The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1944 BLYTHEVILLH (ARK,). POUK1ISR NEWS , ?AGETHK£H;j BETTER HOMES Ssle Oi Homes Continues Brisk Caruthersvillc Couple Acquire Williams Place On East Main Street One of the most interesting real estate transactions of the week nnnounccd by H. O. Campbell, real [ estate broker, was (lie sale of the nttractlvc suburban home ou East Malti uy Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Williams to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wood• ton of CarulIiGi'Kvlllc who i>lan to lake possession In the near future. Mr. Campbell handled the sale of Hie six room, white weatherboard house, which is situated on two acres of ground, shaded by beautiful pecan trees and shrubs. The terrace extends from Main to Ash street. The consideration was about 58,000. The house also feature. 1 ; a two-car garage, with concrete drive leading from the highway to the garage. • The house tins been occupied the last several years by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Benyman. Tile new owners, Mr. and Mrs. Woodson, are former Blytlieville residents. Mr. Woodson is a farmer and cotton mnn of Southeast Missouri. •Hie former owner, E. o. Williams, Is manager of the Armorel Drug Store. Mr. Campbell also announced the sale of the 11-room, two-story residence on the corner of Davis asri Second street to Mr. and Mrs. erger. The house was parl demons estate, and was t'Clcl for 1)4250. Now painted dark red, the large house will be redecorated both on the interior and exterior, which will be painted white. The new owners will lake possession in the near future. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Hale moved today In I heir recently purchased home at 213 West Kentucky. The home was formerly owned by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jlires, who have moved to their farm two mile.s southeast of Blythcvllle. The house features a recently installed nttic fan. Consideration of the sale, handled by Mr. Campbell, was $3,000. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Parrif have sold their six-room house at 112 East Sycamore to Mrs. Lula Brock. Mr. Campbell handled the sale. Tile consideration was $2,000. Another real estate transaction completed recently by Mr. Campbell was the sale of the homo at 225 East Doui;an to Mrs. M. E. Buchanan; The live-room house was -formerly owned '.by Mrs. S. Lucille Perry. Reported amount involved was $2650. Scrap Lumber Available iff Army Air Base Approximate^- 500 one-ton truck loads ol scrap lumber are available for sale in the post salvage pile, according to Lt. Scarcy, post salvage officer, 'Ihis iimterial may be bought by military personnel or civilians far Si per ton, as is. Some is suitable for construction mid all Is good fuel. Redecorates Windows Among the local business houses getting prepared (or Fall is Jicdel's Dry Goods Storu at 224 West Mnin street. The show windows to display tlicir 7ie\v fall merchandise have been repainted both on the interior and exterior. The floors are being rc- rinished and signs repainted. GULF SERVICE STATION Corner 5th and Main Now Under Management of 0. E. 'Nick' Nicholson Washing - Grciisiiiff Simoiming - Tire Repair ONE STOP SERVICE Buy You/ PLUMBING SUPPLIES FROM THE MAN WHO KNOWS YOUR NEEDS. LUXURY SLEEPING— This attractive, spacious bedroom is typical of the many practical improvements you can plan to have in n mediunvpriced suburban homo in the immediate post-war era. With bettor designing and sound planning, to take full »d- vanlafie of all room .space, the livnhilily of your new home will 1)0 enhanced by convenient built-in niches, shelves and cabinets. The built-in twin beds, with the unobtrusive night lamps, arc flanked by built-in clrcss-c-rs ami cabinets that add to the comfortable simpliciy of the room. The large picture window, covered with soft, sheer curlainS, Hoods the room with shimmering sunlight. • This iip-to-dalv bedroom illustrates how refinements in home construction r.m be extended to every room in a post-war house built on practical plans for better living. It is improvements like this which will mark V-Day homes, says the National Association of Home Builders, rather than the radical, revolutionary changes which many people unfortunately expect. Wood, Asbestos Save | Metal In Plane Plant A huge Chicago factory constructed almost without metal, except for tlic steel pipes in the steam lines and sprinkler