The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1947
Page 13
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THUHSDAY, JUNIi! 12, 1947 BLYTHEV1LLE (AUK.) COUK1KH NEWS PAGE THIKTEKft WAA toSellHoDe Human Errors Blamed In 57 of 89 Train Wrecks * IV. _ i_ IL f » • • S> y~> • • Proving Ground Probed by Interstate Commerce Commission Arkansas Ordnance Test Site Is Cleared Of Most 'Dml' Sheils WASHINGTON. June 12. (UP) — lirp. OICH lliirrls, D. Ark., sir! yi'sti'i-clay tlic Army Kiiglnprr.s arc in tlie urocess <>r IrimslriTinf; most, ol Ihc^byvn- Southwestern Ortlntinc'e PTOVir^pcjroimd at Hope, Ark., to the Wiir .Assets Administration for snlf to former owners and oilier prospective |>iuvlia<m. Harris s:\iii Hint npproxlimle'y 3S.COU acres arc involved in the transfer. All but snnll paVi-liM of lliis area have been cleared of "tliict" explosives, lie said. T leaves about K.MK) acres nf Hie en- llrc proving ground tract still to be cleared or ."hells and other e/.- |il'':-ives iintjeckled in the soil. Tr:ms!er of tiie pranerty to the WAA, Harris said, y.ill mark til t ullniniUkni of a lonu-slamlin -, con trovefty with the W.u 1 Departm OfdiKiiu'e- Division. Ordnance officials, lie saiil, had at first refusff to permit the land to he sold l< private mers on tlte ground th:i it could not l)c cleared of explosives. ,"The\' wanted In fetu'p it in. remove it from the y.orhl and let il beeomo an, " he s'lid. "Kill we finally convinced them tiiis was wron^'. " ^ Harris cxplaine-| tint ihn Oi<l- nniice. nepiiritnent lunirrl (hr,, properly over to the Army Engineers, "whirh arr no\v in profess of trans- rcrrini,' the property to WAA 'I' dispn.sal." Very likely, he added, WAA will designate the Farm Credit Administration as the d.ij'wsul Ilio rem-iinins 8.003 acres, he .«ai('l>'ill not ho cleared until the lato -fall hcc'<u<.-e it is now over- erhw*iwith foliage. "MnR, of the land which lias Men cleared can lie i..-e(t for anv nntl all purposes." Harris said. ''There are i;ome .small patches which can he l^r'd for sur.fu'e purposes only, such as cra'/iiv.'. Tho^e nrea<- f '-' lieiiiT marked off and will ^jc elear- Iv lahe'led so Ihnt, pmrliiippr.s would kno A wlwit they are gelling " ITe atidetl that two en»iiieers fa- itiiliar with the project, will ho assigned to (he disposal ar.cncy in order to ncmiaint purchasers of the condition of the property they hliy. WAA priorities will five first choice 1o fo.rmer owners wiili ve 1 "- ans next, in line. Alier that the Reneral public will be permitted to buy. , , All fi'h lite originally came from the ocean. New races developed when eromr; became landlocked or otherwise isolated. Soviet-Made Occupation Money Floods U. S. Zone in (jerrnany , 'rxL'c;..«lvo speed, under condl- ions vvluTi' Vjulh rules anil coui- :im sense say "On Stow" killed 7 and Injured 118 111 il dozen ac- 'icluils. The Powlntan Arrow. MOlitK 55 m a r5-ml!e curve—Iwo ilead, 27 inrl. A I/my Islantl engineer, (jo- "0 miles an hour In a yar:l V\liere he was required to be able, o .slop mi siKlit. bumned n loco- nofivc---'.wo dead, 30 injured. A r.pceial on tlie D. and II., lorded with chlltl campers, could- I'l stop al the scheduled meelliiR >!nce. ran ;\ mile and a half mat. crashed head-on Into another train -on- ,K.!I[|. (i) hurl.. iri'KI) ON Tilt'. CI11HVK The Hi'il Arrow. hlltlni! a ">• JOHN K (Uiillnl r rrss st:l ff corrcMMimlenl) WASHINGTON. June 12. (Ul>> — Keimnllcnu Senators voiced fear yesterday that American taxpayers would lie stuck with a bill o[ $400.000,000 or more throiiKh redemption of (lie Husslan-prlntcd ocuuimllon money now pouiin K into Ihc U. S. Zone In Germany. Sett William P, KnowlaucI, U., Cal.. made available a memo Iroin Secretary or War Robert 1'. 