The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1949
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE [ity Betterment Contest Begins Two Miisco Clubs Enter Community Improvement Event Two Mississippi County orgarii- Wtions »r« »mong Hie 2.895 women's clubs throughout the country it have entered the nation-wide d a Better Community Con- sponsored by the General Federation of Women's Clubs. The Mississippi County groups j »re the Woman's Club of Blytne- vllle »nd the Progressive Club of Osceola. Cash prizes totaling $60.000. provided by the Kroger company, a [retail food distributor who is co- |operatlni! with the Federation In he program, will be awarded clubs making outstanding contributions .o their communities. Numbered among the entries are 33 clubs from Arkansas with a total membership of 1,272. The program, designed to encourage women's clubs to assume Increased leadership In community development projects, was announced by Mrs. J. L. Blair Buck. Federation president, at a press luncheon In Washington earlier this year vV\\ Vice President Alben J. Barkley and (Joseph B. Hall, Kroger president, is speakers. The contest which closes Janu- |>ry 15. 1950. provides for three classifications of clubs on the basis lot size, with state and national priies for each group. National Iprizes are $5,000, $3,000 and $2.000 for the three winners in each classification. An added prize of J5.000 lls provided for the club judged best in the entire country. ' Mrs. Buck said that most of the .clubs entering the contest probably would develop projects In one of classifications suggested by tre [eration. including health, youth, education and culture, fine arts, conservation and beautification, jalety, housing and government. R R R-R 1 — You're bowling along, driving a big truck loaded chock full ot cases of dyna- mUnd «n R s ofnitroglycerin and you come to , railed crossing. A speeding «"£ ™* "£ crossing at the same instant. Wham! , In this accident near Tiffin, Ohio the truck s deadly cargo was scattered over the ground bul by some miracle nothing exploded. The driver, Clifford HIE- Eins ol Chicago, escaped with a bruised knee. i Syphilis Does Its Deathly Damage Slowly and Quietly, Doctor Warns [Grass-ftoots Diplomats, I/nciuding on Arkansan, \Board Liner for Europe . WASHINGTON, June 22 (.<P) — I Thirty-one 4-H Club boys and girls I yesterday left their annual national (camp for New York en route to a 1 «ummer In Europe under the Int'ir- 1 national farm youth exchange pro- I gram. 1 The youths were "commissioned" I by Under Secretary ot State George I V. Allen as "grass-roots diplomats" 1 as the week-long meeting closed. 1 The 31 youths going abroad, ar/i I their destinations. Include: 1 Donnie L. Heinin, Stuttgart, Ark., I Switzerland. LITTLE ' ROCK—Syphilis germs work so quietly that sometimes it is 10, 20 or even 30 years before the victim of this scourge begins to develop heart trouble, paralysis, blindness, insanity or almost any other ailment known to medical practice. Here in Arkansas most ol syphilis cases are to be found in the eastern and southern counties— though anybody anywhere can have it—and these counties with a high Negro population ftre getting a large share of attention these days. Right now. the Arkansas State board of Health, assisted by the U. S. Public Health Service, is pusliing » campaign to get folks to have their blood tested. For Ihi; is the only way to make sure that you do not have syphilis. Private physicians and all local health de partments are making this . simple test. With an awakened public opin ion on one hand and penicillin on the other we have hopes of cutlin Arkansas' high syphilis rate cou siderably below the present esti mated eight per cent. When syphilis broke out In Eur ope shortly ifter Columbus return led from newly-discovered Americ ' mercury was introduced as treal ment. At first, they rubbed it int the patient's skin. Legitimate phys clans were cautious because mei cury' had long been known as cadly poison but the quacks praised quick cures and by adminisr ring huge doses killed their vlc- in short order. Then there followed many other oncocttons such us sumac root, iner bark of pine, bark of the panish