The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 16, 1951
Page 11
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1951 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms rss WE PIPN'T KNOW HE ATS SUCH BIG BREAKFASTS/ I'M AFRAIP WE SOT H6RE MUCH "TOO EARLY-- DO '(OU M!NP IF WE KETCH UP OtJ SOME OF TH' SLEEP WE YiEK6 HOLD1NS A COhiTEST TO GUESS TH6 PLOT 0EUIKiD YOUR STAMD OF ALFALFA? Ai?e You TO CRA6H TllE <3Ale AT -SATURDAY'S GAN\E5 AS -rue CHEMISTRY WHAT Type OF ARE YOU f?AI6IMS ? THE SHORT cms! CORTAIlvl OF THE CWIL WAR &JTTONJ YOUR TeslT-FLAP MOOTH6, ' CORRUPT A SWEET DOVT YOU kMOWl -ft\e HAS A -(He HALLMARK: OP JOKE LIKE THAT. LARGe size- D1E.TY SHIRT COMCeALEFZ THE ACCOMPLICE FRECKLES AND MIS FRIENDS By MERJBMLL Lotxt«r uid Blubbr. Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November 6, 1951 For Mayor DAN A. BLODQPTIT E. R. JACKSON DOVLB HENDERSON For Alderman First Waril DR. J. F. BROWNSO.N' HOMER WILSON Third Ward L. G. NASH For Alderman Fourth Ward LESLIE MOORE NO SURVIVORS At our house we keep things ' right. - -* - It's Meyer's Bread every night, We serve our meals right on the dot, And Meyer's Bread sure hits the spot! REPAIR SERVICE ' A11 appliances: refrigerators, freezers, ranges, and washeri. Radiai and small appliances. All our werlc m guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. 1950 bp WM Henry. th«d by arro*9»- went mtfc rt* p«U nhtn, HMM, l*t Til n STOn Y i niMfl I uUnnrd by (he Army'* I ad Ins pnllcy, Joh» Cluyton, civilian ncoui. Icnvrv Fan Keitrni-3, only to Ulwvnver Indian* are plnniitni; tin ntt.irk. He JIUT- rl?* hack (a ike furl, liui dm pile hi* warning: a Jelnil J* »cat out tor fl re wood. C.tjtlnin Fetternm* !• •enA o-nl t* protect tfc* *rat», t(»y- (OK nt-.t* out to head off Keller- f* fcefldtnn lato mm. *m~ via A FIERCE cry echoec! from 2000 -^ red throats, the Indian horsemen surging like a flood tip the ridge, engulfing the blue-coats on every front. The Minniconjou, under Thunder Hawk, struck the mounted troops first, driving them back through the foot soldiers and up the ridge beyond them. Here the pony soldiers dug in. Below them, the walk-a-heaps took to a cluster of small rocks ori the otherwise naked rid,gc. Their muzzle-loaders began a serrated, hopeless volley. Arrows filled the air like swarming locusts.. Suddenly a lone Min- niconjon warrior drove his pony clear through the pitiful group, bursting out the far side of it, sliding his pony on its haunches, wheeling, splitting the air with the Sioux cry, "Hopo! Let's go!" His feat had breeched the dam of soldier invincibility; hts command loosed a flood of death through it> Directly into the muzzles of the -10 rifles, th« Sioux charged their frantic ponies. There were merits then of furious action with knife and ; war. tlub *and a*. • A scattering of the high screams of dying men. • And then an utter silence on the lower ridge. The action could not have exceeded 15 minutes so far. Now the warriors released by the massacre of the infantry went whooping up the hill to join their allies Apparently al — command, every bluecoat in the ranks released hi horse. The animals broke bad for the fort with a rush. For moment my heart leaped. If t Br Witt HENRY NCA savia. INC ndians went after the horses the roops might reach the top of the idge, where a circle of waist-high onlders offered some chance to tand off the attackers. The ruse orked and I cheered Fellerman, ilently. The whole pack of savages went elling off after the big, valuable .orses of the whit* men. With rie minutes of respite thus gained, 'etterman worked his command :p into the boulders atop the idge. At this point the