The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on February 12, 1929 · Page 16
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 16

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1929
Page 16
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HEN THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12,1929 iOY SCOliTDAY IS DEATHS ^Scouts Attend and Hear Special Sermons Mary Long Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Long, Downsville, died Saturday evening after an illness'of a week of diphtheria, aged six years. She is survived by her parents; sisters, Lu-, cille and Nellie, and brother, Alvey. \ Funeral was conducted at the { j Manor cemetery Sunday at 4 o'clock i Services-by Rev. Rowland Reichard and Rev.] (Continued from Page 1) JC. A. Prick. -snappy and the scenery will be the The little girl was known among most elaborate in Alsatia Revue his- I her playmates and friends as tory _ i "Peachy," on account of her sunny j ^ r _ \vade outlined the plans for Sunday was observed by churches disposition and winsome smile. She tjie sllow an( i gave a brief summary " * " t " "*" "" who of the entire slat. He promises some- of Hagerstown and the county as Boy Scout Day, in connection with anniversary week and Scouts attended services in groups and heard splendid, sermons. Troop 1 of St. Mary's Catholic Church went to communion and e8 r ^ r tnass at 7 a. m. Troop 2, of fct. ·was a great favorite of all knew her. Paul's U. B., will have their special service next Sunday. Troop 3, of Washine*on Square M. E. church, had about 25 hoys present at the morning service. In a response to an appeal from the pastor, Rev. George Bennett, for funds for a church debt, the Troop contributed $5 from their treasury and are planning to raise more money by giving a special program. Her. J. M. Gillum, of St. Paul's M. E. church, preached a sermon on Scouting at the evening service. Troop 5, of the Presbyterian church, heard a Scouting sermon by - Rev. Dr. W. S. Hess, and Sergt. Chop, of the Army recruiting station, blew an assembly and at the vestibule blew the church call- The boys saluted 'the flag and Sergi Chop blew "To The Colors," and flags were placed on the platform. After this the candle ceremony followed. Twenty hoys attended the First Christian church, which sponsors Troot) 6. Rev. Dr. Conrad Clever, of Christ Reformed church, preached a special Scouting sermon to Troop 7, of that church, and also to Troop 1.3, of the Alsatia Clnb. The Scouts took r "up-the collection. At Zion Reformed X. church, J Troop 8 heard a Scout serf mon Tiy Rev. Dr. Scott R. Wagner, r , and Scout Drains were sung:. Txoop 9 and Troop 11 had a joint at St. John's Lutheran cTiurch. Troop 12, of St. John's * Episcopal church, had-an impressive 'service, preceded by the lighting of red white and blue candles to represent Scout laws and oath, before the -processional. The Scouts marched ^ in a body following the processional, : bearing the National Flag and the * troop flag; they were accompanied by Scoutmaster James S. Webb, and Assistant Edward McBrien, and * Troop committeemen.'Nineteen boys were present- Rev. Dr. W. B. Stehl preached aii. appropriate sermon. There were 14 boys present at the service of Troop 1, Funkstown, held at the Lutheran church; with Rev. W. L. Rgmsberg officiating.: Two Scouts ;ook~up the collection, and Scout Don" "'old r Gimple gave a five minute talk " on Scouting and the ^founding of Infant Lewis, infant son of Mr. and Mrs.- j Lewis Shipley, Dowusville, died at aturday evening at S one month and 26 days. Death was due to thins different from anything pro duced by local talent. Mr. Hill pledged his support and Mrs. Wade was "darn glad to be here." Mr. Gaa spoke along show lines and told the members there would be only two weeks of rehearsals. The show will be held at the Maryland , ,, - . i . « - , l OllUW \ \ i l l *JC JAGJ.U. «*t, ^LlV i»j.