The Sonoma County Journal from Petaluma, California on November 13, 1863 · Page 2
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The Sonoma County Journal from Petaluma, California · Page 2

Petaluma, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1863
Page 2
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. . J I M J I "t ,JfWH cotsti OPPICAL rsEti. f ET A LCX A, FEU) ATt EOTE 130.1883. lwO MAmRa.-An Impression far aua ia Una county that tba Roadaiaa- :tert elected U tWUat gaoeraj eta&oaT ' ahouU enter upon tba discharge of their ; duties imirsraiatelvaftivtae canvassing .. ' .nd declaring of. tho result of tiio vote by tnf Board of . Supervisor. Sncn ia t t MM,LthW;tena of service, on .,. tbe-cotriryni ..rot commence, imti 1 I 'Aw 1 For their infor mation' tut 'trefl the other newly fleeted : township officers, r and from who Iwnda i required by law.vwe Will atate that official wends cannot be - received and approved by the Board-of Super j iaors unless covered by a twen- jy-flfe cent V, S. etarap, . : . ;, 2l!resVXTnrAUiTie ladica resid ing af; Valley Ford announce, in anoth er column, tha$ they will $pe a Festi val on the afternoon and evening of weaneeday, toe I8tn Inst, for the pur pose of furnishing the church recently "am..t:4tat.folBl1ia bjeot ia ue worthy the patronage of the good people of Big Valley and the enrronnd- fc cOnntry, fhia being the caa'we predict large and a pleasant aasem-Wage.,' The BloomReld Brass Band have geaeronsly tendered tlieir services, thus warranting good music for the occasion. ni , 'OoWnnoimIiL McMurray; a fewdaya; plnce while ! digging io the garden of a lady-rcaident of this city, track dirt that made a yield of sixteen hundred dollars to the panl Lest there be dangef of aotne "honest miner" attempting to jump the claim, we will add that the oro consisted of well coined F-S. twenties, buried some months since for safe keeping, by the husband who has since deceased of the lady referred to, So keep your seats, gents. Tire PoLTORAHi The exhibition, last Saturday aiid Monday evenings, of the polyorama of Wilder &. Co., descriptive of the battles and incidents of the present War, drew large and well-pleased audiences. The portrayal of the various and soul-stirring scenes that were presented to view, by Miss Viola, re-eeivedHbe heartiest applause, as did alsciier'sungsrespecially;' Jeff Davis' dream. ' 1 ' "i 1 Hcbdbk Niar Sax Cat aeu A correspondent of Uie Alia reports the shooting and killing, at Dowell's ranch, near San Rafael, on the evening of the 7th, of a mans named Harris by one Blodgett. Blodgett, it is said, some weeks since declared that he would kill Harriand he has made good the threat. After the jshootiiig he proceeded to San Rafael, where he was arrested. At Wobk. -The work of laying the maina, excavating for the gasometer.etc. fo4heGae ' Works, was commenced last Wednesday and Is being vigorously prosecuted. We are assurod that the worka will be completed and the gas let on, in the course of fonr weeks from the' time of commencing operations. Fi.vt Grates. Mr. A. Caldwell, of Stony Point, is entitled to, thanks for the presentation of a box of grapes of mammoth size and great delicacy of flavor,,, The varieties consisted of the name-colored Tokay, Muscat of Alexandria, White Sweetwater and the Cali-lforiit"Fot"fci, beauty and fineness of, flavor,' we have never seen the two frit named equalled. . ., m.. "TAXBoim8. i-"Oavernor Stanford E0A2D OF ETHTSVISOSS. - Tba November term of theIkrief Snpervisora' waiheldat BanU llosa fat .Week, J hen the fojlowWkcaill ' Official 2fonrs.--Tba $6nd8) of cotwity official weire lied t the fokm 7 or ratne' fa, 7 eadrs jo wing aums: zuierui, aou.uuu inep mfJ UUI m utugeuieaaWtws.v y-iff of Sonoma conntv. t25.000.Und aa VVa hate been wioyiihr beautiful Tax Collector, 25,000,r TreasnreSVfeather; the mornigsind evenings IX 810XA1CEBT9 -rrl Sacramimto, Nov.fl, 1863. r ' Dm JotniKAt.Ha' lng Istira ma. meota thuvniorn(ngjy fought l;w6old jot down a few item concerning, irata- piring evenis, ana nope -ua ray etiort kas lissned his proclamation, in accor-dance with that of President Lincoln, '''HfeafM'yi Mtffftwtyiarsv aojttnKsgiving:itid -pral8ft---Tlie' indicaUons. ara that this custom will iltai year ijq observed-by the people of all tie loyal States on the same day. . r Wooni Ptraona ' Jatending to settle their accounts at this office in wood in teal,0f ;,pf are W41rned that'nW is fietiime, uio accepiea ime. A jew week or few days delay may posai-' bly find the door closed. So hurry op youf te$in; gentlemen., , -niij " " . I,, - f ''DctHts;-Laet week we sUled that Jf:,S.(Vao'10orcW had received the ip-Jfatment'jo iBn'roUin OjEcef for District So. V4 Mr; Van- Doren,, we are told, declined the position, and T. K. Willson' has been appointed. ,Hfl''U I Ill l .!!. ' II l ' ,' eTAxer PwrKia.'