The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1951 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1951
Page 1
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, Fear of Cheap European Money Spreading Again JJEW YORK; Oct. 11. <AP> — Fear that Europe may cheapen its money agntn toon is spreading. When • country devalues its currency in terms of gold, <or in terms of a recognized .standard like the American dollar) It destroys pnrl of the value of every one's savings, of personal Incomes, pensions. Insurance policies. Devaluation does this officially, as inflation already has don« It unofficially. Fear that this Is comiii? shortly after the British election next week has both the British nnrt French jittery. Rumors spread that If the Conservatives win in EiiBland they will jet the [jtnmd sterling free to seek Us own level—officially this wouldn't be devaluation, but UK effect would be the same, What might happen Is shown In this: officially the pound Is worth $2.80, but In Switzerland H Is quoted at 12 32. Inflation in France has the Franc so shaky that Die dollar buys 433 to 440 francs on the Paris black market, in contrast to the "olficlal 350 Franc rate. The price of cold in the "f'pn" market In Paris has climbed $8 In three months to 548 an ounce. The official rate Is J3S an ounce. PrlKht- ened French citizens will pay 548 in fenri of inflation and devaluation. Rumor puts French devaluation, If It comes, at around 10 to 15 per cent. be cheaper In terms of dollars, and therefore more competitive In the world markets, But the devaluation of 1949 showed that shortly European prices rose again and wiped out any saving. There arc many causes for thrse Jitters In Europe. Both France an England blame the burden of rearming for upsetting their economies after their post-war problems had seemed almost solved, Britain's loss of her Iranian ol properties and her growinG trouble In the Middle make her finan cial trade ailments acute. The oi she. got cheap in Iran Is brltiK re placed toy co.stller imports from oth er sources. And the price of man materials she must Impnrl to re arm has gone much hlcher slur Korea, lending to talk that after th nlectlnn she will »KBln ask Uncl Sfirrt to help her out, with raw ma tcrials If not with money. The drain on her gold and dolln reserves Is shown In her trntlp rcc orris. In the first nine mnnlln ' this year her Imports rout her $2 billion morn than slie got for hcr| exports during that time, although she Is exporting mere goorls this year than last. France's troubles are even more acut*. Price and wnce inflation continues to spiral. Wages have Just gone up 15 per cent In basic Indus- Many' Europeans arc reported j tries, and the price of such products buying up commodities for thn samei as steel have Just been allowed to ' ' rise 22 per cent. Frenchmen fear the fear that lends them to hoard gold. Some say this caused the recent fluctuation In the price of raw wool in the Australian auctions. Europeans, who were afraid to hold onto their money, were turning It Into wool. To Americans. European devaluation would mean that exporters could get more pounds or Francs for American goods. For a time the price of goods made in Europe would . price of many of their products will thus tend to rise too high for competition in world markets. In both France and England there- Is the fear that as (he governments turn more and more of Industry to producing arms, there, will be less goods for foreigners to buy. thus i making the pound nnd Franc s'ill less desirable to have, and less valuable. Hungary Sets Up Church Fund BUDAPEST f/n— Himeary hat established a church fund "to guarantee the financial basis of the task of Churches," according to a decree published in the Official Gazette. The decree referred to previous Church-state agreements under which the slate pays priest's salaries and social -security. Fund Income comes from .state appropriations anrt Sour Not* MONTREAL (AP)—A speaker »t the Notre Dame Community Council, discussing the train whistle nuisance, said some residents of the district suspect that some of the "unnecessary tooting" may almp- ly be sinnals such as one train en- . glnwr telling t pal down Ihe line | that he won 1)0 in the poker game the night before. He