The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on February 27, 1952 · Page 23
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 23

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1952
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

79--Musical Instruments i SO--Office Equipment Baldwin Pianos ;u:tl Organs smiles and Service THE ALAMO PIANO CO. 3310 S. Staples 4-4GU2 Once A Year DOWN Delivers Any New Spinet or Console T e r m s From $3.75 Per iVeck CASH T; fi {:"''·', ',"-'"' «. _.!_!. __ ! - si- Tei. 3.755'.;. )su ' I V lowest prices - juhn H. Vi ' ; . _ . - . _ - 1 i_ I i _ _ ·:ASH register's Bin'iKln. sold a n d ' r o ;Fiiren i. Pu c;,, S 2a« 516 S Pun · iJM'yrir- 2 Ufa! ___ I.I KK NF.W-- f UiiT^.-xiifwtt'sTci-r'gra v larRf. ^J(t Cornelia circle _ , WANTED TO "BUY USED OFFICE FURNITURE Desks, Filing Cabinets Chairs, Safes BROWNING BROTHERS 2B06 R u t h __ __ Ph. 2-342^ " N E W" R I EMi NG TON Typewriters Adding Machines Printing Calculators All makes, portable ' typewriters Rental Typewriters, adding machines s E. P, Lingo Co. Authorized Distributors OR Moscniite Dial 4-5593 32-- Pefs Pet Supplies Used Spinet $295 i.-i;t:!-:" inct.l VEI'.y ol KrisYT f Veti ; rl(T i r y H o r s e Meal lor |ORS ·'-P 1 .'.'" 1 ! 3 l'"(!li" I'iicklni! l'i. 3-0'JSI .-.AHBrrHV"-"for "^;ile;"All"«,r :,rt l l i i t c i i i ' - f . cro-k». feeders, f u r olreteh- e:s. EveryllnnK goer: Phone 52 ·.%. 11 MONTH O!,D « T o w A K T m a l i T W'T_ l.awnvie«' Si. n^l_S-.i09. l I K O I S T E K K n BI.AfK Coc'EVr SprTn- nil Vui'Kit-.". i; weeks olrt. S'-Mt. PIIIKI .-;-ii ; !KS. ·(::.)!! ninn. Humane Society Kernels" I roue uui Sneii i'.rt.. MOi Dr. Heated .Kennels, i n d i v i d u a l runs. All pels tioiirdeci. DIAL 4-iiUI. tie UEiauiTZ rr.-To.Ef HOHI t-taarr I CHmiTl, Two Slightly Used SPINET PIANOS Was $687 S729 YOUR CHOICE $575 Good Eastern Upright Pianos No Rust. Good Sounding Bo:inls Cises A c t i o n JU''.!tinnir(l LIKE NEW SID5 UP SL'Vcrrcl Go'irl Prrtclico T'ianua $89.50 AND UP EASY TERMS For A Square Deal -Deal With O'Neal! Write, Wire or Phone Collect 957 E. PORT AVE. Across from Brown Express Phone 3-5G11 P. O. Box 1021 WILLiAMS KENNELS Pups-KfK. 1)!. chs!ui:]i!s. CtX'kors. \Virchair.s We Bn;in! Huns. Cits i- Birdsi Mm! Service lor most .!-- I'lSyi-JSUlLJiS. 6 " Krad. iMiil LMiniS TH K [ iff V BOA K I )T5fTT~lTO N KHS B O A R D DOI;S :,\Tri. emus. _ PH 4-ra?:i u M I _OIJT_ KO_5 __ 83 -- Eqgs, Poultry Chicks BABTi CHICKS-- Puneis". cockerels', anJ str.-iichl run. WALLACK HATCH F:nY._6S41_Shc!l Road. _ __ _ HA'B'Y anrl started ^cMck's evnry Sati r r l j j y . Bfic.T M n t c j K r r v . Ptione 2121. 1 T!\ n ec O r tv c .^ _ Tex n s . R A B Y Oil 1 1 ' K iT'ri nil ~Blirt 57~c"rtfcV:s. . - _ . . 86 -- Seeds Feeds . S l ^ f j a ton o f r si'crmil y e a r Heed, ' r v i n _ H:t rl, Binton. T'rXjy.s, __ _ __ 87. Sportsmen's Supplies f. 7)17f~T^omleTM:is-4o"hroNV~p!nif i l. E s ^ H l n r t si-ire. A!?n Toll Targflt W M i l s m a n. Pertgi-i. v-Kfiil. __ ____ 88-- Wonted To Buy (·Y*!*?.:? nnr. ri Hewtti^ Maclllno. 4-~7(V BAGS VVANTKD. hurlHp. witTon ifml low saclts. TEXAS WASTE MATE!'. I A I . K . :ii!lR Auncs- Cnll 3-R479. WANTiCl) (3SE1) l.UMBV'!'. |osts 'ill fv.'t lone, c n r r u c a l c d imn .sheetin!; .·i^)- ."iir.e. ajn~ .Tnir'unt. .Stjp i.r. f;. [;nr?::. ^]l:-' Waco _HL _ I'tuiiir U-3fi5'J. 92 -- Business Opportunities NE\v~ AN'lFTjSK'i " turmuirtTTtore m i:"-,l Uicallon, on S. fi'.'iDlys. N c u t n G nrrfH'nt o w r i e l n n n i l s o r t i o profit. KINI- i m n t j ! e r r n l . Uwncr ta l o n v i n R c i t y in.] w i l l s a c r t l t c u Lhla w » ; l l f;sl,ihil5ht''l Lnislne.TS nt A f i o l e p a l f t i n v o n t n r v . Kor tiartv wuh u t t l o to Invest wo hlchly recammt'nrt t t: i s one. Kxcltislvc nuin!3. M A C K H O O D CO. 130S A v c r d . PJ\on«_V^i(l2 or i-M78. _ __ SlAS'TAf! AulViiniiiic ""f.auti'lrv Do- In? Eoi-d n i i B i n c a a , nuuse t r n S f c r tor u v i n u o'jn vTt.'r.t ^ *l-u;!OK ___ __ lu l - o f t ; i h l - i inTin \)[i[ I'nti-tl"* saniUvlr:!! s!ior»a. n i l n l n r t r i c T n n s t m a s t c r . i l c t t ' r"'lnt. T r i i ^ e r a i n r L ' q u l i K n f * n t . (;!tn- n ' n i ^ h M E . ')T st?^! f r a m i n g and nia.sunrv t. 1 ";m)lf i 5 Nit. 1 lint zone. W l r i n K r o i n p l l r F i wnti N n t ' l . codo.. l l ' a .-L EtKiil Iii3lnos.i SI J^,S nanh 1-2 't'i«'n. b:i(aiicfi easy. Dick Jont-fl. [tt Kat K U i h . y^tp Antonti], 'L'oxafl. 