The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1947
Page 14
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< f FACE FOUKTKKW BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, .H.'N'K Church Leader Urges Crusade "Dare to Be a David," Denominational Leader Tells Official Board BOS'fON, Mas-... Juiifi 12. — Mrs. Helen Chaffec EiwnU, »e'.vly (lecied president o! the Molhu' ' Church, recently urged directors attending the nnnnal- meeting of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, lo u- nlte hi n crusade for righteousness. "The hour has struck," she said, "for the church to dare to tie a David." Mrs. Elwell is n daughter of the general for whom Camp cliaffee in Arkansas, near Fort Smith, was named. Her .home is in^East Hebron New Hampshire. , To "the harassed employer and the dissatisfied worker" and. to nations generally the Directors and the President of the Clinr:h held out the hope of harmony, not as n miracle, but rather as a simple witnessing to the fact that amity springs naturally from the application of spiritual power. Not only improved mdustriii: relations and better government, but also the health of the individual can be attained through spiritual understanding, the Directors contended. .Continuing in this theme, Mrs. Elwell said: "There are those who see little hope for amity aniony the nations, who even despair of establishing harmony, peace, or even friendliness among the families of the earth. Their world is Rise in Meat Prices Termed "Mysterious" By Ihillctl Press A survey'showd yesterday Hint retail: pi-Ices Imvo climbed a'JOiit 10 cents (Hiring Hie past Hirer; weeks and >' 1:1 ' Vices on oilier types of incut Iwve increased proportionately. The government termed the price rise "mysterious," livestock experts charged Hint cnvernment exports Paleface Trader Gives Secret For Dealing With the Indians per wn" notf-il. Elr.iiujcly r-«oti;:h. meat was plentiful at most markets aMhnnoli a few chowi-tl shortages of "co-id nnd utility" nr:»d<-s. Tliesr arc She tvnes purchased for Corel «n relief. Mist nnrkrt- rrpsrtrrl tfnod to excellent sujiplii 1 ! of choice beef. Hy ROBERT K1CIIAKO3 (Unite,] Press Staff Correspondent) NEW YORK, June 12. tUP) — There'll be plenty of palefaces K°Ing. slowly nuts before tlic Summer has ended unless something Is done about llicse Indians. Colleclors nil over Die united Sidles wnnt lo buy buffalo hide shields. Hoy .Scouts wnnt buffalo shields. Museums wnnt them, too But HID stubborn Indlnns won't sell. They set, more fun right now of meat, to starving iinl!nn s wore responsible for the in-.-re.ise, taut Department of Asrirulture fpokes- men denied it. At some markets, the survey re- vealcd, prlcrr, have risen about a() cut, of innmifaelurlnk'beaded xhh'ls, cent. Little IVJyer resistance or moccnsll , 5 W | U , elaborate designs on them. Jame/i M. Luongo, a palcVs^ of great patience,' told us about It. [jiiongo operates a trading post on Manhattan's broad Lexington Avenue called "The plume Trading mid Sales Co." Luongo has never been West of Hie Mississippi River, but deals almost exclusively with Indians. One of the few mere-hauls of his lypc In America. "The Indians could make a lot of money." he said .sadly, "if Ihey worked it rlfilil — but yon can't do anything with Ihetn. "I never .specify nny parllculav arliele bemuse they would simply ignore me. They make what they feel up to making, and work when fta»'V; Indeed " Beyond thai <hno nre imii" pcr- Tins who rifsn-'i- or ronhK' with the nnieishr/i imifnhl fnri-ft nf nn a- lnn>]'c nirp. <-be pninlfd nn1 "Sii'-li thlnkors." (he snrnkor nclflnri. "noed fo learn lh» imtnnnnnr-^ o^ linaven the ojntiinoleiio' 1 , nmni i "'ienrn IHH! omnipre^once of (lie infinite Cirxl. good " • "How shall they bent 1 without a preacher?" the speaker asked. She answered her o-.ui fjue.slion, thus: "The Church is Hint, preacher, and liT'tiu 1 'Chri.stinn Church hus come the opportunity, unparalleled IT. Chrisllnii history, so to present the true concept of G;i ( | in Hi;, r-'la- tionship to man and the universe, tlmt men will turn nnturnlly to the (cachings of