said they com- cunlcated by > tort of Morse coda. Read Courier News Clawifled Ads. income from former Church-owned lands. Last August priest,-, were ordered by their bishops to cede all land still owned by the parishes to the government. RHEUMAlK«/*HtIP Content 2 /»|r«d/*ftls OKwv PrMtrfbwJ by Doctor* It'l 0-222B, with flit Ulleyl>t4 *eUen Ui*t «»*»4* t«m(ftrt 10 theuMndt. ll'l "lodl»d," loo—«1ift eenuini "Hack «n»k* Root" h*b. OM O-2233 for bl»iM4 h«lp lod&y. Pi It* «l tlnl h«Uta Uck LI >W 4on't pnt« C-2Z2J. Coke & TV UNITED IN PRAYER—Occupying a joint pew in St. Puul's Cathedral, London, in proclcclion prayer services were Britain's two major pnrty leaders, bitter political rivals. At left are Prime Minister Clement AUleo, Labor Party leader, and his wife; at right arc former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Conservative Party leader, and Mrs. Churchill. Nickel-a-Day Pill Cited as Aid In Treatment of Alcoholics WASHINGTON, Oct. 11. CAP)— * r The State Department, announced yesterdny it favors crcatine n Unit:1 Nations commission to find out If -it is possible to hold n nationwide election In enst-u-pst split Germany, • Enrollment Off In Colleges 82 Per Cent Show De ere a ft* in Students CINCINNATI, Oct. 17. (XPV— Eighty-two per cent of this country'. 1 : colleges have suffered decreases in fuJltime" student enrollments, Dr. Raymond Walter* reported yesterday. Dr. WHtt*rs, president of the Unt- rersity of Cincinnati ^nrt R veteran , collegiate statistician, sftld the decreases in approved universities *nd colleges ranged from five to 30 per cent from last full. Freshnmn attendances are down in six out of every 10 Institutions this autumn, according to his analysis of the fall enrollment picture. The 195t declines were not BS large as predicted but they continue to drop from the postwar penk first felt on American cnmpuae.s two years ago, Dr. Walters noted that fe\ver students mean smaller incomes, this brings the threat of "riiKnMrous' results in many schools, nnd thrust, financial crisis In the face of fil colleges and universities, he declar ed. -+ NEW YORK, Oct. 17. MV-H nl- ahoUcs haven't the willpower to ass up H drink, doctors now can rescrlue a new five-cent-a-clay pill hnt will make them think twice elore taking a swallow. The white pill, with the Irfidfi ame, has no effect until person takes a drink. But the ilnitte alcohol Is sipped, the pcr- on becomes sick, Renctions include a ciuickeiicti >ulse, rising blood pressure, rti/.zi- ;ess, nousea and breathing trouble. Even a drop of li(|uor will-cruise reaction. But the 'bigger the drlnfc, the worse the sickly renc- ,lon, U.S. Suggests UN Investigate Possibility of German Vote Business Lightens Load oi Taxes CHICAGO, ')— Suburban home Michael J. McDprmott, State Department press officer who made the announcement, emphasized such commission would have to have full freedom to poke nround In Rust — Communist controlled — as well as West Germany. He MI Id/the U.S. would support crcatltm ol a U.N. Commission. McDermott did not say who was likely to propose the commission In the U.N. Gemma Chancellor Konrarl Adenauer has proposed n neutral, fnter- nntionnl commission under U.N. control to see If free elections throughout Germany are uossihle. Ertst, Germnny f s Communist lender » Th« pill was demonstrated before lotto Grote^'ohl 1ms nlso proposed Vie New York MertU-aT Committee natlonwide'*clcctlons. but without on Alcoholism. The "guinea pig" was a young womnn, nn alcoholic 'or 10 yenr.s, who has been using :he pill the last two years. Doctors cautioned that the druy is dangerous and must be administered by H physirlan. They ncltied that alone It will not cure alcoholism, but coutri help in psychiatric or psychological treatment. Tablet Aids Reducing NEW YORK (AP)—For reducing fttri. a food tablet depresses the Uisie buds on the tongue, lo cut desire tor food In obesity due to over-eatinp. It's taken before mcnls. mentioning guarantee,-; that, they be Irce, WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WitUul Cal'oirttV— And You'll Jamp Out oi Bed in IW Nomine FUrin' lo Go Th« livrr nhouhi pour rmt nhotit 2 pints o[ l)Hr juico inlf> your fiijrtslive tract every tiny. - - " At home iwner-s cnn lighten thoir tnx loads yy encournginK. rather