«.i He is survived by his parents, s ^J Thea tre, February 25, 26 and 27. ter, Betty, and brother, Garfield. Services were conducted at the house Monday afternoon by Rev. Frick. Interment at Bakersville. Mrs. Beatrice Higgins Mrs. Beatrice A. Higgins, 430 Mary- George Orrick, president of the club, introduced J. Frank Elliott, who is chairman of the committee in charge of the production. He thanked the members for their untiring efforts in making the annual Booster, land avenue, died at the Washington -which will be published in conjunc- Scouting ,in the "United States. Scoutmaster R.. G. Hawken County Hospital, Monday, aged 20. She was a member of the Pen- tacostal Church. Besides her husband, Clyde C., one son Charles, father, Roy Stouffer, two brothers, Burrill and Clyde, and a sister, Mrs. Ivan Helman, all of this city, survive. The remains were taken to the Kraiss funeral horae. nouncements later. Funeral an- tion with the Herald and Mail this coming Saturday, the biggest in history- George Lindsay was chairman of the Booster committee, and Lloyd Stouffer was head of the editorial staff. "Scoop" Cost gave a short pep talk on the Booster and stated that the advertisement sale this year was the biggest ever. L. Vinton Hershey gave a stirring talk Qn the ti^et sale and urged ; sign. James A. P. Mathias James A- P. Mathias, 75, died sud-! every"memberlo"make this year's~at- denly at his home in Waynesboro.; tendance nec essary for the S. 1 R. O. He was born in Lewistown, Frederick county, and was engaged in business in Waynesboro since 1900. He John Fiery was in charge of the committee who arranged the splendid is survived by his widow and the I banquet. Music was furnished by following children: J. Leslie Mathias, the Revelers. Hagerstown; Mrs. William L. Sim-; -- mons, Frederick, and Harry K. and G. Bernard Mathias, Waynesboro. Funeral Thursday afternoon, with interment in the Creagerstown cemetery. IMPROVEMENTS TO BE ASKED BY BA The Grab Bag IS HIT BY THE COLDEST MEJNYEA8S (Continued from Page 1) Who an I? What is my vocation? In what sport did I participate years Of what country was Carlotta ones empress? What is "The Fourth Estate?" For what was Baron Munchausen noted? "Use hospitality one to another without grudging." Where is this passage found in the Bible? i'ahrenheit was the temperature reported from Landesliut, Silesia. Berlin, with a mark of 22 degrees below zero fahreuheit, had its cold- Jest spell in 130 years. Breslau registered five below in the early hours. ' Three children were frozen to death j near that city. I Breslau was started by a heavy de' tonation just before dayliglit. It was found the frost had cracked one of the bridges over the river Oder. . leaving a gap, nearly an inch wide across the bridge from one parapet to the other. Two persons were frozen to death on the streets of Berlin while 250 were given treatment bites." The River Rhine presented the most unusual sight of an ice bridge from bank to bank at the famous Lorelei rock. Skaters have crossed the frozen sea from Denmark to Sweden. The cold was general in the same extreme degree over all Europe except in tue lower southwest. (Continued from Page 1) master of ceremonies and will lead the general entertainment. Today in the Past. On this day in 1809, Abraham Lincoln was born. -can- for" "f-crt Au en sasement of national interest 1 b | is that of Miss Emily Addison Lang- home, of Norfolk, Va., and "Andy" Gustafson, former University of Pittsburgh football star, of Augrora, 111. Miss Langhorne's father is a cousin of Lady Astor and Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson, two of the five Langhorne sisters, renowned for their beauty. Gustafson is coach at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Dancing will be from 7 until 1 in the lobby, which will be cleared for the occasion. Horace Leland Wiggins, M. P. Holler Sr., J. 0. Snyder and Mr. and Mrs. Henri will receive the guests from 6.30 until 7 o'clock. All the suites in the hotel have been engaged for the opening night and the management of the Alexander will have the honor of having as its guests; Mr. Vanderslice, managing director of the Elmira Hotel, Elmira, N. Y., Frank Trout, managing director of the Yorktown, York, Pa., Mi*. Croghan, of the Frances Scott Key and Hotel Braddock, Henry Thomas, of the Century Trust Company. Baltimore, a representative of the Omoudago Pottery Company, W. T. Chambers, purchasing agent for the Benjamin Franklin, and Horace Leland Wiggins, president of the Alexander Hotel operating company. Today's Horoscope. Persons born on this clay have wonderful possibilities which should be developed. They too often allow j their friends to push them ahead instead of themselves working to sa*n succcti-s. FOR BUDGET W F. A. Willis, Formerly Located Here, Greets Friends NORTHCOTT GIVEN DEATH SENTENCE A Daily Thought "Liars are always most to swear.'"--Alfieri. disposed Airmail. Puts in Afternoon Inspecting Air- 7 port Sites Belize, British Honduras, Feb. 11, /P).