**s) The weekly crop bulletin salt) yesterday that weather tmcl soil conditions were fnvornble for field work and crop growth over most of Arkansas for the wc?k ending Tues- d»y. Farmers made good progress . toward catching up with their work, it sold, and another 10 days of favorable weather \vitl see cotton chopping finished. The crop outlook at n glance: Cotton chopping is in full swing with a large part or it chopped out and cultivated one or more times in some counties. It is somewhat late, but is starling to grow as warmer weather prevails". Rice is up to good stands in most places and lias been irrigated. A small amount slill'is being seeded in areas where wet soli interfered with preparation of seed beds. The crop now is Browing rapidly and getting off to a good start. Early corn Is growing well and lias good color. Some of It is waist lifgr.. Much of the acreage is in a fair state of cultivation although sonic fields still arc excessively grassy. Planting of late com Is underway. 'Soybeans responded to favorable weather and are starting ofl well. Hay prospects arc unusually good. Early hay crops, such as small grains, native grass and hop clover arc yielding well. Lespcdczn Is making good growth. Harvesting ol oats Is gelling underway general',,' over the Southern half of Hie state and will be in full swing Ihroug^i- out the state by June 16th. Tomatoes, snap beans, cucumbers and melons arc coming along -.veil Picking of beans sjnd cucuirOers is starting over the Southern half of the state. Gathering tomatoes is expected to start in Southern counties' tomorrow. Peaches continue to show up well. 'A large crop of good quality fruit is In prospect. In Pulnskl County, two cotton farmers have launched a revolutionary fertilizer experiment designed to overcome the shortage and high cost of prevailing cotton fertilizers. W. G. Alexander and Mark Valentine of Scott are using anhydrous ammonia, which i.; 8":! per cent nitrogen. The solution is forced six inches into the ground and is said to go to work at once, increasing cotton production by adding necessary plant fpod. ; The process was tested at Stbrievlllp, Miss., in 1043, but the Ptilaski experiment is the first on a commercial basis. Churchill Undergoes Opeiotion for Hernia LONDON, June 12. (UP)—Winston Churchill underwent a successful operation for hcrniu, a minor intestinal disorder, at an undisclosed hospital today, A bulletin signed by five of Britain's most eminent medical men stated that the 12-year-old war tirrvc prime minister's condition alter, the operation was satisfactory. Hernia is a protrusion o[ the intestine from its normal position, popularly known as a rupture. Churchill's private secretary distributed the medical bulletin to Tiewspapers. He would give no additional information about tlu place and exact time of the operation. Although Churchill's associates said they had no fears for him, the list of doctors signing the bulletin showed the exceptional cave given him for what is normally considered a minor operation. Playboy and Heir to Millions Finds Challenge in New Field I'. Luckcnbacli. Jr.: Itniailvtay is mi '.'playboy's dream. It's a hell of u Jot of hard work." sler with his backgrouiiiid, particularly when lie gels In uiigelhig wllh younK Indies from the cast. invested In the show." When the Shoe Ics, Luckcnbach wired a newspa- Imt he thinks he is learning from ot, it, 'He Is all through angeling plays for others to run, iie says. 1-Vorn Uickcnbiich inherited controlling per friend: "Bui, you should have interest In the big steamship com - read Die Pcorln Journal. They lov- p:iny Hint Ijisygrnndfathcr mid fa- oil It In Peorla " (her pyramided from a Hudson Hlvcr tinjboat over a period of 53 'But he was very serious in Ms office when he told me: "I'm hurt I when people take the attitude thai yc?is. E:lgnr p., Jr., Is half-brother to' I'm young, have too much money, Ixnvls Lurkenbanh, who parted with «pcnd recklessly and don't work close to 5.1CO,COO in ' alimony and very hnnl at rny job. settlements to his first four wives, i ••This Isn't -\ nlivhov'-; di-pim ' "1 suppose I do golden spool- le;;encl. lit) i>n :iwful brat. with a butter and egg salesman and now wants a