Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan on May 10, 1927 · Page 8
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Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan · Page 8

Lansing, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1927
Page 8
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r A 11 - - -., n ...... : fJh the Theaters TnB LAXST?TG STATE JOUnX.H, TTESBAT, MAT 10. 1927 ICAPITOL t THIS WEEK ! WRIGHT PLAYERS Presenting John Golden's f Companion Play to Lightnin, "THANK U" m . i 8:30 76c, 50c. Mats. Kea., Frl 2 :30 -S0 25r. Sat., "Charley's Aunt" Latest Brenon Film Is Highly Praised I With a comedy cycle now seeming to hold sway In cinema circles. It is still refreshing to herald the coming of a worthy drama. Such a picture is Herbert Brenon's latest rarimount production, "God Gave Me Twenty Cents." which arrives at the Gladmer on Thursday, with Lois Moran. Lya de Putti. Jack Mulhall and -William Collier, jr.. in featured roles. 'God Gave Me Twenty Cents," Dixie WlUson's short story, is the colorful record of a short time In four lives. They were persons who might well have come from the ends of the earth. All were younjr, but three were old in the ways of the world. The fourth. Mary, was thrown into a vortex created by life, and onry saved because of her faith and trust. After having been married less than a week, deliciously happp in her new paradise, she is told that Steve has taken another woman aboard his ship. It is unbelievable, but as the hours pass, her , mind starts distorting this awful thought. She sets out for the dock and There you have one of rhe most dramatic, poignant episodes ever transferred to the silver screen. "God Gave Me Twenty Cents"' is said to begin where most pictures leave orf. If it s as good as its reputed to be. Mr. Brenon will soon be enabled to add another feather to his already overflowing hat. READ JOURNAL WANT ADS Stone Warns Against An Aerial Honeymoon Never take a bride on an aerial honeymoon ! This admonition to prospective bridegrooms comes as a result of the lessons taught! to Lewis Stone in his role as a major of th- Royal Flying Corps in "Midnight I ers." LONE a: !L NOW- THE BEST POUGY the Finit National production, which wil be riven its first showing at the Strand theater next Thursday. Anna Q. Ntlsson plays the role of the frightened bride, who goes aloft on her honeymoon with an air-mad husband. He shows her all the tricks of his trade in order to impress her with his importance as a flving man. and only sue ceeds in making her deathly, sick, and very antagonistic towards aviators. That is only the beginning of the trouble in "Midnight Lovers." for after Stone has gone to war, the cirl realizes that she can't love an aviator, so takes up with a gentle man flapper, played adequately by John Roche. The husband comes back from the war only to find his domestic affairs In a worse state. In straightening them out. Stone does some of Ihe best pantomime of his' career, and Miss Nilsson is ' more charminjt than ever. BILLINGS ROADSHOW May 17. "Ths Mud Box Revue." STRAND My 10. 11. Ja-k Holt In "Th Mysterious Rider." May 12. 1J, 14. Uewta Stone nn1 Anna Q. Nilaaon in "The Mtdnitrht Lovers." May 15. IS. 17. IS. Thomas Meichan end Greta Nisxen tn "Blind Alley" May 19. 20. 21. Lloyd Hughes end Mary Astor In 'Hijrh Stepperi." May 22. 23. 24. 25, Richard Karthelmes In "The White Black Fheep." May 2S. 27. 28. "Afraid to Love. GLADMER May 10. 