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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 3

The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 3

The Timesi
Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:

fajui IHiV, 1 UDLH II, I I 0 iH HKEVlPOki ViiviLi I i ii Outbursts of Everett True. I I FURLOUGH Judge Wilson Touring Maryland Counties With David J. Lewis Masked Night Riders Raid Cotton Farmer; Hired Negro Pickers Grower Near Oklahoma Gty Had Been Warned Wife Is Seriously Wounded. Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Tonight All Irishmen are requested to nets that th Frl- ii Vv of St. Patrick will meet tcrign: in thoir hall In tns Paenger bivlMIn-' ut 8 o'clock. The: will be a for everybody, plenty to eat a iMnk, and good mu WILL JUDGE POULTRY AT Lfl. STATE FAIR Extra Prize to Be Offered for Junior Extension Division Competitors. PROMOTED IS Special to The Times. Monroe. Oct. 10 In oompany with Uuvid .1. ri'pri'MtUitBtive of the Maryland district, and now Democ ratio nominee for senator, Judee Riley J. Wilson of the Fifth Louisiana district has begun a tour of the doubtful counties In the state of Maryland, having spoken at Cumberland last night, Oakland Tuesday, and before the eleventh ward club in Bait. more sic, good sonits ood talks. Kvcry Irishman in the city is cordially jVlarshall Guard Receives Oklahoma City, Oct. 10. Masked flight riders Monday night attacked the residence of Cecil Mattoon, a cotton grower nesr here, badly damaging the building and a nearby' garage Charles V. Keeler of Wlnimac, has been selected by the State Fair vlted to attend. Word of Advancement management to act as judge of the Before Returning. by firing from rlbles and revolvers as Wednesday night, according to a ne- poultry division this season. Mr. Kee Have) client who wants tiomc- In Fall Grounds Subdivision Mut liac ui: they rode around the structures Indian receid here todny from Wash On account of bi-ing railed 1 modem ronvrulmc and not Ics than ner Is a Juge of national reputation and numerous exhibitors at previous Biauuing ui one vi iiie wiiiaows in u.u national camnaian. Juditc ve rooms. iwsmoii waimx! ui Into the Ltpeclal to The Times. cnif. effort to recognlxo the rldera was shot will likely give up his proposed through the body and seriously the rifth C0llKresslonal dls-ed. Mattoon returned the shots with trlct State Fairs have expressed their approval and appreciation of having one so well qualified to pass on the birds. I otarsnau, lexas, uoi. 10. aVaghalter, ono of the Marshall sol u. H. Gates of the agricultural de II. LF.VY rOMP.WY ConinK-nia! National llnnk Hulliling Old 1'hono II S3. dv. SHIP HACK AITF.n 30 ller boys, who has been doing duty an automatic rines, out so rar as nas been learned none of the rlbers was hit. The sheriff has arrested Orvllle kotice ro oms. Noti Is hrb clmn, thnt bUU will ptpj (t tin Mayoi' nd (miinisti)nm if th Oitr of bo. up to ilx t. the mtti partment, L. 8. Baton Rouge is the superintendent in charge of this department and he wllb be assisted by R. E. Rruce of New Orleans. These two gentlemen who are well known and popular among poultry fanciers rejum ins vumimiiy, rvcitfiiuiLer tame home on a furlough of 10 days t1iT nf Orinhrr. IvttA. hi tnilM and rormtmct Keeler, James Brooks and James and I-ouls Martin, ranchmen in the vlcln- I Hy of the Mattoon proporty. all uf And while here received notice that ji naa uoea promoted rrom a to a sergeant In his company have acted In their respective capa like all the Marshall boys, i iclwR, in the City of Nitrbto-h-, oo I City of Inebla, Now lit New York, Has Strmt rtiiiioit tn Ihc rtlnn''f urti'1nn sanir. I ltvn on th I'mMfit ibout flffn Ulork. or lnt i l.i.Ml fi of Mid work, til imc 10 i unlit Old salts who prido themselv on uaoor ftn.t plant and nx-'lftoiillmw of nnm I knowing evt-ry vessel that ever mc Ur 'U 1 reared In thfs harbor rubbed thMi Tht 'ooiLmtK r.n. the right H. t-1 n(1 tnok second look us the in. or nil WJ. nn.t nil ntii tn ooin. 'Uy of I'uehlu of tho putt liy in ttfleil for Two It Steamship Company past iwxnbie t'ity of Nnt -v i quarantine and up the buy. Is cities for several seasons of the Kulr. An innovation this year will be the poultry exhibit of the junior exten sion work. Entries In this class are ia neia up tne nisn stunaara that ho Marshall boys have enjoyed since hoy left home, and the promotion fvaa deserved. i W. W. Nelson, one of the oldest wnom were neld in bond on cnnrges of assault with Intent to kl l. are said to be amorg thosj who recently warned Mattoon his employment of negroes in the of cotton would mean trouble. frequently had been threatened recently because of his Inslsten tn employing negroes in his fields, but p.iid no attentton. The nlirht riders made an unsuccessful attempt to (get Mattoon out of his hous ni 1 when they failed turned their itun-tlon to the building and garage which they riddled with bullets. TbM lie iiku. v. i ii.b. itv of I'uehlu, once sunt his turn i eivt- a pound JSlu WfpJiSrv-r moat highly renpocted citizens of Ad. Mnyor of NuH-hlto In these waters, has rnti reil port, nr.d fiarnaiui uouuiy, uiou yesieiuay even-Lug at his home about Btz miles east 1 11 11. free to all boys and girls who are members of the poultry clubs and the awards in this class may be competed for only by these members. While entries to the poultry exhibit are open to the world, awards will be given this year for amateurs and for displays by club members. Prlies in the junior extension division are for best cufkeral or pullet, first, second, $1.60: third, Jl and fourth. 