1'al- tcrson indicating that Ihc iunu v -er of : l,000-mark allied military notes In American Zone banks have quadrupled In 13 months. "By Ihe process of elimination," KiimvlniHl said, the notes "had lo come from the Russian Zone." 'i!p ru-ve al 05 2t dead, 138 hurt.) The concern of Uepiibltciin Hell 'lie Transi-nii, liitUni! a 40-mile ntors centered hi the belief Hint 75 miles an hour—six, between $400,000,000 nn<l $9011.000.000 in Ihe lui'BC notes were chanced for American ('oll:r.">, thus became "a cluu'Ke upon Aniei'lciin taxpayers." Patterson told Knowland the orders to' vlets still hold "In excess" of 1,on one-1 (iOO.OOO of the luruc notes. Till , hroiiiilU a demnnd from uh:uiiin.n i Styles BridKCS, a.. N. II., ol Ihe a,> Sw ivt'e killed aiul Ifi2 injured proprlatlons commlltee for data :i in hall 'i rti-'/,->ii areidcnls caused lo whothcr (lip Holes In Hovle !.•• V "'i'""i tviies pf carelessness. ) )n nds wore belujj used for "<vo •n^p i>nri',csi to esplai'i. perhaps m)m | c indllrntlon" into Uio Amu- wn 1 ; I lip pii'-ijienijiii v.lut |i'iiorncl| |.[(. nn 2one. Hilda's said sonute leaders wtr.ild determine Mils week whether his dried. 132 hint. r.irein^ swi'rlilnc killed 13 and iii'iirrd 12 in m .u'chlcnls. S"von were killed aud 37:1 tnlin 1 - cd tu'cause train .^I'ews mlsunder- j-lp.sri.. foj-^ol 01- ignored iveet. the other trains !r»'*-. mac's unprotected by auto- malic h!rc:k strm-ils. Arkansas ,and on Norlh Oil; Street. Hie O, W. liaihaiu or MrB; Virginia Mayo. ' O. W. Harhiim, Adm. a. C. Wiidley Estate roup won|,| conduct u formal In- uhy Into the currency transac- lons, , lie revealed Ihal U. S.'i uid tilven tt} Rus.slan iiulhorlth'S ; he plates from which Ihc 1,000- ] nail; notes were rolled oil .Soviet ' uliitliiK presses. Russian troops, according to re- xuts nlven to tioi* .Senators, were ndtl In the hirne denomlnatiau ictos. Then, llnuunh "wils(-wa f .:h Hid elh'aret Innisaclluns" llic notes fell Into the hands of Amirl- ;-iiu (il's who redeemed them lor U. S. Currency. Although the Annv now forbids edemptlon of the 1,000-niark notes, KiKVsvlutul suHi he was livU'tiMi'd "i leaiidui; the amount ridecined »e- foie the rule went Into el lor!. Kinthcrmore, he said. It Is .still possible that til's ian "break down" Hie nolcs Into Miialler dennmlua- tton IhromUi resliiurant cashlets or black market operators NOTICE OK I H.IN<: OK FOH uquoii Notice? is hereby given that the umiei-sliuied hus filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of t Slate of Arkansas for jxrmlt lo sell' and dispense vinous or £plr^ti»u»"' liquor:) (or beverage at reUll oh th« premises deserlbeU us Highway 41, • 1-4 mile south of City Limits ot niylhcvillG, Wytheville, Arkar)ss«. Application It for permit to be J5- i.ueri for cperallon hcghniiiig on th<1st day o! July, 1M7, sncl 'to "expire on tile 30th day of June, 1M8. • • V. R Hester Signed by Applicant What Is It? Where Is It? THER&ZORBACK Heavy Hand nil Die Tliriittle: Over a U-nionth norim!, the-Intrr- state ('nnliiiercc ('ommissinn found If) accidents, causing 7V deaths and injuries to 1001, resulted from failure of en^incmeii to obey safety signals. NO TICK Notice is hereby siivnn that the rnrir-rsimierl will within the time fix-d by law apply hi the Commissioner o[ Revenues of the Slate ."u Arkansas for a nrrmit. to scl! h^ n r at retaiilkSM Kim S'... BlvChcvillc, ArknnsasTMississin]:i County. The undersigned states that lie is a oil 'zon of Arkansas, of good moral