--Dropping in on Belize 24 hours earlier than his schedule called for. Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh, on his return flight from Panama to Miami. Changes To The Courthouse To Be Recommended By Ass'n The Bar Association in special session yesterday discussed at length proposed improvements to the court house, deciding in. conclusion to petition the Board of Connty Commissioners so that the work can be done during the coming summer months. Tentative plans call for enlarging the court library and furnishing a room for the petit jury. At present the petit jury is compelled to use the court library while the grand jury is in session. The suggestion was made that the offices of Tax Supervisor Guy Gantz and the Juvenile Court be moved to the third floor which would be com- ocuuuiMWiioi..., «..«-..«-»-- . - put in the afternoo V Assistant Cfiarles.Lizer accompanied for anent ai '' 14 Scouts of -Wffiiamsport Troop 1 minn-i linvavs mail P'e'ely renovated. The third floor an ?i;ur^;Tten;;rrn^t^"S TM »TM ««****«* ·»»»» to church,^ ·where they heard a sermon by the Rev. "Life's Compass:' i t He brougllt the appearance of an attic. with him Colonel John Hambledon, While this plan was acceptable to vice president of the Pan-American' the majority, the suggestion Airways, and Lieutenant Christian made that an additional story be . j TV etj o, auu j-jA^u^^iit*.i.*w v^*i* j-w^* *-*.** . · · - , * j IT. ,, ' * · -i V f -T -fP'a rTM Schilt, given leave of absence from erected on the building and the en- that the *^.^te-J ^-fea Cog-. ^.^ TinQ Corps to become Miami tire court department me uding the pass" are truth, hone! purity "and loveliness justice; | superintendent of the air company. library, courtroom, counsel chamber, .JJtJJ.mH3UU.ClIl, VJ. HJ.C 0,11 ^L1XIV»"J' . , . jas i i'U ~~,,-~,3 -i-t^v « · · «. *% f T The colonel flew here from Man- Judge's office and. t^e grand jury On Saturday this troop^pcted, Nicaragua making the trip in room be moved to new quarters properties in Williamsport%r fire £ hom . g nd 5? tautes An escort which would throw open the entire plane, piloted by Raymond J. Mer- second floor to additional office space. ^ hazards. BILL MAKES DUN ELIOKFOR JURY ··'Measure/ Will Be Introduced By Senator Levin ritt. stopped en route at Hela, Honduras. The second floor could then take care of the school board's offices and The Dlanes are to leave here tomor- Permit the enlarging of the office row euronte for Havana and Miami, vault of Clerk Edward Oswald as Annapolis, Md., February 11.-- DAVID J. LEWIS TO well as enlargement of the Tax Collector's office. The sheriff's office could also be housed on the second ADDRESS BANQUET fl 00r . The additional story would require the installation of an elevator. By moving the court to the third floor the objectionable noise from the street would be reduced to :i David J. Lewis will he the speaker at the 10th annual pig roast of the Antietam Fire Co. to be held Feb. 14. Officials of the Maryland State Fire- ·-- --- -- -- Jcr - - - - - ·* - ' - ; i » - " . t J53 * 1 J L U C DH wCL » » uuxu »~f\j AV-V*I.«.V.V-'\.* i » « * · ' A bill which would makfe women in men-s Association city officials and minimum while the general public Maryland eligible for jury duty has officers of other fire companies will been prepared by Senator Harry .C be present. Levin, Baltimore, for introduction in 1 The Antietam Co. expects this to the State Legislature. Three other be the largest pig roast it has ever bills have already been offered in held. Members will meet at the ' " TY: __ TT_n --j. T . f A A .I.^I ^-r.-in ·»%«·» ^« 4-^ the House of Delegates, Fendell Marbury, making for the further equality of women under the law. .The National Women's Party, the Federation of Republican Women, the Women's City Club, of Baltimore and a Baltimore chapter of a National women's fraternity have given their support to the Levin measure, while a number of individuals women .have announced that Fire Hall at 7:30 and will march to the Armory for the banquet, headed by the Odd Fellows Drum Corps. ° P P § be excluded almost entirely except during court terms. Contractors have frequently expressed the opinion that the present building is one of the most substantial in the city and that the present walls would accommodate as many as ten additional stories. Answers to Foregoing Questions. 1. Billy Sunday; evangelist; baseball. 