60 to nil hut real "old timers'' it stronger. The City of Puebln ISsl ut the Cramp in fill. i. i. ViVC'K AttAY Genlto-l'rinai uud Vcnert-Hl Office: Saensrr Nelfiii was 80 years of ape, a vlason aim a deacon in the Haptlst for the firm of V. A i Suns, and for sever il verus I between this city. a and Y.c:; WILLING TO SKR V. COVNTKV. PAI W. GFJDFS Osteopath. hurch, for many years. Tho deceased Is survived by three ons, including Dr. W. W. Nelson of his city. The funeral took place this UU4 Ilut-liiiifion Adv. WEDS SEVENTH BRIDE AT 98. fnornmg rrom the family homo and body was laid to rent in the try at Poottsvllle. tho services belnir roadutited by Kov. Hudson of thin cents. Thesis premiums obtain In the following breeds: White Plymouth Hock, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Single Comb Rhode Island Reds, and all other American breeds and varieties. Pen prizes In above classes are as follows: First, 16; second. third, J3 and fourth, $1. A number of special prizes are also offered in this class. Clarkson VMU Marshall. Cai t. Ii. Clarkson, general man- In the pruwenKCr senlce. But EflRll. 1 GrDnngrtwcr l'tsitlvcl In October, 1S7, it taken ovei IHmUItkJ to J'iK'it. hy the l'aiif Coast SteamslM.j Com. When Frederick a preen- pany and sert on the then lort? vy-grocer, was charged at Acton with i around the Horn, making tl.e trtj being an absentee he stated that he 1 In the middle of the winter Kt-ason, was willing to do anything snvo Join Sh? arrived ut San Francisco on Us-the army. U-rriher 19. 1SS7. "I don't want to be a soldier," he From that time unt'l last August; said. "I am willing to work on nm- the Ojty of 1'uebla has plied on th munition or anything. 1 am willing i und boa been ore of tho mosl to work for the country, but not to known vessels on the west be a noldler. I'll do anything else bar i const. that." I Us return trip began on Autrust 24 Observing that the decision as to last, and this time It took the shorl the work he would do was in the cut of the Tanama Canal, which wa! hands of the military authorities, the only an unrealized dream when it magistrate fined him 40 shillings and went around the Horn. It brought handed him over to the military. rn'n of flour and barley. New York A Kansas Side Negro's Wife Is Only 44 Years Old. Jones Mitchell, Kansas City, 98 Hattle Kansas City, Kan 44 "Ever married before?" Justice Caslmlr J. Welch asked the old negro man after he had obtained a marriage license today at the courthouse. kgar of the Jefferson Highway Association, was In Marshall yesterday and met a number of ths business MAKINGS OF AX ARTIST. men and went over tho entire matter on. l-o rdy, yes. seven times," re of the preliminary work with them Of building tho highway from Wlnne- He who works with his hands only piled the old negro. He told a mechanlo; he who works with Tinge license clerk he was years v.uv piiea tne oia negro. He told the mar- a mechanlo; he who works with riag.e license clerk he was years peg, Manitoba, to Shreveport. and tated that he had secured the money the'mar-ts Is his hand and head an artisan, and old. Justice Welch married them and he who works with hands, head and they went back to Kansas. Kansas heart Is an artist. Ruskin. citv Star. from every county for tho preliminary London Globe. Ilerald. work except Gregg, and would get that today. The Marshall men signed up for the Captain Clarkson was very enthus I iastic about the highway and says that everything is moving along satisfactorily towards the completion of Arkansas Mob Takes Negro Prisoner From Jail and Lynches Him this great project. The sad news reached Marshall this LAWYERS SPLIT HAIRS IN BUNDTIBER CASES Fannie Edwards Case Instance of Metriculosity in Defense of Liquor Law Cases. morning of the death of Mrs. Lucy Dewltt, Oct 10. A mob of Lane Hardin, which occurred this morning at 8 o'clock at her home at Blossom, Texas. The deceased was more than S00 men broke Into the county jail here Sunday night, overpowering the Jailer, and took Frank JDodd, a negro prisoner, to the out the daughter of the late Judge George Lane of Marshall and was born and reared In Marshall and will be remembered by ma-ny