92 -- Business Opportunities 7imTrul IOUHK8. Stuts lt5. Wutulerlul location, tlntei talnmcin oltiitly. {i.iiiio ruum. MUv ^ _ . sToisiii "AN u"uiuO'u . --downtown jocaunn. a n u \ i n u n:in;l.nme (iroiit. Reasonable renu r e s n o\vner m n i a o n i e p r o . SottO for f i x t u r e s , plus Inventory s:ook. apuronmately 53,000. L o n e leaso nt only SSO mojilnly. lnvcstiKnte ihls opportunity at once. MACK HUOD 1:0. 1JOS Avers St. Dinl 4-761W ·ir g-tgTS. __ _ _ S K R V ^ C K ST ATI oSTTSoTis tow n. Itv hiR ·liiiirter.-; «.- iloiib'.B Karnfto. 410.500. :*rms. M a o O'CnnnplI, tsoss. " ' " 'i t n i o R V tt'lty not start an ice route? riooit ntotiey tn It u you iSo not mlnil work. Soc Port Ire Conipaiiy. O K K K T 1 N U S - Y O U " HAVE ~BKKf S LKCTKD. Above notice ^Ives you liiirKain of ilte yi-nr In Drive-In !ro- 'nTy. Netlini; 512. 000 per y c n r . l*rlce SJS.ftKO.. TITUIS. TROT ' J O H N S O N . . r. mil ma:l!(riS~aliop"Viiiili- riHr!L iU'asonnhU.-. ilnsi x v I 1 by Marco. _ r h o n i 3-::s»-l or ;i -0591. SBUK-SBl:VICB" (iKOCEHV " A'AIAft" KET-WITH B K K R to KO. Close to $100,000 cross business last year. l-"i IdoxLMi ft. hutiiiins s\.\sii ft. incluries owni'ts u t m r t i n e n l . All inoilorn equlvi- nient. S4i'lni stock (JT more on date of suit;. K v c r v t h t n g lor S2!).00(l. On S13.00U rasli with balance at SlOO a Jnrnnh. phis 3 percent jntercat. I^OUIS M I C I I K L S K N . 2-5116. KX'THA ('LK.A.V RIj'.SINKSK--Estnbl- l.-:h'-d ;i;iTno l.xintinn El ynir.^. n e l t l t i i ; nliinit M5.0fifl nnnunlU 1 , SIO.OOC ca?h re- m i i r c d . LIN'DEMOOD .t PROPST. 2-1X11. M A J O i : CO. K E U V I C E STATION-- rnoU:i! l o c u t i o n , -til I') Jil.OOO uallons I'tT nionlt:. t;r-"ii lueoiiit; 5U5,0'IO. T e r m s n v a i l a W c . Mr. McAllister. ~-JI*fi. JRAY HOSTUTI.KR OO._ I'KNN'V " V B N D 1 N G "ll'ACJIlNTS IIOUTB-- 20 !nu:-li!nc». - 3 unit style. 0:1 locnlion, eoi;d 5lflclino. Coinplelc ' . \ H f i l i i r i c e c l lo sell. P._p. nrilf 15M. DltV ""CLEAN INC,'."" Welf e?t:iollsliei toculloti. o'Apcr zniiHl sell. Give- terms to riiilit p;irlv. No I n f o r n i a M q n over Plionc. I111L.F COA.ST._-"C«JiAyorj'. BEAUt'IKL'lJ M O D K K N "(JAS "SERV- 1CB STATION. Toti location. Owner I I I . Takea iiijoiH SI. 600 cash. Bc-si il"!il in city. (1IH.F COAST. 2-r-.37. ('A!-"K ivi:h 10-stool foltntnln. Same owners 5 y r a r s . (,';in he fiuccesatully oper.itcil or (0! nioveil. Other In-, m:i!;e o f f e r . OraiiK" Blossom. Wesiiico. _ _ _ r17E'~Tb OWNER'S" riEA'Tll. wlilow w i l l s a c r i f i c e for pi!cK sale, grocery more « 1th stork Finil Ilxturcs. Dial 4-2.107. __ _ , AND TAFE for .sale, be sold because cf jl!nf.^. 2-H055. Buck's Drive In. :»5 S f o r c n n Av e . _ NEW STORK G r o c e r y S- Stiir"kct"Lo- cation. located on good tlioroi!(;h- fnre ncro^. 1 ? the strept from scliool In Kood InilldEnc-hooin grea. Can lense w i t h or vvltlKinl fixtures. Sec A i r l i n e liMK A f n t t - r i a l ? -JflcK Klrllcy A i r l i n e :H_.M:Arillc __ Kn:i(]_PJ)pne_5-ril.TO. ___ FOR SAl.'K: rroVon Cuslurt! Store. Terjns. Pliotie -.'-'JIBS. _ SKI'aiKoHHOOD Grocery store wllli Uv'nf; onarters. Stork at Inventory. W i l l take note 071 f i x t u r e s to riclit i a r l v . Gooil business. Call invTier 2-57JV5. _ ___ _____ Best Located Hotei FOR SALE 3n money i n n k l i i K proposition. SO roonifi, su'itcs nnd n p a r t m c n t s . C)wnt i r n f r l and in lad lieaHJt, reason for \\'. B. Jcnninps, PH. O f f . ^6. Hoa. 3;iD, T.'m. Tuwts. "MAJOR OIL COM PANS'" SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE At inventory of stock. Located on heavily-traveled thoroughfare. Limited capital required. PHONE 4-88GO 95--Auto Loons N K E I ) M O N E Y ? For low cnM loans. see r;rt'[U W e s t e r n . "The l.onti Arra n j; e r.J; _ :101_ .\t iw |' i |J e._ 11 li n il' L_l;li' l"_ 94--investment* _ _ and Securities _ MUTlJAI.~"KljNU.S-lnveBlmems"Tn:Bt'a l)y Prospectus. GEOKC;B CLOWKfi. IJ1AL DIRECTORY D2, Accountants, Bookkeepers fr\TOM10 TAX ,-iml K o u i r y work. 1102 '·'S lit. rnonu 6-U711. _ | I N C O M E TAX C O N S U L T A N T anil (.·:ni.-rul DwX-.tic-oplnif. 4f.:2 D « » o n J i r l v e Plion-3 I ' r n n k l l n I- G u e « t. B'J-'Jino. _ __ . _ AT '-HIM VofiVur ""tirivu, Inaiu-.iti at nM nd.lress ovuil.