The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1949
Page 13
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• FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams NO, HE JUST' ASKED •*X> ASK WHO IT WAS CALLM, OR DIDN'T HGT6LL BULL WAS h<ALF < BE MEWS A MILEFROM HrS \OFA,-rv!o- OFFICE AN' TH GUV » MtLUC**- WHO-S CALLW IS | DOLLAR JUST TWO SMALL BOOMS FRCW »0 WORDS LIKC VJONDtR ML>S»OAA FULL C* MOMMIES/-* SOT AUV- fHitis etst ABOUIDW6 via*, MAvae AH OLD, PONCUXJSJO BA6PIPE? THE CLOSE CAL FOR SALE _ C >T M««a«.Cml. U<.; Our Boarding HOUM will Moj. HoopU BLrTHEVtLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEW! PAGE ELEVEN'' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY. MERRILL BLOSSEB As Simple M That Concrete culverU u inch tu «* inch, plain 01 reenfureed Cencret* Bulduic Bl«ekj cheaper th^n lumber (•* (urns, ehiefcm bouse*, pump hoases, tenaat house*, tool stieds We detfret Call us for free estimate Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS! That's whj joull save yourself man; a dollar by having your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us - L' T y S u O C S M: • w v <a • s S •" ? For the Finest Prescription Service Call It Wilb Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP Clencm oolldmt rlion* 4U1 at n«1 PIANO TUNING Vith the world famous "Stroboconn". The only 00% perfect tuning Not available elsewhere in his area. RADIO REPAIR All work done by a government licensed operator and every job guar- jnteed. Why take leas nan the best? PIANOS for SALE NEW AND USED SNeel Music, Records, Supplies Everything in Music BROOKS MUSK STORE 11)7 K. Main Tel. 811 THE STORY, Alla*ua T*are aaa rt*rl,«4 a ,r»r«ul •« Marriaxc fraai wcall.r Harry Kalaari.'rr » r Detract. Gararl U !• !«»• wilh Frlta Prerau., ma. la ..I wmji.7. <;.,.,! I. ,», «rra*i»l.arr ,», .„ f._|| 7 .... • Utiaa- •« a«r. Draay. wa« •••••• ••!«. • >»h. • r.aax .1.1*1 Pai. aa. r....,i. _.,act. Emllr. *•* ••• lela a«r***f »flea that Marrlac* i. Barry will a.lrt aiaay pr.klta... .«,.„ „ . s.aa-a; „_ rural.. wl,a rrlla. fiaT»,l rral- la*. t»al Ikrr* arc ar.blrau ahead. H*w r.a a.* talk a. .Ihatlr ••*•! lakiMK Mi |kr rc- apwulktllrlca »C aiarrlacr wtlkaat a kaak areavalf •*! 4<»ii*r ^aifr *e« k«w w» raa •«! aiarri«4. Frit*," XXIII tp: drew his long legs up, turned and stared at her. "You don't see how. . . . Look here, gorgeous, do you know what you're saying? Of course we're going to get married. We're nuts about each other, aren't w«? I've a job now that can take care of us. "Hold on a minute!" He would not let her interrupL "I know you still make more dough per week than I do, but this is only a starter for me. We can get along swell, the two of us. What do you mean —take on a family?" "I mean," she studied the tips of her lingers,. "that there are more than just the two of us to consider; that I have certain responsibilities—to my family, Fritz. I can't Just step out of them and run away. . "Please!" She slopped him now, when ne would nave interrupted."You hold on a minute, darling; let me talk. There are • a lot at things you don't understand. Things that go back; * long way. Back to that day when my father was found dead in his or ia our garage—after his buxinec* had failed. "I found him, Fritz, m never forget." She closed her eyes a moment, u though V> «hut out that memory; then opened them, at though to lorce herself to face it again. "It was a lovely faD .morning, a day like this. I'd prom- ised Barry I'd meet him at C for a set of tennis. I remember, even now, how I felt, running out of the house, the world such a beautiful place, so secure, so singing, so safe— the way it had always been for me, the way I supposed it always would be"And then something — I'll never know what— made me slop a moment at the garage, open the door That was when I Jound my father, his head slumped over the wheel one fool as though he had tried to get out That was what made me so sure it wasn't suicide. I knew he couldn't have done that to us — the ones he loved." • pOOR kid,- Fritz said; he caught her hands in his. " That " ght h was a tough break. "It was an accident," Gaynel insisted. "But of course people said it wasn't It was hard to make people believe differently after they found out that father had turned over his own money in an effort to help save the bank. He was ruined — suicide seemed the answer. "But if you knew how sheltered OUT lives always had been and then fo have the whole world come toppling down on your head. That's why I'm telling you all this, rriu." She looked at him now. "To try to make you see it all— so that you'll understand why I can't step out of the responsibilities I had to assume *t that time." "Mother was so bewildered, she didn't know what it was all about; ihe doesn't know yet. She's still living in the same world she always lived in. Denny is like her in thaL He had to go on and finish