The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1944
Page 3
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t$JH' Proposes Change In Sales Tax Law Commissioner Asks For Use Tax On Ouf- Sttjte Purchases .By JOHN.lf. BRLFORI) United Vress.Staff Correspondent LITTLE ROCK. (UP)—The' legal department of th« state Revenue Department Is working overtime these days preparing recbinmcncla- tlons'.fbr changes In -Arkansas tax laws; for 'submission to ihc 1945 legislature. '.[.•" . • , S)>ec!al attention" Is being'directed lo 1 . the' slate's' sales tax laws. Revenue Commissioner Murray n. McLeod said the' legal department Ims worked out a proposed change in the sales tax law whiclv would provide for a use'tax to stop unfair comTic- lillon which places Arkansas business at a 'disadvantage with nutalda manufacturers and business concern's. . Under the change a tax would Uc placid 1 oiv 1 all products and merchandise brougljt from outsid- Ihe slate. . i T,''i? . cluil!BC undoubtedly will be hailed by. Arkansas business men- and slate house circles predict that the new, tax will sail through the leBislaturo'wllli little or iio^p,o" ! on. As the situation now slamls the Arkansas business man, on In- traslatc sales or shipments, mas', absorb the two per cent sales ta>. or add it lo his selling price, while n similar business operating outside Ihe stale may sell within Arkansas without paying, the tax _McLcod said that educators' would have raised more revenue by supporting a use tax instead of proposing an extra one per cent sales lax. He sald : that a use tax' would equalize Arkansas' taxation program instead,of raising taxes—and at Ihe same time save Arkansas Business interests thousands of dol- p by elimiriatiin; unfair comnrv ftion. Also in the draft singe is a plan to clarify the existing sales tax law as to its application to sales of automobiles by individuals. "More than CO per cent of the cars sold in Arkansas within the past year -were sold by individuals ami not by dealers, and np sales lax was collected." McLeod' said 'Our recommended' change would relieve the denier- of the necessity for collecting the sales tax, and place its collection- in the hands of the Motor Vehicle Division of the Revenue Department for payment at Ihe lime of registration."' The revenue, commissioner explained that, unlike other tangible property, aiilomobiles can be identified by motor number and other means. He said it was not the. intention of those who wrote the tax- law to tax some articles over and over as is the case now where dealers have been forced to sell and re-sell the same used car several times. the freezing of new automobiles since the war started has also resulted in other complications whereby the licensed dealer ends up on the short end. j _i\lcl,eocl pointed out that when'I fjfclic tax 1 law was drawn,'most use ''cars were transferred as part pav menl on" new cars—and the lai stipulates the' tax' shall be paid 01 the new car, with" lite' secoiid-hinii aulo being tax free. "Since the freezing of'new nuto mobile sales during' the war emer (jency, hundreds of automobiles"liav, been brought into the state for re sale as used cars—tax free,''' tin commissioner said. "Individuals, op crating without dealers. license, ai, railing automobiles'as private owner by placing blind advertisement.; ii newspapers and through othc means,' in competition with the li censed dealer who must add the sales tax to his sales and is therefore meeting unfair competition. Thi state, in the meantime; has los much- of its revenue. The race for the position of cbiei clerk of the 1G15 House already ;s showing signs of becoming a spirited one. Carroll Hollingsworth, former em- ploye of the Arkansas Insurance Department, has already come out § "\- Ihe post. Hollingsworth is tin vir.sor of the controversial in- alecl acl which would create a iiifgc state-controlled hospital system. . ' Some circles express confidence that the 1943 chief clerk. Jack Machen of Magnolia, will be in the race again this year. Machen lost BLYfltEVlLLEf; (ARK.) COURIER' NEWS OUT VOU COMK-Murincs pull little Tlnliin native B lrl from d<-brl s of dnircnit whore she and family Jmd | lW(lcn fo , , vt , eks .r", *> L!, 'V"K vi inuianauuiis, ma? jack.! K'Bequetttyand Mis*; Rubf Key Holds,;* bbtri ^^Fes® i' !