The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1946
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1940 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NETVS lighway Plans : ormed for '47 Record of June 28 Meeting Points to $2,173,000 Program I'lTTI H DOCK. Ark.. July 111. •ii > Inspection ,, f minutes "or a file 28 meeting of the Slav •giuvay Commission yesterday reeled plans Kir a S2.'m,000 iiii'.lt- '•otisuuclion pro^mm for Ar.;!.•; wliich iia<| not been \r--c- •Lv aniioiinrcd. N " other information on tlie ( was available immediately ! ''e commission beaded Dy """1 H. sudler. of Little R"cl:. t the record reflects that the iumjs::icin exjieeis to supplement xl year's pro<>ram wiih addi- nial leuitiKs in Inline coiimns- 'ii meetnijis. Hecords did not real the mileage nor the suil.ic,: lies n( the various project-;, but ey did show ituit SI'.wo DM w>; "narked ri.r primary const r-ic- m and $;i7:),ooo tor" secundaiy •'struct ion. he primary program calls lo "1)00 in ennst ruction o Hie P; 1 ,- t Missouri Line Road u. S. ii:! •>' County; $200,000 additional ; calion in Federal funds lor tho v Mississippi River brlili-n ai mpllis; $500000 construrtion oil Kuiltirart - Wabbaseka Hoad, •S. T!), Jefferson an<| Ari-ansa:; mules, and JIOO.IJOO constructor, the Hamburg-South 'Road, U 3. Ashley County. Deluded in the secondary pre- 10 is $-100.000 consliuclion from ifork nam ( o Calico Rork Stale :liway r>, Baxter and Imjrd iinlics; $280,000 on the Ola-Dar- iclle road, Highway 7, Yell inly: $50,000 on the Newptat- tth road on Highway 17, Jack'- Count.}'; SliOOOO on ille Lonokc- lilimd road, Highway 30, aud i.OOO on the Derniott-.Jerome id. Highway 1C5, chicot and ow Counties. Portrait of a Cat Helicopter May Fan Away Farmers' Insect Worries PAGE SEVEN Hy NKA Srrvli'o YAK!MA. Wash.. July 12. — All 11 em catalogued as "Kelleys Koollu Killer" Is ilircatcnliir; to shove II"' helicopter i lulu Into the front row <if (lie- lann linpli'inriit picture nlou;; side (hi' tractor iincl tile plow. 'L'hu "Kootic Killer" Is nil alr- rralt eroi) and cattle dusllttK riHU'lilne adapte<| to helicopters li.v Prank (I. Kcllcy Jr.. farm specialist for Bell Aircraft, oonpled with the windmill-type aircraft, the. ler 11 us been buzzum oyer the countryside In these purls lo MIIV Ihe bu/acitiK of Hies and mos<|Ultoes which were ihrraleulnu hcr<I» ul ittle. The helicopter made four in loin III and II en Ii Ihe I lie tin U|! W ! I1DT. Dow Ihe Inx.'cllcl ground an>l hen swirled I up ami WHS U.Si • lileh ha or u:cus- dmlll. r I ho lift 01 i Uu d to dry I become ff you had ij::rLsed Ibis eat cm the slreei you'd probably not have given him a thought. Rut \vlien !oi:kmi: at him ihrou;'h (he lens of the camera, he lakes on a sphinx-like appearance which seems to combine nil the qualities of wisdom and inso'i ulable interest wliich the ancient images of the Egyptian i'ic.wi-1 have had for lo these countless years. cNEA f'holo.) 'eacher Rescues Youngsters Corned As Soda! -Liabilities l-y .JOHN RIIKA N'I'A Staff Cmrcsliimdcnl CHICAGO. July 18.