The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1946
Page 11
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THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1<MG BLYTHKVILLB (AUK.) COUHIKU NEWS PAGE ELEVEN In Chinese Area Notionalist Troops Counter-Attack Communist Forces NANKINCi, Julv IS IUP) —Conner-attacking Nationalist troops. Killing iiiclr way nloni; uw 'siiiijiao-'r.siiian ra'il line, linvc cached the suburbs of Kaomi. n 'oimmiiitsl .stronghold so ' miles § '• or Tslii|ji:io, and {'lulling dis- ftcs said ., fierc-c bailie, was "i; in thu area. Oovcrnn'cnt troops reportedly •ere recovering the entire TsiiH-'- T.sinan rail line after n f*o- L.-Vk ollen.sive by iwo separate ar- es. Kaomi is the lusl •sis in tiie sector. Nationalist-' ,,ourccs, meanwhile, ported a steadily increasnu; omnimiisl offensive in Northein iangsl aimed at Hie politica! id eeonojnic centers of siian^tiit id Nankini;. Coniiniinisls acre believed »'mining .secure of Lower Yimstse (iver ixirts I'.nil key cities In Ki o \M. & A. Strike May Shut Down Arkansas Line he in then- i?Iforts ut strike two inliicipiil cHies. Clothing Manufacturers Vomisc More Apparel WASHINGTON, July 18. (UP) — lie- Civilian Production Adimnh- ration expects (he suit iind shirt -laBe. to end l>y early 1941. "ProdiicUon ot both ' items is ncrcasini; steadily." reported Phii- P. Maiiitlre, deputy CPA [ Muscle Maker IIAIUilKON. Ark.. July 18. (Lil'l — Malcolm I'utty, president of the Missouri and Arkansas Hallway, .said here today Hint although the line miiiht sluil down It a iltreal- rned strike nuiU'riulix.xi Friday, the move would not. be in the rui- tuve of a reprisal. The statement, was made In reply to F. J. Cirady, deputy president of tlie Urotherhood of linll- u - ay Trainmen, who stated thai •file closing down of the railroad [rests upon putty's shoulders, and ll:o is forcing the walkout by relus- ' ing llu 1 wa^c increase." Earlier. Putty said the line would l:e abaiuloned If tlic strike was called, and that he would file im- jineiliate applieallon to Hint end II 'tin; traiimien stopped work. The M. and A. president pointed oiit'lhal the line had lost money for the past 1G months, and was not limmeially able to allow the wage increase the workers .seel'.. Manpower Shortages Next on List WASHINGTON. July 18. I UP' — Civilian Production Administrator John u. Small predicted today that a general manixjwer shortage will hit all industries by the end of tbis year. "It vion't be enough to curtail pioduclion." Small told a reporter. Cut it will limit to some itMc-nl the amount of expansion thai can take place." .filial] said Hie manpower shot't- htBC will strike first "and hardest" in the buildiiu; industry. Plasterers carpenters and plumbers already uc hard to find in some eilies. he added. Malaria Control Funds Slashed Cities and Counties Must Bear Larger Share of Financing r* r *r i Federal funds for malaria control work In Arkansas fm- ihe next fecal year have been i-eilix-cd to the extent (hat control activities will be cut :i. r > per cent micss this part of the expense of the pro- uram can be raised from Ideal sources. Honor c. Cooper, iniihuii control supervisor in Mississippi County stated today. "Although this reduction In [iinrt> (.'fleets tlie remainder of this .season's activities." said Mr. Cojper, "we will be able I,, cany uiit our work in Mississippi Count/ inr the remainder of Mils hCiiMn on about. Ihe same, seali- as it w:r; istrator. "We hope to be out. ot Ibe woods by the first of the year." The shortage of shorts, women's slips and babv clothe* should dis- ijm-nr by Fall, he