The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1949
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 1949 BLYTHEVELLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS nun rnn .ong Denial Ends h Coplon Trial Cross-Examination Of Defendant Next; | Sticks to H«r Claim WASHINGTON, June S2. Wj— dith Coplon completed her long, eated denial of espionage actlv- yesterday and was turned over th« government for cross ex- utlon. BRer she had testified for about hours under the guidance of efense Lawyer Archibald Palmer ilme.r suddenly turned to Prose- ilor John M. Kelley, and said four witness. Mr. Keltey." Miss Coplon'j stnry added up t lis: She never passed any governmeii crets to Valentine A. Gubltchev Russian engineer with whom sh »s arrested, and he never askc er to do so. Papera found In her purse wcr ot (or use In espionage activil it In connection with (1) a boo le said she was writing. (2) vil service examination she plan ed to take March 15 and (3 er work as a political analyst I le Justice Department. She repeatedly swore that si ad not Intention of disclosing an the capers to anyone. Drstro.ved Manuscript She said she destroyed a mam :ript for the book rather tha ave it fall into the hands of U BI. She told the Jury of eight me nd four women trying her fsplonage charges that she tady had been held up to enoilg Drn" and did not want the FB eet hold of the manuscript. Miss Coplon contends that some f the papers found in her purse then she was arrested were for |se in connection with the book, le testified that she had \vrit- r ^ihree chapters In rough draft. Ifter her release on bail, she re, she went to her parents' ome in Brooklyn, found the manu- cipl apparently untouched, and estroyed It. tJVider questioning by Defei|-e ttorney Palmer, Miss Coplon told le Jury that the first chapter ealt with her coming to Washing- on and "the whole feeling in war- me Washington" followed by the fttdown which followed the end of he war. The second chapter, she said, ealt with "espionage hysteria," In- luding "some of the things which o my eyes were farcial and tragic." ompared American mass product- The third chapter, she related. ,on to Europe's lack of mass pro- uction and was written after she eturned from Europe last year. Commission to Decide President Truman Needs New Residence WASHINGTON. June 22. (ft— .ongress has left It up to a slx- an commission to decide whether « President of the United States eeds » new residence. It look that action yesterday by greelng to a one-word amendment o a «71,000,000 appropriation blU ' arrylng funds for work on the White House, which Is now being epatred. Then It passed the bill. As originally approved by the House, the bill charged the special oinmission with using some of the loncy to fix up the White House and" build a separate presidential lome. Tlie Senate changed that vord to "or." The House prompt- y accepted the change and sent he measure to President Truman. The commission also would have a decide whether to simply repair he White House 01 rebuild It from he ground up. The group would consist of two senators, two representatives and two members named by the President. An extract for treating goiter is obtained from the thyroid elands of animals slaughtered for meat Sports and Auto Needs THE SHORTENING THAT HELPS CAKES ACHIEVE EAT APPEAL 31 "j ALLVE&ETABL6 CHILLS & FEVER DUE TO MALARIA 666 S QUININE lingtailed Monkey Rescued from Fire/ T/ien Retrieves His Pet T, Mich., .Time 22. {#>,)— Bon- Jo, B ringtailed monkey, is a hero town here. When B. second floor fire broke |ut in the Joseph ' Potvin home ongo was rescued by his master, he wouldn't stay rescued, Pot- said. As soon as he was free outside ongo dashed back into the house fotvin, though clearly. outdistanced e-entered in pursuit. He mel ongo sliding down the baluster, in his arms his prized posesaion, |>lack cloth lamb. 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