-p-Friend Barney, of the Jlarin County Journal, has assocta 'ted" Mri f. ''Ein-.wA nfn ,n -. pnblicatton that parerThe Journal . Ii;an excellent local paper and deserves o' receive a liberal patronage from the Marian I A CflAoi Or Bam. Measrs. Ppwera ' nthawfay, Iha Solaao County jETerv; .j:.vjfc! : their' 'to' pi Aperationi )j fnrBiahiog ihett, iraad-l ra :with s aemi-weeklj instead' of tebdadaI'iabtic4tJoir.'t''M i 4i T i'-fcwi i .,Y, i 'Y, f, ,' .; -S(fi ' - i Aktehu WAj.;harlee F Browne arrived at San Franciaoo lait Satur-, 4ay..i Artemus is announced to "speak piece" lhe Babes In the WoodHt tJafPi Hall 't6-n!ght': rvy .fmf- ":; I': , : ' '"I I I'M! I .rtt m "j?oirrRS.-Fine, refreshing .showers ' kf ra'a L'A la thi section daring Toea- ' -.iy iiii WtdncadajriiTghti lUtii.W. UuctBiir;t-Jai3ge Soiathftrd'8";tnaJ, Jnrity in the District is a trifle over 00,' 000: Public Administrator. 130.000: Sn B'rintendent Public Schools, $22,000; istrict Attorney, $5,000; Auditor, $10,. 000 one to the State of $5,000, aid one to the County of $5,000; Recorder, $5,000; Clerk, $000; Assessor, $5,000; Coroner, $5,000: Surveyor. $5,000. - TUZ imt.-T Licensr was eranted 1 X. w. Hudson and J. V, (irant to keep a toll Jerry acroaa Russian River, on the Santa Rosa and Hefcldsburg road, for the term of seven months. Also to W. S. Mi Wright, to keep one t the mouth of Russian river. Road lfaatfrf. Road Masters we're appointed M follows; "ArMcDowell for District No. 8, Aoaly townahip, vice J. u. Hoag resigned. 13. H. Linville for District No. 1, Santa Rosa township. M. B. Hasbrouck for District No. 2, Petalnma township. F. B. Green for District No. 1, Val-lejo townahlpT 1 1 . Wm, Potter for District No. 1, Analy township. i The following instructions were issued to Road Masters: 1st. That in the construction of bridges and cnlverta no planking shall be used of a less thickness than three inches. 2d. They shall make all bridges, as near as practicable, without nails or spikes. 3d. They shall make ibeir annual report before the Board wilt allow their bills for services aa Road Maatcra. 4th. -They are required to work not less than eight men at any one time, and the Board in auditing Road Master's bills will only allow one day's service to each Road Master for each eight days' labor reported. Branch Honpital The County Treasurer was ordered to set apart that portion of the Indigent Sick Fund which is derived from the townships of Val-Icio and Petal unia, for the maintenance of a Branch Hospital in Petulnma. A special meeting of the Board was called for Nov. 27th. What a PirrI Representatives in and about these parts of that nice little family whose fine points of excellence are thus graphically painted by . the poetical member thereof r . . "Bit! pufft, Sil snuff, and I chaw! ' are referred to the advertisement of our friend Morris., Morris deals iu these little luxuries, he docs, and like a sensible nan, aa he is, Morris advertises the fact in the Journal. The result is Morris has better satisfied customers, better looking ones, and more of them, than any other man in the trade in Sonoma county. This )B why we give Morris this putT; and not because he contemplates speedily changing his base of operations by taking a new member into the Morris family. Protrst Aoaihst Dancing. The Synod of the PrcHbyterian Church, at its late session at San Francisco, passed a resolution disapproving of the practice of some of the members of that church attending and participating in "public dancing." They declare it to be injurious to sound morality and religion, not only leading professed Christians astray, but weakening the influence of parents in restraining their children from scenes of worse dissipation. They also ask persons connected with the cause of education to discountenance it iti every suitable way. Tho resolution was ordered to be read, to all the congregations of the denomination. ',, 11,1. I, In ii. I t Aeronautic. Mr. Aj O. Wright, of Santa Crus, ssys the Senlitiitii has just made the model of a novel air-boat which he has been years planning and terfecting, and which he intends to ave patented In this boat-he expects to be able to cross the American continent in a few days. The model consists of a monitor-shaped boat, with a; acrw-whl drudder at the trnr covered with a large balloon also sharp , at tne ends; It is to be propelled by a steam engine! or electro-magnetic ma- chthery sufflclnitly" powerful to' resist or avoid counter currents of air. The inventor is extremely sanguine of the success of his plan. . . ' ; Whin "to be Swogit Iw.