Christ," it suits i hem .You can take it. 01 leave 11." i-iiioiiKO, a wise man, almost always takes II. No matter what the rcdmcn sends, he li'.ids an eajjer aii[i entlui-siastic market. LIIOIIKO purchascse only nu XICIIT lie pieces, however — nn make-bs- lliivc sluff. Much of 11 Is pretty ancient. He deals with approxlma'ely :!,000 Indians all over the count i'/. lie Is perpetually corresponding vlth such persons as Dinah Heel f-Vatlier, n Sioux from Rapid oily, D; Samuel Owls, a Cherok? who hangs his war bonnet In Tj-en- ton, N. J.; Twenty White Cloud, an Apache In New Mexico; ana Mrs. I Margaret Hull Tail a Crow whJ Ives In Grass Lodge, Mont. "And they're nil the same," he •aid. "They send me what, they've got and there's nothing I can do, Right now, niy customers are I?!VH!- 1m; for buffalo shields. — but' !hln means nothing to the Indians. "They'll sell when, and if, Itioyrc ready." Luongo claims he never planned to get Into this Indian trading in_- sines at all. It slipped up on him, He was a genuine feather mcrchoi:t back in 1020 when women sudrte >ly ,dcc!de ( i their ha'.i no longer required feathers. He looked for greener field 1 :. The feathers eventual!/ ..ed him to the Indians. Just to show you what he'3 up a- galnst Luonj;o—.1.-. lurt of an advertising scheme—r,-it:o ordered 2,COD beaded Movell.'.^s, '.he . [ .eeii»rl week In came 'WO. T'.ie thiicl woeli there were only 50 r,';-.:«ni!>anled by .1 curt note from 'lie elder saying: "No more. Ti'Ho'.-; cuoirgM fo- you:" •stjjJTu MATEEL HOWE FARNHAM Tim STOIlVt Tlir lmi£-nli- I •nil .Mr. Ti.lllVfr < >rx I,,,mi-. ' He mil* on Sum fc'nrt.rM, tnlks ^vllill>- lilttml hor»rwhl|t|>hi>: hlux If hv <Samy evi-r Kct-H l--|iirn a tlitt OH Ihr Fn-vvli ivhnliKVK. It'M l.'lora. .She I>VTZ* to Mcr Mm drti.SIr Ilie lute hinir. Siliu lelN krr in. \ * * * * XVII TT was some lime before Flora would admit lhal she had had an interview with Snm Uutt ni^hl, but Nelson Forbes heard the voices and laughter in Ihe library, and around midnight Weyman "hnp- pened" lo look out of his Ihird- story v window, and lio saw Mr. Sam going" out of his way to trouble trouble by taking Miss Flora home. "Weyman must have been dreaming," Flora laughed. . - She was on my front porch one morning, stretched out in-ri swing. The early.autumn sunshine clap- pled her face and her loosely-cut lemon-co.lored dimity dress with a pattern of elm leaves. Her 'skin was as smooth and fresh* as rose petals. I said: "All right. It's none ot my business. Leah has a loaf of fresh bread. •...". "Dbrling, it is your business—I mean I_ know you aren't just curious, having .elected yourself, my conscience. But I promised Sam "You're wrong," I interrupted hurriedly. "It was just plain vulgar curiosity." . "Well, you're honest anyway." ; I made no comment. Presently Flora's 1 eyes twinkled and she asked: "Is your curiosity all but killing you?"" "Very nearly." • Flora laughed and lold me al about it. Her story was that she found out her father was going to see Sam, and she asked i£ she couldn't go along. When lie not only sternly refused, but went oft carrying a heavy slick, she was frightened half out ol her wils. So she slipped out of the back door and ran over to the Forbescs. As it was already dusk and the ights on, she wns able lo sUmd "lose by nn oprn window ;md hear every wort! that was said. * * * f^I-OKA claimed to have almost died of shame at her father's bsurd arid un warrant ft I attack on lear splendid, upright Sain, 11 ic rucsl friend, the kindest, neighbor ml most unselfish bencfnclor four orlnvn women over had. She al- nost nuule up IIL-L- mind to force icv wjiy into the room and liinij icr Calhcv's silly accusation;; in his very teeth. "Why didn't you?" "Just plain vulgar cuviosUv. Naturally I wanted to find mil what S;im would say, whether he would dare stand lip to D;uldy." "Well, you found out," I commented a little dryly. "Yes, I found out. Oh, Louise :larlint|, how I Wish you-had bc-cm Lhertl Sum \v;is moaninfenl,- He ]>ullcd H off ;md actually was engaged, to'ho married to my' cousin Sam. Flora had pulled it off? Or Flora and Mr. Tolliver