-ihli! ill U l. ''· ,'", r "I'.i.x strvlue. I'liuno Q-HD3. S. J. \V U- | yams. ________ D5. Appliance Repair ____ Sfi~RV'uiE"fuf~ail" Appliances e McCRANN'S « -Ollll I'KNTH V K M l Ot SiiltVlt:K_ C^IO S. Stapjcs _ Di_al _ 2-2Sb_0 D U . Auto Repair Kini-iir.S "AUTO 't.-llnu:'-' .M"'i«»r timc- iili, K'MKM'alor iii-rvici-. vultin;« ri'Kii- ):ilin-« JliljLisU'rt. ^-l S": r M H . , _ J - , . m , KI.KC" "Fu--'l ayst^i" v i t l i i n f ' · M , : ; K " net,, pans H.-rvico. shmi; Itu- vair Sliop. -ilOl ,\nii'i»iii?. ·!-'·«-· ~~ BIM.Y'MOor.V.'S i ; A | : A c l h , r o M I ' I . K T K AUTO K U K V H l v ON .M.I. MAK.KS. b i l l , SO. I'll. D24. Contractors r 1 'oMI'f.KTK"~hillldi'lic"".i'ervici 1 V Tie mn.uHUii:. ciiliitivi:.. iiiiiou:itlona. con c r . - l i - HD.-II. Terms. S-.'ilW. . lnli.Min: in Hu.lson ·iiOii Avars, rii. -i- D 20-A Camera Repair^ " D22. Cesspools Septic Tanks ______ to Dull.1. clean, or '''i 1 - 1 ' 1 ,,,^ 1 ""- t i i n l u and srasnio|«. I'lal. J--'?.? 1 '- ...-- SKl'T'fc'TANKS"niil Cfssuonla clr'iin- cil ivltli ··Vacuum". c ~' n «nywli«;ry. K!!y_iBV'r«'.i- U 1 "! M'-.cimey.__?-uHI- D23. C h i l d Core . YvuTTcTvuvVKoR ' ISI-;ANTS an'ij-w'- Uen In niy IMMUB. '1"'» u r n'K'" 1 CUNCHliTK WORK D I M V K W A V K . I'OKC'HIW. WALKS i M i i H . !l. H i i r b c n . I'll. i-lS'JH _ "Will Build New Home NO DOWN PAYMENT On \ o u r clear lot. Complete imui.le. I ' M * \ i u i r pl:nis or our.-j, Clr \v(ll On.^'i J (J «'iny .-il;i«u »h.'.-i!reil !)' n'M- IliL- i-it.-ili t^r t r n l e . Also remoiSellnp. n p r i l r : ! n i n i ;Litilltions. Phone Hen_ _______________ Froc Estimates ASBESTOS SIDING Small monthly payments. Call F. C. Judd Nickelson Building Supply 5-6266 or 2-3 1S9 D2b. Costume Rental riVli!NiJ.*ij"i;oWMjS~ J S 1 \JXlilVlSrCllll : dren's ClTSlnnlea for rcnl. M i U l r c d _ _ _ D3b.Dir» Haulin " S7\ N 15 Y~LO A M7" 1" 1 Q7" ni Jlf rH\l cKS; .-iln'll nnrl d;unl. SuJ«fact.*on cu.-iran- Uii'li. T O M M Y VR1CK. _ S-8D5*. _ 1'Kimi.iV. fcir-^ifiriiynrd i'DO " "iioilinS t'aK*. l;iri; p n n d y luJim. f n l l 5 yds,. sln-ll. Mrs. .IcsiiR H r n w n J-jSSi. 2-SDrj. ^AN'1)\'" ln,im.""hiack' dirt.' slifll "" Iclic .t cushion -snnd, ft en. yd.^. rea- ·iOnnbjL'. S, jrAYI-OIl^ U-SlUB. _M?S9. SAls'iJY loiun. Top SOIL )i\rm : a"nl f ^ r t e r l i ^ e r nna all Itinils ot d i r t . Hea- Kitn.-ihio r.itea. Call D. J. Jenkins. IKiil 17; ______________ CALL 2-5907 VOK SHEJ-U Loam. Kill Dirt. B l n c k Dirt. C a I I c ti e. C i l A l i l . K S UDWARUS. _ K i i t n r llixlsiiif l.lecnsn.l. JiAHY s . . IJst yoiii muno. Jc.v Simmons csiah ll:iliei 5 vcnrs. M o i n i m i "I i; ".'?.?'. of r.immetco. HIJ Qi.L'iUL.i'Jiiiti^i C I l i L D ( ' r e S1)e " ci'r'.l Dilvinnrt N u r a e r v n i n l «-3MS. . . . . -.,,- SOUTlfainK A'nhlTioVS N i i r a n r y . By hmir O i i v "r wccK. -17M A r c l i n r Or. riiono A-ison, _ ______ .. -- .-- .WPK[TVI.SKD~l57(Y NURSIOHY. ni.-il :!-nrS2 Avern Klrei-l Nius ~" -TM!£- TOTS M D I I S K K Y " - rorner o( ,_Hr"wiU'c^_ l o i ; _ - - ' D24. Contractors j5trT7WN~~PA YW KNT-i : Sii'"l)ill.lil a l u m s u on your lot I"r n i i i h i n K ««'· Also ti'pnir anil r-.'nunfolini; w o r K . llioni- -t-.'il«S _______ __ _ SIS i')O\VN wlfl put your cur In a KOO.I BiiraKo. Concrutf f l o o r an! ovor- lieu. I doors. Dlr.l S-G7M_or S:-Ipi«. iTFa^xTii SI^TCIAUSTM. jSnil.uiiK. lerelUlK' cuiH-n;re tvvirK. rtninllnK f-- ! . _ - . . _ _ _ ., _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 3l-rklii;iCNT""Mown. Wo spi-clallzo In sm.ill liiha. l''or Jiny nimic li»V r j;SV Iili!nts.rjill :i-«fi:t. Atlor fi cnll.;JJIi oSTfA(TBSTSS.10"uiV~At)ll(bnal ro-wns nml pnrclies al lowest nrlcea. Ternin. n\n\ :i-f7;i:t or K-IUM. _ _ 3IOUHR LKVBIJNO nmi rnlslr.R. founilaiton rrpnlr.i. p l u r s rcplnccn. Wn (1.x i l r n K K l n K ilnors. nnrt J i n R K l n K Jloors. Terms iHnl_ R 'l/ ! ^L'-- ______ CAT/uTKH~j:iK '10 ft X 20 ft cr)»- rirom (lour, o v i i r h n u n door, jt mtinllu 'ojnj. ivprmnj! _ M » n . _ a-JKiii). ___ . Von' EXTMOUT'bnliilinK r c m i x l e l i i m r.nhlnnl. r i n m h i n u work unil ninnnliiK cnll Toitn.m c - im.-ii. Co. ·l-.TM7,_i.y«l. CO.^ (i iftTlTirrff I vc wS y» * H'^cwnlR" a appclrtlly Terms. HAVL.BV C O N b f . CO. Pllonn Il-inSO^^ _ _ . _ . l('BM6lKUNO'"- tfcpntVlnis nntl lloci.ii- Icvcllnx. No ol) ton J/iw m o m m y payment*. Call . KSTI^rATr·:f^-- WB FINANOB Altflrftllonn. aildillnnii. reinodnllnR. rc- f inlrs. Koii^o loN-elinR. ctjiirrrli 1 . roof. HK- rcntf p l a i n i n g uml p n l n l l n K . Cia- rnces a niicclalty. Mo 1ob Loo nninll, nonn ton IfirK*-^ .'j-lini or M-»!il. cr.OfJI-fiUNI'; |Wil.i milrtn fit lienvy d u t y 3 Inch ptjin. In.ilnlleil w l r o 1 iicl- juniors. rnliiti'(l._!