-Tb State officers elect, with the exception of uovernor and: Lieutenant-Governor, will be sworn io and take possession of their respective offices on tne first Monday of December next; the same day on which tba Legislature : eon venea. ' The Governor " and Lieutenant-Governor elect will be inaugurated into office on the following Monday or Wednesday after the ' Session eomniences. ' The Judges of 4be Supreme Court and' District Judges elect, will be sworn in on the 1st of January, 1864, , 1.1,, l ...mi I I I ' ml . "Thosi ' feline animals which were lately ahipped from Sacramento to Virginia N. T. ) arrived safely. When they . were , let out- iin the Storer they were found -to be 11 right wun .on exception, t Una . old , tel Io w ; had had bis eye scratched out in a cat erwaul somewhere on, the Sierra Neva da. ' , Eight of them answered tle call to anpper.fc ika-tUn Vf-H.-j n-tiiu-.f n. . SrxciMBXa' HAsked FoaAThe Caiifoi1- nia Wine,' Wrl And Siockournot Wisbes every Wool-grower in the Stabs to send aarrtples of, their Wool foif. its lample table; also, cereals and prodiicU of the grain fields, . Also, mineral spec-imen for A'cabtnet. ' .. ' The EAint at a CoHBccton or, Sokd. The workmen .tunneling through the mountain for "j the Santa , Crux powder Millr Who are working upon both ends Of the tunnel and are still about two hundred feet Apart; tan plainly bear the aound Of each ethori drills!' ' '" , StkTt or NtVAOAv-Tlte Constitutional Conveatioui' at Carson Citv; has de cided to adopt Nevada as the name of have been exceedinirlv cool, but this lotf'paasebir? rays of the sun shine forth, and the at-fciosphejre becorfeloMforiauIejandx-nili&ratlur' This mdrninir however the ber enji seemjto proniia, ajoopiwuijuip-1 piy oi rain. , Our city 'presanU'a cheerfuIlView everything appears to be full ot life and activity.j-Oar atits, have beenj and still are being filled np and rounded off. and are now well prepared for the com ing winter. - The expenses of the street improvements have been enormous, -and speak volumes for the enterprise . and perseverance of our citizen. ; The Cap Itol is undergoing thorough renovation inside and and out, preparatory to the assemblage of the Legislature, which this year meets upon the 7th of December, the new Capitol, building is rapidly advancing, and as the huge stones are added one after another we begin lo comprehend the magnificence of the undertaking and the great architectural skill of its design. Much credit is due Superintendent Clark for the care bestowed upori the work, and the economical manner he expends the mon ey appropriated. Only about twelve months since a corporation known as tho California Central Pacific Railroad Company, was organized, the object of which was to construct that great national highway the Pacific Railroad from the 'West-era elope to the tido water.' What do we behold to-day r Another example of-the enterprise of Culifornians. Com mencing at this city, the Company have graded their road eighteen miles into the foot-hills, and havo laid down the track for about two miles. Yesterday was a day of great jubilee here. The "Gov. Stanford," a locomotive of huire proportions and great power, was placed upon the track and made its first trial trip. Amid the cheers of the mul titude, it steamed majestically up I street, and around the northern portion of the city to Twentieth street and back, proving all that could be wished. In the midst of this prosperity, the Company have met with a serious disaster. I refer to the death of T. D. Judah.who was the Chief Engineer, the main stay of tho Uompany, and a most thorough, eneriretic and persevering man. The passage of the Railroad Bill through Congress, was owing chiefly to his un tiring seal, and the successful inaugu ration of the great work, to which he devoted so much of his time and labor, must stand as An undying monument to Ins memory. Our County Teachers' Institute held its session here last weejt, and was well attended. Besides the usual exercises of the Institute, lectures were delivered by Pr. Logan and G. R. Moore and others upon educational topics. Mr. A. tt. Jackson, during the course of some remarks ori education in general, submitted some very sensible suggestions, which are deserving the careful consideration of every teacher and parent. Me contended, ami gave it as the result of eighteen year a experience in the school room, that there is no system in our education, and that what is called our system of education i re sulting only in the effemtnation of the race. Ho made a distinction between education and instruction, and successfully demonstrated that the true meaning of education is, mil tho development of the mental or intellectual faculties alone, but a full and thorough development of all the facultiea and br- .m.a'm'.i .a gaus oi tne ooay tna mental, moral and physical combined. ' I do not in tend w endeavor to give hie remarks, which were most' sensible and conclu sive, but simply the basis of his argument, .h-i-trvsst We were visited-yesterday by quite a detractive firo. The Pioneer Flour Mille and several other buildings, Io- CAtodbetweeD the Sacramento And Yo