added. Mayllire said current ptxti'iclion of men's suits was satisfactory at a 24.000.0ca annual rate. On bnlin.v cloys, (he ni ^c Hcach, Calif., is filled with bnls, con tor I ion ists t tuni- I'blor?, etc., such as movie slimt fijrl Kvclynnc Smith :md JIaiokl Ztnkin, abnve. Muscle Ijcncli. | so named beciiu^c ot its popularity with acrobats, nlTer.s a I plnlfnrm and oilier body build| ing equipment for the benefit of Dancing Every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday Sins Is oy ^ukc Doyle Lee and his 7-Piccc Band Kor Reservations Call 3984 TWIN GABLES 3 G Fs WANT DAD ELECTED T-5 Bill Jim Milum Ron r.Iiftim, Jr. John Mi Turn T-5 Hill Jiin. sLill i;i Tokyo, cnblctt us to include his message u-illi- ourr, v.'hich we ;;lncMy tla. Cable From Tokyo: Hoy Mihirn Jr. nnd Jolm Milum, Harrison, Arkansr.s It's ii|) to li'.c tu-o of you (o do my part ot the campaigning for in th<; LitutenaiU Governor's race. So don't let til', ami don't disappoint me. I'm looking for a victory message from ycu on July 31ct. Bill Jim Milum T-5 mon Veterans, Lets Elect Roy Milum! Not because \vc ::re his sons, hut hccatise he is liic hfst inriii you can iiiie for tile job, \ve ask-, in all earnestness, ithat on .'lily 30 ycu e;'sl a bnllol for our fnthcr, State Senator ( l:oy Milisin. lie h,-s ln-^n .-. member of the Senate 21 years snd ir, li'.oi'ounnly f::mili;ir with lhe duties of the Lieutenant Governor. Hoy .Milum Jr. and John Miium COMPARE and you'll Elect LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR This VcliiiCDl Ai!v. raid fo- by ricj- j;ilum Jr. nad John Milum Tlic bic ri-diK'tUin In the l>ro- :ruin will conu> uost Sprhu; U Ilio l^wns anil fountU'.s are nut al»lo I" raise their sliiirr ol funds lo curry, on Uic prunrant ul !la present slv.e. |>V(lenil luiul.s will still lie sivalliil)lL> to pay iibinil GC IHT <'i'i\i of Hi,, nisi 0 | lu . xt ycufs i k." 'ill'l'.C! 1 (OWlls WllCIV 1)I)T llOIISO -uyiiiR Is Iji'lii;; done this your and nil lowns wlicn- Inrvk-lillni; is Ix-iiiK ciitrircl mil uiv pnyhiB ono- I'mii'ili tin 1 of (hi'iv miihirln I'ontrnl i)ii>i;niins nils yenv. Ni'xl yi-'ar Ihorc will lie' nn liu'ivnsc I" llic towns' share ot Ihe t-xpi-nsu of the |mii:min nnd nil coiinllos will l;i- iiski'd lo parllcliuili*. The ])];in for ! (u -iil ]iinliclp:illon whore |)i>'| 1 luuise .spniylni; Is lo 1)0 done next year provides Unit I hi' (own or oonnly mise linulu ;u tin; exlonl of J3 for caeli liou.w to l)L' K])raycd. i "We .sincerely hope." S !\lc\ Mr. ;Coo]ici'. "Ihilt tho leqnlrcd Uu'ivl 'hinds ran he obtained. 1'Vdi'ial funds used in llu- past \veiv niitde availnljle for |hU work ;ls » war incriii-iicy measure. This euier- :ency Is now iwssed. the le.leial u|)]M-oprliiiiiin has ouiiewiiio'Hly been tedtieed. mill (he , Unuii- llon of Itte work las I mid counly rosponsll Illy, lloidlii ofllclals li-ll us thn years tonjier n( (he call probably Hlmlnal it dlsi'iise pnibli'in o We hope (Inn suiili'if bu ruiM'd ioi the ro (he imihirlu riinlrol v slppl Coiniiv next Dolbeil inurvli-d Thedn Wei I) M lard, daughter 'I'll.' Cllllpll lo N»",v Hern lard lo cihlm cciiM's. '1'he I, lltso \vel'e by Mrs. Illl I Mi T. J. Russian Atomic Bomb Proposal to Get Study NKW YOKK. July 18. <UI')A Uus.