ciiaractcr. that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five VCM-R las', past; and that the mider.siciied has never been convicted of violating the -laws of this state, or any other state. *e- latin'.; to the tale of alcoholic ti'i- HOI'S. ijinnic Smith £ubsrribed and ,s\vcrn to beioi'C me tliis 11' h day of .hilie. if) 17. Mrs. Marshall nlaek;>nl (f-'KAI.l Notary Public Iv'v C'jnmii.ssion expires M.irch IDiO. lij H. HUHTON HEATH i NEA Staff Coriespoiidenl [ WASHINGTON. (XHA> — Mosl train accidents are caused by the. .carelerxsness of railroad workmen, 1 ! expert investigators find. | An engineer "runs the yellow,"j and can't step when the train ahead does. Or he ignores siynnl-s warning of danger ahead. Or he (tn.srcnds orders, in haste or because ho assumes he knows what they \\ill say. •A switchman lock) a switch, nr chances it. v/itliout lcH>ki]is at the points to make sure it is set i^i^ht. Or he just, plain fornclr, to elmni'.c the switch when his train is through using it. 'An inspector glances casually ;>t 'a car and fails to see that something serious is \vroti££. A track foreman doesn't, think it r.iined hard enough to cause trouble on his section. A checker doesn't, look sharp ennnu'h lo discover that some sliirp?r did not load a freight car securely. • '' Then there's a wreck. People are kijip.d—more arc mjureo. And Ihc first to he kiliei! is a raili'oailcr an cnyincnnn, ?. fireman, a flag- man. • Careful study., ot 80. Intel-stale Cominei'ce Commission renprls on. ilccicients that have ItikPn plaw during liic pr.s'> 13 months shows thai 51, in which 1-19 were killed iuicl 2443 injured, were caused i>y thr c.iri'ieH-sness of train crc-A'.i, switchmen, dispatchers and oliicr railroad personnel. EQUIPMENT I-'AILURKS O]ily 27 were caused l)y faulty rolilni: stock, road bed, rails and (lie lik". Thcss' killed 28 and injured 458. Tfie irosl bpmuuin- manimwet' fault is failure to obey safely siij- nals. li caused ID acc'ulents in tin; p-riod studied, killing 77, injuring 10 n l. Tlic Exposition piver ignored sin- nals, entered a siding at 45 miles !in hour, was wrecker!. Twenty days later the same, train r<u\ the yel- !ov:—the engineer took 'it lor granted the sii;nr.l would chaiujc in time. 1ml it didn't— and Ihe Naperville wreck, the worst dur- iny the p^rioti, resulted. Tlie l?ed Arro'.v'.s enirincer. tired after !4 hours on duty, overlooked naution signals on 11 detour, crashed the rear or the Clcvolaiul- er. A Jersey Cenlral eiif-inecr ^71 years nltl) "ran ll»o\igli H U«hl., crashed a stopped passenger train, killed one., hurt 230. The Broadway f^imited'.s engineer' didn't. sl"P.,at, a. liKht. 1; .=kid(Je<i \ into ' the rear of the Libcny Limited. Three, dead, 13 hurt. That's just a sample. eli"ineman who li'iiornci «"'rn!ii!5 lanterns and tile Iran tic vi'Mials of several persons, and diov,, Ms loromotive at tliree miles :•" i-f>!ii- tnlo an oi?on drawbridt^e. •Why? He ran't K ay. He is dead. A Mf".' Haven enulnemnn start- 1 rd to h'-ike loo late nl. Rcadville. ! Mas." Ihree deail. 155 l<url. A P"«diii'; er"ck I n- hi. tile Crusader. "'f the r;dh at 75 miles an hour: Track workers saw it swayim; as it eamn down the Irnrk, and j:ot out of lh<- way. Tlie ICC lias made no r r p"rf. Railroaders .H<iv tliey em-, t'ii'k "f no eyptanatlon ex- fent that the trafk was not fit for \KC a 1 that .speed because of roi">jr work. Eieh of I he many varieties of '•iininn oareh-ssness could he illtisl.r: 1 !'