divorce from his successor. Major Doerr. E;lgar P., Jr., has a nice penthouse 'in uptown Manhattan. One personify the I was brought Tint the war helped, with my steamship connection I .suppose I could have of (he town's prettier models, Jo:m nrmchnlrcd as an officer. But I Edgar, helped him spend $20,003 chose to enlist. And I earned '"V decorutiiiR 11. He has a maroon rating. Nobody knew who I was. sports car. He vacations in Palni I'm proud of it." Reach. When he wanted lo gel Luvkcnbach feels that he lias a back here fast In January, and mission in the Ihcatrc—a mission could net no Pullman or plane lo "brim; a certain amount of (;<K»I spncc. he bought a Stinson Voy-, taste" to it. combined with "as auer (IS'iSO) nnd flew up himself. I cootl a production as I possibly He angeled "11 Die Shoe Fils" and car. furnish." "fliilhsheba," bolb of which laid And beside.';, ho like-; it. He en- epcs. and a revival of "Burlesque" | Joys the atmosphere, he loves the people. He doubts that he cvei Ily S. UUKTON HEATH NIvA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK. (NBA).—Ertgar V. lAKkenbach. Jr., is Just a young OI trying to cet along In a very competitive world. He wishes people would stop snooting cause he has dollars, and knows where there is mere. . This i s not sulirc. The young steamship heir and aspiring theatrical producer seems to mean what he says. But it. Isn't easy to disconnect •vhlch is mnkim; money. He took tj^lla Enift. the Cinderella of "If i the Shoe B'ils," to nisht clubs. On the other hand, when he was I'i'aduated in 1942 from Brooks Academy at Andover, Mass.. he •went to work as a common labor- 1 cr on hl.s father's docks. When tho Wfir came along he enlisted as an apprentice seaman and worked his w:'v up to quartermaster, firsl class, j When he "ot out. he took a temporary job in an advertising agency at $28 a week. "V don't angel shows became there's a pretty face in the cast," he says. "I admire Leila. But I didn't meet her until after I had _ leave it to tso back lo rnn- iiiu steamships. Up lo now he lias had bad luck now on he is going lo be Ills own producer. | His first venture on that plane was "The Greatest of These." It had an all-star cast—M'.iry Bowen,' Gene Raymond, Kcidic Dowlin,', Sam Jaffe—'jut it never got to Broadway ft died in Chicago. "It was a nicsjiiKc p!ay, a p'ea for freedom for India. I didn't buy It for that reason, I thought it was a .swell Jrb of writing. But I learned from it." The next Luckenbach production was "Portrait in Black," a psychological melodrama. Claire Ijiice (not. tile ex-CoiiRrcsswoman) and Sidney Bhickmer couldn't, save that from bud reviews. Critics give il a short life on Broadway. Hut that only makf.s Iiiicken- bach more determined. He now has a comedy and a drama in the works fnr ncxL .season. I^o details vet. lAiiri he says: "1 find the theatre a chaUcnn 1 ?. I'm itnlr.s lo b»at it. It is my life. I pot off on the wront! foot. Now I want to put across what I sl.'irl- od out lo do. And I'm sticking u'''i| I ''o put it across." •lie will also slick to the busi- ncs.s of brMng a steamship heir. Lwal * LM| M»rtn« Competent Hcln tnj equipment. Ade- 'Itiatcly IiiMucd Contract Hulling and MlRC. Services, Homo Scrrite * Storlga Co. 1'hoiK -801 Panama Hats Cleaned & Rcblocked Fur Re mod I ing The Johns Shop M3 W. Main Read Courier News Wani Ads Club 61 Blyllievllle. Arkansas - - HlKliwiiy (il Nonh Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only W. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned I3y A. (lle<0 JJickcrstuff and George Ford For Reservations Telephone 944 What To Do For That Sluggish, Down-and-Out Feeling Remember the time when you could eat like a horse, bubbled-over with cncrsr? Jelt Imppy as a lurk? \v»6 It not bccmii you liked to e.