&>:• Jnmcs ' Luther; Ashley, > a!nd4,<Miss Martha* r; ElizabetlrAMoser bolh*^ Hollatid.i'Mo:; ;Harvey Moore -"<* Commerce,- Mg;,''aml'MIsj< vlrdle ooocie .ot •. BcntpriV ' Mo; * Lonnle Fi'cenman of Caraway, Ark,' and Mrs. Esther Albright of -Crystal City.: Mo,:. Alvy-'E^aV(ind 'Mrf ~. •.; Engrain 'Summers both, o; nCVIIlC: M'nruln iPn<rn nA * i *A; FED on horror .\tonos by the Japanese, who told them that Americans \voiild mistreat mul kill l|, cm , nnlvives oil in inn Island, in ihc Marianas, hid in hill'eaves anil dntj- CALMINCi KKAltS-Marlnc fe dirrieid.y couvinvlnir ,,allv, s (!,„( they would wi'lvc Immune U'i'i:li.u-iil, nut te killed as Jaj.s said. mils for weeks, nithcraiifin snl>mit 1 0 ciipturc bv. U S Wnrinos. Photos memljcrs of n Mariiio imlrof hunting i.solfiloil.groups of .Jan, as ilioy round « m l Looks as if this Chihuahua pup liiid had a nip too much arid via*' arrivin ™ np oo much ad via* arriving home at n pretty bad .hoUr for a th4-wee™s-td you, g?, --• £ter ' Hc s Pet o£ Mrs. Alma B, Rhodes of Pasadena, Calif, ' Marriage Licenses Sales of marriage license.'- Ihrough the local county courl clerk's office continue at a recon rate, with 120 licenses sold since Aug. 1, court house officials reveal- id yesterday. Licenses sold during the past 10 lays include the following: Lloyd W. Maxwell of Cahiden. ind., and Miss Doris Shoulders of. Newborn, Sk»« 50% Oh TRUSSES Steel and Elastic STEWART'S D-r»f St*r« Mafn&Lake Phone 2822 ' PRESCRIPTIONS ftt«Seiit Stock Gmranteed Best Prlew Kirby Drag Stores GULF SERVICE STATION Corner 5th and Main Now tJndcr Management of 0. |.'Nick'Nicholson Washing: - Greasing Slmontzlng - Tire Repair ONE STOP SERVICE out Aug. 8 in his campaign for chancellor of Ihe 7th' Chancery District. ' Another possible candidate is Hal P. Smith of Clarendon, who was cic- ;feated for the post jjy Machen in 1043. ; The Arkansas Republicans w}H officially open their, 1944 campaign with a big blow off at Batcsvillc Aug. 23. Vic Wade of Batcsville, the GOP, nominee for U. S. Senator; Ha'floy Stiimp, the'nominec for governor, and Republican National Conimitteeman Wallace Towrisend will be the main speakers. Term.: Thco E. Thompson of Lafe Ark., aijd MUs Louise Mitchell of Stcele, Mo.: J. H. Mansell anil Mrs Ruth Huckabec, both of Leachville Ark.. Joe C. Burnett of Chicago,' 111., and Miss Christine Odell of HayU,' Mo.: Ha'rlic -a. Miller of Cairo, III., and Miss Frankie Debby. Harrcll of Kokomo, • Im(.: Robert GArner Edwards and Miss Ol'acic Lorraine Flcntgc, both" of Cape Girardeau, Mo.' Gleiinid Victory of Dales, Tenil., and Miss Bessie Young of Riplcy, Tenn.: James L. Drown of Golcoi do, 111., and Miss Irene Baldw of Anna, H|. : Mclvln B. HasVnn and Mrs. Lela F. Miles, both Collinsville, III.: Dale M. Dassl <if. St. Louis, and Miss Eleanor j Martin of Bloo'mliurg, Pn.: Franc D.. Sarnes of Syracuse, N. Y., an Miss Mary Virginia Ranibo c Warden, Mb.: Alvis Bevie Ore ind Miss Beatrice Gnskin, both Peorin, III.: James Albert Morto and Miss Loretta Rose Mullikli )0th of Alton, 111. H. H. Muirhcad and Mrs* Jetti Mulrlicnd, .bath, of HayU, Mo',: Raymond 0.-Owens of Hayll. Mo. and Miss Cora Pciirl .Scurlock of Memphis, 'iciin James u mjanl anil Mrs.'