between them? Olsogo never answered these tiucslion.s satisfactorily. The engagement was not announced uin- tially until six weeks nfter Flora's baby was born, and Sam stubbornly refused to discuss it. Nevertheless Flora wore Sam's ring, and everyone knew about it. Otscgo was lit lo be lied. T nv KFA SERVICF, lljr. T. M. flf.f-. U- r. "Art&r vcu're through v/ith your conference about the nev man 1 just hired, would coii._'j;.u take a couple of letters'." CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Repairing, Screen Work. Painting, Replacing Windows Steps, and other work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 2801 Read Courier News Want Ads. L'-RICCKUOS & HIS FRIENDS Think It MERRILL BLOS3ER CTiOM h L Tolliv. his first sight of Florabcllc ncrnl, Sam had been more or less in luve with her. lie hadn't wanted lo sot mnrvied, he had not approved of (he Tollivcrs, hp had considered his dignity, his position. The drawbacks of nuurying into that flamboyant family had at limes appeared truly insupportable. But all the while, underneath, ho was still in love with Flora. Now at last he had flung over the tratx's and booted his dignity out of the window. He had I'oiml'jd the cost and did not care. For the first time, in" his life he was vccSUcssly, wildly happy. Ho RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL, RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. We PHONE 2642 Cull for and Deliver FRED CALLSHAN Appliance Co ^^t)iori7.ed Motorola Raifto Sates anfl Service 10G South First SI. Today's free MOM Record THR TIME LIMIT STANDS,) GOSH,ONI.Y AMD I OONT WAMT To J FIVE HEAR ANOTHER- WORD (^MINUTES/ AEOur-TELEPHONES/ J n's LIKE HAV- TMiA IM . KIDS'? WHAT WOULD You DO THEN? River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call A. H. Webb Phone /14 Radio Repair Lot ' our college Uaim'tl experts ku'ji) your vitdio rkitiK with ffiKinmtwl service . . . no .i" 1 ' tot little or too bi;t! Spi'i-hil- Ists in ch:iiujo-ovev i'rom battery to eloctru: set. Musical _.j^ Instrument** Supplies :iiul Ue|>;iir* . • • Sjittcial orili-rs iiumilrd promptly. Gift tiocits — OiTii-a Supplies — Vtii'icty Items Cull SM J. Mel I Brooks Jr. 107 K. Jfitin St. BEN WHITE & SO MAIN OFFICE- NORTH Phone 3151 wus like Sainl Gcni-fjo dialing tbe Baw himself as Flora's champion dragon. I wns never so Ihrillcd in Hadn't Flora herself likened him fighting the y life 6r so deeply, humlily protui lhat a man like Sam line) once oved n silly, good-for-nothing little thing like me. It nave me . . . well, it made me (jliul I h'ad lived." "So ycci stayed behind :md told Kani so?" "Seriously, I hardly laiow what lold him, !• was so thrilled and exalted. Sam was so understanding and svvccl. . . ." Thore were actual tears in Flora's eyes. 1 got little rnorc out of her except praises of Sam and Iho insistence that I did not appreciate my cousin. After a half-hour of this. Flora said she must go. and I walked with her lo the hedge. She pushed Ibron^h the gup we lu'.u worn running back and forth to each other's houses. "Goodby," I said. "Goodby, Cousin Louise darling," Flora called softly. I knew then that in spite of the handicap ot carrying another man's unborn child. Florabelle had 1 Saint George dragon? Those 'two monlhs certainly wore (he happiest time ot. Sam's, life. Perhaps they were of Mrs. Tolliv-er's, loo. Flora's marriage to Bob I'inneran had put a blight on her family. Flora, if not her mother's favorite, was Ihc one to whom she had pinned her hopes for future peace and security, for both herself and her daughters. Amy mir;hl marry, dully and respectably; her molher did nbt count on it. Annabcllc, in spite of her beauty and charm, waS' not quite, clever enough to conceal her eagerness lo make n good match nnd so frightened oft the eligible men. Bui Florabelle was a natural honeypot. Mrs. Tollivcr had gambled on Flora, slaked her all. Am! now Flora, after mEiny digressions and in spite of almosl insuperable handicaps, had made, good and justified all her mother's high 'lopes. (To Rn Continued) lie Sure! 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