oak and pills nmde up rom turpentine and deer dung in qual quantities. Mercury, however, emained the best medicine for yphills but it was not until around 900 that doctors learned to use . in very small amount. Along bout- 1887 physicians started in- ecting syphilis patients with ma- aria and tuberculin to produce ever :that would, cook the deadly Yale President Balks At Requiring Non-Red Oat/i of Educators • NEW HAVEN, conn., June lift— Yale President Charles S Lour asserted yesterday the ersity will not "impose an oa f loyalty upon our faculty." At 'he same time. Dr. Seym aid in an address prepared he annual alumni luncheon, ' hall appoint no Communists faculty, their presence h vould mean the negation of demic freedom." "But we shall permit no hys al witch hunt." he declared. Dr. Seymour asserted that "we enow our facully and trust them in serins and if not them at east slow down their development Bismuth came to m 1880 and It dgether with mercury and potassium iodide/are still employed bj some practicioners along with ars- iiic and'or penicillin. But the ar.senicals—and we usec them altogether on syphilis case until four or five years ago—oftel had bad reactions such as brail hemorrhages, shedding of skin, ey damage and even death. Thera ha been no recorded death from pen icillin. Dr. Alexander Fleming discovere penicillin in London in 1929. Lik many important findings it wa purely accidental. Some substanc in a mold culture he was working on killed perms. It was a more mericons Spend : ewer Dollors For Hard Drinks WASHINGTON, June M.'i»'» .— lerlcaus apparently dianlc less oxicaliug liquor last year: It's •tuin they spent lo.s.s on their inking. This was reported yesterday by e commerce department. The to- 1 194* outlay for whiskey, brei (1 wine was an estimated 18.000,000000. The figure was 8.1 per cent low 1941. anil marked the livsl ne since 1938 Uml the nation's •inkers had .sjjcut IP.^-S than they d (he preceding yenr, The lower total was di\e In "some decline in price." tile de- mrtmeht noted, but the main cause as decreased consumption due to "weakening of demand for items i the luxury class." TJie department's figures totalled hat wns shoved across barf and love counters by buyers. They did ol show the volume of liquor con- The nation spent $3,900.000.000 u whiskey anil .distilled snlriUi. 4.445,000.000 on beer, and $455.000.000 on winp. All those figures wen: below the 19-47 totals. rtunc* Spiders used telephones long before man. A line running fioin HIP web to the spider's hideout gives notice when ,a victim is caught. Read Courier News Want Ads. NOTICE : Notice Is hereby given that A. L. Richardson Ijas filed application lor it permit to construct a tile or brick building on Lot 2 Block A of llol- landale Addition. Tills building' to be used as a grocery and meat mar- ket, . . ,,.,( Any protest should be in'writing and the office of the City Clerk-within 30 days. Dated: 6-14-49 City of Blylhe'ville By Roy W«le HfR£ ir IS ACAlH.,.8y POPULAR DtMAHD powerful germ-killing agent than anything ever known. In dilutions as high as 1 to 800 it killed the germs that cause pneumonia, childbed fever, erysipelas severe heart disease, blood poison, gonorrhea and menoiugitis. Penicillin is not poisonous and it does not destroy white blood corpuscles like some other drugs. Over at Arkansas' Number One headquarters for treating venereal disease, the U. S. Public Health Service Rapid Treatment Center at Hot Springs, penicillin is Ihe drug most used. It enables the doctoi-s there to cure most cases of syphilis ill from five to eight days whereas up to the end of the last war the treatment took as many months. WARNING NOTICE In the matter of appointment o! a guardian of Paul Sheldon. Jr. and Glemla. Pay Sheldon, minors v.s Charlie Paul Sheldon and May Bel Madison Sheldon. Take notice thii a petition was filed on the Zllh dn> of; May. 1049 by the Slate Chll< Welfare Division in the Probst Court of County. Arkans:i.' for the'appointment of a guard lai of Paul Sliehlon. Jr. and Glend Pay • Sheldon, minors. Unless yo appear within thirty (30) days aft er the date of this notice and show cause against such, application the petiton shall be taken as confessed and