2. Mexico. 3. The press. 4. His lying. 5. I Peter, iv. 9. New York, Feb. 11, Eva Bishop, 68, today ;/P). -- Mrs. was found slain in her bed in her home in Whitestone, Queens, and her daughter, Sadie, 42, was found dead in another room, apparently a suicide by gas. Mrs. Bishop's head had.been crushed with an axe, which lay near her body. The daughter apparently had tied the door of her room with a rope on the inside. Mrs. Bishop who was an invalid, was found on the second floor of the house. Her daughter's body was on a couch in the living room downstairs. A tube connected to an open gas jet was in the daughter's mouth. Police said a letter on a table nearby indicated the daughter killed -Mrs. Bishop and then ended her own life. Friendships and contacts cf eighteen years ago were renewed in Hagerstown Monday by Commandant F. A. Willis, of the Washington branch of the Salvation Army, who is hero in the interest of completing the budget for the local Salvation Army for this year. Commandant Willis recalled that lie was located in Hagerstown eighteen years ago, when the Salvation Army was strug- giingg for a firm foothold in- this city. lie said he was pleased with the advance the Army has made here and especially over the fact that it hag a permanent home made possible by the efforts of those who have been active in the work and the generosity of the people. The Commandant said the Salvation Army work here, in order to be more effective, and to set the lull benefit of the home as a spiritual and charitable asset to the city and community, needs fuller financial support, at least to the point of raising the budget necessary to carry out the year's program. He feels that he will be heartily received and supported in his efforts to complete the work. Riverside, Cal., Feb. 11. (ff)--Gordon Stewart Northcott, convicted last week on boy murder charges regained much of his wonted nonchalance this afternoon as he heard Judge George R. Freeman pronounce upon him the sentence of Officers and Men Of Local j death. Forty minutes later he was ' on his way to San Quentin prison. National Guard Are Commended Company B-, Maryland National Guard, was given their annual Federal inspection at the Armory last night, with sixty members out of a membership of sixty-one present. Capt. H. H. Myer, representing the Feclreal government, and Col. D. John Markey, commander of the First Infantry, made the inspection. During the hour's inspection last night the company men displayed all phases of military training. Col. Markey expressed his commendations to officers and men of the company, and said he noted a great improvement over last year. While the official report of inspection will not be known for several months, the company-feels it has passed the test. About 1,00 local people witnessed the inspection, displaying great interest. This interest of the public helps to build up militarism and the public is incited to the weekly drills j each Monday night. The Armory and government equipment were inspected in the after- i noon. The prisoner made a motion"for a two-day stay to prepare an appea 1 for a new trial, but this was denied. OYSTER SUPPER AND DINNER. By Hag. Camp No. 1 W. 0. W. Wed. Feb. 13; dinner 11 a. m. to 1:30 p. m. Supper oto R p. m. W. O. W. Bldg. Tickets 35c ^- dv - DAHLIA SOCIETY IS ORGANIZED MONDAY The. Hagerstown Oahlia Society organized Monday, when a number of dahlia growers of this city met and elected Win. II. Slick, Jr., president, and G. T. Starrier, 530 West Howard street, secretary. The society is formed for the purpose of stimulating interest in and promoting the culture and development of the dahlia in this community. The society will hold a local dahlia show each year the third week in September. All persons interested in th's flower are invited to join, the membership is one dollar. Their nest meeting will be held at Henry Bester's greenhouse, South Potomac street, Feb. 17 at 7 p. m. CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank friends and neighbors for kindness shown during the death of John West. Also for flowers and use of cars. By Mrs. John West and Family. Adv. FREE! FREE! TUESDAY, Feb. 12 Silver Time 1 Piece with 5 or mere gallons Amoco, Betholine, Esso, Standard or Tydol Gasoline 1 piece with oil change 1 piece with car greasing 3 pieces with both of above at same time. The Ludwig Tire Parking Co. W. Antletarti St. Opp. B. O. R. R. Car Load K.T.HAGER Church Prospect Sts, FLORIDA Just Arrived Golden Russets. They are o The best car I have had this season be obtained.) larger sizes and exceptionally sweet. Tree ripened. (No better to A Peck If Remeasured Will Contain A Peck. 60c, 50c, 35c Per Always the Best Quality Open Evenings AXEL PETERSON IS WINNER OF TITLE Bremen, Germany, Feb. 11 {IP).