11, Kdclie Cantor in "Special Delivery". May 12. l 14. "C5od Gave Me Twenty Cents.' May 15 IS. 1. 19, 20, 21. Richard Dix in "Knockout Reilly." May 1 "The Music Box Revue," roadshow. May 22. 23. 24. 25. IS. 27, 28. 'McFadds's Flats." CAPITOL T h "Wright Players in "Thank Tou." Next week "Charley's Aunt." COLONIAL May 10. 11. William Russell in "Honesty Is the Beat Poli cy". May 12. 13, 14, "The Outlaw Don' and pergonal appearance of "Sellow1 the flog with the human brain. May 15. 18. IT, IS, Tom Mix in "The Outlaw of Red River." May 19. 20. 21. "The City." May 22. 23, Hills of rril." May 24 25. Mary Brian In "More Pay, Less Work." May 26. 2 28. Madge Bellamy tn "Bertha, the Sewing Girl." PLAZA May 10. 11. Alyce Mills and Lou Tellecen In "With This Ring also Williiam Russell In "Winn of the Storm". May 12. 13. Helene Chadwfck in "The Bachelor's Baby' also Kenneth Harlan in "The Ice Flood." May 14, Shirley Mason In "Sin Cargo." May 13. IS, Irene Rich in "Don't Tell the "Wife." May 17. 18, Hoot Gibson in "The Flaming Frontier" also Gertrude Olmsted In "The Boob." May 19. 20. Earle Williams in "Red Signals" also Marcellne Day in "The Model from Paris." May 21, Art Acord. In "The Man From the West." life IreTLj.jj.ft VW II Mil i JTETOA I I . m f r J II Pauline Stark Johnnie Walker Thursday Fri. and Sat. "FELLOW" The Dog Human With A Mind IN PERSON Also PANNED THE MARVEL lvrxii viuiv DOG "THE OUTLAW in I TODAY AXD TOMORROW JOUBI.E SHOW Alyce Mills and loti Tellcean in "WITH THIS RING" A l'icturc of Modern Marriage William Itusscll in "WINGS OF THE STORM" A Tlirlllina: Out-Door Melodrama Special Comedy "THE MARRY MONTH OF MAY" Mats. 20c. Eves, and Suns. 25c Children Always 10c Thrilling Photoplay At Colonial Theater Heart laughter tears re at the Colonial "Honesty the stops counterbalanced by just in time to prevent ready for theater patrons theater today where will Best Policy" RADIO By The CLOCK Stations Given in Eastern Standard Time! (Copyright. 1927, by Audio Serrlce, Chicago) ' J show for two days. This is a Fox Films production. It is a cinema drama written by Howard Hawks and an all-star cast including Pauline Starke. Rockliffe Fellowes, Johnnie Walker, Grace Darmond and Mickey .Bennett make it another screen masterpiece. Miss Starke and alker, cast as crooks, rob a jeweler's safe, cling to an elevator cable when Fel-lowes, as the detective, pursues. From this perilous situation ' they dash into a dental clinic where Walker becomes an amateur dentist at work on a patient unconscious from gas; and Miss Starke, while pretending to be a nurse, binds up the hand which Fellowes has injured in the pursuit. ' Th narrow escape, fails to stop the crooks' plan to steal a great diamond necklace at a fancy dress ball. Masked as a pirate and as a cossack officer respectively, they bungle the attempt, fell the detective, shoot one of the maskers, and Miss Starke flees in a fast roadster while Walker holds the detective's attention and then escapes himself. The pursuit takes Miss Starke and Fellowes whlzzin.7 about hairpin turns on desert and mountain road until their cars crash on a narrow hill.Sle road. The pirate girl saves him from the debris, half carries him through a desert storm to a cottage, nurses him back to life and becomes the apex or an eternal triangle. Her pals rescue her and abduct the detective but the girl crashes into the thieves' den, saves the detective's life but gives her love to her crook pal. When the law decides not to punish thenv they de cide to go straight and they are sent back to the ?evada ranch of the girl's father, DOG 9 Free! Sat., 2:30 P. M.