college. He has to find a job that will be good enough, and suitable, for him. Pat was only a child, .till it . . ." "And you became the breadwinner for the family," Fritz added. "Well, the cake-winner, >t leasL" He did understand; it was not going to b*ao difficult after all. Maybe tht could work it oui together; maybe there would "ey could get on, would, without >use is entirely ther's insurance te income." . free from debt. gives us a mode * *t " said, aft- e. "But, ity a moment of silence. "But, ity sweet, people can learn to do wipout cake. Lots have, you know, t the depression taught any lesson, jt was that Not Ihe depression alore, but all the changes in this ne« world of ours. in other countriesJas well as our own." [ This was a new Iritz. A thinking, serious persot. Almost she was afraid of him| Yet, she had known all along hat there was that side of him, bo. She loved him more because 'ft it, if loving him more were poaible. "There's no roojn for cake- eaters." Fritz said. K)r for martyrs, either. Girls riirry the man of their choice. I an your choice aren't I, my love?" kis blue eye* were teasing, but tender. "You are," GayneF vowed; her dark eyes saying muej more than that - A "You're not thinking of marrying anyone else, then*" "No. I couldn't mawy anyone else. Now." I "Then weTtt work it wit jorrw way," Fritz said. Togither." Thaf "together" was (sufficient For the present, at least Ut sounded so tremendous that H surely could surmount all time, remove all .obstacles. She said, "You darling , . ." and turned her head, so that he would not see the tears that pressed behind her eyelids. She was a sentimental fool. But a happy one. He was so unutterably dear It was grand to be in love. She wasn't afraid any morfe. "What you need," he said, ">» some food. Nothing like H to strengthen the morale and start the brain in the box ticking. We'll dine. Gay, and then well talk this out. And what's even more to th« point, by that time it will be ciarjk and I can make you listen to BM without all these people and animals rubber-necking." <T. Be CMtlane*!) in England It's the Chemist Shop In Franc* It's tht Apothecary Shop In Blythoill. It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescript-ion Service More than a hundred Wnd» of bir<U have become extinct tn the lajt 200 jean. RENT A CAR Drift Anjwben VOT Pleaae Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 SAVE c«rp««Ur, witkoot i wiodowi or doon. No : STABBS Refrigeration Service and OIL STOVE REPAIR Phones 2559-551 Blytheville Willy* Sales Coi 410 E. Main TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of fraudulent opcnUn! UM Ihe BralectloB aVwdeal br the Stat* and demand a Homed •peratar. Eipericnced. "-"-iMt Teraita BoudMld Pau. BlrthoriUe'i anl; Hornatd •pen tor. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rte. i, B«I «-W. Ea.«| aUJa »t- Fh»ne I7M BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. W. H. Peaat J. wllsm S«itti Hlwaj «l XOUR ENGINE SINGS A MERRY TUNE wk«» our •xp«rt nmhaiiics k«ii«tU your •irtific . • «• l>w»w>fk . . . *• jumpmf •( iwtclu- — u>ini mwaWn, xt- ^m*.*— final »vt •>«ct<y wK*'« wt»«t) .4 ,tlM ttoy ««kMy w, Chamblin Sales Co. BUT.., . Sift ' MUaXE A wr YOU CREbnDR, I never used to think about getting sick, doctor, but three of my bridge club have had appendicitis operations!" PRISCILLA'S POP In Black ami While BY AL VERMEER ! ASKED YOU TO WASH YOUR HANDS.' NONSENSE, PR1SCILLA,.' VOU COULDN'T HAVE.'/ COME ON UPSTAIRS.' 1 CAM PROVE (SEE?) BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALI'H LANE KDU WANT ME ID CHAPTER ON WITH A WY MAMED STALLCl»9 WHAT'S THE PIKH VERA? I CAN'T SAY AMY MOCS cvea THE PHONE. MANTHOUP... ... UP HERE FAST/CHARTER STAUCUP'S BQ4T I'll CONTACT U AFTER YOU ARRIVE YOU CHARTER ON SECHKIY WITH BOCK AT My EXPENSf, VIC. THEN WE'U <3£T TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS BUSINESS. YOU HAVf- MY ATTENTION, LETTI. SO ON WASH TITBBS BY LESI/IE TURNER iii Fiv Y* L ** E S, I'M sonev TO newt SMS*. HOME ABOUT JAN'. 1£W' T \ I WON'T! THAT'S WMV TWIGS 5I L L E .V.^.X?. U \ SEE *> S° HOPELHSSl 5HE MUST «o ^. WRt S i ' EI> HENTV of »«"»»6ES! «0 **rTEB HO)V MUCH WE K7VED EACH OTHER, IT COULD MAKB US ROTH BE EXTREMELV JEWOUS..APT .. TO WISIMTERPRET ANYHMMUESS UNPLEASANT FOE HER TO STM HEKE LITTLE IMCIDEMTl AMD VOU CM»'T REASON WITH THAT TVPE! Can't Be Bothered THANKS PER INVITIN' ME OVER T SPSNP TH' ALL SfiT PER SOME QOOP SHUT-EVE/ ...BUT WHAT I TALK ABOUT ANT INTERESTIN'... . »\ I QUIT L<CT*N1N'/ WELL, YA SEE, I BEEN TALkIN' IN MY SLEEP LATELY... TH E-IAKMUFFS? Now (n Get Out BY V. T. HAAILIN DANCED IF I KNOW; - ^u; \ EVEN CUE. LITTLE SUPPOSE Vve V VEf- <-IS PAL MADE CANE TW5DU6H J IT WITH ONLYA. TH*.T ALIVE? 1 FEW BWJI5ESJ _ DON'T SEE WHV NOT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES N'o Cause for Worry BY EDGAR MARTIN work)

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