-The German indoor tennis championship, men's singles, was won today by Axel Peterson o£ Denmark with a straight set victory over Dr. Dessart of Germany, 7-5, 7-5, 6-0. The women's singles title was won by Fraulein Irmgard Rost of Cologne, who defeated Fran Friedleben in the final, 11-9, 1-6, 7-5. Mrs. F. F. Henson, Mt- Vernon Apartments, is spending several days in New York. s n r b m m t r o d u c e d by the 1 C. E. Union to Hold Early M o r n i n g Service Again This Year I An Easter sunrise service will be held by the Washington County C. E. CORRECTION In yesterday's Herald the names of several officers of the Dorcas Bible Class" were incorrect. The correct ones are: President, Mrs. S. F. Schnebley; assistant president, Mrs. F. T. Spickler; secretary, Mrs. L. S. Fiery; assistant secretary, Mrs. Mary treasurer, Mrs. Carl Carrier. O TUES. Feb. 12 Joe Mills Ciearspring Orchestra. Dancing from 8:30 to 11:3C Ladies 25c Gents 50c DOOR PRIZES r .-- o. -- wjn o late Senator Alexander R. Hagner, of Hagerstown, was defeated in the 1927 session of the Assembly. AUXILIARY TO MEET The monthly meeting of the Aux- Iliary to the Washington County Hos- Union, It was. announced last night pital will be held this afternoon at following an executive committee .*! o'clock in the auxiliary of the hos- meet i n g at which eleven senior and Pital. A. full.attendance is desired, i OJie intermediate society were repre- £fflOiimn!mnuHW!!i!!aiiiui!iimati!im:miai!;miiiiiO!Jis sented. A committee was appointed i t -gtf T i . - 1 to arrange for the Easter service, | 10% KedUCtlOn which was held last year. HAGERSTOWN TENT 110 E. Washington St. Phone 240 a On 1 | Layettes, During Feb. | I Kiddie Kiothes Shop 1 12 W. Franklin St. ' TOMCROSS Phone 1 34 Truck Covers, Canvas Good* -.uumuiiitiiKiiiriifiiiiiiiiiiii.iiiitiitiiciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitDniiiiiuiiiiiiiimiiiiiii; I Very Best I KEROSENE | 13c gal. H. L. MILLS 40 W. Baltimore St. A C. E. shield will he awarded to any society in the County getting 20 or more subscriptions to the Chris-!] tian Endeavor World. A musical entertainment will be given during! March. i NEW BAILIFFS GO j ON DUTY AT COURT Samuel M. Gantz, Virginia avenue, and former sheriff Bruce S. Sellers, Summit avenue, were appo'nved bail- ·ffffs at the opening of court yester- !ay. Mr. Zellers succeeds the late Joseph Zeigler as bail'3! to the petit jury. Mr. Gantz was placed in charge j of the lawyers' entrance to the courtroom to enforce the new regulation of permitting only attorneys behind the railing. Was AT Jtus Sainl-Gaudens statue cut. -a .hf, fincsi sculpture* 0} Lincoln in cxisttnce. BRANCHES: WASHINGTON SQUA11K. KOONSBOKO. TyKlTKRSBUUG and MALT!.\NS\TbLE. - -- INCOLN'S life was one of failures--failures that he 1 made stepping stones to the White House. And it I . was reserve force that enabled him to do the step^^ ping Whether called upon to endure the hardships of frontier life or to wrestle with the problems of a government in-the throes of war, Lincoln always had at his command a reserve force, built up during the years of his boyhood struggles, that lifted him over seemingly unsur- mountable barriers. This bank--established three years before Lincoln was born--has constantly increased its resources in step with the orowing needs of Hagerstown's commercial and mdus- triaf activities. Today its total resources are in the neighborhood of ten million dollars. It has grown to this measure of usefulness as a financial reservoir by aiding the financial growth of individuals and business concerns; by taking a specific, constructive part in the community's advancement What about your resources? Have you a reserve force a substantial balance, to help you meet emergencies or to'grasp opportunities? If not, open an account here and keep it growing by regular deposits. AUTOMOBILE SEAT COVERS Awnings -- Tents -- Slip Covers IF ITS MADE OF CANVAS WE MAKE IT The Hagerstown Bank Trust Co, Hagerstown, Maryland Constructive Banking Since Colonial Days 180G- 1929 t 11

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