-Side-walk Cycle With Side Car! TRAN NOW ON THE SCREEN VAUDEVILLE PROGRAM Direct From Temple Detroit LEO CARILLO Little In Stories Life From WERNER ANN Some Sense and Some Nonsense FIVE DE CARDOS Jumping Jacks New Rco-Grams Comedy THURSDAY "MIDNIGHT LOVERS" GLADMER THEATER IV1AY17 WTf! UT TUES. T5c-$1.00-$t.o0-$2.00-$2.50-$3.00 I'lus Tax M.MI. OKDKItS NOW Boi Office Sale Thursday Colorful Picture at Plaza Theater Today Tha colorful atmosphere of the South Seas is reflected in fine pictorial fashion in B. P. Schul-berg's newest Preferred Picture, "With This Ring," which had its first showing at the Plaza theater today. The picture also reflects a lot of interesting developments from an unconventional romance and marriage, when a young American couple, stranded on a South Pacific island, solve a non-preach er marriage problem by the' simple expedient of avowing themselves joine.d in holy wedlock and sealing their union with a wooden wedding ring. It was all right on the island, but the boy's conven tional American family nearly died of the shock. A generous apportionment of real human Interest drama has been woven into this picture and it is excellently staged. It is a screen adaptation suggested by the novel by Fanny Heaslip Lea and was produced under the direction of Fred Windermere, who made "Soiled," "The Verdict," and many other popular film plays. Alyce Mills, the Pittsburgh girl recenly signed by Schulberg and who Is rapidly becoming established as one of the leading actresses of the younger players, has the leading role in the picture and does outstanding work. She photographs beautifully and has a pols and charm of manner which should carry her far. Donald Keith, the youth who made such a hit In "The Boomerang" that h was immediately signed by Schulberg to a long term contract, plays opposite Miss Mills. Others featured in the cast are Lou Tellegen, Forrest Stanley, Martha Matto, Joan Standing, Eulalie Jensen and Dick Sutherland. LANSING STATIONS ! WREO, Keo Motor Car Co. 2S6 :00! Dinner program. 7:00 Baseball j scores; aviation talk. 8:1a Musical program. "WKAR. Michigan State College 2S6. 7:1S Educational talk. . MICHIGAN STATIONS I WCX-WJR, Detroit 517 6:00 Dinner -program. 6 :45 Business man's digest. 7;0 studio party. 7:30 i Oold-kettes. 8:00 Dance music. 9:00 Orient theater. 10:00 Red Apple club. WWJ. Detroit News 333. 6:00 Dinner concert. 7:00 Eikins orchestra. 7:0 Grea t v Moments in history. 8:00 Kv-ertady hour. 9:00 Cavalcade. NATIONAL i - O'CLOCK KDKA (309) E. Pittsburgh Sacred Songs. KTW 1536) Chicago Uncle Bob, liimner music. W'AAM (263) Newark bports. nvaiu -) loiumouj sicale. 1VBZ (333) Springfield Mirth Makers: scores. 1VCAB (461) Pitts-burah Uncle Kaybee; sport review. WKAF (492) New York Piano lessons. WO HP (270) . Detroit Dinner program. WIH (598. 2) Philadelphia Uncle Wip; songs. WJZ (455) New York Frank Dole, Dog Talk. WMAQ (447.5) Chicago Organ; orchestra: scores. WPG (299. S) Atlantic City News; organ: dinner music. WTAM (3S9.4) Cleveland estate theater vaudeville. 6:10 O'CLOCK TVEA F(492) New York French lecture. WGN (303) Chicago Uncle Walt; dinner music. 6:15 O'CLOCK WEBH (370.2) Chicago Palmer symphony; Victorians. WL8 (345) Chi-ca;ro Markets. WMAK (366) Buffalo News; Wtaiteman's Serenaders. fi:30 O'CLOCK KDKA (09) E. Pittsburgh Farmer news. 1VBA 1, (246) Ualtimore orchestra. WBZ (333) Springfield Stat-ler ensemble. WKAF (492) New York Male quartet. WOY (379.5) Schenectady Scores; outdoor talk; pianist. WJA55 (394) Chicago Studio and dance music (3'i hours). WL.S ( 345) Chicago Pports; orchestra. WNYC (526) New York .Scores; Air college. WOO (50S.2) Philadelphia WOO trio. WoH (405) Newark Ha Iran's orchestra. 