lo" bridge, and the Gas Works, were completely destroyed, causing a loss pf about; 50,000, upon .which there was Arlhtiiu'ri&oTof t5,m,. " ' i -'-HOHrTrNrMachinr Lieut. Governor elect; and many others, members of the Mvooming Legislature,- are -in the city securing winter quarters: .' " ' Yours, ' .Kbtoku. . i;af . v .i "'Tar CoutniM Mftfrt'i HDMBbo; The Ji'iM"&MtiJt6:e9, on the strength of the representations ofv Mr. Robert , Hamilton, of Jjau Francisco, who has just returned from them, pronounces' the Colorado placer diggings a'hft'mbug-Offe of ihe i ftOst stupendous kind yet scared up in this land of mining myths, Tho Prtu saya : . , r Mr! Ilanillton spent two Weeks In the diggings, visiting both' f jthe Walker's and : Weaver'nr diggings, conversing with a great ndmber of miners, or father prospectors; for there ia no mining, worth' tho name', 'feolhg on there.-" He And his parthe'r; in the' course of 'tlieir Aroapectihg, sunk' ' least twenty-fl ve Ulea 'to the bed tock'. And lit -no'lil-. AtaTiderfoTrndAnttifnglnitorrthAff fhere1' color; nbthlng' which'; indicated anyiuiog more ' vnaa iir siuice uig-tlngs, when' plerrtyof watel- could be had at ,raonAble"pTice. ' HeTetttrn-ed from thf diggings. As'far aa La Pas. With "twelvo others,1 all experienced pr6epeer trom 1 Bpis rlvejr, each Of whom agree With' himself Id pr6one-irigi the" rninea the' ntoat;rfmItlg4ted humbug which hAifOver been started in California?' "Several of : th coirroanv had been in the mines since last July,, and all the gold brought away by the entire party belonged ' to bne An,. and consisted of a nugget worth-about $3, M i which was taken, by him,: from i a claW belonging triai cotnpaiiyj one of tnci oiemners ot.Twmch; was a toend of hii ! Thia man spent some twrf days oh the claim: and 'waA allowed to erevice on hiaown account, which he dkLn-All benbtiaiaed for bit labor was the $2 60 huggef tThia ist the only claim In all fbat rtgiott which baa yet been found , W pay xeena ia awhit naa ' c v-i ' MntoiaaamifonxrieAitoldgentl man writea tovtha Sacramento Union conCernintr atartlinflrmeteoric bhenom- ! eaa. In JJovernlerr 1803; as some of f puf edersbivB beard'1 the old folks fay,, occurred i Atartliudf beaveuly ex-hibition, i t Apbears that About nine p'clock Id the eviuine that liarht snon- tuslyratM'ortJrXfrom all direc tions. It was light enough to see to read In a spelljng book. There was not a star to be aeen. The, cattlo got trpf in irentW feedings chicken ouroe off their roosts, and it had the appearance f. thet aun', rising whatever ; way rone wouia loos. f he brilliancy of firht laated-about-thirtyjninutcSr and then died away nnttl one or two o'clock in the mprm'ng, Purjnglh brlIliait4)rA of the night there were red streaks seen darting 4n almost every direction through the elements." In November, 1833, just thirty years after, the foregoing similar . phenomenon' were witnessed by th writer in the Union,-ot which he says: , ' ,t r- "The people were excited several years, within my recollection. I was a witness of the phenomenon of November 12th and 13th, 1833. I was a pilot of a steamboat at the .time; I came on watch at one o'clock on the morning of tho 13th; as I went into the pilot-house my partner remarked to ine that the stars were all falling. At that time it waa unusually light; so mucb so, that I could see objects on shore that I could not have seen with out it was a moonlight night. The shooting and darting of the stars increased until about four o'clock, when it waa sublimely grand, or awful, or both, or as some was awful frightful from that time until daylight. It appeared more like raining fire than stars fallinir. The passengers were notified of the phenomenon. They got up and came on deck. No one was alarmed. There was little said by any one, of consequence. Occasionally some person would call the attention of some other person to where the stars would rain the thickest. When daylight came they could be fe'en in the woontt when it was so light above the trees that they could not be seen." Last night was the thirtieth anniversary of tho phenomenon last described. D. M. Graham still in the County. D. M. Graham, who escaped from the Couuty Jail a short time ago, to avoid a second trial for rape upon a child at Healdsburg, was seen laat Sunday in the mountains adjacent to Windsor, by John Prewitt. When seen he was in company with Mr. Lewis, County Coroner. Graham attempted to delude Mr. Prewitt by telling him that his name was Moore, and Mr. Prewitt informs us that he conversed with the county oflicial, as if they understood each other perfectly well. It appears that Graham hud erected a house in a cafion in the monntain, near where he was seen, and on going there our -infiirmstut found everything us comfortable ami convenient as could be expected. He undoubtedly intended tu niuke it his residence for