-;lun propft-sul foe 1 nil InU'rnu- Wlion a ellfl Mvalln'.v dies In H.s'a\i'. otlter s\vn]lo\ss wnU ULJ the elltiance. tli uil convention lo oulliuv of iitoiidu wcnpons will bo ru.sscd ul (he 1 next nit'i'lln^ -)l nunlllee No. •> of tin- Aloinlo I'Kry Commission's work I UK tintim-e, It, wus decided ycslci'- luy. Twin Boys Who Martial And Divorced Sisters Now Wed to Cousins NKW HKKN, N. C.. July 111. (Ill" - -Klberl 1111,1 Di'lben Dosli'r. Ill" Dl-yc-iii'-nUl (wins who were dlvoir- od III Jaoksonvllto. N. C.. Mnndiiv | on Idi'illlcal ellari-es (rom slslrrs. were nuirrieil here yi'.sU'iduy to IB-year-old ronslns. Klberl in;in|,'d |.;dn ; i Kail Mivl- lard. d:ini;hter of Mr. and Mrs. la'o Malliird of TivnluM, N. I'., nnd Minnie Lee Jones Music Studio ENROLL NOW for Summer Classes in Piano Phono 2994 or Write Miss Jones 807 Chickasawba lllyllievllle, ArkiuiMK Ilncu hor.scii (ruined lo run >yltli- ut Jockeys uttracLcd aUcnlloii m ico, where this innovation In acing WHS made. HOW'S YOUR RADIO W« Give 1 to 2 Diiys Service on any Make. 1 We'll Make II Work! Fred Callihan Phone 2642 We Call Kor and.Deliver Authorl/ed Atodirnlii Itadli) Hairs ami Service 100 SlHltll Fil'Sl St. Phone 2001 We Deliver Quality Merchandise Always Better Values at HAYS STORE 200 E. Main Blythevillc, Ark. Courteous Service - Doz. $3 45 full quart 38c - Gal. 98c • Case $3.95 Case $3.95 GROCERY VALUES CORN, First Lady WK Can 15c; Case $3.50 Tomatoes, Ex. Stnd. Can 15c; - - Case $3.25 Cut Green Beans -Can 13c; Case $2.98 Economy Miik - Tall Can 9c; Case $4.19 Mustard or T. Greens,-Can lie; Case $2.59 Joan of Arc Kidney Beans, Can 15c; - - Case $3.50 Sugar Peas, Argo, Can 15c; - - Case $3.50 Pork & Beans, Brooks, Can 13c; Doz. $1.50 Hunter's Chile, with Beans, Can 17c; - - Doz. $1,98 Cudahy's or Van Camps Chile, can 29c; - Dill Pickles, New Pack - PICKLES, Sour or Dill - - Del Haven Blackeyed Peas - - Can 17c; Whipporwill Peas, Can 17c; Peas, Can-D-Lite, E. June 14c; - - Case $3.25 Blue Plate, in Syrup SWEET POTATOES No.2ican25c ORANGE JUICE, Adam's - - 46 oz. Can 49c LIMA BEANS, No. 2 Can 15c; - Case $3.50 BEANS, Great Northern - 25 Ib. bag $3.45 PINTO BEANS, No, 2 Can 12c; -Case $2.75 Red Cross Spag. or Mac. Box 7c; Case $1.59 DRY GOODS and WORK CLOTHES Boy's Duckhead Overalls - - - pr. $1.98 Boy's Coveralls pr. $2.45;--Men's pr. $4,95 Bo/s Dress Wash Pants - - - $2.32 & $2.45 Boy's Sport Type Shirts dark plaids ea. $1.36 Men's Big Buck Blue Khaki Pants - - - $2.98 Shirt to Match ------- $2.25 Men's Dress Wash Pants - - - pr. $2.65 COMFORTS, Good Heavy Ones - ea. $4.95 BLANKETS, Esmond 25% Wool - - Ea. $6.95 Beautiful Chenille Bed Spreads---ea.$l 1.95 Jacquard Bed Spreads - - - - ea. $6.95 USE OUR EASY TO PAY LAYAWAY PLAN COFFEE SPECIALS Ground While You Wait Pilgrim, - - lib. 21 c; - - - 3 Ibs. 59c Blizzard Pure Peaberry-lb.29c; 5 Ibs. $1:35 Happy Host--llb.25c; - - - 3 Ibs. 69c: WHEAT MIXED FEED - - - - 100 ibs. $3.95 WR80X Pl.orS.R. - 25 Ibs. $1.50 - 50 Ibs. $2.95 JELLIES and PRESERVES Pure Peach Preserves - - - - - 16oz. 30c Pure Plum Preserves - - - - 16 oz. 30c Pure Apple Grape Jelly - - - - 16 oz. 29c Pure Grape Jelly ----- 16 oz. 29c Tomato Preserves ----- 16oz. 25c AHAM CRACKERS Wortz 2 Lb. Box 38c 1 Lb. Box 21c HARDWARE & HOUSEHOLD NEEDS Water Kegs, 2 Gal. $1.75 - 3 Gal. $1.95 Household Spray, pt. 25c; qt. 45c; gal. $1.25 Lanterns Complete, No. 1 $1.35; No. 2 $1.75 Flashlights Complete - - - - - - 98c Bruce's Floor Cleaner - - - - - qt. 65c Johnson's Wax ------ 16oz. 69c Household Ammonia ----- qt. 20c Johnson's Glocoat ----- 16 oz. 59c Toxite Spray for Poultry - - - gal. $1.75 ELECTRIC FENCERS Monarch Fence Master - - - - - $9.95 Monarch Heavy Duty ------ $14.95 Both Guaranteed for 5 Years CHEHILLE ROB at Unusually Low Prices Children's • • $4.95; Ladies • 5.65 to 7.95 These prices good for Fridoy, Saturdoy and Monday, JuSy 19, 20, 22-Subjecffo stock on hand -We reserve the right 1 1 olimit quantities.

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