-.' In 1 S"Vf>'a| "'recks <hlrlm: thl neriod studied, are enough to c,ivc some idea. committee or some other bcn-.ite Read Courier News wiiiu Ads. rim SAI.I'. As Administrator of tin- eslale ol <I. O. Wadics' 1 now olfer at p:'i- | viile sale :i'six room house wiiii; hark unit frunt purcli with orwltli- oiil Hie lollowini; eimipmcnl: 1111linii: ran^e, i>m' »>'»' "H heuthi;; •,tove, one hot water heater mi.I U'll'ilu' iv'i lease. 'I'hls huuso is 1»- I'iileil I'll' l/)t •!. .1. W. llader Adili- lion lo the City "I Hlythevlllc, NOTICE OF AIIBIINISTKATION Nolice is hereby [;iven lhat letters "f arlniioi.-'.ration wei'e granted lo tli" under' ; i' r ne(r unon the estate of H-l!.y McMnllin Hn=hl<lld on tlvi Pth dav of June, K41, hv Ihc I'vo- lialr rrourt for (he Chirknsawba nistrict .of Mississippi County, Ar- kai-sas. All persons havinsr claims aeftinst s"iri estate are requit'ed to exhibit them, rioperiy anlhenlicatcd. to the undersigned ftir allowance within six mentis from the date of the first publication of this notice or lliev shall he barred forever and Trrcrhl'Scd from any benefits in s" esti:le. The dcfinile address of the undersigned administratrix is 622 West Main. Ulythcville. Arkansas. Dated this lOtli day of June, 1G-17. Myra T. McMullin Ticid and Roy, altorneys. FOR SALE Modern homo on Main Slrcol, njniplcU: fun, iiulomiitic hot WiiU-r liculcr, li;in DirotiglioiiL—y ciir tjiU'Mj;''—All rooms Ian furlitblu. I'laslurcd Inlurior. Comploli'ly in bo fiiiiiiiccd by Ihu I 1 '! I A. Doii'l il' Cine home! :iUie IvviKnl flour {i> iinil coni- iinluk'il. Can von want a Shown by Appointment Only See or Call MAX LOGAN Phone 2034 or 502 Announcing the Opening of the New E D /^ f* I 9 I D •tS.U. L- L U D Largest in tho South Sooting Capacity 500 Highway 18 Blythcvillo Special June 17 Johnny Long and his 10-Piccc Band with ANITA NANCE Singer 9 'til 1 Make Reservations at Club E. B. Chitwood The sale, lure way to guard your new home against termite damage is to sec that foundations, floors and other parts in contact with the earth arc built of concrete. i READY-MIX CONCRETE helps your builder Ready-Mixed Concrete is uniform in quality, accurately proportioned to the correct "mix" for your job. There's no mess to clean up because, our trucks dump the concrete neatly into forms. And your builder gets the benefit of our big-volume, efficiency methods. AsVi^or the names of con- tracttft who can build you a quality job at the right price; HUGHES & Company "Ready Mix Concrete" Building Materials South 10th St. Phone 3531 \ \( k ". TIRES Available on Easy Terms Gol oft to a fresh siarl on long, vrorry- Iroo mi!cac/e v/ilh a cot of slrong, longer vacating now Goodyear Urcs. You'll be miles and money ciVioad \o Irado now before slimmer hoat sols in. Goodyears run cooler — minimize heat blowout dangers. Slop in p today. Only $2.00 Down (6.00x16 Sue) As Low As $1.25 A Week NEW TIRES DESERVE NEW TUBES ^-^^-jj.^ SERVICE STORE :, 410 W. Main Phone 2m -,^' i :'"' Choose the only car giving BIG-CAR QUALITYi AT LOWEST COST You got thp Bi D -Cor"boouly and dhfinch'on.. of Body by Fiiher—found only In Chevrolet and higher-priced ears—and you gel H a! ' lowest prices) K Satisfy your desires and save your dollars! Think o? getting (ho BIG-CAR QUALITY you tcaMy wan!—and gelling il ol lowest prlcM and with low cost of operation and upkeep! 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Come in— today! • NEW 1947 You flcl Iho Big-Car performance arx/ fo/f'abjfi'f/ of o -Valve-in-Head Engine—with Iho some'volvo-in-hcad principle featured in higher-priced cars—and you get them at exceptional!/ low cost for gas and oil) CHEVROLET LOY EICH CH EVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578

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