the winter. On Monday Mr. Prewitt informed Sheriff liowles of the circiiiustuilces, and an officer wus iinineJiutely dis patched in search of the escaped convict, but when the posse arrived at Graham's quarters they found the premises vacutid, (lie owner having skedaddled. It is quite remarkable that a man guilty of so lienions a crime, should be harbored in this community for three months or more without being detected. There is strong suspicion that the Lewis boys also have been stopping in this vicinity. Democrat. Thk Powder Mill Tunnel. The tunnel at the powder mill, near Santa Cruz, says the Pajaro Times, intended for the purpose of bring water through tho mountain, is progressing favorably. Already, 1,046 feet have been run, mostly through solid rock. The tunnel was begun on sides of tho niouutaiuop-poaitQ each other, wi'.h the intention of meeting in the center; 520 fect on the north side, have thus far been completed; which leaves 254 feet yet to finish. The average number of feet completed on this work per week, is twenty-five. AcpipEKT. Mr. Peter Teal, living in the upper part of Napa Valley, saya the Reporter, met with a serious misfor-tunejvhile running Chiuesaaugarxanu through his appears he . a t-tempted to get some cane out of the machine while clogged, and his left hand was caught and severely bruised and mangled, and the lijtle finger completely severed. After having it attended to, he commenced work again with his right hand, when a like accident ensued, resulting in cutting off the thumb and mangling his hand badly. PAtiT Discovert nkar Suisc Citt. Tho Solano Herald, of Oct. 3 1st, says: Certain parties hereabouts have discovered a lead of rock Within a few miles of Snisun, which, after carefully test-ing; they pronounce to be a superior article of fire-proof paint. There are two varieties one being of the usual dart red color peculiar to burnt brick, and tho other of , a dead brown shade. The supply is said to be inexhaustible. ' Land Sales. The amount of land sold, or otherwise disposed of, at the United States Land Office, Stockton, during the month of Oct.; 18S3, is as follower - Sold, -11,663 23-100 acres; homesteads under Act of May 20, 1862, And pretfnipthma ' nnder Act of Sept., iti i in A.inn Tniii losnx xn. 100 Acres;":'" . l nil ' Fjugd i Detected. -The : Appraisers have just detected A , fraud in tho bar- relay used :lu, importing brandy. Mho atave opposite the bung and the bung-stave are jnade very thin, and; tho'Gau-ger. in Mneaturing the f-ontenta of the barrel will, thereby, measure about a a a a i i' f - a ganoa more manu oarrei contains. As the liquor is avild by the.importers according to the Custom-Houae measurement, the purchaser is defriuded. if'.'fi wyiii Y'1'n .- Uri'r, , :;Rxi8E RivEa-F roan Reese River to NewTorklthe distance is S,U8 miles; lo EU Louis. 1,078: to Salt Lake Wr, M3; to Ruby Valley, 113; Jacob ville, j VirginiAJUity. IWj Sacramento, 821 j btokton,.BKU; $an rranoiaco ue neva' 11) Pleaaaiit Valley District,; W; Waahipgtonf 40 RsWiswood, j lA?- gdsta, 40; Uount topaio. v;-j.- r .' - ; Hon. Wm. M. Rider, of this county. will pot candidA,t for Sergeantat-Arnia Frederick F;Lof. Oovelnor .ofiCalf. foroiajta ahative Of Wntomort, Main About 20,000 men? wilW belwkptetl ffwnviforniaiimler the present ttraft; The Wew York Herald says Califor nia is 20 carets fine of pure loyalty.' A model of the Camanche. the (run boataoon t b plyinir in th watera of the nay .of san r raucisco. is on exhi- iiitioa ia San Francisco.- i ,rr :A..iSi Faiteraon, the newly elected, Supervisor for .the. becond Dutrict, entered upon the discharg! of his duties at tho recent session of the Board. ooa sens av axu per coro at y.ic gfala.-City.-- ;''; "'. The San Mateo House, a popular place (it resort from Sail Francisco, waa destroyed by Ore last Friday night. A air. uurRo, oi riolenas, a lew days since, was. attacked with a pitchfork, by a n Indian in his employ!" A charire of gunpowder and sliot, promptly ad ministered, quieted Mr. Indian and saved Mr.B.'s life. . A Mr. Jimison, of Redwood Valley. Mendocino count', while croiiiff homo from Ukiah, a few days since, on horse back, was fatally injured by his head coining ia contact with the limb of a tree. Cornelius Riley has been acquitted, in Nevada county, for killing Christopher Dal ton. Tickets to the Russian ball, at San Francisco, have been fixed at $100. The entertainment will cost upwards of $10,000. The Poundkceper of San "Francisco arrested -5 1. -dogs last wekr4h!0 --of which were "redeemed and 48 kilted. Tuhoe City is the name of a new town laid out on the borders of Lake Tuhoe. The California Steam Navigation Co. arc boring an artesian well at their wharf in Napa City. James Gulden, of Chili, Monroe county. New York, has raised 900 bushels of onions from three-quarters of an acre of ground. Trenor W. Park has