6:15 O'CLOCK WGRS (315.6) New York Y. M. C. A. Glee club. WCCO (416.4) Mpia.-St. Paul Markets; talks. WJZ (455) New York To-Be-Weds to WBZ, KDKA KYW. WBZA. 6:50 O'CLOCK WLV (422.3) Cincinnati Weather cores. 7 O'CLOCK IvFKB (431.4) Milford Scores; din ner concert. WAAM (263) Newark Snappiness Boys. WCFL (492) Chicago Concert trio; entertainers. WDAK (365.6) Kansas City "School of the Air." (I hour). WEBH (370.2) Chicago Orchestra: soloists. WE Ar (492) New Tork Eikins orchestra to WOR, WKl, WTAM, WWJ, WOES (319) Chicago Orchestra; soloists. WE AT (492) New York Eikins orchestra to WGR. WFI. WTAM. WOES (319) Chicago The Bird man. WHAR (275) Atlantic City Seaside trio. WHAD (275) Milwaukee Melody Way club. WGY (379.5) Schenectady French course. WIP (508.2) Phlladfl-phia Drama review; book review. W.1Z (45S) New York Olsen's orchestra to WBZ. KDKA. KYW, WBZA. WLS (345) Chicago Scrap book: May and June. WMBB (250) Chicago Classical Droerani. W OK (4Uj) isewarn v ocai , violin: organ. WOW talis ) mana Pianist. WRO (469) Washington Announced. AVSM (282.8) Nashville Dinner concert. 7:15 O'CLOCK WGB3 (315.6) New Yrork K. T. Pil grimage. WHAD (2Ui Jiuwause -r- an- ' WCAE (461) Pit-burgh "American Women Composers '. 7:30 O'CLOCK KFUO (545.1) St. Louis Bible and Bedtime story; music. KSO (40a) Cla-rinda Organ; musical program. WBAL (246) Baltimore Male quartet. WEAK (492) New York History Groat Mo ments to WFI, WTAM. WKU. n "j, WOC. KMOX (2S0.2) St. Louis Ber-ger's orchestra. WGY (379.5) Schenec tady Harmony .Hoys, wuus uio.oj New York Shell Beach trio; soprano. WHK (273) Cleveland Ritz orchestra. WLS (345) Chicago Sherman s orches tra; WLS Players. WLW (422.3) tjin-innati Castle Farm. WMCA (341) New York Columbia Park music. 7:45 O CLOCK WOW (526 )Omaha Scores: orchesl tra. WORD (275) Bataia Bible questions; musicale; lecture. 8 U t LUl IV KFNF (461) Shenandoah Concert. KMOX (2S0.2) St. I.ouis "Apple Boys', scores; organ. WAAM (263) Newark Y. M. C. A. hour. WBBM (226) ChicagoArtist recital. WBZ ( 333) Springfield Flute quartet. WCfe'H (500) Tort-land Strand theater. 8 O'CLOCK WEAF (492) New York Eveready hour to WGR. WTAM. WWJ. WEEI, WFI, KSD, WJAR, WRC, WCAE. WS-AI, AVON, WOC. WCCO. WGY, WHAS. WSM WSB, WMC. WEBH (370.2) Chi- Mooseheart children. WbMt Chicago Trio; soloists. WOES ! Chicago Grand opera - echoes. (365.6) Kansas City Organ. (308.2) Philadelphia Cape May chorus. WJZ (455) New York Orches- traand soloists to KYW, KDKA, WBAL. WLS (343) Chicago Don Malin. WLW (422.3) Cincinnati Studio features. WLWL (3S4.4) New York Violin; talk. WMCA (341) New York- White hour. WNYC (526) New Tork WGR. WWJ, WTAM. WRC, WFI. WT- AG. WCSH. WCAE, KSD. WGY. WOES (319) Chicago - Studio program. WGHP 70) Detroit Oriole Terrace orchestra. WHAD ( 275) Milwaukee Organlogue. WHN (361.2) New York Songs: orches tra. WHK (273) Cleveland Crystal Slip per orchestra. WGBS (315.6) New York Dance lesson: tenor. WLWL (384.4) New York Don Amaizo to KYW, KDKA. WLW (422,3) Cincinnati Concert orchestra. WMCA (341) New York Ital ian music. WNYC (526) New York Borwin Ladies troi. WOC (484) Dav enport Eclipse Clippers. WPG (299.8) Atlantic City Marrelle Duo; tenor. 8:30 O'CLOCK KPRC (296.9) Houston Studio con cert. KYW (536) Chicago Classical concert. WCCO (416.4) Mpls.