-Mnii FlUabelh Uijanl both - of Unltj III Million I (.L Htiiley and,Miss Roxlc Mae II)illOi both of 'Pailngevllli Mo John P Hall un ( |-Mis Prankie Wjatt both "f Blythevllle riojd G )3alciHlnC nf Fifty-six Alk and MIsS 61 ate RoiiK-ll. Hddgc of BljUie\lllt G W. Lovlns and MK, Mu KB le Nell Decker, both of Maralon, Mo. v ' llerbi'it P. .Mitchell of Klamoth ''ills Ore,, ami Miss Uosnlcc 6ai-- '«» of Hulls, Tenti.: Antic Luw- jciicc Pace of l/iulsn. Ky., unit Miss Uoiolhv Aline ftoyd ol IIODKlnsvllle, lf > William p. Fisher niid Miss IP Wnlls. both of Trenton, Tenn.: >ilci A. Frccmnit and Miss lluthle Lee VVnldrop, oolh of' Caraway, AI*. Walter Lee lienson and Mrs -MurliU's Imdic lillle' Tlnlan «nr: mi( i'Urotlier. '-i.aler they uol ,,ew < w (,,<.,„, ,-omovcd fiunily lo :,,b re «f safely. M!!:^ iurocit.V:Ule.s, .hniily bdiovod eii'd !« ii|>|)0]irn(l.;(U.SMc photos from NEA.V iiBtvlllc, • Mo,, ami .Mtiis : Kit'/.aljelli Ada .Jones, both of lierHn Center Mich.: William N. Olmrd of Sny- .esylllc, U. !„ mid,MlsvOencvlevc Uclorls Wnvron uf Annn, m, : Jmet . Aluci'l Pulorson of Mnywood '.in'- iiiul Miss,Oliuly.v Marie 1'eawoji of Olilcngo, l|l. , . :WlHlrim.ii. McDowell of JJIvUic- vlllc mid Mrs. Jennie V. Walwu «.f C'ootci',' MO:: Cliuul Joiimon mid MM. ; ..Aila. LCD,, bofli of Manila, fti'k.: OIIIU-ICB Otho Miller of I'orl- Josuphlnu Teddbr of Hnytl,.- Mo. B. H, Nool nnd M| w KHthcrlue Wrlijht, both, of: Uycrsb'urg,' Term, Archie. A. llliiniinl' .ji-,; of,-Alice, Tex:, nnd' Miss : ; A'Udolle "S. " Ncweli of Wesson, Miss.: Ralph 'A.-UnriVutt of Deflnnw, -Pa.; and Miss Wanda Harris of O'arullicisvlllq; Mp.; Andrew Cnirinboll of St.' Lm'iis,: aurt vTay"L r ' : EvanS _ 'i, •• 6oili';of": R!»j-B. "Is, inif .. Nfarvlh : Eugene* ldd . : /••-I».( and:,MIS Lillian Irene 1 Wcrieklng of Dover Waller. Wall^l • and Mrs iir.-'-ii "i •>"»''-'"'¥ >"H Mae Wcndt.Jjo j, of Si; Lpul^MorJIiner I':. . IC . n 5 ewt ^ Ot.i-Bl-agklyn, j} Y-- a>pcils df Di'vpn nnd. James" L Scott' and th /,,,?• ; cil;lll «''>' <.'oiirt for lJjlrtias,wl«i' District of M sl|ilil Cuiuily, Arkiii'istii ' ' . M. Thompson, pinintw, . vs: •-'. .'No; 874i;^; •,,•> Syme Thompson,' Derendnnt >» WAItNlNfj OKDFR The (lefoidaiit s'yblc Thompson l» warned to appear,in the. Chan-, cory court for the Clilcknsav,ba Dh• ° ••Cuuntj, Arkan • , - • MIS. wHIilirtliitty days . complaint of plaintiff, A M ' . Thompson. :.. my hand, tis Clork ol tal , tllc scnl '"t'c'eof, cnjlil l day of August, 1044 HARVEY MORRts/ Clerk Dy M. Jarratl, D o. , ia , Kia'f l)re:im of Heaven^ J ..OIUOAdOHjl'),- A Voup'oC . clillilr GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Hepalt WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON NJO RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ark. Pllonc 2flu FARM '0 LOANS Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" GUHCOE BLDG. PHONE 3131 . tf - u-" B _.ii. n^t jivnr t\ lo IB, will be put In complete charge" 1 forono dnvof ^opcfailiiB (lie'Safe- 1 Airs. Myrtle Drnke of Pnr w n •-V „ ' v ' 01 -wetto "B (n« Safe-' MO. - ^iwim°'^"&b» l ; "^ i™ ^if'S's'f ^n, 10 ^'!-. tern, Tonn,, .u,.i: Mi^ Lu. jgg^f^.'V^'i.. '. f Ttare's something about •,. *v a Woe.I s THERE'S 'soirictliing nboiit a Wac... : Witll lier fresh, cool poise,' licr nir of quiet confidence. , •. , , v . ji _ Her pHaniry-artd'lier Spirit. HeV'vvny of get- -i ting things done",'quickly and'without fuss. Her pride in Her vital Arniy job. Ant! iu the ,''' Womeh's Army Corps.., There's something about a Wnc thai makes , you want to stand »/) and cheer! The way the;.soldiers did—whciv llitf Wncs .camddown the'gangpliinfe i'a Australia. , The way Generals do—with cables that say: "Send more Wacs!" Receiving radio messages - from combat planes •.H-' : : Recording :..'.', ': •: ' of wow Good sdldfers... IVOMEWS ARMX CORPS .. ecruiting Station. 0, mai , ,/,«. cou / on * ' •&&»£ ^ ^ «<v); rt,**""""" 11 ^ (( Moving up fo new posts bskindfhe font \

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