been presented with a golt) pitcher and salver, worth $5,000, by the attaches of thu Mariposa estate. The Russians have 11 plated and tur-rcted gunboats on the stocks at St. Petersburg. Government is actively at work erecting fortifications on Point Adams, at the mouth of the Columbia-river. The channel there is scarcely half a mile wide, intricate and hard to navigate. . A bank clerk in Chicago has recovered $10,000 damage for a false charge of embezzlement. Vice President Hamlin says that any man who doubts our final triumph that is, who says the South canuot-bo coerced, is a "political inliile1." It is rumoretl that the Masonic fraternity of San Prauciseo has purchased 30 seres ol ground beyond Lone Mountain, for the purpose of a cemetery. All tin- lotion and silk factories in Patterson, New Jersey, have resumed work, the owners having aeceeacd to ten hours. Tin; New York m inoy writers say everybody can obtain a I the money thev want there, liless us aint tlia't high? During the month of September, there were 1,874 invalid pensions granted, and 2.jU applications rejected. The number of widows' pensions granted were 1,158. At San Francisco Simon Kohler was divorced on Tuesday, and iu four hours afterward procured a marriage license and married his old wife. Two thousand six hundred and twenty-eight letb rs were mailed ut the Nevada postuffice in October. There are 2,000 hives of bees iu San Joaquin county, an increase of 100 over last year. The present season has been very unfavorable to them. Ihe Gipsies are emigrating hither from Kurope. There are now over a thousand in this country and Canada. Brandy City, Sierra county, Was destroyed by lire on the 0th inst. The loss is about $50,000. , A - locomotive- u-the Baltimore -end Ohio railroad lately ran sixteen miles in ten minutes. Tho mountains alonff the coafct, north of Santa :Jrni-hveMi bnrhin g --f i if throe weeks. The hie has dua troy ed all the timber on thousands of acres. A new organ has just been put tip in St. Rose's Oburcb, Sacramento,' at a cost of $650 the ohly instrument ' 6f the kind In that city. .Another torribly destructive fire occurred at Nevada one day last week, destroying property to the value of near a million dollars. r At Blackhawk, in tho Pike's Peak diggings, a new Church has recently been erected at an expense or $6,000. The Union saya tho sales of a wholesale house in Sacramento, for the month of October, amounted to $100,000, the heaviest sale ever before made in the same time by one firm in that city. The surveying party of thd Western Pacific Railroad have finished their work from San Jose to Stockton. t has not been determined yet whether the route shall gw through Corral Hol- or Livermore's Pass. Too- Mccg I EBtomoir.r-It irthe pop ular roncetkt the tilains are bald of Other H'getatun than saire bruah. fori itne reason pMp&r lack of moisture. Why doWnof vegetation, sprirftfvifp. when' 'thesftUina ara drenchMli(itit Wof&f'lt jnay be because thefneldJ aim riiit frn ihn TS-oii lid .., Pimnl !tiMJ Jiftat Bay fyiedtwrj ways of aabiinW potato? an omer: rooia, tuisi year. Those people who baa all theU water they thought fit to put upon their irar dens 4iavehad bot'tohwibia'ieioWof common veiretablcs. Thorie who could pet get more than half the water' they wiuld have - turned on, have large yields of A extraordinary largeand tine flavored poiaoeg',"'beeti," tnrnipiTand' the likeTbiitk, ejf itKMjd-jtke-what you can of it. SumJboldLRegtsler. 3hI Nl ; The; Supreme Court of the State 'of New, York have issued a perpetual in-jiinctiou Agkins t Ea to h and Jbnkl hs f oV nnnarr.;.nh i 'rVl.r.V ' Wlti' 'm (1ti ym(v'y V I holding therhrespo'nsibleijltj fhe cruet impositirilnwhat"'they B'nve done and restraining them from" further like in- jury to the publid. If any class of our people more than another neeus the lnr tcrposition of law to shield therti frOni imposture, it is the sick and -suffering' who are unable to protect themselves. A remedy so. universally employed as Ayer'a Pills by all classes, both to cure and prevent disease, should as it does, have every security the law can afford, from counterfeit and'imiUtion.--.7aM-net, Schenectady. '' '.''"' e;Bloomfield Brass . Band , The objaot dt tfvt TttUni to f saeh aatmw It U believed ahd boped m win eemmead it to the Isv'Wrf tW Bdrtiiiaal'iyp;"aXV . Pf Should tie dajr appoinUd for tba FMl-rl prove wipfeMaat, U U1 b poetpoaed to the -("rat aloassBLday.-- -.