-St. Paul Swedish male chorus: cellist. WFAA (475.9) Dallas Bridge; Radio play; trio. WGBS (315.6) New York Riviera Ramblers. WHAD (275) Milwaukee Dr. Frank Yizetelly. WRNY ( 375) New York Zeta Beta Tan frat banquet. 8:20 O'CLOCK WLS (345) Chicago Folk Song hour. 8:.H0 O'CLOCK KMOX (280.2) St. Louis Bergers aance music; soloists. kua (322.4) Denver Dinner concert. WBAP (475.9) Fort Worth Singer; pianist. WCSH (500) Portland Evangeline hour. WF-HH (355) Clearwater Studio concert. WGBS (315.6) New York Mixed quartet. WHK (273 ) Cleveland Character Songs. WHB (365.6) Kansas -City West's Hawaiians, WMAQ (447.5) Chicago Wheaton college Glee Club. WMAK (266) Buffalo Musical program. 9 O'CLOCK KLDS (441) Independence String ensemble: tenor; baritone. WAAM (263) Newark Dance music. WEEI (348.6) Boston Air Cruise; news; music. WBZ (,i.l.l t'pringrielrt Concert program 'Music Box Revue' To Be Presented at the Gladmer Theater on Tuesday Evening, May 17. It cannot bo denied that Irving Berlin has the faculty for concocting intimate Broadway entertainment. In his fourth edition of the "Music Box Revue" which conies to the Gladmer theater on Tuesday evening". May 17, he is at his best in the lilting rhythmic swing of the musical numbers. His resourcefulness in tuneful composition never seems to end, and in the revue to be seen here they come aplenty. The fourth annual revue is a big beautiful show, with class written all over it, we are told. John Murray Anderson is responsible for its staging. Among the large company of entertainers is a chorus of wondrous beauty and charm. The sterling cast includes Nyra Brown, Dave Burns. H. "Curley" Monnett. Ames Harper, Sonia De Calve, Jenny Land. Henry Thompson, L,. 1j. Besson. the Lyons Sisters, the Six Jolly Jesters. Snyder and Sifrit. Joe Smith, Gordon Sanley, Florence Ward, Shirley Sherlock, Jeanette Brown. Billie Fanning, Anita Bowles. Tarda Chalmers. Dorothy I,ee. Eva Hart. Ruth Reese, Louise Holmes and many others. Numbered among the tuneful song hits are "Tell Her In the Springtime", "Tn the Sheltering Tree", "Sweet Sixteen". Baby". "Little Oid "Pont Wait Too Blues" and several cago (266) (319) WHB WIP Radio Doings For he L-istener-in Shade of the "Listening". "Rock-a-Bye New York". Long". "Tokio others. The augmented orchestra will be unrler the direction of T. L. Corwell. OLADMER 1 j r Eves. 50c, 40c, 25c Mats. 25c, 10c Eddie Cantor in SPECIAL DELIVERY "Break Away" News Fables A Keyhole Cruise Thursday "God Gave Me Twenty Cents' Tuesday Musical Foibles from the fash ionable Fifties, ditties of the period when "Frankie and Johnnie" and "Down Went McGinty" were favorite ballads, will be sung as part of the program tonight under the title of "The Songs You Forgot to Remember," during the Eveready hour at 8 o'clock eastern standard time. Some of the songs selected are of such type as "Take Back the Heart", "Walking Down Broadway" and "Call Me Pet Names". Barbara Maurel, contralto, and Virginia Ilea, soprano, will appear on the program which will be heard from stations WEAF. New York; WEEI. Boston: WGR, Buffalo; WFI, Philadelphia; WRC, Washington; WCAE, Pittsburgh; WWJ. Detroit; KSD, St. Louis; WHAS. Louisville; WSM. Nashville; WSB. Atlanta; WMC,- Memphis; WGX, Chicago: WGY. Schenectady; WOC, Davenport; WCCO, Minne-apolis-St. Paul; WDAF, Kansas City; WCSH, Portland; and WSAI, Cincinnati. Harry H. Rogers of Texas, president of Rotary International, will be one of the speakers tonight who will be heard when the proceedings of the district Rotary