system, is now turning out army planes. Overhead 70-ton trusses of. timber are fitted onto laminated wood columns. The sidings are of asbestos cement construction. Engineers estimate 30,000 tons of scarce metals were saved in putting up the plant. Double Duty Bedding /s Boon In Crowded Areas For (hose homeraakers who are living in crowded quarters with insufficient sleeping room—and there arc many of them these days—sofa beds or studio couches are recommended to solve their problem. This rtoiiWc-duly equipment, is again available in all -its pre-wnr, beauty and comfort—an attractive addition to the living room by day, and a comfortable ijcd by night,. • Cliche Traps Cliche BOSTON (UP)—The closing sen- lencc of Colonial letter Buucon received by (he Oil Co. read: "Thanking you In advance for past favors, I rcaiiun . . ." Fire-Resistant Limber/Available Industry Prepared To Meet Accelerated Post- War Demands CHICAGO, 111,, Aug. 22—Recommendations of the Nutioiml Fire Protection Association that modern techniques l)e used u> fireproof previously inflammable materlnls to make them ncceptabl for post-war construction in home and commerce have been met by (he nation's treated lumber industry, J. P, Un- tlilcum, president of Ihc American Lumber ami Treating Co. dec-hired here today. "Our industry is prepared to meet the accelerated demands for fire- resistant lumber on this basis," Linthicum y.ild, "not only because of its successful use in heavy Industrial and military Installations in the war, but, because of now successes in the buslc treatment to ill- lain flrpproofliig." The National Plrc Protection Association listed 21 recoiiimendntlniis. "inong them suggestions that cities strengthen IheJr codc.s to reduce fire ha/.iirds,. to remove temporary buildings made of inflammable materials, to require more space in reconstructed nren.s mid to extend fire protection service. The association specific-Lilly recommended more intention to use of "modern techniques" to eliminate or reduce fire characteristics in materials whicli hereto/ore have been unacceptable for fireproof construction. IjiiUhicmii said that his Industry has been producing thousands of feet of limber which have been made -fire-resistant by pressure treatment with a group of salts known as Mlnalith. The IrcnthiK process has so advanced, lie s«ld, that now plywood which is normally highly inflammable, may be used for lire-resistant construction. Sulphate, phosphate and boron salts arc used to Impregnate the lumber. Linchicum pointed out thai the annual output of the nation's treated lumber industry, estimated nt four billion board feet, will be Seventy Children Participate In Playground Party Seventy children played at the Willie J'lnygnmiicl Party Day Kil- tl«y. Contests highlighted the en- teriiilimicnt. Winners in Ihc nvcnls were Ji\n nii-Jiiiison mid uniy owens who won tlic bean bug contest, Ann available for dimiwuic mi,| i-lvlllni) »«• just as soon as nn Allied victory in World W nr 11 Is assured, ami predicted that treated lumber, capable of resisting nol only lire, but decay and termites as we'll will be used extensively in |iu> construction or millions of new homes and Industrial buildings because of us safely, durability and permanence. Hnrul home owners and tanners will be particularly ndrnclcil (a j't'nled lumber In home coiLslruc- llon of llic obvious ad- yanuiucfi it will offo raualnst rtve bayard*. UniJilciini said, citing the '"el Hint a third 0 ( Hie nation's llrt'.'i omti- In nirni ureas, vlnliiilni; a lavs of $100.000,000 :U)d 3,500 lives eiicli voir. Ulmlmnn and Jocllo Hall, cromicl winners, nasuinnry MoiWuhau, Chinese checkers, J, n, Warren, checkers. After playhiH giniie-s,' Die group had 11 watermelon least. Miss Mary Ciilliiw Is director of , IJils playground. - . . . , -Tilt! 'closing prOlirm'l) Of illB Jlai 1 - rlson Negro School 1'lnyground will be held at 2::iO o'clock ' tomorrow alternoon when badges of merit, leadership nnd cltlwiislilp will be awarded by Miss Warren l/oslcr, . Also on the proiji'iun will be lltw- co .L'rnflnii mid W. 1). Nleliol- sun, superintendent of lllyllievllle Schools. The entertainment will Include a plnylt't, doi? diince, .