-. fi?j,-a- , .r-;rri St. Jolin' Episcopal rhareb. Re. Datid J. Lei hiving been elected br the Vert, Rector of St. John's Pirlnh, Kvrvh-et will be held ivffuUrljr In the Church in this city eter SutnUy morning t II o'clock . M., snd t 10 cluck K ll." Tli "public re rtpclfuj'.j inriied. Similar fkhojl at 2 o'clock r. u. ritex tub i. o. o. r. The underaisncil hereby temlvr theft thanka to the I'ltcDttix Inaurance Company, of Uartford, Cona., for the payment, in cold coiik, of their lorn by Ore, Uetobrr t&i. The lionoiabie d- jiiHtmrnl and promp pavmenl by the Company, ennule (he Loil e 10 rebuild their Hull and re place their furiilfure;" and we vmmend the I'lMenix.or llartfuril to the brethren ihrouph- out the State M emlneuily worthy limit confidence and pntrminire. D. ROSKNTriAL, ) T , , ', v fl vr. v. m WM A. OR ADR, ) Flamito, Nor. 2d, 1HS3. ty Tolicieg issued by Agent at Petalnma. I. G 14-4w WU-kenthsin, Sulphur Crei k Col .TUnlng Co. OrricK SOLPiiua Crkkk Col Miniko Comta-nt, rettsluina, Oct. 17th, I8BM: At a meeting of the Trustee of the Sulphur Creek Coat Mining Company held this Hay, an aaseaament of eighteen and three-quarters (lift cent . per nhnr of the capital slock of aaid Company wa levied and ia due and payable iiuineiii.itely tu the Secretary of the Company in I'etaluma, iu V. 8. gold coin. ll-lw JAS. E. OEDSEY Sec'ty. .- esr i i i . - a t : " - f t tt aiTta Y FORD! rwfrXEB'S BANCH.) PSD1T, 5oi'r 18ti, m FOR FURBISHING THE CHURCH Just erected st that piece. AOniSSIOIf, iBeluUaf Sr, l,0O em i.9waa;ja$M,m.rmtm.r JUST OPENED! NKWRE8 TA UBANT! MR. inti MRS. COTBIRTH have opened a ' Rettanrant en Main ttreet, IrM doer bv low Phenix Block.,, , The Table will be supplied with the best la the market, end all the delicaoies of the season. Regular Meals, Oyster Soup, to., serred at all hours. Board, $5 per week. 14-tf ' - 1 1 ' -"It ) NOT ALL SMOKE. A, MORRIS, IN DOYLE'S 3iyCK innUUDTGy t Oppotitt Phtnix Block, Main StreetPetaluma DtALia IB . id I t MOTUKHS! MHlli:UN MOTIIKIIS!!! Pon't fail to procure MRS. WINSLOW'S SOOTHIVO STRI P for Hrildren T. eihing. This raluable prep:iraiion in the prescription of one of the best female physician and nure in the fniied 3l:ite. anil hn !een used for iliir-t veara with nevci failing 'nfelr and Hiircehy millions of mo'hers nnd fliildrcn. from the fee ble inlnnt of one wetk ol to the adult. Ii not only relieve." the chil l from pain, hilt invijrorates the atomneli ami liowel; correct!! acidity and ires tone and energy to the whole V!li'm. It will atino.t instantly rrtirve . jrlpls In the llowela and Wind folle. Wo believe it in the best and surtst remedy in the world in all cases of Dysentery and Diarrhoea in htldren, whether it 'arises IVom teething or any other cause. Full directions for using will iccompanr each bottle. None genuine unless the fiic similie of Curtls'A Perkins, Xew York, I on Ihe outirto wrper. Sold by all Medicine, Dealers, rnncipnl omee 48 Der street, Xew York. Trice only 25 cents per Wile. REDIN'GTO.V & CO., 416 Jt il8 Front St., San Francisco, 616m Agents for California. The .Tlcdlelne tor asll aesuiaai Da. Roback's 8tocb BiTTRae. We profess to have more than .a supcrticial knowledge of the healni!? art, anil while we are tuny prepared to admit, that, hum bug is but another word for Imposition, and, therefore, do not allow any ad vertl-ement or" notice to appear In our paper that has the least lcnili'hi-y lo corrupt the hu man mind, we see always glad to recommend what, w believe to be a real boon to society, md" twHtVif Ifrtite" m f xper1nTeivwt-ne of Dr. Rohack's Stomach Hitlers, we bear our testimony to the'r real, genuine and very beneficial use. Dr. U'a bitters far surpass any prepara- 1 Un of the kind we have ever used; and we ( fire --it-- r - : -r - r--vt - -s--1- -.-l' an wno neeu a nniu, san aim nw nn-wnFir tou4e to try- this medicine at onoev if. you 4ry U once, you will bo sure to try it again. It is just tho thing for ihe stoinarh iu hot weather. Ealim (OUio Ikmtrat,of May 80, 1861. See advertisement. PeptlMm ' low ' Peter Smith,' while transacting bnsi-rress at the 0. S. Treasurer's office, Boa-ton was robbed by some adroit thief Of nearly $34,000 ii i bilfs,rciipona, tc: r Thn average . wages paid teachera in the public scrnppls of the State is $40 a month; the lowest sam paid any male teacher was $29 a month; the lowest paid to a female teacher waa. $30 a month. 1 " 1 'hir. Walter, architect of the Capitol at Waaliington, authorizes the publication of the statement tljat the great dome will be completed before tna next eaatoti tef Congfreaa.-"'.-'-1'"' 1 ' The King of Holland is the editor of a monthly magatine, in 'wldcli lie "dla-ensses, with little reserve tiia views as to the policy adapted to his country, the progress ft ia' making, and bis own wishes and purposes as a sovereign, with tha best intentions. " ,.: .;! ml-l jf. 