conference banquet is broadcast at 9 o'clock, eastern standard time, from station CNRA, Monc-ton, N. r. Other prominent speakers are also scheduled. A sala program, beginning at 9 o'clock, eastern standard time, and continuing for many hours, will celebrate the fifth birthday of station WOC, Davenport, tonight. Old English and French folk songs, sung to the accompaniment of a lute, an old stringed instrument popular during the 17th century in Europe, will be heard from station WLS, Chicago, tonight at 8:15 o'clock, eastern standard time. The singer will be Miss Alice Petzina. who will play the I 10 stringed lute as the sing3. Selections from "Carmen," "Barber of Seville." "ta Travi-ata," "Bohemian Girl." "II Trova-tore." and several others, will be included in th operatic concert to be broadcast at 8 o'clock, eastern standard time tonight, j through stations WJZ. New York, KDKA. Pittsburgh. KYW, Chicago and WBAL, Ballmore. A novel program of Serbian folk songs, presented by a group of Serbian artists, with accompaniment by actual Serbian musical instruments, will be one of the features of the program of station WGN", Chicago, tonight at 9:30 o'clock, eastern standard time. Music and entertainment at the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity banquet in th Hotel Astor. New York, will be carried to radio listeners tonight from station WRN'Y, of that city, beginning at 8 o'clock. eastern standard time. Art Gallery Tour. WHB 366.) Kansas City Dance program. WOO (44) Davenport WOC 1 Fifth anniversary. WJZ (4a&) New Tork Roger Kahn's orchestra. WRNY (575) New Tork Smiles Girls; duets. 10 O'CLOCK CNRR (312.3) Reglna Musical pro gram. KO A ( 322.4 ) Denver El Fstio dance orchestra. KTH3 (374.8) Hotl Springs Organ; dance concert. WAIU (294) Columbus "Barnyard Philosopher;" musicals. WBZ (333) Springfield Statler orchestra: scores. WEAK ( 492) New Tork Hofbrau orchestra to WQJ. WFBE (232) Cincinnati Beau Brummell orchestra. WGN (303) Chicago Sam 'n' Henry: musical program. WHAD (275) Milwaukee Harmony Honevs. WH R (365.6) Kansas City Old Folks program. WOW (526) Omaha Mnslrsl nrotrram: talks. WPG (299.8) Atlantic City Traymore orcnestrn; tne Parodians. WRNT (375) New Tork Broadway night. ) 10:30 O'CLOCK KTW (5S6) Chicago Conrreai rami val. KDKA (309) E. Pittsburgh Grand Theater concert. WCCO (416.4) Mpl. St. Paul The Trustodians. WHAD (275) Milwaukee Theater review. 11 O'CLOCK CNRR C312.3) Regina Captiol the ater program. KGO (316.2) Oakland The Pilgrims. WBBM (226) Chicago Oshorn'e orchestra; Sims. WHT rs.isi Chlcaeo Tour Hour Lesgna (1 hour). WMAQ (447.5) Chicago Popular program: Kat Kittens (3 hours). WSM f k-i R Nashville Studio progam (1 hour). WTAM (389.4) Cleveland Allen theater. 12 O'CLOCK rvn v fm Viir(iiivr Strand tha- ater.. XNX (337) "Hollywood Courtesy nrncrim. WFAA (475.9) Dallas Tnea ter program. WHO (26) Des Moines Christensen'a orchestra (1 hour). WMC (499.7) Memphis Palace theater. 1 O'CLOCK CNRV (291) Vaucouver Dance, mu ale. KGO (361.2) Oakland "H. M." Surprise broadcast. KFI (467) . Lo An geles Music Club. Box, din- O'CLOCK WLS (345) Chicago Question R. F. D. program. :30 O'CLOCK WWJ (353.7) Detroit Tonight's ner; tain. 10 O'CLOCK WGN (S03) Chlcaro Shut-In pr gram. WMAQ . (447.6) Chicago Over- lure hour. 10:30 O CLOCK WEBH (370.2) Chicago Organ ra. cital. 11 O'CLOCK VDK A (309) B. Pittsburgh Weather. markets. WEBH (370) ChicagoWom en a nour, whai? cm Milwauk Organ recital. WHT (400) Chicago Women's hour. Wl,3 (34S) Chicago Markets. WQJ (447.5) Chicago Ham economics. 