— Right year D 231 Chicii!;o children between and 14 had their fulures cut. t for them: they were almost lin to spend their lives as fio il liabilities probably in slate dilutions. They were feeble tided. Today they arc doiu;; quite well themselves. Almost all of them 83 per cent lire working, at wages aver.ig- ; s:!2 a week. One of them i i-iiiiiK sm weekly. Fifteen girts and llirac bos married. Eleven of thes milies have had children, all mal. VK OIIILDKKN' A C'HAXri' rctii'tccn, including three girl- seen military service. They liavc been saved from the -iaJ scrap heap largly through g eflorls or a young woman "i'er who disagreed with the uerally falalistii; altitude ul nericnn (Hlueation reyarciin^ mal defectives. ? is Or. Uernarditie Schtnitit of Ituliaitn State Tcachcis llciie at Terrc Haute, who as a ieai;i> public school teacher set to prove Unit these 254 "nn- ichables" could b ( . taiu:ht. Fu ice years she bud them fn a il class of her own which iphasiwd free activity n nd c-x- cssion. We gave the children a chance wide use of manual, graphic d language arts." Dr. Schmidt •nils. "We did not look for per- •t, predurLion. but for release nn nervous tensions. Tlie children found new inter- in writing (heir own thoughts icn they could say what was in •ir hearts. They wrote and pvo- ced plays, and operettas they blished a weekly newspaper. •Radio and recordings were ur,L'<l '•ach reading and build U P nieaniliEjs for children v.-lio (Vf^pecial difficulties in associat- ; tile printed word with other iral forms such as pictures a"d iiirams. fn science aiKi social idles much information w;is rc- ved from the radio. And al\\hen Ibe children were worlc- a "home." Today (hey are worklm; alongside' men and women who bad normiil childhoods and schocil- Ur. Kclunidt. who is supervisor or Hie special education clinics nt tlie Terrc Hiitne school, is makiiiit plans to train muny tent.'hiM'.s in her own methods for dealing with the feeble-minded. She believes teachers must be shown how lo help these youiiKStres cm-reel their own shortcimiinys and at the same time develop n feeling of sell- idence. < Th (! result. Dr. Schmidt asserts, wil! be miraculously reduced en-, rcllnicnts at our state institutions for feelile-ininded and more Important, a pood full life for many Ihonsutuls of people born without average mental equipment. Together with the tractor and tin, plow. Hie helleoptor and its simiy may become nn ctfeclive funn tool. tnsec Blytheville Y Sends Letter of Appreciation J. P. Oarrott. secretary of the Elytl'.eviile Y in a letter lo tnc Ccurkr News expressed njipi-ecia- tion of assistance given by (he newspaper in the Y's recent financial campaign and the launcliing of nn expanded recreation program l"r the city. In the letter sir. Garrott seid: "Dear Kir: "On behalf or the Blytheiille 'Y', its Hoard of Directors, inem- | t-ers and St.iff. we wish lo 'nki> j I this aieaus of expressing our an-j prccialion of yonr spletulid conp- eraliim during ih<> period of 'be •Y Tmanci:!! campaign. The space Riven by your paper and Ihe line ing (he radio was tuned lo a fa- . spirit, of helpfulness on the part vorite program for sheer rclaxa- uf your staff has been most cn- tion,'' cuiiragi]]!; Alter (he children left this class "Personally, I siiould like lo rx- I5r. Schmidt continued to check i press to you. to Mr. Verhoefl. Mrs. their progress with tegular iiilel-1 Norris. Miss Wixson and nil the liscncc tests. At the end of the]t<s! my sincere gratitude for your eight years only seven per eenl could, still be called feeble-minded. tint Dr. Schmidt believes the avev- kindness to one just arriving in your city and for your attiliid? toward the new Y. M. C. A. 1 Ice! aue adjusluient of Ihe llrnu <- was j that you have contributed ma- cqual to that of the aveiace aCuli I (erially to whatever success I'l A.VS TKAIXIXC; I'KOGItAM fillo has the case histories of I'"'in all. She is ready to abrmt • or niav achieve." them as a