an order entered ,for the ap- poimmeiit of such guardian. Given umler my hand and seal ol said Court this 21st day of June, 1949. ELIZABETH BLYTHE, County and Probate Cltrk By Stella Cain. D. C. 62229-'*3 A starfish that loses nn arm cnu grow another. And 'the arm grow a new body. their allegiance." Then, referring to the House Committee on UnAmerl- cati Activities' recent request to collcRes for lists of the textbooks they used, he added: "When committees of the Congress ask for information on wha our students are reading, we wll be cooperate, for Congress repre senls the American people. But y do not welcome the spirit tha points toward a control by Con Kress of our free educational pro cedure." THE FIRST I! OUR SMASHING COST- SLASHING ON WORLD FAMOUS U.S.ROYALS FOR YOUR OLD TIRES rot CHlVIOttT, FOI» the tires that revolutionized riding and driving arg«r (ON propoifionaitly more on WSW Royol Mailer] You asked for il! This same sensolionol offer made a short time ago! II was grabbed up K> fast many ol you missed it. Don't lei it happen again!; LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway It's our family's whiskey, neighbor—and neighbor, it's your price! Tbe lorely imelU from our distiller; tin get Avat Minnie'• old Bare excited! ] n«»«r T.« >«w old N«H com« eti ur di.til- \rnrj but KMT mil quivary liV«. She Eett go mi I** fr AM **« tactile*!—better tka» 25 Mfbs >*r f*W«." 7- ^. W«rf«, 72; c».ri ^w. P ,v. r. f c«.t»« f oi«. is FOREMOST The c«r that's first today rn style —in comfort—in performance —is also first in economy. Only Nash is so perfectly streamlined, one sweep of wheel-enclosing curve. None other has seats so wide they turn into Twin Reds . . . svich passenger room, luggage room and road clearance, all in a c«r only 62 inches high. And none other as big as the Nash "600*' delivers over 25 miles to the gallon* at arerage highway »peed. This is the value only Nash can build with Girder-built L'ni- tized Body-and-Frame, Only with scientific Nash construction can full UK be made of coil springs on all four wheels. Weight M swung lower for new ro«d*hug- (in£ Mability - - . squeaks and " rattles eliminated . I . rigidity increased 50%. Anil only Nash gives you \\ ealher live Conditioned Air . . , Lniflo- Jct Carbnrelion . . . llie L'niscope mid a curved, undivicicd windshield on all modcU. See and drive the most popular car Nash ever built—the Airflytc that's breaking atl records ID our -4 7-year history. Yotir Nash dealer will gladly demonstrate a Nash "6UO" or Ambassador. Hwt N the only car »ri*niif>c«lly dr* AiftnM wiih ClirdCT-btiilt lJnltir.«d Body- anti-Frame—on* wolrd, welded lcm-»ltin|i unit—th« ft<e*te«t basic lmproT«n»ent in 4* yr*n». F,xpanrt» Initrior room . . . *d M prrcrnl fcT«ter riftidity . . . Himltia(* n»el«*A «TCC«* weifthi . . . pftrrrni^ bort Kquraks ami rut lie*—HIT** ymi u hi****, better, wafer car. L big whiHMJT Ilk* U w«i th* fir** d«y of iprinf w>ien Aunt Minni* Uti her loo»« in th* clover. H.rr T K. Wilk.n tWt* M lit u One sniff of Our Family's Recipe tells you it's powerful tasty! CAMS SfMCC When you spot a bottle of this special whiskey with the three faces of us Wilkens on it, just you undo the cap in a hurry, and take a lovely long sniff. All the elegant flavor that comes floating up gives you a mighty good notion of the downright tastiness you're going to be smacking your lips over. The fact is us Wilkens have been busying ourselves ever since way back in the year eighteen eighty something putting up whiskey that's got a better taste to it and that goes SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South Second Telephone 4438 down smoother than anything you ever took a swallow of. I don't care if you was to dig into your pocket and pay double the price — I dare say you couldn't find more out and out pleasure crowded into any bottle and I don't mean maybe. If you want to enjoy the exact same whiskey as us old time distillers enjoy amongst ourselves, there's nothing iri the world to stop you except if you go and forget the name! / u 86 PROOF. 70% GRAIN HEUTRA'u SPIRITS, THE •NIIKEH FAMIW CO., VAWBENCEBURS, INO. SUPfPV'SED BY THE WILKEN FAMILY

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