(Irunintlwitloii and 11 parade. CAHI) 01' TIIANKH \\V wish (o llinnk our mimy friends for their kindness and sympathy shown us (hiring thu [Iliu-ss nncl deulh of our rtiiiiv I'nlher; Kev. Niisli and Cohl) I'lincriil )!nini>. Mr. 11. S. jiufliln ,t I'mniiy Mrs. Alinii lliiker ( t Kmnlly Mrs. llnlwrt Jnmi's & Kninlly Mrs. Curl IX'nlini ,>i Kinnily, . NOTICK Notice Is hereby given that, the uiulcrslBMcd will within the time ll\cd by Inw upply to Ilio commissioner c>[ UKVUIHICS of the Klitle of ArkniuitiM for u licrmll to sell beer ut retiill nl Mii \v. Auli, JJIytlieviilc, Mississippi County. The imcliMsljjrted slnles Uiril slic Is n elll/i'ii o( Arkniisus, of tjood moml chiirncter, that .slic 1ms never l»en convleted o! u felony or other crime Involvliiij iiionil turi>llu(le; Unit, no license to sell Ucov by, the nnder- slmiod him Ijccn revoked wllliln nvc ycurs lust pnsl; mul Uuil tho undcr- ilsiied Itns never IJCOH convicted of vlolultni! the luws of llils-slulc, iir itny olhir stule, rclntlitg to llic siilu of rtlcohollc liquoi'S, Mrs, C. 3, Corey Subscribed nnd sworn to before .(f this 21 di\y of Aviijust, IOH. Oscar Alexander >'"«!) Nolnry t'ubltc. Aspiiriiiiiis conllinics In ui'ow nf- ter It is cut nnd on lls wnv to market . GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES I'hone 2291 4 0/ FARM /O LOANS Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY 'Complete Insurance Service" GLENCOEBLDG. PHONE 3131 SERVICES /-CONSTANT FIRE PROTECTION. 2-SAFEGUARDING YOUR HEALTH. 3-CONTRIBUTIHG TO YOUR EVERYDAY COMFORT AHD CON- VENIEHCE Ours is a business of service—and we are conscious of a fuller obligation than merely giving you your money's worfh. . . The safety and well being of Hie entire city depend upon a never failing supply of pure wafer. . . And we keep extra men and ma- chinery on hand at all times to take care that our service is never discontinued—even for an hour. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!* ') J BE PATRIOTIC...BE THRIFTY... invest in WAR STAMPS and BONDS • Then save money by carrying 1 out needed painting only with KEM-TONli.'. . and buy yourself more War_§tamps^ancl JBonds with' the "difference'VI/ Here's how'you save~timeV. : .'trouble an4 money with KEM-TONE: It lest expenilvs 777 one gallon does on overage room. 2. KEM-TONE covers most wallpapers, painted walls and ceilings, wallboard, basement wall! with one coat., '3. KEM-TONE applies like magic. 4. KEM-TONE dries In one hour. ROH IT ON WITH A flOLLER KOATER FOR BEAUTIFUL - DURABLE FLOORS SHERWIN-WILLIAMS FLOOR-ENAMEL A tough, long wearing tnamfl for wood, linoleum and cement floor*. Dri« hmd. 1 is TER'S HARDWARE CO.; Inc. PHONE 513 WARNING 0«»EB In the. Clinnccr) Caurl, Chicka- saivba Dlslrlet, illlsjlsslppl County, Arkansas. Hose Marie O'Toolc, Plaintiff. VS. No, 8127 Thomas Patrick OToolc, Defendant. The defendant, Thomas Patrick OToole, Is hereby wained to appear within thirty (lays In the court named In the caption hcieof and answer the complaint of tho plaintiff, Jtose Mario O'Toolc. Dated this 111 day of July 1844 HARVEY MORRIS, Cleric liy Doris Mulr, D. 0. Ed. I). (Jook, Ally, for Pllf. Cieortje Unrlinm, .Ally, iid Lllein ' B|l-B-16-2? Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTSf BARKSDALE MFG. co. BlyU.Cvillc, Ark. , Phonc Old American , Stao$Jii$PHALT ROOFING St Pay* -••-'"• BEST Flguro It out yourself. Whether you uu the BEST grmie Old American Roofing or sn ordinary grade, If'tnkes'tha same amount' of tlrrn, lobor and materials, 'The BEST roof may last twice as long as the other . :.J" .ens, costing much less In the long run. Came in and let us show you our itock of roofing and iiipplJes, We take prida in giving every customer full value for «v«ry t roofing dollar, ' Delta Lumber Co 204 N. Second Phone 497 Dlythcvillc'B Only Home Owned Lumber Yard tt't Clean! It't Quiet/ H't Easy/ • Yc», PltUburghlVjclildo li lomethlng brand n»w in wall paint— bec-auw It glv*f •icellent rcaulti over old wall- pap, r, pkst»r, brick and many other •urf«c»«... because on«cpat of Ttchld* I* mually lufflciont , . . because It li quick «nd «ssy to «pply nnd drle. In on* hour . . . becausa it gives you »an- Itary, j(Bshabl« wall», Don't mlM thU opportunity to redecorat* your room* •t «m«ll coit A»k ut »bout Tectido. KONOMICAL On* gallon ol 7*ch^«malc«i Mi fialloni of pain I— enough to J« ov*f tri« Bvctagt room. : MADI IN I COLOR! AND WHITE PITTSBURGH PAINTS T*cMd» cam*i In pair* form. Can b» rnUid !• tuit.llffvl --™M ^ li your wallpajptr •mudg»rf r fadtd «r iSobbyT Th*n C*VK ll Tftchfd* walTi may bt quktly waihwl - wM mllJ wop and VWIK. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO.

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