Indians ame racing back, the attack resuming, full fury. If Fetterman had found a place make a stand, he had also ound one from which there was no escape. The ridge at this spot was no more than 50 feet wide, ailing away in. dizzy ice-patched lopes in three directions, with a gently rising slope behind. This lope was covered with savages vhile at the bottoms of the other hree declines waited the remainder of the horde. My own position was in the exact middle of the left wing of the attackers. One branch-crack or audible movement would have brought me swift and vicious death, • * » E Indians, forced to hesitate by the breech load ing carbines of the pony soldiers, contented :hemselves momentarily with firing showers of arrows into Fetterman's position. But all the whili they were working up closer am closer under the rim of the ridge I now heard them calling back and forth to one another over tbi heads of Fetterman's men. Like lightning then, a Minni conjou chief, Long Fox, lea pet from cover, exposing himself t the rifles of the soldiers, slioutini exultantly, "Hopo! Let's go.** Go they went, like released re arrows, flying in among the nig boulders, stabbing, braining, lane ing their enemies at hand's length The last white man to die wa an officer, whom I believed to b ctterman, who broke clear of the aughter, backing up the ridge, winging his carbine -and firing tty, shouting aloud as he went. Vhite Bull rocle him down, driv- ig a war arrow squarely through is chest. Then there was no sound except lat of the Indians quarreling ver the trophies among the dead. I buried my face in the frozen iud and snow where I lay. • • • WAS aroused by the far-of! •*• clarion, of an Army bugle. A ew minutes and Captain Ten Jyck appeared at the top of a igh frill overlooking the battle- eld. He had taken over an hour o arrive. Fetterman did not need .is relief. I believe the lives of this new ommand were spared by one of lose weather changes which courge the northern plains. In 5 minutes the temperature plummeted 20 degrees; a bitter wind nil of icy snow rode swiftly in to lankct the dead with a merciful heet of white. The Indians picked p their own dead, departed for rie war camp on the Tongue, Their edicine men had promised them 00 white men slain. They had lain 100, It was lime to go. Sickened by the carnage on the .ill, frozen to the marrow by the ntense cold, stiff from not moving or an hour, half a mile from my lorse, surrounded by battle-drunk lostiles, T found myself in birt emporarily better position than Tiy dead fellows. A single file of mounted war- iors loomed out of the swirling mows on my left. In the lead came a dozen braves, then a string of led-ponies bearing the corpses of the fallen. It would be hard to say which force was the more surprised bul 1 got in my introductions first. The right-hand revolver opened for me I missed one of them, but five were down before the fight started. Jusl as the others rushed me, I thought I saw a new figure join their ranks a bolt upright chief in black wolf- skin, riding a black horse. My thought was, "Crazy Horse. Where did he come from . . .?" Then a stone ax crashed into the side o my skull and I knew no more. (To Be Continued) I'LL HAVE (.OeSTfR OXKTWL, , , TewtAPIM SOUP. CREAMED 1 GAD.'i MUSHROOMS, M*MOfJ. J THOUGHT ARTICHOKE SALAD, MAPLE . I SHE PARFAir AMD PETIf FOUR*/ / GOING Tb ORDER A Vft SANDWICH/ CHKR UP, DEAR THIS IS OM ME, MUGUJK- ITS TWIRP 5EASOM I PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices i Drug Stores Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes up to 3G in. Corrugated •Metal Culverts Sizes ap to 84 in. Automatic Flood Gates Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices We Deliver A. H. WEBB HlEhway 61 at State Line Phone <714 Who Takes Care Of Your Car? Arc they doing A good Job? If you don't have complete confidence In the service you're now :eUing, then try T. I. Seay Motor Co. Friendly, expert service .