^-dian't know whut Indigestion was. felt strong us «n ox? As 1EC advances the "old stomnch and the evtfcnanglnB blood" need help. Now you may aealn release vibrant energy to every muscle, fibre, cell. Every dny—every hour—millions ot tiny red-blood-cclig must pour forth from the marrow of your bones to replace those that tire worn-out. A low blood count may affect you In several wpys: no appetite, underweight, no energy, a run-down condition, lack of resistance to Infection and disease To get real relict you must keep un yourblood strength.Medlca\ authorities by annlysls of Hie blood, have by positive proof shown that ESS Tonic Is amazingly effective In building up low blood strength In non-organic nutritional anemia. This Is due to the SSS Tonic formula which contains sneclal and potenv *ua;atlng Ingredients Also. oSS 'icnlc helps you enjoy the food you eat by Increasing the Eastrlc digestive Juice when It Is non-omnt- "^ y ^ 'i tt!e V *«»>tir-thus the stomach will have little cause to Bel balky with pss. Bloat and give on that sour lood taste. rt I ?? n i 11 S tt L En " Bl " J0ur oodr.wlth . rich, red-blood, start on SSS Tonic now As vigorous_ blood surges throughout your whole body, greater freshne-w and strenEtn should make you eat better deep better, feel better, work belter,' p!»y Jetter, have a healthy color glow In your >5kln— firm flesh fill out hollow places. Millions of bottles sold. Get a bottle from your drug store. ESS To'Xc be)p« Build Sturdy Health. - City Radio 2407 F*r Expert Kcpaln 124 East Main St. Felix A. Carney Minnie Lee Jones, Studio ANNOUNCING Summer Classes in Piano*" Reasonable Rates Enroll Now Phone 2994 or Write Miss Jones 807 Chickasawba Blythcvillc, Ark. FARM LOANS Yon can now secure t!ie most attractive farm loan m history. Low rates of interest, extremely long terms witli lil>? prepayment privileges. Practically no expense attached. If your present loan docs not bear less Hum T)';'r> interest yon will certainly be interested m our Farm I/ians. Unlimited amount available. FJucVi an opportunity may never exist Etgnln. So if you wiali to finance or relmance, write or sec A. F. DIETRICH c/o United Insurance Atfcncy 200 <i \V. Main — Guard Bide. Rlytlicville, Ark. nillioii Lhc playboy angle from Fowlston School of Music Is Offering *A ~^& Special Summer Classes ^. PIANO - ORGAN — VOICE Mrs. Dalton C. Fowlston, B. A., S. M. M. Term starts June 2nd through August 31, 19-17. A special price for the three months term in piano is being oi'Ccml. For information, call or write— 809 Chickasawba Phone 2049 Al\ of Your Life Insurance Needs i General American Life Ins. Co. E. H. FORD, District Manager f.yncfi BJdff. Kusincss Phone 2811 Res. 3185 UK. MJLTON E. WEBB Optometrist Blj'tbevllle, Ark. o NH thing's plain, any time you want to look today's highways with thmgs-to-comc in car design? The car.that catches your eye first — and holds it longest — is Buick. The car that pops out from the crowd with the prophetic look of a "fashion first" is this same neat and nimble number. More than that—it's a beauty you could hike lo your heart, and hold for a long, long time. Its si/.c, its sturdy bulk, the hold ils Fireball power takes on your fancy — all spell out a permanent attachment between you and this honey. Its steadiness on the rond, ils feathery handling, the unmatched buoyant levelness of ils all-coil springing ride add up to a fond nflec- tion you'll want to last forever. And how docs this square Tuno in HCMRV }. TMIOK, Muloul Nclworl, Mondays anj FrWayl Well, just ask yourself: Which car now on the road looks most like what you'd like all cars to be? Which departs most neatly from old patterns, stands out as the style most likely to succeed the others? The answer's Buick — which leads logically to this: Whenever your lUilck conies, it's bound to be style-right, modern, frcsh- looking. Tt's still going lo show tlic way in looks, line and action to .anything the next handful of years is likely to produce. So next to a spot behind a Buick wheel, a spot 011 a liuiek waiting list is the smartest place to be these days. Why not put yourself there by getting your order in now — with or without a trade-in, and at no premium over established prices at time of delivery? ONLY BUICK HAS ALL THESE * AlKfOIL *Accuni7f * flRlBMi POWfR — Irom vcilvc-in-Eicad llrnlght-cigM engine* m two lizci. BORING * fULL.llNOIH lORQUF-TUBf DRIVE •—prolccTl moving palls, gives slaadi In hoveling. * DffFHfX MAT CUSHIONS * CUfll-AROUND BUMPERS * NINE SMART MODflS * BODr BY FISHER GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. 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