11:30 O'CLOCK WGN (303) Chicago Horn mania. ment. 1liJ5 O'CLOCK KTW (536) Chlcaro T.h Edison studio. 13 O'CLOCK WGN (SOS) Chicago rhIMr.n'. , WJJD (370) Mooseheart Symphony Players; trio. AVMAQ (447.51 Chicago ioon aieioaiss, laiKs. w WJ (352,7) program. WKDNKSDAY O'CLOCK Chicago Morning talk; lS:f5 O'CLOCK WLW M22.S) Cincinnati Neos da Detroit Weather; rUatler orchestra. 12:30 O'CLOCK WTAM Cit. 4) Cleveland Lunohsa music. 11:40 O'CLOCK WGN (303) Chicago Luncheon music. 12:45 O'CLOCK WJR (517) Detroit Matinss muce'. 1 O'CLCH'X KTW (53) Chicago Lunehscn music. WLS (345) Chicago II. F. O. dio-nerbell program. 1:S0 O'CLOCK WLW (422.3) Clncninatl Msrksts. S O'C Lot K W.TJD (370) Mooseheart MeesSBSart program: organ. WMAQ (141.5) Cl-csgo Afternoon program. t:30 O'CLOCK WGN (303) Chicago Artist rselts.1, :45 O'CLOCK KDKA (309) K. Pittsburgh Scorsss farmers report (except Saturday). H O'CLOCK WEBH (370.5) Chicago -Studio ir-gram. WWJ (382.1) Detroit Musle; scores (except FrMav). 3:15 O'CLOCK WHAD (275) Milwaukee Weatosr. news. NOW IS THE TIME TO luy "Bundon" Coal da EARLY ? -.30 WMAQ (447) VOtin O'CLOCK WLW (423.3) Cincinnati Exercises (except Monday. Friday and Saturday), (except Saturday). WMAQ (447) Chicago "American Political Theory." 8:30 O'CLOCK W'l.W (422.3) Cincinnati Morning at- ! WKA F(492) New York Cavalcade to vol ion (except Monday. Friday.) m 11 PROTECT Your Doctor and Yourself EMPS Mill o Mis, 1fH51lJS) SAY "PHILLIPS" to your druggist, or you may not get genuine Phillips Milk of Magnesia prescribed by physicians for 50 years. Refuse imitations of genuine "Phillips' 25-cent and 50-cent bottles contain full directions and uses. "Milk of Marnesls" has been ths V. 9. Beglstered Trada Mark of Ths Charles H. Phillips Chemical Company and Its predecessor Charles H. Phillips sines 1175. When you are ahead of the crowd. When you can get what you want. When an order helps your dealer. When the dealer can get the beat. Place Your Order Now With Your Home Town Dealer for "Dundon" Red Ash Coal Btrlstes1 V. 8. rat. Offla) EZITT" I Elk !V Good for All Domestic Use Solves Your Heating Problems Blocky, Clean, Low Ah, ij Beit Value, Moderately Priced 1 Dmand ft of reur deair by full nam. Arol4 dubstitutem. If he does net handle) DUN DOM RED ASH. writ our efflc for tho nam of a dealer who does. . River Coal & Lumber Co. SOLE MINERS AND SHHTER3 150 East Broad St. COLUMBUS. OHIO THE "RIVER FAR AND WIDE "aBBBflSaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBJBBBSBBBBB aaaaMMMSBJSBBBSBJB. Queen Anne I Dining Suite 8 Pieces! Buffet, Extension I Table, Six Chairs. H 3 Bedroom I Pieces 1 Bow-foot Bed, Big Dresser H and Chest of Drawers. At- B tractive walnut veneer. g FRONT AS STORE" A PLACE is mow TO SAVE! 3-Pc. Jacquard Davenport Suite Davenport, Club and Wing Chairs. Guaranteed construction. A Hew Showing of Axminster Rugs Size 9x12 ljliluidUiill'ibtiiJiilUiiJsi JUST A FEW MORE FINE BIG COUGH HAMMOCKS from last season. Heavily padded cushions and back f 7C Complete with P J I CP) I O I and Chains. . r Nationally Handled REFRIGERATORS "ARCTIC" STANDARD 3-D00R WHITE LINED MODEL $ a 5 Beautiful Golden Oak finish with insulation of mineral wool and felt, with dead air space. White lined food compart-ments, well galvanized food racks! Saves Ice! Saves Food! This Fine Big Club Chair $ 332 Handsome Jacquard Velourl Hurry For This! The "River Front" Store! 3LE 305 The "River Front" Store I t v.

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