-(ll77. ri-IMfi. AI.'t'fliiATlol-iH ' ." kKi'A'i its"- "Y'aTni- InK. No Jiil tun n m n l l . Otily n tihtno r n l l n\vny. (live UM a rini:, l i n h l l l f l l - »llo ConlraclhiK. I'linnn 3-afW3. TiiL'SI. ( K ; - - r v e \ v y 8 - i i r " I l orehcs -- nri?(:7.rnv riy ~ r'ntl«s. l-'r^o qillmaln*. TermB. Kil Fcnni-r. ·(·M7n. S A N D Y lo.'im. harnvard f e r t i l i z e r . SIH-II. ( I l l dirt. Full loads. K e a a o n a b l e nrie-i'.i._J. C. linker. _1-i'lIU. _ _ D A V I U " U Y A l i V ! 'lUri ( ' r i r i i o n . i-IWn Loam. IOJP sun. f i l l sand, shell i-:jHehe, A s p n n i i . _ s f i n d A_ gravel. _ S A N D Y "LOAM, sliell 'dirt." " t r a i t o r s o r e a d i n c , Tn-iif[. Foit-nole dlR^ltin. i'Vd .1. t l a a a . . 5-.M:» . n r S-liMl. _ CALL 'WAni'O - SlielX lolfin, dirt, callclir. t^uantUy aticl (inality R t i a r :inC^ivl_'JSi!l jn.nylrt,_J!-PSJ-l. __ _ "tUOtr samTv I'onni. a l i e l l ^ fill dlrC Trailer nnd d u m p iruok haulinu. IjrtiHonnlile. Hn. n-7M!l. _ ____ _ S,\S:n,vV XOAMV slu'll^lTarhVard fcr- S10 lo.irt). enslilon sand, f i l l d ' r l , etc. ^°e_T;l y|pr,_ rHKiro^ __ 031. Dressmaking I''Ol"TriE~Bf.-t~rn~DV"essin"alili)K~aiid :illernilon.s. Ijoinul Ininon-htile.i, belta. Ol.-il l'-SS((. i:eha_SIcnlii;rd. _ _ W K A V j N C r ' i o r " ctBuriillo "tiole's'. Me.. oovereil billion*, hijchlefl anrt helta. le'.lermf;. a l t e r a t i o n . h e t n H t l l c h l n K . l| ''if_'M-'5ll lt _ K !!?R_-! ;!I3 _ il ^rB? n - __ rJl;'Ks'.SMAKINiY"and A i l e r a U o n j T Kor- innl.s and H r l d a l (fO\t'n? a .spceniliy. NiMr Del .\!ri£_ ('ounce, Plimie 1-fWfll. liilA'r'KH'JKS lie'dsiirfrids. 'uplfriintcr- Us; eornlce nciartls covered. Done In D56. Painting, Papering, Decorating K X P K U T I ' A I N T I N I } -- Inshlc. out. i n i p e r l n K . tcxtontnc, t n p i n K . floniine. ':"«;« .esllnintes. T. l l a l l l n , 3-5377. 1'AINTINO. nnyvvticrc In Texns-lotirlsl courts, cafes. l;oiisps. Will lie R i n d to f l m i t e o i l '·ompnr.v houses. :ifi montlis 10 pay. Cnll J'nill T. .Moore, i-717! f r r f r e e oplimate.i. Plumbing Service lOMtTin'EjrfRr: A N D lift'p A"I ffS^To pereenl Down-- W M o n t h Termn. G U I . K P t . l W I U N ' O CO. ni.-il 2-0"Sl 1 .ICKNTsHD Ixintlcrl Master pniinher n v n l l n b l e . A n v p t u m h l n K work, hour "Lj . ^_-*?!H -'^_ f - n .P «OTO-ROOIE». FOR CLOGGED SEWERS DRAINS Only BKLL has Roto-Kootci DIAL 3-0245 ·NEW OPENING BEALS-LANDRUM PLUMBING CO. P l u m b i n g Hi-uniii; on .'ontract or O60. Plumbing Supplies "Miller Plumbing Co. Day N i K i u vniei huators si'j. Ml» aoln v.-ater neaters *l'J. -llitHi U i K l m a y i) t j lnnu' ^-SlSri. . f ubiic Stenography Jonoa HldK. Over W a i K r e e n ' H . -^nd f l o o r . I l l n l 2 - . I I J H . l(.nlrlci- M i i r c h . D62-A. Radiator Repair · "Motor liirtV~Wo ""eooi~ mn~ U i fiJAl j iCH A: W A L K t u j UAIHATOR WORKS liH Nv 1'orl. -.'-Wja. D67. Rug Cleaning C*Ai.L Felder HUK C'leaner.4 [or ex". pert run eleanmi;. l''ree pickup, dcllv- -·ry. 4-fm!)3. 33i» U a r l h l n m c . D34--A. Fences FKNCB-- A I I "types.""Call"" for"' f r e e .·.-mimics, iiuiiincANE FV-:NCK co.. 1)1? S. Slnpleii. S-Spa, _i-087i D37. Floors ___ J 10-I'l-;H(.VhlNT Down on any ( l o u r «:m-rlfl(r. Call :i-;;ii:i. A f t e r ft c.ill ______ ________ K N T utnT iTiior zander.-), pollshura, ic cny's lnri;esl i c n i n l alock Ouar^ nntee llrhr afift. 3o H t a n t r n 3-1 m3. . House O. eon ing floor. Non-all Id Hot wax. Lasts «nd lant.s. Frep c a i l m a i c s . Acu Floor Wax- inc Service. S-Mlli. DS3. Miscellaneous Voi'.MlCA'for wnlls"."inmlnnlbrt'POtt- MI(,\\ for d r u l n b o n r d s and table toiiS. CA1UOX FLOOR CO. 419 St.ltllea. 4-.ft.lfil. _. 056. Painting, Papering, _ Decorating $15 ROW?)" will nalnt ifie av 7 ernRO 5-room hoii.fc, \Vo li;ivo nhl)ffsto.i Aid- \r\K. rooflnn, floor covcrlnB. bllndn. 