'Ime l1"' ' '' '" '' ! '-'J," i ,, . JiisToijcAU Shells 0 no of the fifteen shells recently rown joto Charleston city by Oeueral ' Gilmora shivered . the stataetereoted" aomo;,jeara ,aiica:n, front of the Court House in comraemo- l ration, pf a'; John, .alhonn:,,' S SNUFF, PIPES, POCKET CUTLERY, FLAYXNQ OABBS, Hair, Tooth, and Nail Brushes. POWDER FLASKS, Percussion Caps, Fishing Tackle, MATOHES, r 1.. -. . m 1 1 . u t Tituviug unit tuiica isoaps, PERFUMERY, j Billiard CfesJk, Oae Leather 4k Wax, 5 DICE, WHIST COUNTERS, WAVLKINU C.IKBS, I?VK UL ASSES, ETC., ETC., ETC. y Satisf.iction Guaranteed to Ciutomen. Iteinemher: opposite Phrnix Block, J V'tuU't Building, Main Slrttt, PtlaUma. Bd- a. morris. To Mining; Conipnniea. v ' Sic MARRIED In Valleio Townshio. on the 1M lnt., b Jus tice Creue, MrflsooB .Rioa.and. Miss NNcr liiiu HorcLu all of Sonoini Co;intr. 13 b RN At rVbaetopol, H'th inst.; lo Mr. and Mrs. J. H. P. l(orri a eon. ' , DIED Irt this cltr, Ath Inst, Willi, Infant ton of O P. KeKogd4-4ntJiftHH4 Arrr-'i OEOBOB It.'- OUTBIBTK, WATCkMAKER JEWELLER V ' having ha a" sevsrat years e-a?jSi!Si3Slprionce in the business,' ieould repeotlullv invite all persons having work in hie tll which ih wish done In Ihe best St vie, o tfti htm catt. PartleuUlri attention i Mid to eJeaniug and repairing atohee end cloelu. AU work amrrented., kl,v. , J ty Shop one door south of Fheniz Block, Dear the American UouL "' '. ' .' ld-tf J i mil. ' nond Fiiurjl ' fOTICK U hireby In 'that all Conn tr 1 ftoad Werrante np to Ke. 0 (Treeureri't f il he, paid on pmse nation, M , ,T reae-orer s 0(6ce, and that the lame cease to bear interest from the date of this norlce. ' ' '. ' ' f. O. HAHMA, Truorew j 8anta Roes, Nor.dtkv Jgtfl imS .if(n . ' ' '! I ''II 'I) Will ('111 .1,' 'ii J ' '! " Kdneh fotf ! ''"'"''r .'.f.-ii niiilmuKi )' bd'ivi A RANCH cenulnlag eboai 00 . mm, of which 4.K1 aeree aritnanaVtaid, all itn er rene,' ahh agoad Hoaeei K. OwteA. a choice vartrty of l-mil Tee VlBeesf Shrubberr, el., veil waier.dt.and sJtaatee lea nules, Borth-west f P.Ulnnus. and "' Ft i lb J20? Point Uoue,n the Blucher. Ranch, Is Offored Tor Sal en er rrasotb1e lerai. Title ifovd. Rsso for eelllnir, bad heaKh of the propeietwlr. Posseealoa gla hntaedlatetyv, for farther par-tioalare, enqiilra , on Ihe pranieaa. or by mail. .w,!,r ;i.d $-WiJ RDKRS FOR CERTIFICATES OF STOCK, ouk I.i-ilaers, Asscasinent Receipts. Trans fer Dooks, Etc , for Mining Companies, prompt-It :inj lirtfictoiilv filled at the JoUKNaL Office. C. ill in, gentlemen, examine specimens a:id lesrn prices before sending your orders beluw. Having had some eiperionce in the kscping of a set of Mining Books, we will cheerlullv impart to customers and friends anv needed iulor-nKitioi) in the premises that niaj - be in our power. 7-Mininj Notices conspuuouslj inserted ia the Paper at the lowest rates. fjj- 'etaluma Oold aud Silver Mining Company. Xotii-e is hereby given that in ac-cordance with the laws of the State of Cslifor-ni.i and an order of the Board of Trusters of the Petalnma Gold and Kilver Mining Company, made the Hist day of October. 1 643, there will he sold at public' auction, at the salesroom ef D. W. Sroufe, Pelalmna. California, on Saturday, December lith. I86J, it Ii a'clock neon, to' tho highest bidder for cash in U. S. gold coin, so many shares of the cupital stock of snld Company standing in the name of thefol-lowing iismed share-holders, as will be neces-sarr to pnv the following named assessments, d ilv levied by the Board of Trosteee, together with tho cost of advertising and sale, unless said assessments are prrvrotHlr paid with seeming charges: No. 1, levied May 2Mh, 163, Twen-&.JfeOM.PCfJr3!r Fifty Cents per slmre; No. S, levied September Iftth, I8, Filty Cent per share AO mU Names. Ass t No. Wis. Arre, Sr......l, Wm. Avres, Sr...... 8 , Win. Coiiley...., ..,.!.. Wm. Conley U P. Collins J. J. -Kills. ..... W, R. Cluness. . W. R. Cluness. . John Taylor.... James Daly. James Ayree. . . 11. U Lorell John Cavanagh. Caleb Railsback, 8. P. Derby.... J. ii. Ilink'le .... Hrs. a UaSkiJ'. fi, II, Sweetman s s 9, ' ...A, 3 ....!,, S .l.'.'tT; NVSVi. 6 IS 1 88 10 S IO IS 1 as , 63 60 60 15 PeWumaTOcf , iB, -1 T. W. ABRAHAM, SeereUry, Am't. 8 t 00 4 19 (K 8 00 IIOO 41 00 t i to 11 60 17 JO a oo 11 0 M to i fe to1 00 18 00 ?50 00 18-lia : Dissolntloq. ffettce. TDK partnership heretofore existing between R, D. IJiltoa and R. -0. Longley is hereby dissolved. , Mr. Hilton having (eft, I hereby (rive notice that I will not be responsible for ant acts done by hint from this date." " ' : I- .' . R. O. LONGLEr. Anal Tovpalp, Ootf lW.18ftfc.. JM L. F..; COLLIN'S.' , . : Attorney a. Oounaelor-AtJLaw, asb eonMiauosiaios iwaas : 0ce, Phenlt Btock, Main St, PetalaaiaUil IS i .-Mil IIUSIC;.MTJSIC, BLOOMFIELD STRItJo BAUD I ! 'tel.. r i.t. u wnL toJUt iJ iiw win luriiian miHm ivr muh, anni on reasonable terms. Apppl by letter or oth erwise to their Ageat,i . B. STOCKING, v H-8n ; ,,(,,; , I,,,.,.-, ,, ,,-jswraaei,, ''H 'I'll. 1. 11"'" ! I liVH'I'l" Attorney attd C5ounielor at Iaw. W'mm sa4 Ut. fef fyfaffiftt 6 appliad for before J.iiia ! KtiBIRf r BSOOKaV' ,n;WlHE JlTiMW.'!4M'.?Wt fi.l'It tiljl..'KvW:'J t ,1 -X

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