people who lived years ago as a most lovely girl. skirts of the town, where he was The metriculosity (If there be emah a word) with which counsel for the defense conducts a case in court, especially a case In the Caddo courts In Khe leaves nine brothers and sisters, most of whom live here. She also leaves four sons and a daughter. banged to a tree. Dodd was arrested on a oharge preferred by Miss Blanche Roach, who said that the negro attempted to stop her while she was driving alone east of town Saturday night. She said the negro pursued her a half mile until her cries attracted ths attention of persons who frightened away the negro. Dodd fled but was oanght by which the defendant Is charged with Longview Tax Levy Is violation of either of the several antl the Same as Last Year liquor laws, was given an additional demonstration before Judge Bell 'll tfW sC5rr inM-Xjvil91b'S "His Mwter-i Voice." Ills iggj-S IsrVeJas TggOJLrVJjfl" every Victro! and vnty Vietof iQaf Hi Z'''J Record. It I. the idenutrlng label Special to The Timea deputy sheriffs. Dodd is the second negro who has been taken from the jail here and lynched within two months. Longview, Texas. Oct. 10. The City Council met in adjourned session last and passed the annual tax levy John R. Phipps Dies at Home of Nephew fixing the rate at $1.50, the same as last year. An ordinance putting a tax of $20 on all motor busses used for hauling passengers for hire was passed. Provision was made to audit Tuesday In which Fannie Kdwards, a negress of the St. Paul bottoms was the defendant- The case was entered lntolerate In the afternoon and was not finished, but will be concluded Wednesday. To begin with the defendant has been in the city and district courts on similar charges on a number of different occasions and has paid fines tor violating the liquor laws. Her case was not peculiar In that hairs wore split by counsel for the defense but was merely an lnstanoe In random. K. P. Curtis and A M. Bishop, spotters or, as they prefer, deputy sheriffs, employed by Sheriff Hughes, tes the books and accounts of the city asd an auditor selected. Special to The Times. Homer, Oct. 10. John R. Phipps died here yesterday afternoon J. D. Clarkson, general manager at the home of his nephew, R. J. Turner. Mr. Phipps was parish assessor for many years, and held that office ths International Highways' Abko-clation, appeared before the Chamber Commerce last night and addressed the body In the Interest of the Jefferson highway, which passes at the time of his death. He was a man of letters and well versed In the tified that they had bought whisky jjl 3tl The grandeur 1 flf of Caruso; through this city and Gregg county. at classics. He served his parish In the her place In Beauregard street. Me expects to place steel signs every mile through the county. H. L. Brad-haw of the Netssley Creamery Company, Fort Worth, also addressed the Chamber of Commerce In the interest They Identified Fannie as the woman from whom they bought the whisky. The attorney for tho defense contended that their evidence was not proof of his client's guilt as the spotters, had testified that they gave her state legislature, when the Louisiana lottery flgnt was on, and did valiant service as an anti-lottery man. Mr. Phipps had been In very feeble health for some years, following an attack of paralysis, from which he never fully recovered. of a cream depot and shipping poiut from here. Mr. Bradshaw believes a the price of the liquor, that she dls good and profitable business can be room' of tn9 hou9a built up In the shipment of cream, t. tw, from here. The Chamber of Commerce pledged, its support to the proposition and in tho aid of the farmers and dairymen. 5 Narcisrtifl Bnlbs tn. D. E. Kucli, T. E. Cox Is Dead. T. E. Cox. a well known farmer, living a few miles south of town, died Sunday after an illness of only a few days, and was burled here yesterday. He leaves a wife and several children, besides other relatlevs. Gihslond High School Enrollment Increases the romance of Italy National -Adv. -o ONE RESITLT. could "tell Woodrow WTiat watchful waiting brings. New York Sun. ELL-AM in a new Victor Record Special to The Times. Olbsland. Oct 10. There has been a gratifying Increase In the general efficiency of the Olbsland High School. In the first month, closing last Friday, the enrollment has reached 210, an Increase of 17 over the first month of last year, eight more than In the entire session. The average at Inference being that she might. In turn, have bought it from someone else. Sallle Vincent, an occupant of the same house testified that she rented the front rooms where the transfer of whisky and money took place and that she owned some beer the spotters saw on the premises. Fannie Western, another Inmate, offered evidence which was clearly an attempt to throw responsibility for the presence of intoxicants on the place