1'Vr anv nome Improvement call MTCT. After a cull «-70lK N KO HO PAPKHTTATroittH and paTrTt- nr. Klflclent. dependable, nHk for rof- (Xence.i._Oall 2;8122 tieforn_tt a._tn._ MAVli''Vinr~l tiim".iiR"Vl!Hio i)y 11" re- Iliiblo Contrnclor. A v n l i n l i l a nt once. No joli loo Inrgn or_too_nnin)l. 2-R7r(V f' r )Tl ( N M I O K nnti "bulflide raimJniC T e x l o n i n n , In town or out of Town. Crll S._ It MVKl'.S. 7-2223 N K A T . HX'l'KK'l r«f"riiiK nriii rminf- inK. iJeiujrulAhle, coher. K m n l i |ohn iveirnmo. _KliiKil)iirv. :-KKiil jinvllme. I'loilHKS i ' A l N T I ' H J -- i i i i d r l o "or "iriit- .Mite Charltfl The ("alntor. 8 h o 11 Road. 1'lionn i M l l l l . 068---B^Scrop Metal FKDKIJAl'. IRON Sc~ METAL CO". I'AY.S H K S I I l i S T PllICKS I.'DR UA1' M K T A I . -inflft AKnt.1. 4-SIISj. D70. Sewing Machine Repair ti U Y , S li: LU, ro pri I r. c o n've rf~t vT^Hod" cm portable HM.UC11KST Furniture t Ari|»ll. lil'B S. Hl.'iplea. machine In y o u r Home, ?3.*S(i. Kent sowing n i n t r n l n u 5S monlhlv. \Vlii*c .SIHVIIIR Mnclilno nej.t. Liehlennteln's. -l-5'.!fil. f t A I I i f A I N S IN ' SKWiNO AIACItlN'l-.'S -- Horn, repair, e l e c t r i f y . K n w l n c Ma- elnne Supply.. Slio;. 11'JI Ayr»r«, 5-9I7L D73. Upholstering Furniture Rcfinishing i l U H I t N U I V S - K E - O P K N I N U UPHOI.STBR1NO 4 P . B K I N I S K I N U KOI ANTHIX1PR 4-19S1 95--:Auro Loam 95--Auto Loans 95--Auto Loan* OPPOSITE RITZ THEATRE ON C H A P A R R A L C. C. AUTO LOAN ·APPRAISALS '51 'M CIJEVUOLBTS JUOU J1175 FOKDS 1391) JIBS PLYMOUTHS 13SO 1150 OTHEH M A R K S AND MODEI-S IN PROPORTION ·49 MS '7 ·«» '42 t OUUKR 111)1)1) {790 J8SO f u i o )250 BIO loo MO liso :ar BIB 690 lilt) 560 MA ·DEPENDING UHON MOOKT. A COXO1T1ON 2] FEATURES WHY. .. 78 WEEKS TO REPAY! Cor Paynienu Kcduced Any ABC, Make 'SI-'Sl Car Need Not Be Paid For J5 Days on First Payment HlKl'.L'St A p p r a l a a l i Loans S'J5. S"5. to S25UO You Neetl N'ot · You Neeil 'ot Helnsuru · - - - - . . _ A MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE-- Mortgage* Uetli-.inccrt Payments to Sun You Juat Bring Car Tltlo fly No KcturnlnB--Quick Service Legal Texas Kates Out-of-Tmvn Owners Welcome Conanlliiato Bl!U Into One · No \VagQ ARslRiimcnt N · No Corners · Nu FurnUura Needed · Kmrdoyers Not Oiniacn · Homo Oxvued Tlrni · SB HABI.A E3PANOL 110--Automobiles When yon n r A dl.satiied tiy SICKNESS or ACC1 DENT from AN*Y PAURT3 your p n y p i e n t " arc pnld for you diirlni; yjur confinement, your enure balance PAID OFF on nBATll. Hurt ADlllTlONAL. CASH la o\'er nnrt ahnvo tties-o payments to cover sonto ot joor expenses can lio rtia^fl ttvatliible to you On Time -- Take Up to 6 Months to Repay under our various f i n i n c o Auto Liability insurance HOUHS: 8:30 A. M. TO 6 P- M. DAILY C.C. AUTO LOAN SAT"TILL OPPOSITE RITZ THEATRE ON CHAPARRAL DIAL ·1-7733 1:00 P. M. 96--Persona! Loans 96--Personal Loans D74. Vacuum Cfecner Repair EXPERT S"KKVl7Tifi on nil ifmSoT Carti anJ suppliox. H.ircn:ns for tn'.e, Dial 3-K)13 South Tnxai K l r D v -o I3U8 Ayer.^ SERVICE FOR ALL MAK.ES · McCRANN'S * VACUUM OLKANER 8PEC1ALIST8 61fl S. Stnplcs Dlnl 2-26fi6 ^^·_^f? s b"!? Machines PSRf iT FoT"a1 i""m iiti rVwiiitft ffi K~mn~cK- lne«. S T A N D A I i n A I T L I A N O K P A KTH, 251H Leopard. Dial 4-2512. GET R I D OF Worries If you need $60 to $1500 to meet seasonal expenses, to pay old bills or for any emergency, como to Associates. Loans made promptly on car or f u r n i t u r e -- repay to suit your inoorne. Phone or come in today. Cash You Receive 18 Mo. Payments Of; §208.20 417.40 626.60 835.80 1015.40 S14.00 28.00 42.00 * 56.00 68.00 1 10 -- Automobile* . lots llilti i, Cjluittrritl, J301 N. VValfT^ KOK ~I".S'TB" MillKt.""ca»ulfy"~«6- leclPil T K X A K STATB A I ' P H O V K U cars rhccK w i l l i " W I L L ) BM-U", del the HKiatrM -- /or tiio lcii*lc«l. R A M - N!prSl; _ M l T p l ! S . _WI SO. St:ip|es._, i-AlluKri'l nt^^-cni solecilon in town, M! nial;ua t i n r i r r 1151. llenson Motor ci «:i7 .v f»(.ri ?:·-' N W'ttier. l' - "lS'A^OlN:"!3"RAS\ r --\Vc"carry''oVir own noli'R. .StiullH'rti Ciir .t^xclitiliKe. SIM) Mock Lvup-iM tor 20 yon is. 315 WILLIAMS INVESTMENT COMPANY IA re xa R wu r |mra 11on) PHONE 2-1785 Associates Certificates of Investment pay 39o per annum Consolidate Scattered Bills Into ONE SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENT on Hie Thrift.Way Loan Plan lliat is Designed lo Fit Your Persona! Income COMPARE -- COMPARISON PROVES Amount of 1/3 an $60 .120 240 600 CASH You Receive $52 105 2 1 1 528 12 Monthly Payments $5 10 20 50 Cost for 1 Year $8 15 29 72 If you nro f n p y 'tii desire, Kl TKLKPHO.N'H 3 HR5 yerl or hnvo a atondy Incomo 