tlian oppos- ng. the establishment of desirable tnisin cesses in their cc mm unities, This Is the contention of Stephen Porter, writing in Review, publication of the Society of Residential Appraisers. A director of the Wcst- chestfir County (N. Y.) Realty Board, Porter explains that in suburban communities without industry, practically the entire tax burden Tails on he me owners. When they pause for station identification, the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola s- - ' " ~. * ~ • is as near as your refrigerator. Get it, serve it. ice cold— fight in the bottle. KMuto UHD£* AurHoaiir or IHI COCA-COIA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BLYTHEVILLE r«gJifer«j trW»-morfr. - © 1«>, IHE COCA-COLA COMPAMY bile Tint '!ie?M. H may just rlff-ay in rKe rticf-itive trarl. Thrn KM liloala up your MfimacK. You get e<l. You fptl sour, sunk and the It I.'.kr-A thm* mild. Rpntle Cnrt<r'« 1-iULn Read Courier News Classified Ads , I.lvcr ['ills to (,-rt thrsr 2 pint inc frcHy to make vou (rrl "up * parka,-*- t.xj»y, KfTfotivrrin trff]y. ' ami up. ' Ot , king bile fliw X f"r Carter's Little Liver 1'illa, 37< Its New! Its Better!) It's Guaranteed! FUI your crankcase with new Phillips 66 Heavy Duty Premium Motor Oil. Try It for ten days—or up to 1,000 miles. If It doein't latttfy you rompJ*refy, your Phlillps 66 Dealer will arrange for a l with any available oil you want at our expense. The reason we dare make this guarantee is simple. We are sure uiis ftftt- and ;m/>roiv</ Phillips 66 Heavy Duty Premium Motor Oil rvill please you, It gives you a new high in Luhn-tecnon: WEAR PR£V£NT/ON? Yes! It keeps corrosionandfriction from harming your engine. BfARING PROJKflON? Yes! It ncuirali/es acitU , . . protects bcAring surfaces from pitting. CttAWINO AB/Urr? Yes! And * clean engine means more power — less gasoline consumption. tOW Oil CONSUMPTION? Yes! It resisis decomposition. Fewer make-up quarts are needed over thousands of miles of operation. Jt's because of important features like these that Phillips 66 Heavy Duty Premium Motor Oil surpasses manufacturers* specifications for all makes of cars. It's truly a "Heavy Duty" motor oil- will do an outstanding job in trucks as well as passenger cars. Try it! We guarantee satisfaction. •Phillip PAYIOAD5 Bigger loads! Faster trips! longer life ! Blggar Loads! Balanced Weight Distribution enables you to haul bigger payloacis on a Dcxigc "Job-Haled" truck. Because the engine has been moved forward and the front axle back, you can carry more without danger of overloading. The right proportion of the load ia carried on each nxle. This improved design also result* in a shorter wheelbase for easier handling. Fatter Trlpil High-Compression Engine gives you plenty of power for your toughest job! Increased horsepower—in combination with the right transmission and rear axle ratio— means f/ustcr trips! Four-ring pistons with chrome-plated top ring—and other outatinding Dodge values—assure the . kind of performance that saves dimes and dollars on your job. Longer life! Husky Chassis Units are one of many reasons why your Dodge "Jnb-Rnted" truck will last and last. You get a big, nigged frame r,f hot-rolled, high-carbon steeL Springs are of special alloy steet —extra tough, yet properly resilient! Axle shafts are shot-pccne<l for added durability. _ And every chassis unit is"Job-Rated" to fit your kind of hauling! gyrol FLUID DRIVE ovailoblo on V?-, 3 /4-, and \-tan models This Dodge "exclusive" gives vou smoother starts . . . easier liamlling . . . lo\vpr upkeep costs . . . longer truck life. Ask for a demonstration. What a "Job-Rated" truck means to you engineered right to provide the strength and capacity needed. Every unit that MOVES the load— engine, clutch, transmission, propeller shaft, rear axle and others—is engineered right to meet o particular operating condition. A "Job-RoterT' truck is engineered at the factory to fit a specific job... provide the best in low-cost transportation, nave money, last longer. Every unit that SUPI'OK TS the load— frame, a lies, springs, wheels, tires and others—is that loao* BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. Get New, Improved Phone 4422 Walnut & First

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