away from the Edwards wcman. She told how she had called Fannie Bdwards' attention to Curtis and Bishop and usked her to come out and take a look at Ihem. "Why were you and everyone else on the place so lnerested In what those two men, these spotters, looked like," District Attorney W. A. Mabry asked the witness. "We wanted to know what they looked like and I wanted Miss Fannie to see them," was the response. "We had heard that they were tho ones who had turned up some other women In the bottoms and wanted her to see them too. "Why," she was asked, "was she afraid of themT" Fannie had done nothing to fear the spotters, the witness and still the district attorney was curious to know why such pains had been taken to call the defendant's attention to the two deputy sheriff. Absolutely Removes Indigestion: One package' proves it 25c at all druggists. Santa Lucia (Neapolitan Folk Song) Enrico Caruso Victor Red Seal Record SSS60. Twelve-inch, $3. tendance has been very good, ii per cent tne nign and 94 per cent In the entire school. The senior class numbers 7. with 54 In the high. An unusual ract Is the majority of boys in school. a great deal of Interest Is being manuesrea in the ward school fair ctooer 19. -me School DnprovemtMit League has action officers and com mittees at work. In behalf of the school and community fair, with ar rangements made for a bountiful baa- Ket dinner. KIGHTKENTH CENTVHV HAT. The shop windows along Fifth avenue have been flaunting a hat that Is not exactly the draped turban which the French women have worn for some months. The source of inspiration is commonly supposed to be the various bits of headeear worn hw th Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S ASTO I A The mighty Caruso gives the world this romantic melody of his native Naples with all the riches of his sublime voice, and all the passion of the artist who has lived the song he sings. To hear this record is to marvel at an art that conjures the balm of southern skies, the drift lazy waters all the spell of Italy as Caruso's youth knew it. And to hear this record is to know why the greatest artists in the world make records for the Victrola exclusively. The Victxola is more than the voice of the great artist. It is his genius. Go to your nesreit Victor dealer today and have him play for you the new Caruso record or any other Victor music you wish to hear. He will also gUdly demonstrate to you the various styles of the Victor and Victrohi $10 to $400. Victor Talking Machine Camden, N. J. Important warning. Victor Records can be safel? and satlttactorilr piayed only with icfor JVaadies mr Tuntt-tmn Stylui ao Victor or Vlctrolaa. Victor Records caonot ba safeur played so machines with jeweled or ether repreducioc points. New Vicxer Revere eeaan trsteal at all aWera a tke 2Stfc of each aaeatk Russians, but a few interpretations of the idea are strongly reminiscent of England at the end of the Eighteenth Century. One can find the shapes among tne portraits or me rashion-able women of that day. Felt Is employed for them, a kin of soft, velour felt, that lends Itself Texas State FAIR Dallas, Texas October 14th to 29th, 1916 aunuraoiy to a pinch Here and a pull there. There is no evidence of a stiffened foundation beneath these high crowns, or In fact beneath any of the crowns of the ultra fashionable millinery. This street hat, which has been exploited by all the milliners at once, so it would seem from the windows, is markedly different from anything we have hitherto worn. The high pot crown broadens at the upper end and Low Excursion Rates via "The Katy" Is given a few dents for the sake of character. The brim is short and slopes slightly downward, and the mm wtiole hat looks as though a circular piece of felt had been bent into shape and tied around the headt with a band fc of felt or a bit of silver ribbon. There la no limit, howw, to the different kinds of Rr--ian turbans which the odor. They are all high. and. few of them have brlma. New York Evening Sun. Drawing-room Sleeper and FREE chair car between SHREVE-POKT and DALLAS, without change of cars. Train is made up at Shreveport, and always leaves ON Tl.YIE. Train Leaves Shreveport 9:30 p.m. Arrives Dallas ..7 :10a.m. RETURNING Train leaves Dallas 8:40 p. m. Arrives Shreveport 6 80 a. m. Sleeper parked until 7:30 ra. on spur track. Union Depot, Shreveport, where you are not disturbed. Morning train for Dallas and Intermediate points, Leaves Shreveport 8 SO a. m. For tickets, sleeper reservations or Information about any trip. Coll on or phone R. F. ALLER. C. P. T. A. New. 52 Market Street Old, 2686 WORTH MORE THAN JEWELRY. Bayonne (N. burglars left a lot! of Jewelry untouched, but stole a lot iiHiyii of nam sandwiches. Standards of value are rapidly changing, during these strenuous day. UMvemcd Plain I i-i ir-i i -i ii. I.

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