5-011 cnn cot the stop in for ttm oagli rr vC y u u p r a t e r -THEN COMB IN IfOR' TUB CABE3 UNITED FINANCE THRIFT CORP. 304 N. Chaparral St. Phone 3-4485 Corpus Christi, Texas United's Investment Certificates Pay You 3% Per A n n u m 94--I nvestmcnts and Securities IVAN TK D~FI RSI ~1.1 UN--r i' n Pi-Si STS iiott-s on Corima rhrSMI r e n t f ^ t i i l c or surrotiniiliiE IOWIIH. lllllti'il Knvlni;« Asnoclaiion. CM Mi-squill!. D i a l · 96-- Personal Loans . KHAL Finance t'tirlli Company Dial -J-i ?:·::! IJIH Mrsmiue. Pacific Finance Ix'n IIH ·110 ' Taylor Th. 2-2537 ' __ ___ . ~ ____ GOOD PEOPLE . .T TO DO BUSINESS WITH! $60 to $2500 AUTO FURNITURE SIGNATURE FINANCE COMPANY 526 N. Water St. Phone 2-7423 The House of Money' AUTOMOTIVE -- -Motorcycles ~ " , LiiV D A V I D S O N SALES 1128 HIBh- w n v : n m l ·J4:K A v n m . :H»I2 ^-NiM \VANTK~n ; lftl^T55l H:\Hey-7C~Miist he clonn, P i; rl^ci. «tmp^. Ko reliullt o.r.-ickiips! Write. ilcsnrililnK Mlly. u k v i n R Uiwest cnsh price. Address ty_o. nox 2251, city. _ P78. Where to Dmo C'OHPWS CllltlSfPS'liTnrSTSin I'ood. Oyi.lers on Hie half aliell. OYSTER I I A f l , U rroplCK. D 7 8 B . W o o d c r a f t « fiOA)1JB"~jilShlcr Tio Miclvrs. l^wn f u r n l h i r o niailo ord»r. W l l l l n i i i i i ·( filin. 102--Traiiors Cqadhc Ui5WnoV trriiicr. liMiTnTinrtem. 12.Si x20 arcs, lolcllns Rooaenecli. Truck farts Kfiulpmcnt. Inc.. HMMlon Ti-\ns I'hiino VlcUir 4»3. SPe the Now l.tbom rrVllers on dl« nlav at Uutt» I.IDenv Trallar Hal«» 1Tl!i Ijniiarrt Phi'nB ;^-131!i . We Have Just Returned from trie St. Hctcrstmrt: i r w i i n r snow and have t n K R n on Mio t r a n c n i a o 01 .Schultz. Knlaco. Blear. Sllvnr Btnr Siownrt Uuckel nmt llon^icy. Wso nno tho Milest Onlumhiaa. Banu rntc ol Intor^aL Lone torma. United Trailer Sales We have a nice stock of new and used trailers, also parts and accessories. Come to see us. You are welcome. Hicks Trailer Sales 2425 Leopard DiaI 3-B031 103--tractors Gr Trucks BY otoNfiRTTrfiiirTToii V-t Vorrt Truck. MOO ncui.'il miles. Heater. 1949 CMC Pickup. Like new. $ 000 1950 INT'L.. Pickup. Low mileage. $1025 19'1!) INT'L. KBS-5 $ 975 1947 INT'L KB-3 Panel. Ready for work. $ 450 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. 2025 Leopard 4-9386 104--Auto Repairs Paint 1VHKKL, ullcnmonirfriimt! airalglilon iiiB. bnrty anil ti'nrloi rupnlri. HBAH- \ V A Y AUTO HOPY, ann H. Sl.lplra Comrlota truck repairs. All makoa. MISSION EQPT. CO. inaTRiBUTrjita ;un Utupnrrl i'n. '1 -UjH 105--Parts, Batteries Tires n. iToOOlTtt i ft 1 rre"( i? iTTcVTlTi OVIfl X 10 4-ply $12.05 oxclmujro plus T;ix. KM x 10 4-nly. S17.H5 unuhiint;", rilim itiK. 67U x 18 J.ply Imv jiroa.iiirt;, 51.*!)^ oxclinnRi*. plus tnx. T i n x 15 4-rilv low «ro3Kiiri\ Slfi.OS c x c l m n K C . mem ta.^. R. p. nnoniiicii. rwi Lio- nrirrt. -I-SS41: ________ A VALUE? L e t us install a factory-rebuilt motor. No money d o w n . Payments as I o w as $4 weekly. One day installation. 1 0, 0 0 0 mile written guarantee. All makes, a n d models, in stock AP,2 So; PotX ? Blk» So. of Agoej. Ph. 3-7873 1 09 -- Automafaiies Wanted T1V i S mod cnm Ca«ti in d ~ r r i o r « o loa D minutes. Amer. model ujert euro. McNKILL MOTOHS. iMI) Leojmrrt. Ph. .K09. ~ ' " ' ' ~ ~ . . . BlL'lir"biirh'c'l~6r~wreisEccV oars and Iruekfl. TexaA Auto I arts, Hwy, ·»!. Olitt -l-niifH). , _ SPOT CAatnSTi!. W i l l traile nnTI pay difference. Lewis A I'rlco Used Cnrn._Hi!0 N. VVntcr. lh. ?-6247. I I I O I l hoLLAltS for"~eloan' "·iiunil~nii- tornobllcn. Prefer llefit cars. Will buy eniiltv. I51I Staple!. P h o n o your e ~ ciiiilty. \Vlll trade you n cheaper car. W1IJJON MOTOli C'O. 1100 S. Staps 4 - R R I I . les. 4-RARII. KOK SALE BV OWN Bit-- 1WO Konl. w i t h raiilo atnl H e a l e r In Rood con- d i l l o n . Seo It nt 2S^ Snrnn. ·50 "sTUDEIUKKrt" liiirnpluu. llent- er. o v e n l r l v e IT.IKKl t n l l r n . SI,435. POINT -MOTOn SALES. Stllpli'n lit A l a i n e d i i . ucixisa tloni Tower Tlle-.ilre. I'd. ;tiiii!i . _ _ 'Si" nuicK~i:ivtt-:it,v. "firaiVtifiir'm- l«n« color. J O H N N Y AYEKS. 7U'J N, Water. MO CHEVROLET '.! iliwr. rodlo, llual- er. N o r t h e r n cur. very low inllnce. $1.205. POINT MOTOR S.M.ICS, Stu- plej* at A l a m e d n . oc-ro-.s Irolli Tower ^ . __ AC" C i i i e f i a l n " 'B'Tmif-'iloor . a car or d l n t l n -non J O 1 I N M Y A_YKKS. TC2 N'. tt^ler. ' S f CI,t!Alr r 48 Var pickup. 