--aves you money T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO Chrv.slcr-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. M.iln Phone 4122 RENT A CAMERA Movie Cam Flash Came Box Camen The Inexpensive Way to Preserve Important Occasion* BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 SHOES Repaired-Restyled SHOES DYED and CLEANED H-flLTCRS UBLITY SHO£ SHOP 121 W. M « I N ST. ¥»** Quality . READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. niw»j B». Driving Too Fast STUDEBAKER CHAMBL1N SALES CO. Railroad & Ash Phone 6888 Your Friendly Studebakcr Dealer "Prices Are Horn Here— And Raised Elsewhere" 1950 Studebaker Commander Can Cost You Money And the only way to know just how fast you're going is to have an accurate speedometer. We repair speedometers for all makes and models o( cars and trucks. One day service T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 E. Mala Phoiw 2122 SHEET METAL WORKS OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing ( up to '/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway ' Phone 2651 "She's right, he is a dashing boy—but couldn't he do hi» dashing outside of a car?" PRTSCILLA'S POP The Willing Hand BY AL VERMEER WANT TO ) ( THAT'S A > W eoLLY, POP! YOU SURE WRITE NICE! EARN TO/x- 1 WORTHY WRiTE ,X( AMBITION! JUST i v ^-~UKE YOU! ^ VIC FLINT Farmed! BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE HK5HT THERE, SHAKESPEARE IF YOU DONT VVAWT TO CATci-l LEAD PO16ONINS/ COPH. tea' BY NCA SCI HELLO, ©ROWL? rve scrr LENS- FOR •you. COV\E AND SET H1A\/ A FEW MIMUTE^ LATER...f OH, TJ-UXT ^ COME ON, BLUE BOV/ MOUK CAR \VITHOUT / CAPTAIN EASY Gentlemen! BY LESLIE TURNER Here's a beautiful, light green Sturiebaker (2-d oor Sedan) equipped with everything . - . overdrive, radio, heater. One of the finest you'll find. 1950 Studebaker This Champion 2-rioor Sedan is a good-looking liphl jjrey car , . . take a drive in It. 1947 Studebaker Commander -1-door Sedan loaded with nil accessories Including overdrive, white side wall tires, etc. 1946 Chevrolet A beautiful hbck i>-pass«ni;er Club Coupe . . . jnsl like new. M^s radio and heater, too. 1948 CHEVROLET A Koorl-lonkinsr hUck 2-rloor Sedan with both radio ami Ixntcr. WE HAVE A MCF. SF.I.KCTION OF '<2 AND OI.i)ER 5IODEI, CARS. '51 Studebaker 15-Ton Truck This IVi-Ton Truck has slake bed, A lo?r mileage truck In Rrst class condition. Bargain! STUDEBAKER HOLY COW, % WAC! DAT'5 PA DUILEST TRIPE I EVER HEEKED MUTTIM' BUT FI66ERS t CANT HEAR. IUMCLE OLV TELL ME THESE OR If MIGHT COSr/MEkl...RUmLREADl?W*W^*! "fPHE ST0CK- u HOLDERS MEETING, NEXT DAY f WE DIDN'T X WE HAS A PLAN TO COME HERE- 1B00ST DA PROFITS TO YAVJW OLie BV CUTTIN' DA/— JN.VS our* / EXPENSES!/ VEAH,WE KELTER-! /^~-~_ T—-7 NKOS BI66ER DEPENDS, AW WE NEEDS OFTENERl 10-16 BUGS BUNNY Third Degree WHERE WERE ON TH'NIGHT OF JUNE THIRD? ALLEY OOP Man of Action BY V. T. HAMLIN BEEN SUPPLYING ARMOR TO THE . RULING CLASSES , OF ROME FOR GENERATIONS. VOU DID ) THAT ! DID/ YOU SAY /HEARD ME R1QHT/ "SOLID \ AW I WANT TO SOLO." \ WEARITTO- DIDMT [ MORROW NIGHT.' AN' DON'THANO ME,>—<J.SHOtJLDSAY THATOL:STOCK fou.NO\ SALVETHATV/HAT/8IR..WE \INDEECH I WANT I CAN- J WOULDN'T ISIR.BUT.." NOT HAVE.' ,/H TO INK OF' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Dory? BY EDGAR MARTIN

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