group, but picfurcs. Approximately 120.000 children v.ere iinmiini/ced against diphtheria . . These young penple, you must re- | si member, just eight years ago were | Id. >!;cd at, hvith ])ityi;n: glances ami v.crc headed in most cases tor . in New Ynrk city during the fhvl j Rend Courier News Want Ads. HART'S Bread iiln soakoit. if allowed to dry uiturnlly In the sun, the chcrnc's 'ould haye s|)lll and hecn ruined or nmiki'tlntj. r i'he helkoiilcr. acu i|f an n iilnnL ran. blew the wnter roni |he I'hi'iiii's. We won't know until the end of he ''slimmer Just liow .succrsslnl he helicopter Is as a lann ma- lilne." .siiya Hernian A. Poiilln ml he cenlriil Alrcnilt Corp,, h.'i'i'. lilt I'onlln, an authority on u eilal nun dustlnn, add:; "we iln kn.v.v lull. Ihe helicopter | s far nioiv c!- ii'lenl than n U'niiliii' airplane !>"- ;-iiuse It uctually l.s ilusltim and :|)inylng HO oiil uf every (10 .sfi-oiids and can Ijc reloaded rlulu >,u the AV HAVK lill.l.IONS 1'oulln says n .ntiindard alrplnne slliiK fields or cuttle Is over I'.s oi'klnn area only seven aucoi.cls out of every worklnj; minute. 'I Ho KM of the I line', lii'cinusi! thii plnne must, nuike wide (urns and travel linn h 1'n.slei', is used ii|> In innkliiK I'piiruut'li rniiB. "We hi'llevi',- says I'onltn, "lliat we have a miU'hlnu iieru that svlll save the fnrmiir a large Pin-enlaia 1 <»r Ihe six Ijllllon dol- jlni he suffers e\'ery yenr li'ijin I«H:.S, weeds, and rodents "We'll know for Mire by October." British Review Policies on Reparations LONDON, July 18. (UP)—The British government announced today that It was about to reviijw its l«)llc.y permitting Die shipment of indnsUIal repanillons from the British Occupation Zone In Germany to Russia. A foreign office .s]»ke.sinnn said the reparations |»llcy would be r_>- exHinliicd soon In the light of thp Amerlcnn Misiwiislon of shipment from Ihu U. 8. Zone. The American notion n month u|jo was tnkcn teeuuse of the aliened Kusslnn violation of the 1'olsdnm Agreement Ui ndmlnli>tcr nil of Germany ax n .shiBle economic unit. lloverlni! over a he-id of call I,-, a Rootle Killer." provides n ([lilcl; i'optci' equipped with "Kelley'.s elfei'ttve Insecticide dusting. NOTICE Notice Is hereby ulvon Hint H. K. ClanieU has made, npirilcntlon to remodel tlie liousu located on the jit. 14 feet of North 60 feet of fxjt Five and the north fifty feet of Lot U nil in block seven or the Davis Third Addition to the City of Bly- thnvllle. After remoilellni; ttic bulldlnt; to be lined as n homo laundry. All protest siiould be In writing and filed In the. office, of 'the City Clork. City Engineer. 7(0-10 1 T WAS DECIDED, last March, to introduce two new higher-priced lines of Gold Cross Shoes for fall . . . the most beautifully -sty led, finest quality Gold Cross Shoes ever made. The OPA authorized the prices at which these shoes were to be sold. With or without Shoes will respect these prices set by OPA for America's largest selling fine footwear. •'J^ e P^ eff g c: to maintain, as long as possible, the prices of ' Gold Cross Shoes at levels no higher than those authorized t by the OPA. To exert our full power to resist unwarranted increases in materials and other costs which would affect the retail selling prices of Gold Cross Shoes. '" Gold Cross Shoes will continue to be America's -«-**• unchallenged shoe value FAMOUS FOK OVEK 50 VtARS M RED CSOSS SHOEi THE FAMILY SHOE STORE 312 West Main Blytheville, Arkansas Jy* Phone 2342

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