6 cylinder, Kndln. healer 2J,- («0 mllea. SMS. POINT M O "f O U SALEK. rilaplca al A l i t i n e d a , acronn froiu_Tmver_Tlientxe. 1'h. ;!·(! in. _ i'fo'l r'LY.UDUTU CIlAN'hltOOIv T. 7.1X10 M f l u a l IllUefl. Jjj/«l Mhe new. POINT MOTOR BALKS, Stnplim «t Alaineda. across (roin Tower riieatre. I'll. .Tfillfl. Ififii I'OUlVSBuAN.'rVr.iio, Iiva'ti-r 'ii'nO Pordnmntlc. J O H N N Y AYKJIS. 71ft N._VVjiter. _______________________ . . . . . . _ _ . 50 I1UICK tiednniflle. r»dto, hr-iiler, D y m i l l u w , SI, Ml. P O I N T MOTOIl 1JAL12S. HIHlUctt nt A l a i n e i l n , aevoss ri)Ql Toivnr Tlielitrp. Pli. ;i fill!). rfi PortfJ~7;ii.Moni 'Sedan:""" I'.iidio. iiealer. o v e r d r i v e . N o r t l i f r t i car. Verv low mllenf.e. Y o u r inspection Invited. i;ii JJ-filln. IfrSl HBtX'isriEiil-f'i'li-rimmJ'irnIi "at;-" .. .VKI n e t u a l tnlleri. Priced Tor qiil'.'k nale. Call :i-8121. NAK11 Amll.lffBndor 1-donr Bodart very pood eonrtlllon. T'o.-'lllvcly uo riinl,_pne owner. C n l l 't-277ii. FOH BALK "liyoWNIilM doorTMl Slalesnian. I'crfe:t ;ontUllon. herl. I^jw i n l l c a R e . Will con- older c u r an tratle-ln. Phonu - _i^ lc r _1:10 Tv^eektlayB. __ MiJKT KtjLti l!)Si 'DOIKJK-CoriirTcl r. Lllie neu 1 . I r utJ)- equipped . Cnll 52-1M4 n t l e r 4 o'clock, i iSA'f ~OWNEK" " OFFKHB-- inM [ t acl(nrd--I3oluxe. I'l-rft'tt coinlitloh. U n d e r nrlcfd lor uulclc dale. DIAL _ lN^^By iwhiir7 Ctjronet. 4-l)o(ir. l o l l y ecitilp|ieil, WHW, low rnlleaee. Dim -1437. u»r NV:Vv"c AlVs-Cl i i tV SI ,1-;HB=TVE- HOTOH--- I'LVMOUTIIS. AI-KO LATJO M O U K I . I'OKUH -- C I I K V R O L E T H P L Y M O U T I I S . WH r.lVIl H O O D T K K H S . K N T R A D A MO'l'rHt BALEff, 231H A T i N I C t t . I'ilONK 4-t»H7, TiM'NiJi'ohT/iTibN" -- " "ciii-a'ii. fiiifs 1'ontlac.^ »-llj«)r, _ J D I 1 _ K i r d Tudor, 7 PoulltiC .Hednri our~~avrraKe^pr1ce J14.1 on iheni!, Smiill down jiuyineni u n i l eiinv term*. Kl H U M A N ' S No. 2 n l 1 M 2 ' N . \Vuirr, .I-OIT^. _ ' " " ~ ' ~ , like how. 1BIH Ciillllnr, '02', 4-Door. [urrfcel. N o r l h e r i i r n r a . Tnrveslnd Texneo. Ihth fii Morgan, tl-7011. )!))0~CH)C\'HnLKT 'dull "coupe." fillly Thin OIH! in e l r n n . K I R K - . . M A N ' M Nn. V V.K'l N. Wilin . ifli?~ DOl)iJB "Hi.'HO'Oir'HlTS.' 48" iinn- neiiKer. New n i u i o r . II.2Ali.iHl. Carl- won i ri]]f H l n l o n Heevllle, Texiis. l ['AClfA'ltlf^l.Door. liadlo nml healer, electric m t t f i i h i i e , v d t r n m a t i c _ __ ___ (illBVlloLKf AVJHO. f u l l y cd, Uvo 1017*'. celllnp price SI2IIO. Our price $A!ir. K l H I v M A N ' K . . Nn, 'J Jit i:K! N. Water. H 0172. " " " ' i S n , o now. , . . . tftl8"l J tYMoUTI("K(nllnn"'\VfiBiSn, "2"."nil) inllen. Wlnroinin r n r . Lin Phom; J!-2I."JI j i f i e r lilM) ni.SOT)"-"CuiiViini 4'door. a v e r a g e I ' n t u l U l o u t h r o o K h o u l . N e w t l r e » , r n d l n deiUer. »ii:niil direction llKldjv A u t o i n n t h r trdivmilfision. Ifi22 '·amhrlilgv. Dial fi'J-I.WI. lfl47""3tifRl»7 Ui'iTl '~p;n!il~SirA7~VOi'X MOTOU CO. 2(127 Lcopnnl. Dial 2-847S. Kinil" HiJi i ii)i"Tnin.'ic HtvicrnT~"\viii sell or trade e o l i l t v for l u t e model lljtlit _f»r. CnlLjIJi IM aU^r B i-uil. 11H BtrfCR-- "A miper K'ednltnol l"ynS- riow, clean I n s l r l u mill out. Call 4-l«38, 4fWT Avenue B: 1050 FORD vVi-Ton Pickii]). Very low milcnge. 4-Spcccl transmission. $1205. ROY E. BOX MOTORS lGO!i LcopanJ 3-8123 "GO'OD " LUCK"" MO TORS" 1024 N. Chaparral Lowest Prices in Town _ _ Easy Terms ___ GOOD CARS |jow Prlcf t Eiiay Pnyinontiv KING MOTOR SALES 421 N. Kkiplc.i Dlrl 4-AMIA 1950 CHEVROLET ·l-Door D e l u x e Kiylollne. Heater. P e r f e c t condition t h r o u g h o u t . $1345 AAA MOTOR CO. 2627 Leopard 2-8473 CMC 0 X G 10-fa Federal Trnctor l!)'lfi White WA 22 All in good condition Coastal White Service Inc. 2-2561 1 21 8 S. Port Newman-West "Best By Road Test" '50 PLYMOUTH ONLY D °$ 1295 A u t h o r i z e d S T U D E I i A K K R DKAI.EIl NEWMAN-WEST MTRS. ·-'^.·i S. Wafer __ P _ _ _ _ 1949 CHEVROLET 2-Door Perfect conrliMon. Hooter. , $995 AAA MOTOR CO. Till'! H I i n i K S T PHIOK. WK N K K I l U H K O C A I t r t A L W A Y S . N'DBCKS MOTOR TO. f i S R f l . HTAPLKS, H-12D2, WA'STFliV'TO UOV^cliiKiCliiln mtidol r n r « , Ca*h for vour e n n l l v . H U n r Y WH1TB MOTOnfl. to H. Port, .1-721.1. _ '48CHEV. Aero Sedan Ilmlio. lie.iter. ne«- p.-ihit -- New t i r e . H -- N o w rtcut covers, mtnvlnor motor. A Steal At $995 BAKER MOTORS Your PONTIAC Dcftler . . _ _ . _ _ _ . Newman-West "Best By Road Test" ; 48 DODGE H Ton Pickup. Slick $295 DOWN Authorized «TUrEHAKKIl DEALER NEWMAN- WEST MTRS. 22^ s. W a t r r lh. 3-1308 49 Pack'rd Club Sedan Pim'l overlook {Ms Him cur nt tl\ln very low price. Ovvnod by only one oIlUT lU'rsoit. It l)i\» boi*:i 1'iircfviHy m u J n t a t u e i l nm! 1m* »u oyflclally ftp- ptovvd Bafoiy Slicker. $433 Cash Down $61.64 Per Month PUBLIC MOTORS 222 S- Water 4-3201 '·11 DODGi: Sdn. $295 '-U PACKARD f. $175 '41 PLYMOUTH S 75 H ^ v r r n l oUicru lo chouse f r o m . K u u y Term* PACKARD 302 S. Witter J-8 D. W. Mtr. Sales 1049 CHEVROLET Clb. Cpc. All e x t r a s $1005 10-17 FORD Uidor Super cllx. Clean $ 895 1050 CHEVROLET 4-Door Se'J. Extra clean. RH. Seal covers. Sun visor. $H'J. r 19-15 FORD li-T. Pickup S '!-I5 It'y White Owners J i i i u u y D n n f t v u i u ;aj s._l\iri _r?"!Lt fl 3i'* Newman-West "Best By Rood Test" '48 CHEVROLET U i n t t o fs. I l r n t i T ONLY $895 A l l l l l l i r l / . e r l CORPUS CHRISTI Feb. 27, 1952 110--Automobile j 110---Automobital 1952 LICENSE 1948 CHEVROLET Fleetline . Radio, Heater, New Paint SPECIAL Open Evenings 'til 8 P.M. CHRYSLER- PLYMOUTH 1223 N. Water Phone 4-3295 NEWMAN-WEST MTRS. !n s. .Wnlyr ._ _ I'll. _3-IM» Lowest Prices In Town 1017 OMJH. clenn, HAH .. 1»« UU1CK HA-li 11)41 CHKVHO1.ET 2-iloor 1P4I rOKD ^Turtm .... ii OIIBVKOMBT'CI en»' HIM FOND Cnuro .... 1UM KORL) 2-ilr .., .scsri I.'l.'l'iw .'.'.'.'.|78 iw 60 More To Select From Brown Motor Co. _ _ . _ _ Newman-West "Best By Road Test" '51 STUDEBAKER Ommplon Kccul Dcluxa ONLY $1895 . H DKALEH NEWMAN-WEST MTRS. 22:1 S. WnllT I'll. 3-1.1D8 '48 PACKARD 4-Door Deluxe. Dawn TltlH fixccptlunui car Tnltcn I In trnde on a now PacUnrd, O v o r d r 1 v o. Elect rortml- le clutch. Hivdlo. llenlor. PACKARD 302 S. Water 4-82G1 BARGAINS In Low Price Cars I!H1 CHBTOOt.KT -Dr. I!H2 yoRD Korilor .. iiini rnKynoi.KT a-Dr. 1 M I I K O K I ) Tmlnr Hill I1DICK 2-Ilr llHl) r i l l a V K O L E T 2-Dr. 1!)IO FOU1) 3-»r mar otiKvnot,Er 2-Hr 103D CHEVROLET 2-Dr. ... .... 1.25(1 ...:;«» M 1W) .... jflfl S7 THERE ARE MANY MORE TO SEE Brown Motor Co. 1618N.ChQporrQJ_ Today Only §1 '50 STUDE B Lnndcruiscr I Om ownt;r. O r l R l n d l b l n c k S t i t i l n h . R y n c l i n i m n l l c itrlvo. f t o w R l l ilri-n. PACKARD ,3025. Water ^-82611 Newman-West "Best By Road Test" '48 Willys Jeep H-whoul d r i v e ONLY $695 Authorized STUDEUAKKH nKAT.KR NEWMAN-WEST MTRS. 2M S. Water Ph. 3-1 MS You'll Find Car* Traded On Cadillacs Good Used Cars ·50 MERCURY Monterey Coupe RA-TT. Oclr. Run vlHOr. 2 upot IB.000 ml. 1 owner. $1705 ·« 07 CADILLAC conv. cs». Ono owner '48 02 CADILLAC «0(lan. Clean. SZlftfl ·41 61 CADILLAC »tn. 1 ownor,*1295 ·4S DODQE andan. HAH ,.$ 835 Sovtral Other* to Ohnoi* From Goad Motor Co. CADILLAC 450 B. Wilier ·» DIlll -Sm 1946 FORD PICKUP 395 vtoys, Sells por ^^ ^XMOTO'RS, inc. OUR. BIG USED CAR LOCATION .CORNER WATER Guaranteed EASY TERMS · 1947 OLDSMOBILE Sedan Radio, heater, Hydramatic $ 745 1948 FORD Tudor Heater, new paint $ 795 1949 CHEVROLET 2-Door . ^ Heater $1195 1955 CHEVROLET 2-Door Radio, low mileage $1795 Roy Murray Your LINCOLN-MERCURY Dealer 903 N. Water St. Ph. 2-8774 1947 PLYMOUTH 4-Door Sedan, new paint runs good. $ $1142 1949 CHEVROLET 4-Door Styleline, new baked enamel -- very good condition throughout. SAVE $500 (based on current price). 1951 DODGE Coronet 4-Dr. Sedan, Gyromatic, radio, heater. Plastic seat covers. Visor, new car warranty. 1942 CHEVROLET G. I. Stake. Fair tires, runs good. 1946 JEEP 4-Wheel Drive. Good motor, good tires, good top. 1939 DODGE 1 J/i-Ton Dump. Good motor and tires. Ready for work. 1946 FORD 1-Ton Stake. New rear tires, new paint, runs good 1947 DODGE 3/4-Ton Stake. Fair condition throughout, new baked enamel. 1947 DODGE CC. Long wheelbase, good 825x20 tires. Motor very good. 1947 CHEVROLET !/ 2 -Ton Pickup. New paint, good motor. Only . . . 1948 FORD V-8 %_Ton CC. Dual--new paint, very good condition throughout. 1949 FORD V-8 1-Ton Stake. New baked enamel, very good condition. 1951 FORD V-8 1-Ton Pickup. One owner, like new. Buy with Confidence from Your DODGE Dealer $192 $290 $294 $396 $492 $592 $596 $892 $994 $1246 MYDEN Chnnarmt to Water at Balden ········ 2-9263 r ,M-rf.C ,1 ' '

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